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  • The Future Is A Choice: Choose to Rule

    THE FUTURE IS JUST A CHOICE. RETURN TO OUR MAJOR INDUSTRY: RULE. We could take a very different perspective: “They are our minorities. They are our Africans, our Jews, our Caribbeans, our Mestizos. We have paid a high price for them. Under the right circumstances they make excellent wage labor. All we must do is […]

  • Comparative Religion: Group Strategies

    Nov 18, 2016 6:37am 1) Aryan Expansion of sovereignty, domestication, and invention.(E) 2) (Reformed) Christian expansion of duty, trust, and production.(E) 3) Jewish expansion of separatism, deceit, and parasitism.(E/D) 4) Marxist expansion of rebellion, pseudoscience, and parasitism.(D) 5) Islamic expansion of submission, ignorance, and predation. (D) (E: eugenic/domestication. D:dysgenic/un-domestication. E/D: internal eugenic and external dysgenic)

  • Cultural Differences

    CURT AND MURRAY SELL ON CULTURAL DIFFERENCES —“The Chinese [primary method of decidability] is stability – [non-conflict]. Chinese history is tumultuous so everything must be done in the name of maintaining equilibrium and stability in the nation state(which is seen as a collective entity). The American [primary method of decidability] (until very recently) is reason […]

  • An Objective Analysis Of Cultural Philosophies

    Ill give you the objective model instead: 1-utopians(plato)(hindus), The Utopian strategy is train men to be good,  so that no conflict need occur. 2-truth tellers (aristotle), The Aryan strategy is to resolve conflicts early and quickly so that they cannot be seized in a moment of weakness. 3-truth avoiders (sun tsu), Sun Tzu is the […]

  • You Want Me To Say Something Both Offensive And True?

    You want me to say something offensive? Ok. How’s this: what’s a greater crime? The holocaust (the forcible deportation to of a gypsies, jews, and other non-conformists) or the inventions of the infantilizing lies of the Abrahamic religions and Cosmopolitan pseudoscience? (Boaz, Marx, Freud, Cantor, Mises, Adorno+Co, Rothbard/Rand, Straussian Neo-Conservatism, Feminism, Postmodernism, and “Political Correctness”?) […]

  • Definition: Paedomorphic Evolution

    It’s called Paedomorphic Evolution: Genetic Pacification selecting for lower maturity – the “juvenile”. One of which is Gracilization: loss of bone mass. The ‘strange’ sexual interests of the Japanese (and the asians) and our men’s attraction to Asian women, is very likely due to the greater paedomorphism of the asians and the lower levels of […]

  • Economic Velocity and Trust

    (important concept) [S]pectrum: American Utopianism (absurdly high trust) British Moralism (very kinship trust) German Realism (high trust) Catholic Familialism (medium trust) Eastern European Skepticism (low trust) Russian Nihilism (no trust) Chinese Deceive and Delay (negative trust)

  • Aristocracy For Everyone: How Many Races and Tribes?  

    Useful Post (PDF): Science on racial differences QUESTION: “THE ARISTOCRATIC MODEL: IF WE CONSTRUCTED NATURAL ARISTOCRACY FOR EVERY MAJOR TRIBE…HOW SUCCESSFULLY COULD WE PARENT OUR TRIBES ABOVE THE MAGIC NUMBER OF 106?” Answer: “We need a lot more countries.” Kinship: Race: Collection of Tribes: Collection of Clans: Collection of Families. * = significant genetic distance […]

  • The Alternate History and Future of Man: Aggression. (We have passed peak human.)

    [T]HE ALTERNATE HISTORY OF MAN. (important) (inflammatory) Each wave of man was more aggressive than the previous. Each wave of man exterminated the previous wave of man, whenever advantageous. Hunter-Gatherers had bigger brains but were less numerous and less aggressive. Northern Europeans with big brains are smarter with bigger brains and less aggressive. The Steppe/Desert/Levant […]

  • Weaponizing Reproduction

    WEAPONIZING REPRODUCTION [Y]ou know, I had bought into the ‘equality’ thing pretty deeply. But yet again, I”m overturning my own biases. While patriarchy made possible by property helped to constrain female reproduction rates, and female reproductive parasitism, one of the northern european innovations was to further improve on the suppression of feminine reproductive parasitism, by […]