List of The Major Reforms

List of The Major Reforms

—“Our movement is not theological, philosophical or ideological but legal and practical. It consists of a proposed reform of rule of law. Specifically: expanding property rights to include the collective rights logically implied by the existence of commons; expanding perjury into public spaces with more specific definitions of falsehoods; and limiting laws to those that are reciprocal and non-parasitic in nature so that we are limited in politics to exchanges and compromises instead of majority winner-takes-all. We combine those legal reforms with economic reforms that restore the primacy of policy to the family and laboring, working, and middle classes. The rest is about how best to achieve implementation which is open to debate.”— Stephen Wells


  1. Military and Strategic (positioning for the future)
  2. Political (improving our political systems)
  3. Rights and Obligations (improving the bill of rights)
  4. Truthful Speech(the ‘informational commons’)
  5. Taxation (simplification and limiting the burden)
  6. The Economy (restoration of ‘multiple economies’)
  7. Consumer Protection (ending the rat race)
  8. Credit and Finance (ending abuse of our people)
  9. Benefits(income, unemployment, health, retirement)
  10. The Family (restoring primacy of the family)
  11. Norms(behavior in public)
  12. The Commons (Restoring the Beauty of the Commons)
  13. Education (the most ambitious project of all)
  14. Higher Education (reversing the false promises)

1. Regarding the Military and Grand Strategy

1 – Reorganize for the Return of Total War: ( … ) 

2. Regarding the Political

1 – Restore Rule of Law of Natural Law: Systematic inclusion of the Rule of Law, Natural Law, Rights and Obligations Under that law, and requirements for the construction of legal acts in all their forms. Explicitly stating that The Law is Sovereign (the last word), not court parliaments, executives, or the fashions of the people. This ends the attempt to undermine Rule of Law by various schemes collectively called positive law, but are nothing more than arbitrary rule seeking to circumvent Natural Law.

2 – Require Lawful Acts: Repairing the oversight of the requirement that Acts to pass the court before they ascend (now implemented in the UK). And repairing the oversight in both the UK and United States, that the court may (must) return undecidable Acts to the Government for clarification, and the government’s liability to resolve it. Thus ending both the government’s ability to pass Acts that aren’t legal – or even adjudicable or enforceable, as well as ending the court’s ability to legislate from the bench. And lastly, to subject all people, including members of the government and the court, to liability for violating the law in Public Speech, in Acts, in Judgements (findings), or Enforcement. In other words, it’s not possible to even propose illegal legislation. (Similar to defense of the Crown in UK law).

3 – Restore The Market for Commons: Restoration of our system of government to one of houses of the classes for the purpose of producing commons by trades, and out of majoritarian mob rule the English were correct – and the French, as always, were wrong. And the conversion of Acts of legislation to Contracts of the Commons explicitly placing their contents and enforceability as inferior to the Law.

4 – Restore the Federation of Several States: Restoration of the American Project as a repeat of the thousand-year successful European project, as a federation of Sovereign States (countries) under military, court, treasury, insurer, while maintaining rights under natural law, but devolving “liberty” – under the original meaning of “the right to retain local custom” that does not violate the law or the rights, replicating the successes of the Trifunctionalism of The Holy Roman Empire, The Traditional Law, and the Catholic Church, in secular scientific, and legal form, while allowing peoples to produce those commons most suitable to there interests.

5 – Separate Blue Cities: The conversion of Deep Blue Immigrant Cities to City-States, in the tradition of “Free Cities” of the European Tradition under the Holy Roman Empire. This will account for nearly half of the population. These cities have intentionally defected from the American and European Project in pursuit of the profits for Elites under of The Jewish Cosmopolitan Project. We have made bankruptcy possible for States. Our expectation is that as the continued competitive advantage of the States declines, these cities will continue to bankruptcy, write down their debts, restructure, the remaining ‘conservative’ people will flee, causing more reforms, but that over the century they will adapt to necessity. These cities will follow global norms of a small White, Jewish, or East Asian central district surrounded by slums. But the contagion will be contained, and while these cities will continue to die off, new core cities will form outside of them but under the Law and Constitution that has criminalized Cosmopolitan policies.

6 – Monarchies: Given the history of propaganda to undermine the monarchies, despite the record of monarchies, and despite the catastrophes of those nations that have abandoned them, it is all but impossible to convince Americans that the British model of a constitutional monarchy serving as “judge of last resort”, in case any or all of the military, legal, political, economic and social procedures, and processes fail – as they are frequently want to do.

But the logic and evidence are clear that a monarchy as judge of last resort, rule of law by natural law, and the supremacy of the law, multiple houses of parliament or congress, a professional cabinet, and a prime minister, are the optimum form of democratic government in an educated, industrialized, prosperous and democratic christian European polity. And withing that optimum system of government, Monarchies are the final defense against fashions of the people, failure of political processes, and usurpation by our enemies.

So the present crisis begs we present the facts, and let the people decide to continue the false promise of politics that has led us here, or return to the demonstrated evidence that constitutional monarchs with powers of assent and dissent but not initiative, are necessary for the preservation of a free people.

7 – Immutability: Define and Declare Immutability of A Government of Natural Law.

Restore Treason, Sedition, Undermining, and The Peace: 

3. Regarding Rights and Obligations

1 – Enumerate All Fundamental Rights and Corresponding Obligations: All fundamental rights and obligations are strictly constructed from self-determination by sovereignty and reciprocity and closed to modification or interpretation. All rights cover the range of, are organized by, and stated by display, word, and deed. All rights require reciprocity (mirrored) and so include mirrored obligations, all rights and obligations require universal obligation to defend rights and enforce obligations of others. All rights are inalienable, meaning that not only can you not surrender them (avoid obligations), but that any attempt by display word or deed to undermine them is a criminal act in and of itself. This is the most rigorous definition of rights in human history. As such there are no positive fundamental rights, only negative, and all positive rights are contractual and conditional on possibility of fulfillment. This ends the ‘rights-labeling’ game by defining rights strictly.

(Note that again, the definition of man, the law, and rights and obligations come before the government – we try to reinforce that government is not the solution to a harmonious polity – the law is. And that is why only Americans have a constitution, only Americans are sovereign, and all others have just hand-waving that lets the political class engage in hubris, corruption, and deceit.)

2 – Variation in Rights By Conditions: All rights are conditional given the three states of a polity: War (sacrifice), Peace (Going Concern), and Windfall (redistribution). This provision limits the government and the people from abuses by expressly stating rights and obligations under each condition.

4. Regarding Truth in Display Word and Deed (“No More Lies”)

Given the dependence of the European Project on Truth-before-Face regardless of cost; and given the Testifiability of Speech by Realism, Naturalism, Operationalism, Rational Incentives, and Full Accounting; and given the normalization of testimonial speech and empirical thought in all walks of life; and given it is that institutionalization of testimonial speech in institution, tradition, norm and thought, from which our harmony, trust, rule of law, markets, reason, empiricism, science, medicine, technology, and prosperity evolved.

1 – We include a process (a checklist) for testing Testifiable (Truthful) speech, that is usable in court, usable in public speech, and usable by anyone willing to do the work to learn it – like a more sophisticated form of diagramming sets of sentences. This methodology is the foundation of, and principle innovation of, our work – and is the reason for the success of our project, and ability to articulate European civilization’s strategy in scientific terms. With this method, the philosophical debate over the definition of truth is settled (solved) and while we can never know, outside of the trivial, the most parsimonious truth possible, we can determine if one possesses the knowledge to claim one speaks truthfully, and whether one has done so, and whether such a claim meets demand for infallibility given the question at hand.

2 – Correcting the Oversight in our Law …. incremental suppression of crimes of false promises, baiting into hazard.

3 – The end of trial by public gossip, the end of suppression of truthful speech, and

4 – the conversion of political affiliation as protected class, and political speech to protected speech.

5 – The liability for truthful display, word and deed in public, to the public, in matters public, and especially so for commercial gain.

6 – The liability for seditious display, word and deed

7 – universal standing in commons.


5. Regarding Taxes and Financial Easing

We have a complex set of objectives here, including redistribution from the financial sector and the bureaucracy to the middle; de-financializing life for the majority middle and restoring their prosperity; changing how the money supply is increased to facilitate that restoration; and eliminating complexity in the tax system so that there are fewer frictions in the economy, and fewer incentives for the government to interfere in the economy. Given that rather shortly almost all taxes will go to fund redistributive benefits, in a perfect world we would have only income taxes or sales taxes and the entire economy would be frictionless otherwise. It hasn’t been possible to do so technologically. Now it is. Furthermore, the participation of the treasury and the insurer of last resort in strategic investments now captured by the financial sector at the expense of the people, will provide the government with incentive to produce returns to fund initiatives, not increase taxes, ending the threat that the endless job justification and self-promotion within the State or any organization- poses to the People.

1 – The entire tax system shall be vacated, and replaced with a flat and invariable tax of 18%, and a flat sales tax, variable and revised annually, with all prices to include that sales tax. This is the most frictionless tax system possible, but it is regressive to the bottom. However, we shall subsidize the bottom, at the time and point of purchase, using each citizen’s treasury account debit cards. This is the most frictionless method of using the simplicity of administration, simplicity of flat taxation with the simplicity of progressive redistribution that’s technologically available. For clarity this includes eliminating all other taxes, including those on payroll, redistributions, social security, dividends, capital gains, inheritances and transfers within the direct family line.

(Note: This technological work will be done by IBM and only IBM, exclusively within the USA, exclusively on IBM equipment and exclusively by natural-born US Citizens, and physical data services redundant and distributed in the central region of the country, regardless of cost. All strategic dependencies in the supply chain shall be repatriated to the USA regardless of cost. (Yes, we are fully aware of the consequences of demand and we fully intend those consequences.) All roles, rules, and regulations are vacated, and the simplest most effective, most reliable, technological solutions shall be implemented and all organizations shall adapt to the solution regardless of impact – not the other way around. There will be no more catastrophic technological failures, to repeat the IRS and Obamacare catastrophes. )

2 – Forgive all back taxes, all debt over back taxes. Restore juridical defense in tax defense, at the district level, close IRS court and terminate its employees and prohibit their government employment for conspiracy against the people. Terminate all IRS collection personnel. Limit IRS to investigatory work and submission of cases to the court. Fold IRS into Justice.

3 – Given that physical laborers in the Trades and only in the Trades (craftsmen) accumulate physical and cellular damage, are subject to greater risk and infirmary, and have unpredictable and shorter work lives, all income taxes on independent tradesmen including long haul drivers shall be eliminated up to two and a half times the median income. Our primary concern is altering the social and economic status of the craftsmen class, which physically transforms physical materials into finished goods, by insuring their health, stress and retirement, and relieving them from the extraordinary burden of record-keeping, reporting and compliance. Conversely, abusing this privilege shall demand extraordinarily punishment and restitution.

4 – In order to lighten the debilitating burden on small and medium businesses, for all those organizations owner-funded (no external investors or access to financial markets), all payroll and receivables shall be floated by the treasury, for 180 days. The costs of the current system “costing thousands so we don’t lose a dime” causes extraordinary distortions and stresses in businesses, particularly to employees, when the durability of sustainable networks of specialization and trade have decreased from intergenerational to generational, to decades, to mere economic cycles within the past century. If we combine floating payroll and receivables, and elimination of payroll taxes with sales taxes immediately deducted on each transaction, then the problem of cash management for organizations simplifies dramatically. (We won’t go into further detail here).

3. In the event of bank failure, Treasury protects the borrower, not the lender. And the FDIC limit will be raised to 100 times the median income. The Obama era seizure of banks that exceeded their capital limits, selling their assets to another bank, then guaranteeing the loans, so that the bank’s interest was in bankrupting the debtor will not be repeated. If banks go under, the borrower is protected, and lenders and investors beware.

6. Regarding The Economy

Economic Structure

Capitalism vs socialism false dichotomy and false monopoly. Four economies, not one. Independent, market, sub-market, and ex-market. Move vast labor pool into production and maintenance of aesthetic commons – make the country a European park again.

The Civilizational Division of Risk an Trust

The British – American model requires aggressive integration.

The Demographic Realit of Human Capital

( … )

All Economies are Mixed Economies That Must Adapt To Needs

Consumption economies favor the financial sector at the expense of the people an they are ‘over’.

Population is no longer valuable, only quality population is valuable. (Japan)

The commons can absorb labor that automation replaces.




8. Regarding Money Supply, Finance, Banking, Consumer Credit, and Interest


separate consumer and commercial credit

1. End Profit From Harms

2. End Baiting Into Hazard

3. End rent-seeking. 

4. End involuntary intergenerational transfer of liability

5. Maintain Going Concern


1 – The Federal Reserve is Nationalized and all assets contributed to the treasury without compensation, as punishment for crimes against our people. Any attempt at evasion will result in letters of marque against the entire chain of those involved, their families, and two generations of relations in all directions.

2 – Blackrock is Nationalized, investors shall maintain their investments, so long as the organization, its employees, equipment, processes, and procedures are integrated into the Federal Reserve and Treasury. Any attempt at evasion will result in letters of marque against the entire chain of those involved.

3 – The Visa and Mastercard Networks are Nationalized, converted to nonprofit status, and shall administer all consumer relations with the treasury and its accounts.

4 – American Express shall take a substantial investment from the State, and operate tax-free in exchange for the administration of the expansion of commercial credit, and that credit shall be issued by and protected by the Treasury. (Amex is capable of complex interaction with business and industry.)

5 – All consumer credit card debt shall be nationalized by the treasury ($1T+).

6 – All owner resident home mortgages shall be nationalized by the treasury without compensation, halved, and set to zero interest or written down. All those who have paid off their mortgages in the past 15 years without selling (paid down, not just paid off), and fully own their property shall receive immediate contribution to their treasury retirement accounts of one half of the payments made during that period.

Treasury Employee Regulation
(Prevention of Rent Seeking, Attraction of Talent)

9. Regarding Benefits: Income, Unemployment, Health and Retirement

Our interpretation of the Singapore model issues all citizens the equivalent of a debit card and credit line for (a) general funds (b) groceries (food), (c) unemployment, (d) health care, (e) retirement. Yearly distributions into these accounts are too difficult to manage for ordinary people, so they will be made monthly or quarterly. These accounts are inviolable and cannot be attached for debt collection nor used as collateral. They insure the public against each citizen’s incapacity and therefore insure the people against moral hazard. They cut out all the ‘middle man’ administrative costs that have so dramatically driven up prices. All these accounts accumulate interest.

1 – In times of crisis the treasury, as we recently experienced, can immediately distribute funds directly to citizens without delay. These funds can be delivered to a general account and used for any purpose.

2 – Redistribution: In times of windfall profits for the state, those profits can be distributed directly to the people in any combination of those accounts, whether to pay down the credit line for home, vehicles, or increase spending, or increase retirement savings.

3 – Unemployment funds can accumulate redistributions, can accumulate voluntary contributions, and be drawn down upon, and subsidized if necessary, but they are, at the very least, manageable.

4 – The demand for healthcare has been stalled because the right wants to preserve market competition for service, so that people who can afford to can continue to fund innovations, and the left wants to end market competition for service, and drag down overall quality in pursuit of equality (out of envy) at the cost of ‘death panels’.

As such the solution to the problem is centralizing purchasing and credit, issuing health insurance accounts in the Singapore model, and re-privatizing the healthcare industry into non-profits, with financing provided by the treasury, so it is no longer friendly to investors, finance, and administration, while hostile to care professionals, care providers, and patients.

This involves health accounts at the treasury for all citizens; nationalization of a set of insurance companies through majority ownership to serve as mixed private-public services, and an emphasis on care, not investments – since all insurance companies are investment houses with ‘fronts’ providing insurance. These accounts will function just like savings accounts. Some copay is necessary to preserve incentives not to abuse the system. Everyone will have majority subsidy of care costs and full insurance against catastrophes, thereby ending medical bankruptcy, but requiring cautious use of resources.

So we will get universal health care, we will remove the profit motive, but we will not follow the Europeans into abandoning the extraordinary value of markets. (People with money have no time – that’s why they have money. People with time have no money. We have to satisfy both ends of the spectrum and everyone in between.) (Note that elsewhere we also repatriate all strategic medical manufacturing across the spectrum across the entire supply chain.)

5 -The demand for retirement funds increases and is all but unsustainable. So we want to put this back under control of the individual on one hand, and make sure those who lack ‘judgement and foresight’ are protected from their own impulses on the other.

As such these accounts will be contributed to monthly or quarterly. They cannot be attached nor used as collateral. These funds are savings, not promises to money that don’t exist as today. All contributions to these accounts are tax-free both on input and output. You can for example, sell your home, deposit the entire value tax free, up to one hundred times the median income, at which point the account is ‘full’ (to prevent abuses by the very wealthy). You cannot draw on this for any reason other than retirement.

As such your retirement savings are under your control and you are no longer dependent on politics for your retirement income. Also note: these retirement funds are inheritable.

Regarding Manufacturing


Limit exposure to economic warfare; end disposability and planned obsolescence, and continuous feature bloat; reduce the number of competitors in the market to the best producers; exchange zero interest on consumer goods for higher prices and longer product lifetimes; force American companies into the high quality and durability market; drive Americans into the American market; drive world competitors out of the American (Anglo, European) market.

Consumer Protections for Products

1. Right to repair.
2. Right to upgrade.
3. Full replacement warranty (upgrade, repair, replace) of 25 years.
4. Loss of patent protection upon end of production/designs, software must be given to open source (consumers) upon the end of production.
5. Entire chain must carry insurance of warranty of right to repair and durability of goods.

Repatriation of Strategic Industries

Repatriate the entire military design supply and manufacturing chain.
Repatriate all advanced materials design supply and manufacturing chain.
Repatriate the entire electronic component design, supply, and manufacturing chain.
Repatriate the entire robotics component design, supply, and manufacturing chain.
Repatriate the entire battery design, supply, and manufacturing chain.
Repatriate the entire medical pharmaceutical and design, supply, and manufacture chain.
Repatriate the entire heavy equipment design, supply, and manufacturing chain.
Repatriate the entire automotive design, supply, and manufacturing chain
Repatriate all customer service and call center labor.

Financing Repatriation and Automation
( … )

7. Regarding Consumer Protections

Consumer Protection


Restore responsibility (no more warnings on ladders)

End of Evasion of Responsibility.
Natural Born Service personnel with native language facility
The person taking the call must have the authority to solve the problem.
Liability in the complete chain of responsibility

3. Prohibition on punishment fees.
4. Full information of vendor for every charge to card.
5. Ability to comment on any card payment.
6. Prohibition on churning.
7. The creation of terms under which consumer goods are considered a part of the national infrastructure.
8. Independent contract for YouTube, Facebook, and Google as infrastructure free from advertising.
9. Maximum wait times for all government services.
10. All government and financial services open from 8 am to 10 pm.
11. Prohibition on interruption advertising. Prohibition on environmental advertising. Limit to destination advertising.

Liability Reform

( … )


10. Regarding The Family, and the Restoration of Intergenerational Lending

Produce incentives for good families. Produce disincentives for bad families. ( … )

11. Regarding Norms

Given that our technological advantages have been eliminated through worldwide distribution and adoption of European thought, finance, economics, law, science, farming, technology, medicine, our people’s only remaining competitive advantage is our high trust Northern European traditions, norms, and institutions, and the demographic distribution of Europeans, Japanese, Koreans and Chinese over the rest of the world.

1 – Restoration of the obligations to conform to high trust northern European norms in manners, ethics and morals in display, word and deed, by the explicit clarification of one’s limited ‘rights’ in public (the commons), and the obligation of every individual to police the commons for conformity to high trust norms in display, word, and deed, and the obligation to submit to censure for violation of those norms, manners, ethics, and morals, or be subject to prosecution. This restores the requirement for respectful, mindful, using self-control, and situational awareness, to impose no cost to attention, to passage, to interaction in public, giving preference to families, and yielding to parents, elders, managers, owners, security, and police – including the restoration of ‘face control’ (personal discretion) – so that the power to ostracize from commons, public ways, commercial spaces in order to restore our civility of the commons and to ostracize from private, public, ways, the territory, the locality, the region, the States, and the State, those who fail to integrate.

2 – The restoration of the right of voluntary dissociation in all aspects of life, and the right to refuse attention, interaction, or service. This is the most controversial subject since it means a return to voluntary segregation, however, it will produce the desired results of pressuring people into high trust conformity, or forcing them to move to live with like-minded people in order to avoid conflict. (The increases in quality of life are unimaginable since it drastically increases the individuals cost in self-discipline in order to take advantage of public, commons, and private resources. It will rapidly reverse the decline in civic virtues so evident in daily life. Because one no longer has imaginary ‘rights’ to anything. One must earn access to the good. )

12. Regarding The Commons

( introduction)

( … )

(exchange interest for costs of construction)
(abandonment provisions for unmaintained buildings)
(reward for territorial preservation by parks, farming, forests etc)
Standardize Housing (rooms).
Design styles 
Construction methods
Office and Industrial Construction
Capital to people not people to capital

13. Regarding Primary Education


The failure of our educational system cannot be understood without first understanding the reasons for the disproportionate success of Western civilization at dragging mankind out of tyranny, superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child morality, early death and victimization of nature.

European civilization, for circumstantial reasons discovered and adapted to and institutionalized the closest approximation of the physical, natural, and evolutionary rules of the universe. And we have managed to use those laws, and use them to our advantage. But this knowledge came at the cost of recognition that the universe, the universe’s gods, were not for the benefit of man, but instead, that in a brief period of geological, solar and galactic peace, we managed to temporarily achieve limited mastery of them – at the cost of a religion, culture, institution of heroism and tragedy to defeat the universe, by evolving faster than all other civilizations, that despite being older, stagnated or failed because they could not discover, adapt to and institutionalize those laws, by uniting the people as an army wherein together we each do our duty, in a continuous competition against nature, beast, and man, the consequences of which are prosperity unequaled in mankind.

To educate our people into this Adversarialism in Everything, Markets In Everything, Truth before Face Regardless of Cost, Reciprocity before Self Regardless of Cost, And Duty before self regardless of cost: the value of Everyone, regardless of Rank, to the Team (army) – the Result of which is a soft version of Stoicism (mindfulness). And that heroism (for all) defeats the Tragedy of reality in the continuous race against the red queen of nature and her dark forces of time and ignorance. Everyone else failed because they sought what the universe cannot deliver, and evolution punishes – conflict and stability, rather than harmony in defeat of the tragedy of reality. In Western civilization the aristocracy provided heroism for the powerful, and the church provided sedation for the powerless, producing a rapidly evolving polity in which the common people were emotionally insulated. When the church failed to reform its inexpensive means of mindfulness during the scientific revolution, and to adopt the Greek and Roman method of mindfulness we call Stoicism and Epicureanism, the people were left desperate for solution and the leftists delivered to them another a false promise. Not of life after death. but of freedom from physical scarcity, the nature of man’s rational self interest, and the selection pressure of evolution that constantly works to drag us back to the bottom.

This great achievement is easiest in a homogeneous polity and harder in a heterogeneous polity. However it is also most important in a heterogeneous polity with naturally higher inter group frictions over differences in sexual, social, economic, and political market value to one another.


Education is a victim of The Parable of Seventeen Lies: “For every lie you tell, you must tell seventeen more to cover it, and seventeen more for each of those, and seventeen more of each of those. Eventually you lose track of the original lie and live in a world of senseless lying.”

Our education system is founded upon a number of lies. And the consequences of the subsequent network of lies has made it a catastrophic failure – the greatest institutional failure other than immigration. No matter how much money we throw at it, it doesn’t help. These lies are the great lies of the twentieth century – to ignore the laws rather than to teach each other how to help one another accommodate them.


i) The false promise of endless growth (economic expansion) and therefore endless advancement, under the lie that humans were oppressed rather than incrementally domesticated; and the false promise that everyone could join the middle and upper middle class – especially when technology continually shifts the minimum ability necessary to participate in an advanced economy. The industrial revolution liberated most human capital, but the technological revolution has left most of it behind and the present revolution will only accelerate that dispossession and alienation. It is not possible for all of us to join the lower middle (home asset ownership), middle (small business ownership), upper middle (professional), and lower upper (asset holding and managing) or upper (industrial and financial asset organization and production) classes. The best we can do is create commons that compensate, by providing quality of life from shared commons rather than individual need to pay for the private replication of those commons.

ii) The false promise of equality (genetic indifference) despite the wide variation in human beings their abilities and their potential, rather than diverse peoples evolved under diverse conditions and demonstrating local adaptations to those conditions – the most influential of which are degree of neotony or its reversal, and the consequences; the widely varying rates of maturity that result and therefore the educational needs; and the relative size of the lower classes; and the effect on culture, traditions, norms, habits, and behavior of groups – because in-group conformity is more effective than out-group adaptation. For these reasons all efforts at integration have failed without exception. All we have managed to do is raise a portion of our underclasses into middle class life style (home ownership) through economic expansion, and not via education.

iii) The false promise of the malleability of human beings (blank slate), under the illusion that it is possible, no matter how many resources and how much time we spend, to shift the adaptive rate of individuals so that they can participate in an advanced economy. They can’t. Period. Therefore a single economy (competitive market economy) is impossible. So multiple economies are necessary, and will remain so.


The cumulative result of these lies has been the failure of the education system to organize and deliver the necessary services in a fashion optimal for individuals and groups with vastly different abilities and potential, that mature and learn at different rates; and this includes a failure to normalize the inevitability of our differences and the need for them in a division of knowledge and labor; failed to deliver fitness, mindfulness, socialization, preparation for adulthood, civil participation, parenting, household, or workforce, in order to maintain the system of lies of false promise within the education system – the only possible status vastly unequal people can obtain is fulfillment of *duty* to self, family, friends, customers, employers, and society at large. This is one of the secrets to Western civilization’s harmony, high trust, despite continuous market competition that provides us with our disproportionate prosperity: duty crates reciprocity and reciprocity creates trust and respect – despite market forces.

So the primary problem is the three lies of false promise deconstruct harmony and society by producing selfishness rather than duty, and demand for economic, social, and political results that are impossible. If you wanted to destroy a civilization from within by the social construction of denial of reality using false promise that will lead to lifetime agitation and depression ,you couldn’t do a better job than the American education system.

The natural instinct of mothers is to produce these false promises at home, in order to minimize effort of maintaining children’s willingness to participate. The natural instinct of fathers is to produce this duty in individuals and in society in order to produce the long term success of their offspring and the society throughout life. The preference for ‘talking more’ rather than moving more, the elimination of physical fitness, the mixture of boys and girls, the instinctual prejudice of women against boys, and the retreat of men from the profession given its loss of prestige have all contributed to the institutionalization of the female instinct to infantilize which has produced the most infantilized two generations in history – totally having abandoned civic duty, and totally unable to compete in the market, and totally unable to produce subsequent generations, and filled with rage over it.

Worse, education is conducted as daycare; to facilitate workforce participation at the expense of intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially healthy individuals.

Worse, teaching is a talent, and and art, not a discipline. Everything one needs know to teach successfully (curriculum choice, lesson planning, and student progress measurement can be learned in one year of study, and one year of apprenticeship, and there is no evidence whatsoever that teachers improve over the course of their careers. Yet there is a vast certification edifice

Worse there is no civilization wide competitive platform for teachers, or for content, and the rate of innovation is insignificant given then rate of social, economic, technological and strategic change.

Physical Fitness (mindfulness), Ritual (mindfulness), Socialization (mindfulness), and high investment parenting in investment in and enjoyment of, the returns on the commons (“If it’s not mine, it’s sacred”). Once this mindfulness is produced, we have the agency to constructively (not destructively) explore our intuitions. But until we have physical fitness, emotional fitness (mindfulness in the stoic sense), socialization fitness (manners, etiquette, ethics, morals), and mental fitness (production of conscientiousness by physical, verbal, and written drills), students will even fail at discovering those combinations of interest and ability that they can contribute to the community and provide status and reward for themselves.

We forced boys to sit as if they were girls and caused unrecoverable developmental damage and subsequent abandonment of the commons.

We removed adversarialism from the classroom to accommodate girls, suppressed the rather obvious biological differences, and destroyed our cultural advantage in Tragedy, Heroism, and Competitive Adversarialism.

Worse, we’ve filled the curriculum with social pseudoscience, made a high school diploma meaningless, grades meaningless, the relative position of a student in his or her class meaningless. And as a result generated demand for a college education,

Worse, compared to the Germans and Finns who do the opposite – prepare people for life, and Indians whose competition in math and science is as good as was the Russian, and east Asians who learn by socialized repetition, and heavy workload so that they achieve in schools what Westerners achieve in military service: understanding that what you can do is far beyond what you intuit you can do. Children aren’t unique or special unless they are so obviously so that it’s undeniable, and they are rare events from families with histories of extraordinary ability. The fallacy of talent, uniqueness, or differences, is just an excuse not to educate. These are false promises.

This set of lies led to producing a population inadequate at the bottom because it was impossible to shift them; insufficient investment in the middle and top so that our people can compete internationally; rapid loss of our competitive educational advantage.

Worse, our education system evolved for the preparation of upper and upper middle-class families who could learn by reading for civic functions,. We added basic craftsman and clerical functions and taught by writing, then basic scientific functions taught as general scientific rules. We did not prepare people with basic knowledge of marriage, family and household skills, basic project and task management skills, and basic contracts, basic money, banking, credit, household, business accounting, microeconomics, and simple macroeconomics. We have turned our schools into systemic tests for submission to and obedience to teachers lacking any experience in business, technology, or industry, who are from the bottom 15% of their graduating classes – who by their nature, due to their social standing, professional self-interest, and economic ignorance, indoctrinate the students into political positions that reinforce the false promises. We removed sport, adversarial competition, dominance play and status-seeking within the limits of duty, and in doing so made generations psychologically infantilized and functionally disabled for participation in the civilizational and global economy. But we’ve vastly increased the size of the classes that cannot learn by reading, immigrated vast numbers with no ancestral experience of the nuclear family, common law manners ethics and morals, and destroyed the nuclear family and the intergenerational transfer of knowledge. Combined with environmental saturation in what amounts to largely lying about nearly everything from advertising to economics, to politics, to global strategy, we’ve created a sequence of increasingly lost, frustrated, easily exasperated generations that have no confidence in themselves, business and industry, the society or the government, and have all but abandoned the uniqueness of our civilization: our institutionalization of the behavior that produces high trust, high return commons. High trust commons are the most costly commons that can be created and only northern Europeans, Japanese and Koreans have succeeded in producing them at scale.

When combined with perhaps the worst choice of all – immigration of vast numbers of lower classes in order to replace industrial competitive advantage (productivity) with consumption (debt), we set the entire civilization into Roman collapse – while politicians, media, and financial sector profited from the managed decline (destruction) of our civilization, and the genetic extermination and replacement of our people by indebtedness – indebtedness that reversed our history of soft eugenics, and redistributed reproduction downward into low investment parents and children; and worse, investment into immigrants to replace us – immigrants demonstrably unfit for market survival in an advanced technological civilization under rule of law, that increasingly puts pressure on the limited rate of learning (adaptability) of the lower classes, and will continue to do so – or we cannot afford them. Education has been a catastrophic failure. The greatest institutional failure in our civilization. Because of the lies by false promise.


( … )

When combined with the University system’s incentive to attract foreigners so that they could have cheap graduate and research assistance without paying market prices for American citizens, this collapsed our higher education system.

( … university reforms …. )

How Then To Reform Education


“Prepare generations for market competition with fitness, mindfulness, knowledge, agency, success, status, in a continuously adapting competitive world, by training each for success in one’s role in familial, social, economic markets, according to ones familial, social, and economic, market contribution – not by false promises of equality”.


This Reformation will require a transformative investment in our education system – perhaps not a Manhattan in technology but certainly in effort – from ‘talking’ by individual teachers to ‘doing’ by students in networks of students across the civilization.

We are not trying to produce factory or clerical workers – we have to produce whole people. And our society has broken down (by design, by intent, and with malice of forethought) such that historical institutions no longer provide Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, and Intellectual Fitness. But we can understand this problem and what to do about it.

Success in life is determined by two biological factors more so than any other: (a) mindfulness (mental and emotional self regulation and control), and (b) the rate of learning and the tolerance for abstractions in learning (the distance between stepping stones, and therefore the number of stepping stones). These personality traits are referred to as conscientiousness and intelligence.

Success is determined by conscientiousness. Intelligence determines the complexity of the subject matter (continuous adaptation to change, and identification of novel opportunities, errors and risks) one works with. This is why wealth is distributed fairly evenly across the intelligence spectrum and progressively across the conscientiousness spectrum. And why increases in intelligence produce increases in income (a) very little, very slowly and (b) it levels off. In other words, it is more influential for lifetime fulfillment to have inherited trait conscientiousness than trait intelligence. And the primary function of trait intelligence appears to be error detection. And creativity the combination of both put to focus on nearly any subject more so than others are interested and willing to (Time).

Demonstrated intelligence (evidence in life) differs from biological intelligence. Demonstrated Intelligence consists of a set of properties: (a) the degree of friction in communication between the cells of the brain (IQ), (b) short term or working memory capacity (c) general knowledge, (d) general rules (science), and (e) “Not believing false things and not wanting to believe false things”. Of these, we can teach general rules (principles), increase general knowledge (examples), and use repetition to compensate for natural ability. Unfortunately, the world is full of falsehoods that preserve ‘false things’ – a problem we choose to fix.

Conscientiousness is dependent upon the prefrontal cortex – the last part of the brain to develop. The brain matures from back (senses) to front (self-control). And it grows unevenly in all of us. And it’s affected by the rate of maturity. But through exercise and repetition, we can train it through repetition over months and years. And a failed pseudo-scientific effort to expose ‘natural talents of the uniqueness of individuals’, we have committed the cruelest abuse of generations by removing the traditional and social means of producing mindfulness and failing to replace them in education. The method of doing so is not complicated, it’s the military method of ritualizing habitual behaviors, the stoic method of self-authoring by ritual daily planning, analyzing, and self-evaluation.

(Note: This mindfulness, secular piety, preservation of the provincialism of their localities, the primacy of the family, and gradual introduction to the workforce, by integration of work and stat, while prohibiting false promise to students, is the secret to German excellence in every aspect of social, economic, and political life, and was one of the harder questions of social science to solve. Asian societies have mastered the habituation technique and this alone has contributed more than anything else to their relative success at integrating new generations, while Americans have fallen farthest behind. Finnish attempts at maintaining the same teacher throughout the educational experience effectively extends the family into the school system.)

1 – Add training in mindfulness using Stoic method, Epicurean values.

2 – Restore competitive physical activity as a daily requirement, preferably twice per day.

3 – Restore the combination of physical and verbal recitation in groups as technique during the grammar years.

4 – Restore integration into Testimonial Speech.

5 -Restore integration into European Civilization’s History and Mission.

Restore Adversarialism

Restore Adversarialism and Socialization through “Gamification” and Simulation (Context) Within and Across Schools, States, Countries (the world).

  1. Teach Everything Possible at Home.
    (Note: For all intents and purposes, the necessity of school infrastructure for other than physical interaction in sport, is only useful or necessary for the socio-economic underclasses that cannot feed, manage, or provide sufficient discipline for their children. Or for those upper classes that can afford to send their children to boarding schools.)
  2. Teach Everything as Synesthetically as possible.
    (Note: synesthetic: “relating to or experiencing synesthesia; involving more than one sense; combining movement, reciting, chanting or singing, together in social groups. This is the most effective means of teaching everything.”)
  3. Teach Everything Possible by Gamification.
  4. Teach Everything Possible by Simulation of Occupations (Connecticut Method)


  1. Create A Standard for and Competitive Marketplace for Curriculum and Delivery of curriculum. (online store)
  2. Create a Software platform for that curriculum delivery. (done)
  3. Equip Students or Homes, classrooms, and infrastructure for this form of curriculum delivery.

(Note: In preparation for this reformation we have already invested over $1.4m in producing this software platform. It is deep, rich, fully integrated set of features eliminating the ‘operating system and many applications’ and problem. This platform would produce the equivalent depth of data about all aspects of education even far beyond what social media platforms produce today – for the same reason: continuous capture of interactions producing a continuously evolving profile of the user. However, instead of providing that information to advertisers, this platform provides information to the student, teacher, employees, the organization, and any combination thereof. This software produces the necessary statistical basis for the measurement of everyone in our civilization. This software runs in a browser, provides every necessary personal, social, organizational, and business functionality; curriculum can be built within it, added as a plugin, embedded in a frame, or connect through the application program interface. This will drastically cut teacher effort and drastically increase empirical measurement. And the incentive to create a curriculum exists because creators can earn from the use of the product, even at a trivial cost per student because of the scale of the ‘customer’ base. This scale of the initiative hasn’t been possible in education for a set of economic and bureaucratic reasons. As elsewhere we would require IBM and only IBM to take ownership of this infrastructure, and create a non-profit organization of social scientists and cognitive scientists to operate it.)

  1. Fitness, Strength, Sport.
  2. Mindfulness (Stoic Virtues, Epicurean Values, Lifetime self authoring)
  3. Psychology, Friendship, Sociology, Marriage, Education, Children
  4. Add Ethics (truth, ethics, morality), Reciprocity, Natural law. (Solve morality question and make it homogeneous)
  1. Restore Grammar (imitating), Logic (understanding), Rhetoric (Speaking) – as well as the table of grammars and the recognition of the techniques of ‘lying’. Grammar imitation, logic by practice, and rhetoric by demonstration.
  2. Restore: Reading, writing, oratory, research, presentation, essay, paper, story, script, book.
  3. Restore: Fairy Tales, Myths, Heroic Novels, Historical Novels, Biography, History and Geography
  4. Restore the Epic Cycle (the Indo-European expansion, the matter of Greece and Rome, the matter of France, Germany, Scandinavia, England, and Russia), Add the Evolution of our Religions. The Aristocracy’s Wisdom literature was the epic cycle and Aristotle and our Laws, teaching excellence, heroism, and tragedy for success by leaving a mark on history. The middle class’ wisdom literature was technology and philosophy and the virtue of work and achievement for joy in the present life. The Poor’s Wisdom literature was the Bible teaching forgiveness, suffering, and heroism as a consequence in exchange for solace in the afterlife. Of these literatures, the Aristocratic and the Christian have been intentionally undermined in order to justify hubris – the three great lies.
  5. Restore Art History – Add to scientific, Technological and Economic History (repeating). (Man’s history of war is terrifying. Man’s history as politics is depressing. Man’s history as economics is empowering. Man’s history as art is Inspiring.)
  6. For Boys: Restore Political Military History, Technology, Strategy, Economics, Logistics, Tactics, Leadership. (This will solve most socialization issues)
  7. For Girls: Restore “Social Military”. (Just as we suppress and direct male physical aggression by harm to discipline by, direct female social aggression by undermining and criticism to discipline. This comes from sport, dance, and drilling in etiquette. Both direct dominance and competition to the production of high trust commons)
  1. Convert the teaching of math from symbolic and sets to operational, computational, and geometric so that far more people are able to grasp it. Restore high repetition workloads in mathematics (Asian method). Arithmetic, Basic Math (ratios), Add Accounting, Algebra, Geometry, Logic of Statistics, Calculus, Analysis
  2. Programming: Programming like reason, logic, mathematics, and geometry is an evolutionary and revolutionary increase in our understanding – and it completes the bridge between actions and language.
  3. Add money, accounting, banking, interest, and investing, micro and macroeconomics as early as possible. Personal Finance, Family business, small business, medium business, enterprise, industry. As predicted by social scientists in the 1800’s “Everything in future life will be reduced to one kind of calculation or another”)
  4. Physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology – ecology, and sentience (Using artificial neural networks for examples and operational model of brain circuitry as narratives. This information more than anything will dissipate sophistry, pseudoscience and myth from our civilization. We now know how the brain works. And we can end many of the lies by normalizing that knowledge)
  1. Restore the German method of apprenticeship in cooperation with business and industry throughout.
  2. Seek to start workforce participation by age twelve.
  3. Seek to reduce school hours, especially morning hours, beginning at age 14, and split between working (apprenticeship) and schooling.
  1. Restore Separate education for boys and girls. Require men teach boys after age seven. (Female bias against boys is universal and inescapable in education. Males respond better to male authority.)
  2. Restore adversarial competition to teaching of boys
  3. Remove disruptive children from functional classrooms and provide alternate education.
  4. Restore overlapping age groups so students are subject to repetition. (One room schoolhouse method. Between starting children when reading (boys usually later), separating children by ability, overlapping classes, older responsible for younger, all responsible for group)
  5. Restore divisions of classes into students of similar abilities learning at similar rates. (Note, it is more important to separate the top third from the rest than segment the rest.)
  6. Add teachers following students through the years (Finnish method).
  7. Limit teachers to 15 students per classroom (Russian method).
  8. Restore military discipline through age fourteen. (You can fail to teach mindfulness, you cannot contain creativity. So restore predictability, imitation, mindfulness, and agency)
  9. Restore responsibility of grade (groups) above for grades (groups) below.
  10. Restore corporal punishment (zero tolerance).
  11. Reform the dietary recommendations to limit carbohydrates and sugars to the absolute minimum.
  12. Deliver meals and snacks directly to classrooms, rather than force students to suffer staggered meals.
  13. Deliver something to eat no more than every three hours.
  14. Provide (submarine) bunks around study halls for rest or sleep.
  1. Develop standardized tests that measure progress in the above curriculum, including fitness, personality traits, intelligence, and current state of knowledge.
  2. High School Graduation Degree like College Degree will include (a) an emphasis on vocation, administration, business and finance, healthcare and medicine, engineering and technology, or sciences, (b) the student’s class, school, regional, state, national, and international statistical position, (c) ratings on manners, etiquette, ethics, morals, fitness, mindfulness, trait conscientiousness and trait intelligence. The fear of truth in education casting a burden on the individual and society has to end. And schools must return to preparing children for surviving in the competitive world we live in, when the windfalls of the industrial revolution have been dissipated around the world. Students can then continue education, and be retested as often as they would like – why? Because we all mature at different rates, girls faster, boys slower, men worldly, girls socially, and we can only improve on what we know – not what has been obscured from us.

… The cycle of state concentration of capital and privatization

… all organizations and bureaucratic organizations

… over head with no return

… Bureaucratic reformation of the education system

… conduct war games


1 – Require only a Two Year program consisting of one-year training and one-year apprenticeship. Require physical and mental fitness to teach. (Intelligence, Emotional, and Mental Stability). Require two or more of own children. Require a successful career of 10 or more years in private sector business or industry in order to teach above age 11. Minimum 18 years between student and teacher age. (Mature the profession. Require demonstrated success in adversarial world to teach.)

(Note: Education degrees are the most common pseudo-academic program in our civilization, and the profession, starting with the academy on down, has created a vast barrier to entry, barrier to quality, barrier to reform, and a bureaucracy of rent-seeking that has failed to reform, been responsible for propagating the Great Lies, in what has amounted to creating a profitable industry for hostiles to the civilization by the indoctrination of generations in those great lies, the subsequent infantilization of generations, and the destruction of civil society, faith in society government, and civilization.)

2 – Retrain existing teachers on the new model. Given the change in curriculum and the use of technology, many teachers will be unable to transition. Replace them.

3 – Pay for Demonstrated Ability, Not Retention. Teaching is an exhausting time-consuming profession. Part of the reason for the automation of curriculum and management is to reduce professional burden. There is an extraordinary overhead because of wasted effort adapting to every new fad, each of which subsequently fails, because the environment, structure of delivery, the content, and the false promises prevent success. Professionals should handle this work without continuous overhead of internal bureaucracy and politics by a demographic that is at present unfit for the duties. The only solution is professionalization and compensation.



1 – vouchers. (Education Accounts)

4 – Professionalize Teaching. Education Degrees are meaningless. All evidence is that teaching is a talent and the skills required minimal and learned in the first year of the career. What is meaningful is the ability to endure the workload, maintain a set of parents and children as customers – and having the flexibility to refuse service to parents and children as customers.

  1. State and Local Communities may maintain facilities, but all teaching shall be done by, and managed by, professionals (teachers, professors)
  2. In addition to Secular Schools, Restore Catholic and Protestant schools (only) – Prohibit funding of separatist schools. (full integration required, non-accommodation mandated.).
  3. Reform State Departments of Education to the market for talent to deliver excellence. This shall drive the budget for talent and overhead limit the talent.
  4. Terminate and do not replace the Department of Education and local Boards of Education and prohibit all those personnel at all levels from further participation in education – as punishment for their failure.
  5. Vacate the Teachers Unions and Prohibit them (as all government roles). Create insurance for teachers against wrongful termination which provides teachers with protection from abuse, but doesn’t prohibit the rapid removal of those unfit for the work.
    (Note: There is a political, catty and shallow element in education which we wish to eliminate from the profession.)
  6. Nationalize all Education pension debt, and terminate all pension programs, and merge with universal retirement coverage. (State employee pensions are one of the primary sources of state debt.)
  7. Repeal all educational legislation at all levels.
  8. Create a criminal investigation organization for the policing of teachers (and professors) engaging in social construction, political advocacy or other indoctrination against the interests of the people.

14. Regarding Reforming Higher Education: The Higher Education Bubble

1 – Explanation: The Cause of Western Decline

Reversing The Cause of Western Decline: The false primises of The Nature of Man, The Malleability of Man, The false promise of infinite growth, and the institutionalization of “The Embedded Growth Obligation”.

In order to deny the false promises of man under the presumption of unlimited growth, the education system at all levels, converted into a pseudoscientific religion, as all religions do, required demonstrated belief in falsehood regardless of consequences, and they denied the findings of genetics, cognitive science, psychology, sociology, demographics, behavioral and social and political economics, with the false promise of blank slate, equality of ability, equality of potential, the myth of oppression, and blaming Western European man’s truth, reciprocity, markets and eugenic suppression of the underclass through limiting the income necessary to reproduce, as his oppression of others, rather than the discovery and adaptation to physical, natural, and evolutionary laws; the conversion of the tragedy of those laws to heroism and tolerance for those laws; a the invention of adversarialism in all walks of life to continuously calculate how to exploit those laws for man’s benefit; the mastery of competition to apply those exploitations of those laws; the disproportionately rapid evolution of Western man, his civilization, and hist technology relative to other peoples, and the application of those laws that allowed Western man to drag mankind out of tyranny, stagnation, decay, superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, child mortality, early death and victimization by man, beast, nature, the Solar system and the galaxy – in a few hundred years of the Indo-European expansion, a few hundred years in the Mediterranean, and a few hundred years in the modern world, using our domestication of the horse, its combination with bronze and wheel, our adaptation to consumption of dairy, our subsequent laws, and our rational, mathematical, legal, political, mathematical, empirical, agrarian, financial, transportation, industrial, scientific, technological, and informational revolutions. And the explanation for that evolution and success in the Darwinian revolution.

The result was the deliberate formation of a pseudo-intellectual intellectual class and a pseudo-education system that from top to bottom, sought to use Darwin’s discovery and explanation of evolution to seize power from the church and its role in social formation as the government had from the aristocracy previously in commercial formation, by prosecuting the Church’s allegorical mythology; that did not deny the necessity of the consequences of evolution while creating a pseudo-scientific religion to replace the church’s mythology that DID deny the consequences of evolution. While the church may have limited the progress of human knowledge, it did not crate behaviors or institutions that denied physical, natural, and evolutionary laws. The intellectual, academy, and schooling system did, however, create a pseudoscience that denied those laws, and behaviors that were incompatible with those laws – and the result of that pseudoscience, religion, intellectual propaganda, academic and educational falsehood is the broken civilization we live in today – blaming Western civilization as a proxy for God. When it is European civilization that discovered the laws of the universe and the universe’s God: by the means of producing testimonial truth before our law, and the application of that testimony tall public speech, and by extension into those extensions of our law we call the sciences.

As such, as has happened many times before, the present fall of our civilization is due to the hubris of mankind, the blaming of the European peoples for the laws of Nature and Nature’s God. And rebelling against European civilization rather than face the tragedy of those laws incompatible with man’s fantasies, man’s heroism in transcending that tragedy by discovering, adapting to, applying, and transcending man out of victimization of those laws at the cost of suppression of the reproduction of those unfit for those laws of the universe and universe’s God.

To make matters worse, female intuition, the Jewish civilization in religious philosophical and pseudoscientific disciplines, the Muslim religion in religious, military, and social discipline and organization, are all little more than rebellions of false promise against those laws at the expense of mankind – and it is Western civilization alone that tolerates that war against mankind – despite being the only people who have discovered and implemented the salvation of mankind from those laws. That is why everywhere those religions go, the world reverses, stagnates, and eventually declines. With women under the yoke of their men who built civilization, the Jews cast out from civilizations over a hundred times, and the Muslims Resisted, barred from entry into civilizations, or eventually cast out. The greatest destruction in human history is plague and disease. But Islam is the second at over a billion dead, and five dead civilizations, reduced to dust, and Judaism the third with the undermining of Rome, a hundred million dead by Communism by the same technique, and now the Neo-Marxism, postmodernism, anti-male feminism, political correctness, and intentional undermining of our borders and an as yet unknown number of dead. The European expansion into the Americas trivial by comparison, and less damaging than the second wave of Siberians who all but killed off the first wave of Siberians into the Americas. And the loss of the Aztecs one of the great contributions to world history – for they were the most evil peoples we have been discovered in all of human history.

The Group Strategy of European Man is the application of what he learned from the domestication of stone, wood, clay, metal, plant, animal, and himself – was the primacy of man was possible – that we would no longer be a victim of Nature or Nature’s God, if we applied the lessons of Nature or Nature’s God, and domesticated ALL MANKIND as we had domesticated all and ourselves before. Domestication requires nothing more than the production of a militia of owners of the polity, rule of law, judge and jury, markets in aspects of life, and to limit the reproduction of the unproductive, and to hang or worse those who violate those laws and the markets that result from nature; and over time to produce a purely middle-class polity that is ALSO able to discover, adapt to and apply the laws of Nature or Nature’s God at the cost of the suppression of the reproduction of the unfit for those laws, and the culling of the socially unfit from the polity.

2 – The Mission of Western Civilization

This was, and remains, the mission of European civilization: To avoid the failures of all other civilizations to discover and adapt to those laws, to fail by stagnation and decline, to ensure neither we nor others limit man to “The Great Filter” of our own extinction, to maintain the primacy of man, and to drag ourselves, and mankind through a condition of continuous prosperity; to bring about, and to ensure the transcendence of man into the gods we imagine, in this brief period of natural, geological, astrological, and galactic peace. To seize our one opportunity to turn this Earth, this system this universe into heavens. And to brook not tolerance, and deliver just punishments, to all that would impede, frustrate or end it. If there is a devil among mankind, it is the false promise of freedom from physical, natural and evolutionary laws. So for those who say European man has no identity, no culture, no civilization, and no mission – it is those who seek to repeat the dark ages, and once again destroy mankind, to turn civilizations to dust, to run down the sands of the hourglass of our opportunity for transcendence, to return man to poverty and hardship, by false promise of freedom from the laws of Nature or Nature’s God that only European people have discovered, adapted to, applied, and with them dragged mankind with them into godhood.

This is the mission for which education must prepare our people – or it is a conspiracy against our people, our laws, our nation, our civilization, and mankind. And we will treat it as the crime that it is. No More Lies. And no more lies will go unpunished.

(relocate this paragraph above) – The consequence of those lies was the “Social Construction” of a new pseudoscientific religion with which to undermine the modern world as they had done in the ancient world – repeating the destruction of Western civilization as they had the Levantine, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, North African, Anatolian, Byzantine Greek, European Roman, European Continental, Persian, and northwest Indo-Iranian.

3 – Defining a Science: Science is Testimony. Teach Testimony

A science must satisfy the demands of Testimony because that is the demarcation between science and non-science. And must result in descriptions in formal mathematical or computational models for measurement and simulation by falsification. To satisfy testability that one does not engage in ignorance, error, or deceit, it must conform to realism, naturalism, operational possibility, empiricism, identity, internal consistency, rational choice by rational incentives, reciprocity if in cooperation or transfer, and full accounting within stated limits, and warrantied by due diligence and liability for restitution or punishment if one errs by failing to perform due diligence sufficient to satisfy the demand for infallibility in the context of subsequent causality.

Our Work in Natural Law has produced formal and computational logic of language, psychology, and social science. One of our objectives is to end the production, distribution, and sale of pseudoscience, sophistry, occult, false promise that seeks (again) the destruction of civilization, European scientific sense-making, European normative testimony, and the gains therefrom.

If a physical science cannot be constructed from mathematics or computation, if a cognitive science not from mathematics and computation, and if a statement of language, psychology, or sociology cannot be stated in the formal logic of Natural Law, and survive falsification by testimonial due diligence, then it is not a science. As such it is not testifiable. As such it is unwarrantable, as such it is not amoral and must be either criminal, unethical, or immoral. As such it is a violation of the natural law of reciprocity to distribute such information by display, word or deed, in public, to the public, in matters public, without harming the informational commons upon which all people depend for decision making within the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.

Restore Criteria for Educational Institutions:

1 – As in the present conditions in the USA, the criteria for opening a college shall be insurance of warranty of the training and degree issued. “Let a thousand Colleges Bloom.” (In other words, if you can find an insurer willing to cover it.)

2 – The purpose of an educational institution is public service institution to serve the domestic population and only to serve the population. As such (a) foreign students are prohibited for other than one year visiting scholarship and must pay full rate; (b) may not constitute more than one percent of the student body; (c) students shall be accepted by merit and potential to succeed in obtaining a degree at the standards of the institution, and no other criteria; (d) and we have constructed those incentives herein.

3 – A Degree Constitutes a Warranty of Fitness for Service. A degree represents insurance that the holder can perform the work in the discipline. If the teachers, professors, or institution will not warranty and be liable for the performance of the individual, then they may not issue a degree.

4 – All colleges that issue a degree (certification of completion) must succeed in the placement of the individual in a related position of apprenticeship or residency for not less than one year before its issue, and before recognition of revenue.

5 – A College shall Consist of Specialization in At Least One of The STEM+EL Disciplines, and Shall Complete All Courses in Three or Four Years, and May or May Not Offer Masters and PhD Programs.

6 – A Researcher researches (Dr.), a Professor teaches (Dr. Professor). The purpose of a professor is teaching and certifying students for fitness for service. All Professors in All Residential Colleges Must Be Full Time. A Research professor shall teach no more than two courses, and a teaching professor no less than three and no more than five. Research professors and members of research institutes shall be paid, and their services compensated, by teaching, for their teaching and only their teaching. This diminishes the overhead of research professors and insures against the continued decline of teaching professors.

7 – All Professors Must use English as their first language, master and survive judgment in presentation. And the success at teaching, their success at producing individuals fit for career, the only criteria. (No more throwing third rate research staff at students for high cost.)

8 – Tenure is ended and vacated everywhere in all education without exception. A chair may be endowed to fund the Researcher, or Professor, on the condition of his retention. Why? Under the law, it is illegal to suppress, discipline, or fire a professor for statements of, or research into, any truth or reciprocity, nor engaged in constructions to force him or her out for such. This right and obligation is inalienable so it may not be contractually forgone either.

9 – To Hold the Title “University” the Organization Must Grant One, Two or Three Masters, and PhD Degrees in more than one College in more than one discipline. The university may federate more than one college for teaching the same domain. But not to circumvent the requirement for more than one college in more than one discipline. The reward of Masters and PhD shall Depend upon The German Testimonial Method (prosecutorial and no other). And All Professors Must Be Full Time.

10 – The Administration shall be limited to the maintenance and aesthetics of the physical plant, and Non-Profit Renting of The Facilities to Colleges of Professors. Universities and Colleges may create or maintain endowments for use in improvements in physical plants, or

11 – Professors shall Administer and Operate all Colleges as a non-profit limited liability partnership, as was the British tradition, and Charge Rates by Course, Professor, and College as They See Fit. In the case of repeated failure to achieve statistical peerage with other colleges, the board has the choice of creating or allowing a competing college or not renewing a lease to a college. Colleges within a university issue degrees, not the university, and the professors agreeing to grant the degree, sign the degree, and warrant the student’s performance in the field because of it. Student success in the fields by degree shall be measured and accounted by the granting professors.

12 – The process of accepting large first-year classes and churning them for revenue shall be prohibited and colleges and universities shall write off and refund drop-outs until they improve their admissions policies.

13 – The only classes that may be required are those directly related to the degree. The process of requiring electives or unrelated study is prohibited with bias against inclusion. Student course load should be mastery of a subject with three or four courses per semester.

14 – Military, Preparation, Recruiting, and Participation shall return to all colleges and universities or such institutions shall be shuttered.

15 – Provide Tax-Free, Interest-Free, Loans To Institutions to Loan to Students, that are natural-born citizens of whom parents are citizens, with the stipulation that those loans will be paid by payroll deductions for no more than seven years, with universities absorbing all losses (end incentive for churning), and the university shall carry responsibility for defaults. Any drop out debts are forgiven and losses born by the institution.

16 – Prohibit the Use of Undergraduate Income to Finance Graduate and PhD Programs. Permit Use of Sports Income to Finance Graduate and PhD Incomes. (Prohibit the crime of “Pooling and Laundering”.)

17 – All State Financing of Research Shall Be Limited to The STEM+EL fields.

18 – All research staff and all those tangentially involved shall be natural-born citizens of at least third generation and shall pass security clearances under the same constraints as military research, development, and production.

19 – The results of all research funded directly or indirectly by the state shall be free and public unless state secret and strategic (no gating or charging for it).

20 – The State Shall Obtain a Non-Voting Interest exclusive of Sale (transfer), in Any an All Research that Results from State Funding, and Be Given Equal Standing to The Best Standing of Any Dividend or Sale.

21 – The State Shall at All Times Seek to Invest in Private-Public Production of Goods, Services, and Information Resulting from That Research, that Are Revolutionary (additional), Not Just Evolutionary (competitive), as A Means of Increasing the Returns to The Citizenry.

22 – All Colleges shall be rated individually and by output success over trailing forty years and no other means. The practice of rating by input criteria and assets shall be terminated.

Duration and Funding of Educational Institutions

Research Institutes –
1. Scientific Research Institute – Endowment, Investment, Donation, and Grant Funded, For Profit
( … )

Scientific College – Non Profit
2. Scientific Three+ Years – 80% State Paid at cost +20%, PhD,M 10% state paid at cost +20%

STEM+EL refers to Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Sentience, Consciousness), Applied Sciences: Technologies, Engineering; Formal Sciences: Mathematics, Computer Science, Mechanical Intelligence; Social Sciences: Natural Law (explanation) and Mathematical Economics (measurement).

Medical College – Non Profit
Physician’s, Nurse’s, and Medical Technicians

3. Medicine by Year – 80% State Paid at Cost + 20%

Cognitive Science (Replaces Psychology), Natural Law (Replaces Sociology), Genetics, Bio Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics.
Medicine is the most scientifically organized profession, with the most reliable results, effectively granting a new title and responsibility for each year of education, from Nursing through Physician. There is no evidence that an undergraduate degree is required for physicians, and it unnecessarily increases the costs of education (despite its returns) and lost income, and culls people from the field unnecessarily. The evidence of the nursing to physician sequence has falsified the alternate expense. So the filed must find an alternate method of ‘filtering’ students other than an unrelated undergraduate education.

Behavioral College – Non Profit
(Teaching profession transferred here for crossover reasons)
4. Counseling by Year 50% State Paid At Cost +20%, PhD,M 10% State Paid at cost +20%

As above, the Undergraduate Degree Requirement shall be dropped, Psychiatry shall consist of three or four years of education and four years of apprenticeship (residency).
Psychiatry (medicine), Therapy (behavior modification), and Counseling (crisis advice),
Teaching: (education of all ages);
Advising: Friendship, Marriage, Child-rearing, and Family Life;
and Coaching (lifestyle improvement and lifetime fulfillment), are and will continue to be necessary professions while changes continue so rapidly, families are broken by capital concentration, migration, immigration multi-culturalism has destroyed norms of behavior, manners, ethics, and morals; and as long as the current alienation by the civilizational breakdown of feedback systems within the society continue under the consequences of the false promises. However, most of these fields are plagued by pseudosciences and continuous failure. So we are requiring a year-long program in Natural Law (grammars, cognitive science, operationalization of psychological and social prose, the economics of personal and social behavior) in order to reform the field. This will give the industry a post-Freudian, post-false promise, post-pseudoscientific value-neutral language of human thought and behavior, and interaction that will give therapists, patients, and customers a blameless guiltless rational language and logic to work with.

Administrative College – Non Profit
5. Administrative Two Years – 80% State Paid at Cost + 20%
Non-Stem Refers to Accounting, Finance, Economics; Business, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing; Public Service, Public Administration, Political Systems, International Relations;
Degree shall require one additional year of Apprenticeship.

College of The Arts – Non Profit
6. Personal Fulfillment – Self Paid Only, and No Student Loans, and no transfer of funding by art or artifice.
Arts: History, Philosophy, Theology, Languages, Literature, Arts, Music, Theater, Film; Degree shall require one additional year of Apprenticeship.

Vocational College – For Profit
7. Licensed Trades – One year, Two Year – 90% State Paid
8. Vocational Trades – One Year – 90% State Paid
A Vocational College shall Consist of Those Fields that Teach the Trades that Transform the Physical World Through the Use of Tools. Degree shall require one additional year of Apprenticeship.
9. Administrative Trades (Junior College) shall Consist of Those Offering Vocational Training Outside of The STEM+EL Fields, but In the Clerical and Support Fields, and Shall Complete All Courses in one or two years.

10. Pseudoscience, Sophistry, False Promise – Prohibited, no loans for any reason, and 
Fitness, Diet, Nutrition, “psychology”, “sociology”, Any-“studies”, Any Pseudoscience, Sophistry, and Occult, Any-“Marxism”, any-“Postmodern”, “Political Science” (Premise: “There is no political science other than rule of law, the distribution of decision making, and economics. All else is theology or philosophy, or ideology – not science”

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