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  • Definitions: Religion, Ideology, Philosophy, Law. Science

    Religion, Ideology, Philosophy, Law. Science A religion consists of a set of myths and rules the purpose of which is to resist outsiders, and to set limits on behavior or to be treated as an outsider and deprived of opportunity and insurance of the in-group. Hence most religions evolve with the weak, who have no […]

  • Truth, science, philosophy, law, aesthetics are identical

    [T]RUTH GOODNESS(MORAL) AND BEAUTY = SCIENCE Testimony: Identity (Categorically consistent) Internally (Logically) consistent Externally Correspondent (Empirically Consistent) Existentially Possible Parsimonious (fully accounted, parsimonious, limits) Moral (productive, fully informed, warrantied voluntary transfers) Beautiful (craft, aesthetic, moral, resources) That would mean that truth, science, philosophy, law, aesthetics were identical. THE GRAND SEQUENCE Truth, Manners, Ethics, Morals, Liberty, […]

  • Q&A: “Curt; Do You Have a Concise Definition for Testimonialism?”

    Colloquially: “The completion of the scientific method for the purpose of the conduct of law”. Testimonial Truth: Testimony (Speech) that is warrantied by the speaker through the performance of due diligence against imaginary content, error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, deception and fraud. The only truth that can exist is that which is spoken. We can […]

  • Truth, Law of Information, Natural Law of Cooperation, Physical Law of the Universe

    (religion) (read it and weep) (advances on hume, damning of rawls) [O]ur brains are smaller than those of our distant ancestors. With the evolution of language we were able to learn more by shared calculation: in the form of thinking and reasoning than we could by our own observation, memory, and judgement. By communicating using […]

  • Continental -> Postmodern Philosophy -vs- Analytic -> Testimonial Philosophy

    ANALYTIC PHILOSOPHY -> POSTMODERN -> TESTIMONIAL PHILOSOPHY [Y]ou see all these damned lists I make? All these definitions I write? How I walk through long sequences of reasoning? How I’m pedantic about what information is present, and what operation alters what information? How I place great burden on your ability to maintain a chain of […]

  • Justice vs Morality vs Law : Confusion Because of Ideal Types Rather Than Spectra

    JUSTICE VS MORALITY VS LAW? IT STUMPED SOCRATES, BUT SHOULDN’T – THE ERROR OF IDEAL TYPES OVER SPECTRA [T]he terms Justice, Morality and Law refer to spectrums, not states, and that is why the subject is confusing to people when it should not be. Natural Law (logically necessary), customary law (evolved), legislation (commands), and regulations […]

  • Definitions: Calculable, Computational, Rational, Irrational, Arational, and “Black Box” 

    (draft) (learning propertarianism) [T]he subtle differences in terms of comparison. DEFINITIONS: CALCULATIVE (HYPOTHETICAL) vs COMPUTATIONAL(DETERMINISTIC) – A process is CALCULATIVE if human beings are required to perform it, and COMPUTATIONAL if (current) computers can perform it. CALCULATIVE INSTITUTIONS – The set of technologies that permit human beings to extend their perception and comparison ability, and […]

  • First Principles of Propertarian Ethics: Non-Parasitism and Therefore Rational Cooperation

    (revised and expanded)(worth repeating) [P]ropertarian Ethics: -1 — Time is limited and the only infinite scarcity 0 — Man is a costly form of life in an unpredictable universe. 1 – Man must acquire resources to live within this unpredictable universe. 2 – Man must act to acquire and inventory resources: 3 — Man must defend […]

  • Definitions: Truth, Truthfulness, and Honesty

    [D]EFINITIONS OF TRUTH. TAUTOLOGICAL TRUTH: That testimony you give when you promising the equality of two statements using different terms: A circular definition, a statement of equality or a statement of identity. ANALYTIC TRUTH: The testimony you give promising the internal consistency of one or more statements used in the construction of a proof in an axiomatic(declarative) […]

  • Operationalism: From Law Through Mathematics

    (cerebral)(interesting) [I] hope that this spectrum: law, economics, assists us in understanding the position of praxeology in the list of moral constraints that require operational and intuitionistic tests of propositions, prior to making truth claims. LAW: STRICT CONSTRUCTION Strict Construction is an abused term where the courts instead use the terms Textualism and Original Intent. […]