The Simple Version of Our Goals – For Normal People. 😉

The Simple Version of Our Movement – For Normal People. 😉

We’re Repeating the Founding Fathers’ Demand for Reform. And it will work.


The Process

1) Produce a set of reforms that solve the present conflict before it turns into a shooting war. These reforms take the moral high ground of providing a peaceful resolution of differences that gives everyone most of what they want, at the expense of the elites.

2) Present the demands, including the declaration, constitutional amendments, policy changes.

3) Restore America to the great path of Western civilization. Either by negotiation and settlement, or escalation and punishment.

4) Then Restore European civilization to the great path of our people

5) And in doing so prevent the repeat of the dark ages that our enemies seek to recreate by forcing the world into another dark age through managed decline (destruction from within.)

Our Demands Include:

1) Massive economic, financial, retirement, and educational reforms that restore the laboring, working, and middle classes, to the primacy of policy, while gutting the world financial elites, Washington politicians, and media. This will make single income families possible again. And will end the genetic destruction of our people through abuse of tax, finance and credit. It will eliminate interests on consumer goods. For working people, it will all but eliminate federal taxes. It includes regular distributions of liquidity (money) direct to consumers bank accounts to regulate the economy cutting out the banking system. You will pay for a house in 12 years or so. Your retirement, medical, and unemployment accounts will be yours, and untaxable, untouchable, and under your control.

2) Reorganize Military, State, Intelligence, Research, Industrial Investment, Economy, Finance, and Education for Total War. The postwar order ended in 1992 and we wasted twenty years of peace. Asymmetric european power, economics, and demographics has been redistributed around the world, and we can no longer afford to police the world patterns of law, finance, and trade with asymmetric power, economics, finance, and demographics.  China, now Russia, Turkey and Iran are … Our related policies include a 35% pay increase for combat military personnel turning the military into a viable career; converting to Russian strategic and Israeli procurement models; increase training even more, and reorganizing for total war (science,intel,mil,econ,fin). 

3) Restoring the constitution to its original intention of a large number of small European states, each serving the interests of their citizens, and fixing six major holes in our constitution, including the full enumeration of our rights, so that there is no more ‘legal interpretation’ of anything, or legislation from the bench, or laws that ‘pass’ before they are known legal, and understood. And where legislators are personally liable for life for the legislation they approve. This is the most important but most technical aspect of our movement. We have been told it’s the government that matters. It isn’t. It’s rule of law that matters. And governments limited to rule of law that make the European miracles of the ancient and modern worlds possible.

4) Restore Political Power and Choice To The State: Limiting the federal government to original intent, as defense of the continent and dispute resolution over property between the states. Closing all federal agencies except defense, court, treasury, interior, research, and insurer of last resort (benefits). Devolving the rest – social and political preferences – to the states. Then states can create social, economic, and political policies that suit their interests while preserving the territorial integrity and financial security of our continent. So the different ‘american nations’ can customize life to their cultural wants and needs.

5) De-Politicize and Professionalize the Continental Government – By Ending the Presidency and the House of Representatives, and replacing the Senate with the Governors of the States, with a Professional Cabinet of Ministers that are technically competent, not politicians. Policy changes take at least twelve if not twenty years. The German method of professional government has demonstrated a superior ability to manage policy despite headwinds.

6) Self Determinaton By State Formation for Everyone – Allowing voluntary state formation with only 300k people (the population of Iceland or the Dakotas). In most cases we will see many small states form and they will be more like the princedoms of the Holy Roman Empire (Greater Germany) that the founders were trying to imitate. This creates small homogeneous polities with low power distance, with limited difference in interests.

7) Separate Urban Individualism and Consumption from the Suburban and Rural Familism and Capitalization – The Blue Cities have violated the Constitution, an effectively seceded already. We Convert blue cities to city-states in the European Free Cities model, to contain them. Letting them have ‘multicultural’ social policies (decadence, degeneracy) and the rest of us have what we want – decency, and priority of family. Thus preventing the blue cities and the Democratic party – that have been destroying the country one city at a time – from taking the rest of our civilization down with them. As such this is a repetition of the containment policy against communism, and communism’s transformation from class warfare against European civilization into multiculturalism and socialism against European civilization.

8) Restore Voluntary Association and Disassociation so that we can one again regulate norms and culture to our preferences: Among those rights and obligations is the right to freedom of association and dissociation thereby ending forced integration. So that those who wish individual expression and hyperconsumption can revel in it, and those of us who put family and commons before self can create the safe secure aesthetically pleasing lifestyles – and the self discipline, and intolerance for selfishness that goes with it. We are no longer alike enough to share neighborhoods, cities, territories, or political orders – that was the purpose of multiculturalism: to stop integration into Western civilization and the high trust commons and results of them, that all other civilizations envy.

9) Restore Truth In Public Discourse: Among those laws is the demand for truthful, non-defamatory speech, in public, to the public, in matters public, meaning all academic, political, economic, etc. speech by politicians, media, etc., is equivalent to court testimony and prosecutable by perjury. This will destroy the industrialization of lying – and yes, it will work. We treat information as a product like any other and that information distribution can do harm if it’s speculative or not true. So we extend the warranty of fitness and due diligence from products and services to information. Most of the technical part of P-Law was necessary to make this evolution of our law necessary. You won’t understand this part. And you don’t need to.

10) Education

11) Restore Marriage, the Family, and End The War on Men – By ending our integration of people into nuclear families, combined with the increases in taxation and interest, and the devaluing of a high school diploma making a college education and its debt necessary, we demanded two incomes, and redistributed middle class reproduction to the bottom of our population. The experiment has failed. We end community property, restore fault in divorce, restore liability for interference in marriage. The child support and alimony program has failed with only something over half of payments made, and men’s lives destroyed, because they cannot trade their income for participation in a household. We end alimony and make child support a state benefit rather than entrapping men in poverty so that they end their suicides in late middle age. This will rapidly restore the incentive to make better marital choices, and make interference in a marriage and stop the ‘divorce rape’ of men that has made marriage and children undesirable. We restore the ability to form men’s fraternal organizations and fund them so that as marriage continues on current paths, men can work together for mutual gain.

As Good As It Can Get

The full set of reforms is vast, but it is the greatest restructuring since the Roman age and will restore our people rapidly to self-determination, prosperity, and end the globalist war on our people and our civilization.

If you can’t understand that, we can’t help you.
If you can understand that then there is a lot more to understand.

This is as great a revolution in rule of law as the American Constitution, as great as the Magna Carta. It is the most “scientific” government yet possible for mankind.

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