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  • Why Does The NRA Insist It Represents The Best Interests Of America And Claims To Have Strong Support When Only 2% Of The Population Are NRA Members?

    —-”Why does the NRA insist it represents the best interests of America and claims to have strong support when only 2% of the population are NRA members?”—- You need to understand the Pareto Rule. 1% of people determine everything. 19% of people organize the remaining 80% of people so that it gets done. This is why always and everywhere 80% […]

  • Why Is America So Complicated?

    —-”Why is America so complicated?”—-Because the experiment in middle-class rule, using the single law of reciprocity (natural law), with all legislation strictly constructed from that single law of reciprocity, and the darwinian and maxwellian revolution that explained it has been systematically undermined beginning with the civil war, exacerbated by excessive immigration in the 1920’s, and expressly so since the 1960s […]

  • My Position On The Solution to Healthcare

    (regarding the republican failure to reform healthcare) Dick, Are you speaking truthfully, with bias, with wishful thinking, or propagandizing (fictionalizing)? 1 – they (mainstream republicans) thought they could replace it in name only. 2 – the right libertarians and conservatives that were elected to repeal it completely put together enough votes to block it. 3 – Now it will fail […]

  • The Incentives of Leftist Parasites

    By Eli Harman Why are leftists and social justice warriors so immune to facts, logic, and arguments? It’s because social justice warriors are lying, parasitic, pieces of shit. The aim of lying about equality, is to force transfers and redistribution from the more equal, to the less, including the extension of trust, that will be abused, and the extension of […]

  • Common Shareholders Are Not Demonstrably Owners

    COMMON SHAREHOLDERS ARE NOT OWNERS OF ORGANIZATIONS Ownership: control. Ownership (control) of WHAT? Ownership denies others use, consumption, transfer, and fruits. So what ownership do shares actually convey? RESIDUAL FRUITS. Shareholdership in practice provides a limited ownership to residual capital.

  • The Racist Paul Krugman – Wishing White People Dead Even Sooner

    (profound) (read) (share) —“Searching for economic and cultural reasons why middle-aged white Americans are dying sooner.”— Paul Krugman Because you destroyed the family – intentionally, through policy that favored moving labor to capital instead of capital to labor? Because you destroyed the family by ideologically mobilizing women in the workforce, rather than ending their prohibition on it? Because you increased and […]

  • On CalExit

    The International challenges we face are due to our status as empire. End the empire, focus on local culture and people. Secede. The only value of Geographic scale is the military tax base. The USA is not a country it is an empire. End it. Devolve to Regions. There is no advantage to territorial scale if different regions cannot pursue […]

  • The Continental Marriage is Better

    Male-Female Relationship lessons learned from Ukraine. 1 – Men are barely tamed gorillas. Love them. Feed them. F– them. If necessary dress them. 2 – Women are incomprehensible. Their job is to love. Love them. Supply them. Make them feel safe. 3 – No talk of equality or how we should behave. No trying to train or change each other. […]

  • The ‘Talk’: Why Are We Stooping To The Left’s Level

    Nov 11, 2016 11:06pm In person i am a gentleman. but i learned a lot from Hayek’s pristine, gentlemanly, german failure with Keynes: never give the enemy an inch out of grace. we aren’t Victorians. this is a street fight. a brawl. and i use broken bottles, brass knuckles, clubs, knives, guns, and every other weapon I can get my […]

  • Is Male Bonding The Source Of Civilization?

    (hmmm… well, lets do a propertarian analysis of that question) —“How do you feel about mannerbunds?”—Harrison Baker Well you know, I tend to stay away from silly terminology and instead make operationally testable statements. men evolved to work in groups of brothers to herd women, hold territory, and kill competitors and take their stuff. this requires both cooperation: shared risk, […]

  • Cultural Commentary on Americans

    Nov 17, 2016 3:17pm Americans are more friendly, humble, playful and optimistic at the cost of a general ignorance. Pub-Manners are a good protocol in small towns, Restaurant manners in cities and suburbs. We don’t really have a cafe culture outside of the coffee shops in the big cities. I love small town New England. But Europe is better. And […]

  • The Greatest Happiness? The Versions

      NICE VERSION —“The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.”— LESS NICE VERSION —“The real greatest pleasure of men is to repress rebels and defeat enemies, to exterminate […]

  • I Love Everyone, But We’re All Wrong

    I love Russians, Ukrainians, Estonians, Latvians, Poles, Georgians, and I probably love every christian soul on earth. What I don’t love is American neo-conservatism, Anglo-Scandianvian Pseudo-moral suicide, German Suicidal Counter-signaling, Eastern European disregard for the commons, and Russian predilection for dishonestyout of the fear of looking weak rather than honest confrontation and compromise . We are all wrong about something. […]

  • Contradiction Isn’t A Problem For Free Riders

    Curt Doolittle Nov 18, 2016 9:28am Contradiction is not a problem for women or liberals. Because correspondence with reality is not necessary for women or liberals. Because truth is not necessary for women or liberals. Because the purpose of liberal verbalism is to lie, cheat, and steal. Because they are seeking to avoid trades, and impose rents. The Left is […]

  • Love Doesn’t Require Debate

    We are supposed to love women and care for them. We are not supposed to debate with them over true or false. Only whether a want is possible for the two of us, or impossible for the two of us. Our education, commerce, and politics places too much emphasis on true or false or good or bad, and too little […]

  • How Germans and Americans Differ

    AN EXPLANATION OF OUR DIFFERENCES There is a reason the stock market is in America, the bond market in the UK, manufacturing in Germany, and Military in Russia: risk – love of risk, pragmatic risk, fear of risk, and dread of risk. This risk perception is (as is true everywhere on earth) a reflection of military prowess and the number […]

  • The Orthodox Civil Society

    Nov 18, 2016 12:19pm If you go to a restaurant or club, or a shopping center in ukraine, or even a hotel lobby, their equivalent of ‘elevator music’ is a set of televisions, half of which are tuned to a series of fashion shows and the other half to soccer games. And that’s about all you see. this has a […]

  • Canary: The Fragile Hypothalamus

    The brain is actually a pretty simple machine when it comes to aberrant sets of behaviors. Most of the time (in my opinion) male in utero development has been incomplete or overstimulated in one way or another, and we are consequently trapped – looking for intense stimuli in order to compensate for an inability to synthesize stimuli. The most sensitive […]

  • Realities of IQ in Business

    (No jimmy, not everyone can join the upper middle class) People above 140 come up with new concepts. People above 130 come up with new business ideas. People above 120 exploit niches in markets with existing ideas. People above 110 work harder than others are willing to at capturing marginal opportunities at lower profit, that better companies are unwilling to […]

  • Moscow’s Indirect Education Of Europeans

    Moscow’s conquest of south-eastern ukraine broke not only the postwar consensus on borders, but the peace of Westphalia that made states accountable for the factions inside their borders. To some degree this may help Europeans, and westerners, understand that their definition of war includes the assumption that wars are conducted by states against states rather than by factions within states […]

  • Russian Philosophy (From Routledge)

      —” ‘Russian Idea’ – … the most distinctive feature of Russian philosophy – can be explained in terms of Russian history. The Mongol yoke from the twelfth to the fourteenth century cut Russia off from Byzantium (from which it had received Christianity) and from Europe: it had no part in the ferment of the Renaissance. Its rise as a […]

  • Russian Philosophy Encounters German Idealism

      Intellectuals matter, because intellectuals teach. And a lot of intellectuals teaching the same thing, transforms generations. —” in 1836 of Chaadaev’s ‘Philosophical Letter’, which posed Russia’s relationship to the West as a central philosophical problem, maintaining that Russia’s historical separation from the culture of Western Christianity precluded its participation in the movement of history towards the establishment of a […]

  • Business Terminology, Scale.

    ESTABLISHMENT (small/craft) An establishment is a single physical location where business is conducted or where services or industrial operations are performed. FIRM (regional/industry): A firm is a business organization consisting of one or more domestic establishments in the same state and industry under common ownership or control. ENTERPRISE(National/Federation) An enterprise is a business organization consisting of one or more domestic […]

  • Analysis Of The Strategies Of The Ukrainian And Russian Peoples And A Prediction Of The Future.

    —Why is urkaine’s independence sacrosanct?— 1) liberty has a value in itself, and one cannot claim a desire for liberty without reciprocally assiting others. Although the reason for that is longer than I want to get into right now. 2) there is no reason ever, why a people cannot secede to form a nation by secession from an empire, except […]

  • A Collection of My Posts on Consulting Business, Sociology of Technology, Programming, and Artificial Intelligence

    MY POSTS ON THE CONSULTING BUSINESS, PROGRAMMING, AND AI =====CONSULTING / CONTRACTING BUSINESS ====== Sunday, January 17, 2016 at 9:45am UTC+02 CONSULTING COMPANY HIERARCHY VERTICAL AXIS: Y 6) Strategy Work. ( Presentations on Financial, Operational,Market Goals – ie: empirical analysis and planning – big players) 5) Consulting work ( Presentations on initiatives: usually consensus building or research work. ) 4) […]