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  • The Last Piece: Tying Together Markets in Everything…

    Yep. Transcendence and Sovereignty were the last pieces. In the end, warriors make rule possible, but Judges rule. In the monopoly of soldiery officers rule, and in the market of cooperation judges rule. Judges and Officers provide the same function under positiva (military) and negativa (market) organizations. The question is only which method judges use to rule. And there is […]

  • It All Begins With A Militia

    SOVEREIGNTY, LIBERTY, FREEDOM: IT STARTS WITH THE MILITIA **Rule of Law, by Natural Law, with Universal Standing, and Universal Applicability: A contractual corporation consisting of a distributed dictatorship of sovereign militia (men). ** A constitution of natural law creating a distributed private government, each member with one share ownership, purchasable by reciprocal insurance of all other members. With an independent […]

  • The Origins of Easter (Eastra’s Day)

    Apr 16, 2017 9:15am THE ORIGINS OF EASTER!! (and yes, the bunny and the eggs are legit) The word Easter is of Saxon origin, “Eastra”, the goddess of spring, in whose honour sacrifices were offered each year. Easter was a ‘movable feast’ which was celebrated on the first Sunday following the full moon after the March equinox.” Eostre, goddess of […]

  • We are Best When We Do Not Rest

    Our first wave settled all the way to the northern limits and developed a copper civilization across Europe – including our monumental stone henge. And we rested. Our second wave created a bronze civilization in central europe, and advanced all of europe by doing so. And we rested. Our third wave out of the Ukraine combined horse, wheel, bronze, and […]

  • Hanging: Genetic Pacification in the West

    Western Europe, state formation, and genetic pacification. – PubMed – NCBI USUAL SUSPECTS: FROST AND HARPENDING (I get sh-t all the time from newbs, but if you follow me long enough you learn: I WORK FROM THE DATA. I don’t make sh-t up. ) Evol Psychol. 2015 Mar 6;13(1):230-43. Western Europe, state formation, and genetic pacification. Frost P1, Harpending […]

  • Superior, Yes. Not First, But Fastest, and Best

    SUPERIOR YES. NOT FIRST, BUT FASTEST AND BEST All evidence in the Stone, Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel ages is not that whites were superior to all other races but that whites on the eurasian plain possessed certain geographic advantages that allowed them to avoid developing monolithic civilizations in order to defend against competitors from multiple directions so endemic to warmer […]