Category: 1.4-Failure

  • The Bourgeoise Society Has Been A Catastrophe.

    Nov 18, 2016 12:52pm There is a vast difference between the scientific enlightenment which was a tremendous success, and the classical liberal seizure of political power through the various revolutions against the aristocracy and the monarchies. Yes we can blame the aristocracy from failing to evolve the organization of the state and incorporate the bourgeoisie. […]

  • The De-Professionalization of Information Distribution

    THE DE-PROFESSIONALIZATION OF INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION Little did they know what they were doing. But by removing the duel, libel, slander, and falsehood from the common law, the state eliminated warranty (skin in the game). And by the elimination of warranty under the law, converted a moral imperative captured in common law, to a moral imperative […]

  • Most Rhetoric? Excuses.

    Most rhetoric consists of the search for excuses with which to justify your reproductive strategy while maintaining the rhetorical pretence of moral objectivity – largely by way of asserting we are all equal in ability and value to one another and possessed of equal incentives. Yet this technique is dependent upon the twin biases of […]

  • The West Failed in 1900

    [W]e had almost everything right prior to 1900. We could have survived Darwin’s repudiation of God. But our thinkers failed to solve the problem of pseudoscience and verbalism as a replacement for divine mysticism. We can solve that now with Truthfulness and defense of the informational commons. We can create a strictly constructed law and […]

  • We Gave Them The Choice. They Chose Poorly. But We Are Morally Free.

    [W]e gave our own women a choice. We have the rest of the world a choice. They chose poorly. The experiment failed. We can morally abandon hope. We can return to evidence. We can exchange but not convert. We can cooperate but not advance. We can use high trust internally but pragmatism with others. We […]

  • Isn’t America a Germanic Not Just Anglo Country?

    (important piece) (I will write more on this later. But it will explain my emphasis on operationalism and strict construction) [B]efore about 1830, when the British Empire adopted commercial universalism, Britain was a member of germanic, north sea, hanseatic, civilization. We tend to compare our British ancestors to Today’s Britons who are heavily catholicized and […]

  • The New Reconstruction of British and North Sea History

    [O]ne of the great civilizations of human pre-history. A center not an outlier. Reincarnation. An underworld. Oak Trees Planted Upside down. The Hearth. Homes built around hearths. Stone circles built around homes.  Feats of public engineering. A bronze age industrial revolution. The intentional destruction of our Priest-Judges and our civilization by Rome. The consequent destruction […]

  • Aristocratic Egalitarianism: The Unique Culture Of The North Sea Peoples

    [I] hope to convince you that the argument that follows is very close to the final word on the American experiment, if not the Anglo experiment, and that nullification first, secession second, and civil war third, are the only alternatives to extinction of the unique high trust society of the Northern Europeans. STATEMENTS a) Our […]