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  • Executive Roles and Character (biz)

    [W]e are all suited for different roles. I prefer partnerships rather than hierarchies. And this is how I usually operate. SALES (PRESIDENT/CEO) – I like Sales and Revenue jobs – but it’s hard to control relationships upon which sales depend. One needs to be more intuitive and ‘likeable’, gather and distribute information, rather than creative. (I have to be likeable […]

  • Project Management In A Nutshell

    – Make a list of stuff that needs to get done. – Use that list to make a shorter list of what you can act on today that will get something done, or get the information needed to get it done, or get the information or resources to someone else needed to get something done. – Give those tasks to […]

  • How To Keep Books For Management First Rather Than For Government First.

    You cannot get a CPA to keep good books no matter what you do. Best advice is to hire an MBA as your CFO. Then strong director or CPA to work for him. CPA’s worry about compliance first and business second, and MBA’s about information for the business first, and compliance as a sunk cost. MBA’s are right. — ACCOUNTING […]

  • AI’s

    ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCES Humans regulate each other by the behavior we call ‘property’. AI’s that do also will readily simulate human behavior. Choices require a means of decidability. Property is the only decidable value that is calculable(rational)+cooperative. All human moral intuitions are reducible to prohibitions on imposition against various inventories (property). Ergo, any AI algorithm requires decidability, and one that may […]

  • American Fools and Russian Fools. We Need To Fix Each Other.

    [A]merica is a well intentioned fool. And Russia is a paranoid fool. They are both fools. The solution for the northern hemisphere is to unite anglo law, german engineering, and Russian resources and to diminish the role of america in european affairs. Russians must have an external enemy or the will be forced to confront the reality that they need […]

  • Creating a Moat Around Russia: Six Points Explaining Why Putin Is Acting Strategically

    [C]REATING A MOAT AROUND RUSSIA: SIX POINTS EXPLAINING WHY PUTIN IS ACTING STRATEGICALLY SIX POINTS 1) The fall of Ukraine was unexpected and Putin feared a spread to Moscow. Rather than call up the USA or Merkel and offer to lease Crimea for 99 years with an option to renew, and offer to exchange the Donbas (The Don Basin) for […]

  • The West Needs Russia To Save It From Utopian Democracy As The West Saved Russia From Communism.

    LETS FLIP THIS AROUND: THE WEST NEEDS RUSSIA TO SAVE IT FROM UTOPIAN DEMOCRACY JUST AS RUSSIA NEEDED THE WEST TO SAVE IT FROM UTOPIAN COMMUNISM —“The memory of the Soviets still exists in the minds of Eastern Europeans. But it would be dishonest to say that the U.S does not whip up fear of Russian expansion, so as to […]

  • Thinking. Trust, and Russia.

    [D]espite my criticism of Russian politics and culture since the invasion of Ukraine for purely dishonest reasons, I tend to have deep affection for Russian people, even when I think they are absurd, superstitious and crazy. Because I love that they are brave. Americans are brave by and large *outside of the millennial generation*. Some brits are brave, if a […]

  • Public Economics of Marriage

    [M]arriage is, first and foremost, a contract between two parties, husband and wife. And this contract is originally set up to last for all eternity — till death do them part. As such, two married people (Family, in the following) form an economic union with responsibilities deriving from the contract, if so specified explicitly, or from societal norms accompanying it […]


    [C]oncurrency – e.g. multitasking – is hard, we all know that. In the following post I analyze the economics of concurrency, using the example of a layered conversation with two members, and many concurrent threads occurring in overlapping time intervals. (If you would think it a fun exercise, write up a comment about another topic of choice in multitasking – […]

  • Who Will Contain American Barbarism? Not Quite: American Stupidity Maybe.

    [Q]UESTION: If we contain Russian barbarism, then who will contain American barbarism? ANSWER: Well that is not an honest statement right? It posits a false moral equivalency rather than the truth that each party is half-right. Moreover, it is easier to correct the half-right anglo island dweller political ideology, but very difficult to correct half-right russian-steppe low trust and pervasive […]

  • It’s A False Moral Equivalence: Comparing Russian and American Political Interference

    (reposted from original site) [P]at. I rarely disagree with you, but regarding Russia, you posit a moral equivalency where none exists. Here is why: The USA’s  *Demonstrated* postwar policy operates by the following criteria: 1) BORDERS – states who don’t respect borders can lead to world wars. 2) HUMAN RIGHTS – states who don’t respect human rights export problems to […]

  • An Environmental Software Company?

    In May, one of my business partners asked me to rescue a bit of software development that was a joint venture between a prominent politician’s environmental activism foundation, a very large software company, and one of our smaller businesses. It took me until July to weed through two years of chaos and deception to understand that we were losing millions […]