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  • Chasing Down ‘Libertarian’ Smells

    CHASING DOWN ‘LIBERTARIAN’ (free rider) SMELLS Matt Mitchell —“Curt, is there anything in particular that I said that goes against what you said? For markets to function there needs to be a particular order in the first place, right? Things can change in time, yes, though there are things that do not change or are unlikely to change. Forcing people […]

  • Rothbardian Libertarians: Common Property Marxists

    LIBERTARIANS ARE JUST COMMON PROPERTY MARXISTS. (from elsewhere) Libertarians get it wrong every day, multiple times a day. If you’re objective is an anarchic polity, you must eliminate demand for the state – wishing it away is not only ineffective but childish. The judicial state as we understand it, evolved everywhere, to suppress retaliation cycles between individuals, families, clans, and […]

  • Would Libertarianism Exist Without Marx?

    —“Are you specifically maintaining there would be no libertarianism without marx, or merely that most contemporary libertarian rhetoric derives from the marxist tradition? For example, libertarian class theory preceded marx, and marx explicitly borrowed from it.”— Skye Stewart (a) there is no ‘libertarian’ theory that I know of prior to the 20th century, even though there were libertine and anarchist […]

  • Refutation of a Criticism (sigh)

    Some Nitwit (“ancap_outlaw”) attempts to ‘refute’ me here. RESPONSE: Do you understand how much of a waste of my time it is to counter this kind of sophomoric drivel? How it’s a moral imperative that I don’t fail to pick up the mess you’re making in the informational commons? How you are forcing me to bear a cost by making […]

  • Q&A: Curt: What Do You Think Of Austrian Arguments Regarding Apriorism Vs Empiricism?

    (very very very important post) Well we can clarify what these terms CAN mean, by stating them analytically and operationally: Apriorism: Given parsimonious enough premises (assertions), one can form hypotheses via free association, abduction, induction, or loose deduction, and some of these hypotheses will be either impossible or extremely difficult to imagine can be false. Argument-to-apriorism relies upon cognitive testing […]

  • The End of Justificationary APriorism vs Critical Empiricism

    THE END OF APRIORISM VS EMPIRICISM (read it and weep) 😉 PROPOSITIONS 1) All domesticatable animals are domesticatable for five reasons. All undomesticatable animals are undomesticatable for any one of them. 2) All human personalities are highly functional for five or six reasons. All dysfunctional families are dysfunctional for any one of those six reasons. 3) All happy families are […]