Category: 3.6-Politics

  • ¿Es la democracia el problema?

    El problema no es la democracia (entendida como la elección para el liderazgo), el problema recae en una combinación de factores. EL GOBIERNO DISCRECIONAL, en donde los líderes pueden legislar, girar instrucciones y dar órdenes al público que se los permita- Es por ello que existe el imperio de le ley, bajo un conjunto de leyes naturales, son capaces de […]

  • Is The Problem Really Democracy? Here Is Your Answer.

    The problem is not DEMOCRACY (the choice of leadership) but the combination of: 1) DISCRETIONARY RULE, where leaders can legislate (issue commands) anything that the public will allow them to, rather than RULE OF LAW, under NATURAL LAW, where (like our trial-run original constitution) they can only construct otherwise legal contracts between members of the polity on their behalf. Much […]

  • None Of Us Is Equal

    We are unequal. We grant each other the pretense of equality in order to discover the truth, through discourse and debate, that is free of error, bias, suggestion, obscurantism, and deceit. We grant each other equality under the law to assist one another in cooperating productively and without conflict and retaliation across our various stations and abilities. We grant each […]

  • More on Market Fascism

    What’s the difference between MARKET FASCISM and the Status Quo? There are two differences: 1) Since markets regulated by natural law are the only POSSIBLE means of preserving sovereignty, and voluntary cooperation free of parasitism, then any attempt to perpetuate an alternative is an act of attempted fraud. So the difference is that under Market Fascism, there is no tolerance […]

  • Decreasing The Error, Bias, And Deceit, To Identify Cheaply Opportunities To Seize

    The political questions we face are very different if we seek to eliminate error, bias, and deceit, rather than if we seek to identify optimums by which to obtain discounts. People will seize the discounts no matter what. the problem is in decreasing the error, bias, and deceit, so that those opportunities are more readily visible. It’s not that we […]

  • Democracy’s Monopoly Commons vs Rule of Law’s Market Commons

    The value of democracy in the selection of commons decreases with the size of the population voting. Why? because the size of the population increases

  • He Was Wrong: War Is Not An Extension Of Politics

      Clausewitz was pretty much wrong about everything. War is not an extension of politics. Politics is a means by which we limit war. It is not politics that is the basis of human interaction, but the ever present rational choice between war, conflict, boycott, cooperation, insurance, and kin-sacrifice. Political organizations exist to defend the interests of the group from […]