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  • All Groups Are ‘Different’ Morally, Including Jews…. and Westerners

    —“Are Jews, (Gypsies, Arabs, Asians, Polynesians) inherently different, morally?”— [E]very group is different morally because every group modifies its strategy as needed in order to compete. Virtue is a competitive strategy, not necessarily an intrinsic good. a) Jews appear fairly constant in lower sexual dimorphism, and/or some reversal of sexual dimorphism (the women more masculine, the […]

  • “Sciencing” The Declaration of the Rights of Man

    Articles Article I – Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions can be founded only on the common good. Article II – The goal of any political association is the conservation of the natural and imprescriptible rights of man. These rights are liberty, property, safety and resistance against oppression. Article III – The […]

  • Explanation of Economic Reorganization Policies

  • Detailed Explanation of Criteria for Testimonial Truth

  • We Know the Origin of Religiosity

      RELIGIOSITY is a by-product of the necessity of both predator and prey, whether solitary or social, to overestimate agency in phenomena so as to not be the victim of it when it exists. Ergo prey response should (and does) increase religiosity, and religion does produce mindfulness. Given the distribution of Predator(male) and Prey(female) cognitive […]

  • Reframing the Prisoners’ Dilemma

    Boycott  Trade  conflict flee cooperate fight Defect cooperate Altrusitc Punishment

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    Each Group Evolutionary Strategy Is Perpetuated By: A Metaphysical Paradigm; That is Constrained by: Multiple Dimensions; Along the Spectrum of: Dominant, Exchange, or Submissive; For each of: Relationships with The Natural World Relationships Toward Other Groups The Organizing of the Three Possible Elites Mythologies to Support the Strategy Method of Negotiation Within the Order (Paradigm) […]

  • Welcome to The Great Filter.

  • A Little Feedback To Virtue Signaling Jews

    Eliz: Do you hold the following: 1) Stereotypes are the most accurate measure in social science 2) There is a substantial, standard deviation in cognitive ability between the primary races. (African, South Eurasian, European, and East Asian due to increases in neotenic evolution. 3) There is a substantial behavioral difference between the primary races, due […]

  • The Role of The Spectrum of Intellectuals Due to the Capture of the Institutions

    Evidence is that: (a) The time necessary to understand any field remains constant at about one to three years. The time to develop unparalleled expertise in a field remains constant at six to nine years. This is a function of the ability of human beings to develop research discipline and to assimilate and integrate information. […]

  • The Culture by Culture War Against Anglo Restoration Of Empirical Law of Sovereigns.

    NOTES: (General Criticisms, not of Prof Toombs, but in general, of the 20th-century social pseudosciences including that of economics and law. The interesting question is why did we begin pseudosciences in parallel with darwin and why did we evolve so many pseudosciences in the postwar period? ) 1. “Correctly Describe How The Engine Works” = […]

  • The question of why we obey the law is immaterial – the question of why we do not overthrow the system of laws is not.

    Survival … Action … … Self Determination … … … Natural Law (Science) … … … … Rule of Law (Science) … … … … … Rights, Obligations, and Inalienations (Science) … … … … … … Constitutional Law (Procedure) … … … … … … … Legislation (Contracts) … … … … … … […]

  • Ron Paul – Does anyone have the right to appreciation of the value of currency? Or even the stability of the price of Currency?

    –“How can a government, that’s $28 trillion in debt, spend trillions of dollars that it does not have? Well, one major way is the Federal Reserve creates money-out-of-thin-air and then ‘loans’ it to the government by buying the government’s bonds.”– Ron Paul RON: Serious Questions: 1) What right do savers have to the preservation of […]

  • IQ is just as scientific, just as accurate, and just as descriptive as height or running speed

    IQ attempts to measure (g) which is your neurological response time. That’s it. It’s very simple. How much information does it take for you to identify a pattern and evolve a neurological connection before exhaustion of the pathways? It’s that simple. IQ is a predictor of not FAILING. Conscientiousness is more influential in success. We […]

  • The Difference Between Legal Theorists

    Note to Jeffrey Kaplan – USC; Jeffrey – I doubt few people, whether in the audience or even in the discipline, understand how well you communicate this subject. We should note that these theorists: Bentham, Austin, Rez, Kelsen, Hart, Dworkin, and Rawls all justify (make excuses) for positive law (commands). While Blackstone Hayek, Epstein, and […]

  • Curt: “Is Society Organized Fairly?” Well, Lets take a look…

    1. Fairness consists of reciprocity (incentive to cooperation without retaliation) within the limits of proportionality (sufficient disincentive to defect). 2. Rule of law of self-determination by sovereignty, reciprocity, and proportionality (natural rights) leaves humans with only survival possible as markets for reciprocal cooperation. 3. As such rule of law, reciprocity, and markets, and market survival […]


    DEFINITION: JUSTICE: the definition is possible: restitution of reciprocity within the limits of proportionality, where reciprocity determines the limit of cooperation before retaliation against the actor, and the limit of proportionality determines the incentive to defect from the group. Where reciprocity and proportionality are impartially determined without bias( favoritism or discrimination ). Justice can be […]

  • DEFINITION: Intersectionality

      “Intersectionality is the study of genetic unfitness.”

  • Yes, we do understand critical race theory as a War against White People and their Civilization

    —” The answer to Marc’s question is “no.” None of these people who have made attacking Critical Race Theory their life’s work HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT CRITICAL RACE THEORY IS!!!!” —Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid  @JoyAnnReid Yes, we do. Absolutely positively do. It’s an attempt to overthrow white civilization and its rapid innovation, adaptation, and evolution by […]

  • The Evil Turn of Political Strategies

    Female: Consumption-Empathizing -vs- Male: Capitalizing-Producing. —@curtdoolittle Weaponized Consumption – communism Weaponized Empathizing – socialism Weaponized Capitalizing – fascism Weaponized Producing – oligarchy/corporatism/globalism Without Natural Law Reciprocity these strategies, intended to benefit commons, turn self-serving and undermine commons. —@LukeWeinhagen  

  • Let’s research and develop artificial wombs and we can achieve equality – on men’s terms. 😉

    This video angered me – again – because of this nonsense attempt to justify why women should get even MORE privileges at men’s expense. Look, do scientific research into artificial wombs, and men will have whole tribes of kids because they don’t have to compromise with the rather infantilizing instincts of women that have resulted […]

  • Against Defense of Wokeism

    1) FALSE: Unfortunately you’re either wrong, or making excuses for the harm it’s doing – and frustratingly – because you are using your own justificationary reasoning without doing the necessary research. So while you criticized others correctly for misunderstanding Kant, you’re making the same mistake. Is that you’re assuming your skill in one area is […]

  • Welcome to The Great Filter.

    Welcome to The Great Filter. by Elevate Thy Gaze @elevatethygaze THREAD 1/ Millennia of suffering and soft-eugenic selection finally produce a gene pool and associated population of sufficient number, intellect, and conscientiousness to develop institutions and tools capable of coordinating million-plus groups 2/ and deploying non-animal-based energy-driven machines for transforming the environment. Industrial civilisation takes […]

  • Israel vs Palestine? Easy choice.

    What’s not complex is (a) yes they are conquering an ancestral homeland that the European’s ancestors displaced them from for their resistance movement against Roman law. that was the real reason. Roman law. (b) The Israelites are a superior people, with an advanced civilization, displacing an inferior people. (c) Islam has been at war with […]

  • To James at New Discourses

    James: I realize you’re arguing leftism from within its frame. And while possible to understand it from within its frame, that frame is pseudoscientific(philosophical) and requires the scientific(testifiable) to falsify it. To start with Ill try to clarify terms. Literary Philosophy (Analogy) is Justificationary, for the purpose of Communication. Mythology (analogical wisdom, the natural ) […]