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  • Promo Text for NLI Conference

    The Natural Law Institute Conference Boston Area, 10-12th, of November 2023 By Brandon Hayes, Lord High Comissioner.

  • DEFINITIONS: First Principles of The Universal Logic

    DEFINITIONS (The Three First Principles of The Universal Logic) By Dr Brad 1. The Universe’s Zero Point the lowest possible energy state of otherwise empty space that consists of the difference between the cosmic microwave background. 2. Hierarchy of Zero Points represent the Base Condition of Capitalization (Stable Relations of matter/energy/information) of any Persistent Entity […]

  • . . .

    What Are We Creating? A Universal System of Measurement A universal system of measurement, producing universal decidability, or the science of decidability, Consisting of: … A Paradigm… … Consisting of A first principle… … … Subsequent hierarchy of first principles… A Vocabulary… … consisting of a set of series of terms… … each of which names […]

  • Definition: Agency via GPT4

    How to use GPT4 to produce definitions.1. Collect etymology2. Collect definitions as used in the spectrum of sciences.3. Collect synonyms and antonyms.4. Organize into a spectrum by choosing one or more dimensions.5. Restate the definition (or series) in e-prime6. Restate the definition in the style of ‘philosopher and social scientist curt doolittle’.7. Reduce to the […]

  • Training Chat GPT To Understand NL

    Are you ready to try a difficult problem together? ChatGPT Absolutely! I’m here to help with any questions or problems you have. Please go ahead and describe the problem you’d like to tackle. I’ll need to give a few definitions first. Ok? ChatGPT Of course! Please go ahead and provide the definitions. They will help […]

  • Intro to Measurement of Art (Art Theory)

    These are the slides that introduce the class on the measurement of art – ‘Sciencing Art’ so to speak. I am too distracted by other subjects to work on this now, though I’ve outlined the course and would love to teach it. So for those who (frequently) as what is art and how do we […]

  • Session Notes

    |Irreciprocity|: Inventory > Knowlege > Volition > Insurance > Consequence > Purposes > Cost > Coercions > Direction-Indirection > Motivations > Actions > Harms (Personal > Social > Political) > Markets > Means of Irreciprocity > Failures of Due Diligence (Deception, Coercion, Crime, SEdition, Treason) His highness, lord-protector, esteemed professor, saint, Rudyard Lynch. Proprioception(embodiment) > […]

  • Q: “Do You Ever Find It Weird Being a Yank and A Monarchist?”

    Q: “DO YOU EVER FIND IT WEIRD BEING A YANK AND A MONARCHIST?” I was surprised, yes. But I’ve come to undrestand it’s just the result of doing the science. I just follow the evidence. It was rather late in life that I understood that the english completed the restoration of greek reason and politics […]

  • Sex Differences in Neural Economy

    -“The sexes evolved different predictive biases as an intertemporal division of cognitive labour in order to optimize reproduction and the survival of offspring during maturation. The masculine bias evolved for long-term prediction; producing neural discounts on the detection of non-immediate threats to the family, and roundabout planning in resource acquisition (incremental, over time). The feminine […]

  • Is Culture Enough to Restore Western Civ?

    IS CULTURE ENOUGH TO RESTORE WESTERN CIV?Good Piece by @ConceptualJames today. One disagreement: James believes in the efficacy cultural change because that is the venue of his competency. Some of us (myself included) have less confidence in culture producing policy, legislative, and constitutional changes. Why? Because fundamantally, as a first principle, the left is selling […]

  • The Incentive to Use a False Assertion

    –“You are more likely to get an answer to a false assertion than you are to asking a question. People are more incentivized to correct you than inform you. Because they gain status and a feeling of satisfying altruistic punishment for having corrected you. Whereas by educating someone the educator’s not getting a feeling of […]

  • The NL Argument Against Those Who Undermined the Second Amendment

    — Q: “@CurtDoolittle, if you are to start a common lawsuit against the promoters of the recent gun-ban laws, how would you structure your arguments?”— 1) From the Declaration, Constitution: The people are sovereign, not the government. This is not only a Natural Law, but the Natural Law. All inalienable rights and obligations derive from […]

  • NLI Shorts

    The Natural Law Institute The Science of Cooperation A universally commensurable, value-neutral, formal operational logic of decidability within and across all disciplines, by the science and logic of evolutionary computation of the incremental defeat of entropy, and in turn, the transcendence of man. (v2 tweak) The Natural LawNatural Law of Self Determinationof each and all […]

  • The Point of Western Truth Before Face

    The whole point of western truth-before-face is to teach you to tolerate being offended, so that you cannot easily hold false self-image, status, competency, meritocracy, so that those that possess competency meritocracy can accumulate responsibility so that those who don’t possess competency need not – for the betterment of all. The reason the west ‘evolve […]

  • Why Execs Need Salaries and Parachutes

    Why Execs Need Salaries and Parachutes: You’re Risking Your Career.–“The average turnover for an American CEO is five years. 19% of CEOs remain in position for 10 or more years. About 30% remain in the position for the long term – more than 14 years – which is multiples of almost every other country. The […]

  • “Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity”-Gramsci

    The Italian communist Antonio Gramsci, who died in one of Mussolini’s prisons, was the principal and intellectually most formidable exponent of what has come to be known as cultural Marxism. Here is what he wrote in 1915: “Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first […]

  • Perfection is to be discovered.

    –“The discovery that perfection is to be discovered rather than that we descended from perfection, Abrahamism’s lie that entropy doesn’t exist, vs the struggle against it.”–Historical Centrist @StevePender

  • Great Powers Go Thru Cycles

    Great Powers Go Thru Cycles … from which we can learn the cause and effect relationships, that combine to produce radical reorganization of international relations.

  • Q:”Where Do Emotions Come From?”

    “CURT: WHERE DO EMOTIONS COME FROM?” About half our nervous system is devoted to vision and the rest to everything else. Vision is faster, more precise, over longer distances than the other senses. The neocortex is a vast parallel processing engine that disambiguates and organizes millions of nerve impulses (literally just pulses) into objects, spaces, […]

  • The Leftist Attack on Jurisprudence

    THE LEFTIST ATTACK ON JURISPRUDENCE –“Academic trends in legal scholarship do not occur in a vacuum, nor are law schools and legal scholars autonomous. To understand what has been going on in contemporary legal theory, one must look to what has been going on at the university. American university campuses have recently witnessed a form […]