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  • Um. Grow Up. We Want The Warlords To Rule. The Entire Militia of Them. 😉

    But Wouldn’t Warlords Take Over? GROW UP – WE **WANT** WARLORD RULE – THE MILITIA Warlords MUST take over. That’s the whole point. The question is only their number. A militia of warlords constitutes a distributed dictatorship under which only markets governed by natural law are possible. Anarchism? A lot of optimistic bullshit. […]

  • It All Begins With A Militia

    SOVEREIGNTY, LIBERTY, FREEDOM: IT STARTS WITH THE MILITIA **Rule of Law, by Natural Law, with Universal Standing, and Universal Applicability: A contractual corporation consisting of a distributed dictatorship of sovereign militia (men). ** A constitution of natural law creating a distributed private government, each member with one share ownership, purchasable by reciprocal insurance of all […]

  • Of Course We Can Demand Reciprocity

    THE MARKET FOR RECIPROCITY? Yes we can create a market for truthful (non false, non-parasitic) political speech. In fact, it was the state that ended our market for truthful speech. Why? … Isn’t science an ongoing discovery process? doesn’t it function as a market for information, with career ending punishments for violators? Don’t we protect […]

  • We? Who are ‘We’?

    WE? WHO ARE ‘WE’? We are the people who fight, kill, ostracize, punish, perform restitution upon those who act as parasites upon the polity, upon the commons, or upon the private production of people like ‘us’. And if you wish to engage in political, institutional, normative, informational, commercial, or interpersonal parasitism, we will force restitution, […]

  • War: The Fragility Spectrum

    When you are small you cannot fight to defend, fight to stop, fight to exit. There are only so many fragile regions on the human body, the human organization, the human polity, the human state, that you can attack with all your might, and end it’s agility(knees), action (jaw), thought (neck-arteries), air(throat), vision(eyes). The body […]

  • Weapons of Chaos – and Revolution

    WEAPONS OF CHAOS The best weapons in an urban skirmish are mace – to buy you opportunity, hardened and weighted knuckles – to give you extra mass and minimize absorption of shock, a lighter and lighter fluid – to create uncertainty, and area of effect damage, molotovs – artillery at a distance, and a motorcycle […]

  • The Steppe Way of War = Urban Today

    The steppe way of war practiced by our earliest ancestors, and practiced by muslims today, is superior to the interregnum method of war, relying upon a concentration of forces. That means: RAIDS. Conduct of many small raids costs little but creates great uncertainty and costs the host thousansd of times as much in defense. In […]