Category: 6.2-Debate (argument)

  • Start Negotiation From ‘We Prefer War’.

    START THE NEGOTIATION FROM THE STANDPOINT OF PREFERRING WARFARE Always make sure the opposition understands the choices that you prefer are those that are very undesirable to them. Never enter a negotiation with a presumption of achieving a rational compromise. Instead set the terms of your negotiation at the limits of your preference. Our current preference is to end democracy, […]

  • You Dont Have The Right To Spread Ignorance

    YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPREAD IGNORANCE ( Nick Heywood and Curt Doolittle ) Why do you have the right to ignorance? Well, there is a difference between enjoying the luxury of ignorance at other’s expense, and distributing ignorance by your words and deeds. And there is a difference between general knowledge that allows us to escape our ignorance, […]

  • All Speech Is Negotiation

    –“Most conclusions are really excuses to stop thinking; and most arguments (especially without ontological integrity) are a defenses for excuses rather than warranties of conclusions.”—Bill Joslin BINGO. All speech is negotiation. Truth is not natural to man .This is why science has been such an expensive and time consuming project that has taken us 2500 years: we fight it at […]

  • Forms Of Argument in Retrospect

    Forms of argument evolve just like mathematics did: adding layers of precision Myth (narrative analogy) Religion (Internally consistent myth) Reason ( possibility ) Rationalism. ( justificationism ) Analytic rationalism. ( Consistency ) Existential criticism ( Operationalism) You see. In hindsight it’s obvious. It wasn’t though 😉