2.The Declaration #

The Declaration of Reformation

“Moderation is no virtue in the protection of self determination by sovereignty, reciprocity, the markets that result, rule of law enforcing them; extremism in their defense is no vice. Those who seek power, whether for what they regard as good, or to rebel against the good they regard bad, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth, by violating the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, of the heavens, earth, and life itself.” – (The original was imprecise)

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the political institutions, treaties, laws, agreements, capital, and territorial commons which have united them, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect for the opinions of all mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all individuals, all families, and all peoples are created unequal in ability, potential, and circumstance; but that to cooperate in peace and prosperity despite our inequality we must voluntarily cooperate on shared means, even if on differing ends; and to create, encourage, and to preserve our cooperation, our actions must be limited by, and our disputes must be decided by, the equal application of the Natural Law of Self-Determination by Sovereignty and Reciprocity that requires productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange of demonstrated interests, free of the imposition of costs by externality against the demonstrated interests of others.

And as such we must establish equal rights under the Natural Law of Reciprocity; and that among these rights is the right to Life, Body, Mind, Action and the Pursuit and Accumulation of Demonstrated Interests for the benefit of Self, Family, Clan, Tribe, Kin, Nation, and Civilization  And should we succeed, we all have the greatest opportunity to pursue individual, familial, and group happiness that is possible for mankind to achieve.

That to secure these rights, the institutions of Rule of Law under the Natural Law of Self Determination by Sovereignty and Reciprocity, Men organize States, Courts, Governments, and Polities, deriving their just powers from the consent of the Citizens within that Natural Law.

That upon Securing those rights by Constitution, Military, State, and Court, we seek to bring into being Governments, and to use those Governments, within those Rights, Court, State, Military, and Constitution, to collect and use some portion of the proceeds of our cooperation to produce our preferred Commons, serving our different demands for Commons, according to our different wants and needs, of our different people.

And that just as Market for association, cooperation, reproduction, we call Society satisfy our demands for cooperation, and Market for goods, services, and information satisfy our demands needs and wants for capitalizing, production, and consumption we call the Economy, the Market for Governments satisfy our demands, needs, and wants for capitalizing, production, or consumption we call the Commons.

And whenever the demand for society, economy, or polity comes to conflict given our individual and group differences, especially that which threatens civil war, we can and must under the natural law of self-determination by sovereignty and reciprocity preserve one another’s rights to self-determination by sovereignty and reciprocity by voluntarily disassociating and producing polities, economies, and societies anew.

And that whenever any State or Government becomes destructive of these ends: the natural law, our Constitution of it, our rights under it, and our social, economic, and political wants and needs within them, it is the Right and Obligation of the People to alter or to abolish State or Government or both, and to institute new States and Governments, laying their foundation on the same principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to produce and preserve those rights and achieve those desired ends.

Prudence dictates that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly, all experience has shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to deprive them of their rights, it is their right, it is their duty, and it is the demand of Nature and Nature’s God, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their security, rights, and prosperity.

Such has been the patient sufferance of our Families, Clans, Tribes, and Nations; and such is now the necessity which impels them to alter their former Systems of Government.

The history of the present Federal Government, all its Branches and all its Bureaucracies, and its influencers and conspirators, domestic and foreign, is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object circumvention of Natural Law, the deprivation of our Sovereignty and Self Determination, and the subjugation of the different States and their peoples to an empire, by the subversion of the ancestral rights of the European Peoples, the British peoples, the American Peoples, and the Constitution upon which our States were found, and the terms by which our ancestors, and their present generations consent to be governed under it.

To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world:


Due to man’s perception of a kaleidic universe, and our endless need to defeat the dark forces of scarcity, time and ignorance, man must discover opportunities from the present availability of coincidences of resources, knowledge, and novelties, then school, flock, and swarm to exhaust them until we must again diverge and seek opportunities anew; producing regular cycles of expansion by momentum; developing temporarily sustainable networks of specialization and trade, followed by a sudden contraction of that momentum, then the desperate search for the discovery of new opportunities, and reorganization into temporarily sustainable networks of specialization and trade anew. The greater the field of opportunities, the smaller each, but the lower cost of reorganization as each fails. The greater any opportunity, the more school, flock, and swarm to it, the greater the cost of reorganization as it fails.

Governments like markets must adapt to circumstances for the same reasons: concentrating effort and resources under duress, concentrating effort and resources in innovation and markets under calm, and redistributing rewards in times of windfalls – but never limiting the State, its organs, economy, or people to dependence upon a future as optimistic, or more so than the present.

Amidst these vacillations, the virtue of the individual, the family, the polity, the state, or the civilization is determined less by the few wisdoms we demonstrate, than by the many follies that we avoid. The most common follies and failures of individual and business virtue are attempting to sustain household spending in the face of a sustained decline in income and income potential, the subsequent risky investment in new income opportunities. The most common failures of political virtue are the attempt to sustain the political network against an impossible exhaustion of the current cycle of available opportunities given the people, resources, technology, and knowledge at hand; the conversion of a domestic economy into an internationally dependent economy by military or financial expansion of control of trade, trade routes, and finance of those trade routes – that like any entrepreneurial adventure will run its course, and for which there is no possible substitution of revenues; the dilution of the population and its virtues which made its rise possible, from necessary pacification of conquered peoples converting from kinship state to commercial empire. The attempt to circumvent this declining opportunity and preserve the state’s clientele by political and military ventures the returns of which are limited; the expansion of debt necessary to do so; the sacrifice of domestic investment to do so; creating a repeating cycle that can only end in collapse and the impossibility of a recovery given the vast hierarchy of relations and incentives that must be reorganized for a far smaller set of opportunities.

But the worst failure of political virtue is the abandonment of rational and empirical government, the adoption of a pseudo-moral, ideological, pseudoscientific, or theological replacement for rational and empirical judgement in government, the subsequent delivery of the people to a self-interested, profiteering bureaucracy, and domestic and international financial interests, and the incremental development of a hierarchy of insidious lies to cover their collective false promises, that cause collapse of cooperation between the people from within – and where prior failings of virtue are but wishful thinking, this failing of virtue is a betrayal and insidious treason against them.

Thus we discover the face of our present crisis of Governance.

The Conflict of Our Age Repeats The Conflict of the Ages

Europeans and Europeans alone discovered, adapted to, and applied, the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of Nature, and Nature’s God – and first among those laws, the natural law of sovereignty, reciprocity, and truth in testimony, regardless of cost, to self, others or status quo.

With those discoveries, Our European ancestors created common law and jury, Rule of Law and Government under rule of law, reason and science, technology and medicine, the balance of powers between war, law, and faith, and that discovery of our merits in the service of one another we call markets, at the cost of limiting the reproduction of those unfit – and with them domesticated themselves, and sought to domesticate those they conquered.

And they transformed themselves and others by the heroism and tragedy of markets, competition, and war. Europeans and Europeans alone had discovered those laws and applied those laws: heroism in ourselves, duty to one another and joy in life despite the tragedy of those laws – as our means of transcending them.

And they dragged mankind – far more so than everyone else combined – in the three great ages of history, out of superstition, ignorance, poverty, starvation, and disease, and into plenty such that it strains the fertility and fecundity of this earth that birthed us and we live upon.

But when we set upon the domestication of others, we found the tragedy of the laws of Nature and Nature’s God was too much for less hardened men to bear. We found them unfit for the tragedy of the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, and the cost of constraining births, by demonstrating their fitness in the markets of the civilization we had built with them.

And this is the cause of the great conflict of history. That conflict between European and Sinic civilizations both organized to transcend man, and the people of the Middle East who are organized to stop, undermine, and reverse the transcendence of man, and those that cannot transcend of their own accord.

This is the uncomfortable truth of European and Sinic civilization: we profited from the domestication of ourselves, and others, and in doing so were the only peoples to transcend. Of these two, only Europeans could face the tragedy of those laws, and commit to bearing cost of truth before face regardless of the cost to self, others and harmony – from which rule of law, science, medicine and technology ascend. While only the Chinese discovered the means of incremental assimilation. The result was European velocity of innovation versus Sinic Patience for Assimilation – and this contrast was the result of differences in our security and numbers.

And our British Civilization of which we are inheritors, like the Indo-European expansion of the primacy of man; the Greek expansion of reason and Roman expansion of organization; the European expansion of the age of sail; and the British industrial, scientific and technological revolution of our age, each met with counter-revolution against the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, and against European man’s effort to transcend themselves, and profit from the transcendence of mankind by the application of those laws.

And it is this current cycle, this counter-revolution against the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, that brings about the present crisis and by our will, comes to a close.

The Present Injustices Against Our People

And Elites have;

(a) Decided that the World Cosmopolitan Project project of monopoly global government, finance, trade, and unlimited migration is more profitable for them and their world peers, than the national project for preserving and advancing the interests of our people, our Commons, our High Trust and our rights to life, sovereignty, reciprocity, liberty, and the Pursuit and Accumulation of Demonstrated Interests for the benefit of Self, Family, Clan, Tribe, Kin, Nation, and Civilization.

(b) Have allied with enemy interests hostile to the interests of Our People and conspire with them to deprive us of our Self-Determination and Sovereignty in furtherance of this world project.

(c) Immigrated people hostile to European civilization, and our progress in self-domestication by the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, and willing or unfit to adapt to those laws.

(d) Ceased the successful program of integrating people into our civilization, allowing the enemy interests to spread amongst our young.

(e) Designed, funded, and developed a program to resist integration into, and to undermine European civilization and our American civilization, that frames our domestication of self and man, and our material salvation of man, by the discovery adaption to and application of natural and evolutionary laws.

(f) In doing so, rather than the colonization of others, by incrementally domesticating and advancing them, they have reversed the mission of colonization, by immigrating and colonizing to undermine and destroy our civilization from within and reducing it to the same face before truth, family before polity, low trust, internally disharmonious, impoverished, social primitivism, absent any semblance of rule of law that the rest of the world suffers from.


(a) All must reciprocally grant the right of self-determination, and none may deny the right of self-determination without abandoning one’s own right to self-determination and incentivizing retaliation, restitution, and punishment.

(b) None may make the choice on behalf of others in civilization to abandon self-determination without themselves abandoning choice of self-determination and incentivizing retaliation, restitution, and punishment.

(c) None may make a choice to favor cult or corporation over kin without an act of genocide, culture-cide, civilization-cide for which the only recourse and restitution is retaliation by and of the same.

(d) None may take a political action for which restitution and restoration is not possible, without punishment for the crime.

(e) European’s capital advantage remaining is genetic, demographic, and cultural.

The legislature, the institutions of the state, and the courts have determined, through treason, sedition, conspiracy, indiscipline, incompetence, or ignorance:

(the failure to defend against the failed Project)

(a) That the elites domestic and foreign, compliant and hostile, may alter and choose a destiny against the will of the people; deprive them of sovereignty, deprive them of rule of law, subject them to corporate rather than kinship rule, and decimate them by policy, taxation, interest extraction, forced integration limiting them to residential debt to achieve separation, devaluing schooling such that it is meaningless, driving them to educational debt, the totality of debt depriving them of the affordability of offspring necessary for fulfillment, security, affection, and care; deprivation of commons necessary for high investment parenting in the production and preservation of commons, failure to suppress hostiles, immigration of unfit and hostile, leading to the present broken people, broken neighborhoods, broken cities, broken states, and broken civilization from which only financial interests, politicians, state bureaucrats, the academy, benefit – thus repeating the crimes of the church and aristocracy of the medieval age that the American experiment was designed to escape from, and by their actions demonstrating the present government even worse than the past – for neither aristocracy nor state was so successful at the destruction of a people in so short a time without warfare.

(b) That the social, economic, and political costs to elites of defending European, British, American civilization, the rule of law of natural law, the common law of natural law, the constitution of natural law, and the American constitutional innovation in an advanced civilization requiring a middle-class majority population, free of the burdens of parasitic elites in the state or church (academy) and the unfit that enable them, are inferior to the social, economic, and political gains, concentrated in the benefit of the unproductive state, finance, media, entertainment, and academy sectors, at the expense of the productive laboring, working, middle, and entrepreneurial sectors.

(c) That the costs to elites of the truth that conflicts between peoples of different degrees of domestication are resolvable only by separation and trade, given vastly different demands for norms, commons, institutions, and traditions.

(d) That the costs to elites of the truth that conflict between peoples of different races is determined by their median level of domestication, representing the size of their classes; and that the preference for kin selection is inescapable, and that the sexual social and economic market value of different races is inescapable in proximity. And that because of these factors proximity creates hostility.

(e) That attempt at integration has come at the cost of reproductive decimation, by forcing the only possible means of separation by housing prices that reflect the race’s ability to compete in markets;

(f) That integration has failed, in all walks of life, and has resulted in the international loss of competitive ability and resulting economic prosperity;

(g) That to obscure this series of failures, deceits, frauds, and conspiracies, and to continue to profit from the ‘managed decline’ or ‘systemic destruction’ of our civilizations and our people, that elites have used financial, economic, and legislative art and artifice to maintain consumption, the taxation from that consumption, the interest on that consumption, and replacement immigration of those unfit for an advanced civilization, so they may maintain their predation upon our people – until it naturally collapses – rather than pay the cost of reorganizing that system for the benefit of the people who’s ancestors have brought this civilization into being and work to preserve it, and trusted elites with their interests.

By means of;

(a) The usurpation of the State, its organs, and the Court for the Cosmopolitan International project to deny self-determination to peoples just as Judaism, Christianity, Islam have sought to destroy and destroyed the right of self-determination of peoples since their inception;

(b) The Submission of our Sovereignty to predatory and hostile international institutions and agents, whose sole purpose is to undermine our civilization, our strategy, our rights to sovereignty and self-determination;

(c) The Submission of our Sovereignty to hostile foreign treaties, and treason by attempts to circumvent our rights, our Constitution and our rule of law by doing so;

(d) The conversion of the inheritance of the British Empire into a world organ of deprivation of others of self-determination;

(e) The tolerance for the institutionalization of the fraud, sedition, and treason, given the original Constitution’s failure to define its dependence upon immutable Natural Law, whose contents expressly require modification by transactions, by expressly articulated procedures, designed expressly to prevent the conversion of our Rule of Law by Natural Law wherein the Law is Sovereign, to usurp our Rule of Law into arbitrary rule by popular, legislative, administrative, or juridical sovereignty;

(f) The State, Academy, Financial Sector treatment of other States as customers and allies in the Cosmopolitan Project to deprive Peoples of their sovereignty and self determination; and treatment of the People as servants if not serfs or slaves of a State that acts against their interests – the function of a State is to provide continuous competitive advantage to the people, creating a world market for the betterment of man;

(g) Granting superior rights and privileges to refugees, illegal immigrants, invaders, and aliens than to our people, regardless of cost to the people and their fitness, of interest in persisting our civilization, thus continuing the Cosmopolitan Project to destroy our civilization;

(h) And in the words of our ancestors, repeated ancestral crimes:  “He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless savages whose known rule of warfare is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions.” This warfare requires only immigration, violence, crime, dependence upon the productivity of others, and resistance to integration into the long history of European civilization, rule of law, and the laws of Nature and Nature’s God;

(i) And all compounded by the increasing incompetence of the state in the absence of military discipline, given the recent failures that have subjected our people to pestilence, violence, looting, murder;

And Where; (Military)

(a) Alienating us from our inalienable right and obligation to defend our sovereignty and self-determination by arms.

(b) Undermining our military culture, that is thousands of years old, the origin of citizenship, the origin of the equality of respect of our people regardless of rank in exchange for serving their duty; the origin of our testimony, our law, and the order of our civilization.

(c) Appointing generals accountable to political ends rather than the lives and well-being of the men.

(d) Engaging in unnecessary frivolous wars after the end of communism and failing to engage wars of necessary violence and destruction against states and peoples and their agents who use violence against us.

(e) Causing risk, trauma, harm, and death to our warriors and soldiers by constraining their rules of engagement.

(d) Converting the military institutions to a job, education, and social redistribution program, rather than the institutional production of individual character, investment in and care for the commons, and the discipline in war such that they are superior to all others.

(e) Demilitarization of the commons, the schools, the academy and the character and unity of those within, so that our people cannot readily organize in response to crisis.

(f) Clericalization and loss of military discipline in the emergency military, medical, disaster, economic, and monetary distribution system, so that our institutions cannot readily organize in response to crisis.

(g) Allocation of resources to congressional interest rather than military capability.

(h) Failure to rapidly adapt equipment and strategy to the end of third generation warfare. Failure to adapt equipment to the completion of the European project of world modernization

(i) Failure to pay our military market wages sufficient to compete for talent with the private sector.

(j) Failing to care for our wounded soldiers in wars of adventure.

And Where; (Juridical Defense)

(a) The State, its Organs, and the Court systemically violate by intent and design our equality under the rule of natural law, under the pretext of oppression rather than institutional, cultural normative integration and conformity with physical, natural and evolutionary laws, necessary to preserve and extend the benefits of our civilization for ourselves, those to come, and those given the false promise of its rewards without such integration and conformity.

(b) Our suffering from the imposition of the Fraud of Positive Law to undermine our rule of law. Our suffering from the priority of procedure over justice. Our suffering from arbitrary legislation by art and artifice. Our submission to judicial activism by art and artifice. The circumvention of the constitution by art and artifice. The deprivation of our right of adversarial competition before a jury. The deprivation of rights of juridical defense in matters of tax.

And; (Denied Rights)

(c) That we are denied the right of dissociation, and must not exclude from association, transit, proximity, employment, residency, goods, services and information those whom we would otherwise choose to, thus depriving our people of the normative pressure and status incentive to adapt to our civilization, its strategy, its history, myths, traditions, values, norms, the constitutional innovation  thus the state and the courts have assisted in sedition against us;

(d) That we are denied the right to bar entry, bar the franchise, ostracize, suppress the costs of competition by, or refuse to subsidize the presence, behavior, costs or consequences of individual, familial, social, economic, political, normative, traditional, religious, informational, demographic and genetic competitors who cannot or will not compete in among self-sufficient, sovereign, reciprocal, truthful, high-trust, because they lack the ability to pay the costs of integration. Nor can we choose only to subsidize those who are able and willing;

(e) That the all classes are protected classes and granted special privileges, by the state, to be free of the costs of conformity – except ethnically European, Christian, heterosexuals who are prohibited from forcing integration by suppression, ostracization and non-subsidy;

(f) That any trait that influences behavior that is inherited rather than chosen (race, sex, creed or class) is granted special insulation from competition but these privileges do not extend to protection from exclusion by political affiliation, which is equally genetically determined; And despite that political affiliation is empirically an expression of race, sex, creed, and class; for the purpose of familial, social, economic, political, religious, and demographic competition;

(Constructing Institutional Malincentives)

(h) That the state and the court violate physical, natural and evolutionary laws and ignore all the accumulated domestic evidence, and all of history, for the profit of the State, Institutions, Finance, Media and Academy complex by providing them with customers outside the market for productive service of one another, despite the fact that when the market for association and dissociation is suppressed, that the only solution to accumulated conflict is political action; and if the market for political action fails to resolve the conflict, the only remaining market is that of insurrection, revolution and civil war;

(i) And despite that there exists only one spectrum in which a polity may evolve, and that there is not any other sequence by which prosperity is produced, and that the means by which such prosperity is produced is the suppression of involuntary imposition of costs upon the demonstrated interests of others:

Weakly Ordered: Unable to concentrate capital in production: large poor caste and class countries, that create low trust, extensive differences, and demand for authoritarian resolution of those differences – or continuous decline of trust and economic velocity otherwise; (South American, Middle East, India)

Strongly Ordered: Able to concentrate capital in production: Majority empires that require authoritarian governments as a means of defending the core population from borderlands (or forcibly assimilating them); (Russia, China)

Legally Ordered: Able to concentrate capital in innovation: Small homogeneous countries that create high trust, limited differences, and such differences limited to priority, and as a consequence, demand for deliberative resolution of differences. (Anglo-Scandinavian countries, and pre-unification German countries (princedoms), and most remaining Slavic countries.

(j) That the right of free speech, licenses irreciprocal political speech and political speech that baits our people into hazard, licenses and encourages sedition or treason against that constitutional innovation, given the disintermediation of the people from the court in matters of the commons, the high cost of education and correction in the absence of that venue, versus the low cost of false promise, baiting into hazard by disinformation and deceit, under the industrialization of misinformation, disinformation, and deceit in exchange for social attention, commercial revenue, ideological followers and political clientele;

(k) And despite that the production of truth-telling regardless of consequence, high trust in personal and contractual relations, and the production of voluntary commons, resulting in a market for the voluntary production of commons we call participatory suffrage are the rarest and most costly commons a people can create; and that they can only be created by a middle class as mediator between political and productive; and that only in homogeneous polities does this behavior emerge; and that the returns on commons whether private or public are higher than all individual returns possible; and that as such larger organizations and the returns on larger organizations are possible;

(l) And despite that at this point in history of man’s scientific, technological, and economic development; and despite the evidence that the greater the equality of opportunity made possible by greater economic productivity, the greater we demonstrate demand for divergence of our gender, class, race, creed, interests; and as such demand for different commons in support of our demands, against the interests of the state, financial system, media, academy, and the international cosmopolitan movement seeking to deprive nations of sovereignty and self-determination.

(m) And as such the state, the court, the institutions, the finance, academy, media, entertainment sectors, have – by treason, sedition, conspiracy of intent, conspiracy of common interests, conspiracy of common evasion of irresponsibility, indiscipline, incompetence, and ignorance – brought about this crisis, repeating the undermining of the Roman empire from within, advanced by the same people, by the same technique, consisting of a false promise of the nature of man, a false promise of the malleability of man, a false promise of endless growth and prosperity, the false promise of an alternative to rule of law limiting us to adversarial markets for voluntary cooperation in the service of others at the cost of suppressing the reproduction of the unfit; and the false history that man was oppressed rather than incrementally domesticated for participation in, survival in and reproduction in a vast division of perception, valuation, cognition, knowledge, negotiation, labor and exchange by which the West exclusively, despite the Abrahamic dark ages, dragged man kicking and screaming against his will out of superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, hopelessness, child mortality and early death in a nature all but hostile to human life, in a brief period of geological calm, a brief period of solar calm, a brief period of galactic calm by the discovery of, use of and adaptation to the physical, natural and evolutionary laws of the universe – and thus demonizing Western civilization, and our observance of the will of God, as a proxy for God.

The enforcement of series of legislative and court rulings, the purpose of which has been forced association and integration to:

(a) Prevent the separation of the (royalist) south and its likely dominion over newly opened, equally agrarian, western territory from the northeast (Protestant utopian separatist) industrial territory allied with the center Dutch financial trading (Rust Belt, Atlantic Port Belt); and the resulting loss of control over the continental expansion; loss of political balance between north and south in the federal government, and loss of income that would result in the northeast if the south and west exported goods for use in production elsewhere – such as Europe, given that the majority of tax revenues were produced by the import-export trade and paid by the south – thus rendering the south wealthier in political, economic and military power than the north.

(b) Forcing the introduction of undesirable ex-slaves, and immigrants into competition with the social, economic, political, demographic and religious orders, in order to obtain and maintain the desired political power to preserve the north’s income from the western expansion; despite the movement to and success at returning ex-slaves to Africa and paying owners for the freedom of those slaves; and instead paying the alternative cost of the war in lives, wealth, suffering and civilization.

(c) Using these people as a political pawn, against their and our interests, first by the Utopian Protestants of the Northeast, second by the Financial and Industrial influence of the Northeast, third by the attempt of women’s suffrage movement to grant slaves liberty as an initial proxy for women’s suffrage; and fourth by the sequence of communists, socialists, Marxists and postmodernists, combining the interests of the Jewish Socialist and Utopian Protestant movements, and at present by the last vestiges of the Cosmopolitan Universalist Project in the Democratic Party and their radical sponsors.

(d) Culminating in the destruction of the black communities and their emerging middle, political, and elite classes, by introduction of the Soviet relocation process that produced the urban slums that destroyed the great American cities; the purpose of which was to use the vulnerability of majoritarian democracy to demographically and politically undermine the American strategy of producing a ‘third way’ of middle-class meritocracy as a counter to church equality and state authority, and underclass burden.

Despite the evidence of the failure of integration in all walks of life, from friendships, to entertainment, to education, to the workforce, to neighborhoods, to politics, to political demands because it is counter to the interests of man, for whom status is his principle measure, and status within his kin group the least costly and most rewarding, and because status is the result of sexual, social, economic and political market value between groups with vast differences in the distribution of talents and vast differences in temperament as the result.

Culminating in:

(a) The intentional undermining of the American experiment in the third way, by the relaxation of immigration standards and the immigration of world lower and underclasses lacking a history of middle-class commercial traditions, habits, and morals; the dedication to telling the truth regardless of cost to self, dominance, competence, or political hierarchy; the absolute nuclear family; voluntary responsibility for property and commons; and the requirement for self-sufficiency before marriage and reproduction.

(b) The conversion of a nation of people for their interests into a corporate plantation for the farming of people by means of taxation, finance, interest, credit, and hyper-consumption to bait peoples into their own genocide in exchange for preserving their status, and redistributing the proceeds from their sacrifice to immigrants, clientele of the State, and the State itself.

(c) The destruction of the causes of the prosperity of the West: the rule of law, the voluntary civil society, the destruction of the family, the destruction of the narrative of Western ascent in the arts, sciences, engineering, law, economics, and politics, despite Western disadvantages in population and distance from the origin of cities and the center of continental trade, and lack of flood river valleys for irrigation, concentration of capital concentration, and the resulting utility of taxation.

(d) The destruction of the universal requirement for truthful speech regardless of cost, to self, status, competence and dominance hierarchy, and the unique European result of limiting the human mind to discovery of beneficial actions within the physical, natural and evolutionary laws which is the origin of Western innovation, creativity, and prosperity for ourselves and for man.

(e) The transformation of the central government, the purpose of which was defense, treasury, trade, and insurer of last resort between a federation of States, to a continental imperial government over those States; to a hemispheric empire to exclude Europeans (competitors); to a usurper of the British empire of banking, finance, trade, and war; to an international empire to preserve the postwar peace – producing an international empire that is funded by the continuous genetic, economic destruction of the middle classes, including their standard of living, way of life, and civilization.

(f) The destruction of the utility of the purpose of the House as a Jury by fostering the purchase of political influence in pursuit of privileges against interests hostile to the people. The Destruction of the purpose of the Senate as a Proxy serving as Council of the Governors of the States, thereby politicizing the union and subjecting the senate to the same malincentives as the house.

(g) The destruction of our Western educational system, a replacement of Western Heroic education and our story of the past 3500 years using truth, duty, reciprocity, and rule of law, and political humility of ‘risen man’ against the elements, with Semitic Victim education of ‘oppressed or fallen man’ in communism, socialism, democratic socialism; equality not just of opportunity but of outcome; the myth of oppression of the underclasses, rather than incremental domestication of man as we had domesticated plants and animals; by the continuous culling of the predatory and parasitic, and upward redistribution of reproduction; a tradition that made Western (and Eastern) civilization possible in the ancient and modern worlds; And with the thousand year Semitic Dark Age our only period of stunted growth – just as Judaism accomplished nothing except mysticism and parasitism upon host peoples during those periods, and Islam accomplished nothing other than the conquest and destruction of the great civilizations of the ancient world; and the continuous genetic, cultural, and intellectual decline Islam caused, once the accumulated physical, genetic, and cultural assets of the great civilizations were exhausted;

(h) The creation and propagation of pseudosciences of Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychology of non-conformity rather than continuous expression of necessary instinctual demand for acquisition of that which advances one’s interests; Marxist history and economics, and the possibility of both communism and socialist government without the utility of market pricing and consequent incentives; and the postmodern replacement of the supernatural with the post-rational: that there is no truth, no reason, no science, only political force; and the intentional installation of these pseudosciences in our universities, secondary, and primary educational systems, and the funding of these pseudosciences by the state; and the demand for these pseudosciences by a population lacking ability and will to pursue science, technology, engineering, economics, and law;

(i) The destruction of the Informational Commons upon which our people depend for political decisions by the intentional, systemic obscuring of data, the use of propaganda and the resulting manufacture of ignorance of the empirical evidence, of the false promise of the equality of man, the malleability of man, the end of selection pressures, the end of status-seeking to defeat it, the end of hyper-consumption to obtain it, and the end of scarcity by endless growth by which to achieve it, and the vast differences in group ability to compete for it, and the natural conflict that results from proximity of competitors under those cumulative deceits, by the attribution of the physical laws of the universe, the natural laws of cooperation, and the evolutionary laws of selection, to the design of European peoples who discovered and adapted to them, as willful oppression, rather than the failure of other groups to equally adapt to those laws, equally self-domesticate and equally benefit from those laws.

(j) The institutionalization of educational deceit by the elimination of poetic memorizationgrammar, logic, argument, and rhetoric; the failure to add rule of law and contract; the failure to add economic history; and the failure to add accounting, banking, and basic economics to the curriculum for the sole purpose of obscuring the function of our world, thus licensing, promoting, and preserving the falsehoods of the pseudosciences of man.

And producing the cumulative production of lies and incentives to lie by:

(a) The lie that demographics don’t create a demand for norm, culture, tradition, economy, political order and law; 

(b) The lie that genders are equal in moral and cognitive biases, ability, and interests when they are opposites due to our evolution’s evolved roles in reproduction, and demonstrate preference for different interests; and that while we are similar in task performance and perception, we are dissimilar in interpersonal, social, economic, and political performance and perception and value.

(c) The lie that intelligence, industriousness, agency, and appearance are not the cause of our differences in outcome, and are the reason for the differences that we call ‘classes’, and that this difference is evolutionary selection in process.

(d) The lie that it is not in our interest to separate and produce commons suitable to the demands of the demographic.

(e) The lie that the optimum political order is not small and homogeneous, with the only value of political scale being i) warfare, and ii) debt capacity before crash, iii) coercion in trade negotiations, iv) scale of the network of political rents that can be extracted from the people against their will.

(f) The lie that the Pareto rule (stating that 50% of all value is performed by the top 10%, and 50% of all value of that 10% is produced by its 10%, and so on) is escapable; so that we are not only unequal but vastly unequal in value to one another; and that the defection of the top percentiles causes devastation to the remainder – everywhere and in every era it has occurred.

(g) The lie that scale and ‘diversity’ will result in anything other than the current and universal measurable decline in competitive ability and therefore standard of living and especially the quality and frequency of commons.

And Where;

(a) The cumulative destruction of the civil enforcement of truthful reciprocal treatment of one another by the ending of libel, slander, and the right of duel (for men to fight for impositions on reputation); and the licensing of ‘scolds’; the expansion of freedom of speech such that people are subject to harassment, and interference, and prosecution in the court of public opinion instead of by a jury of peers; the industrialization of the female competitive strategy using disapproval, shaming, ridicule, gossip, rallying, and reputation destruction by the media, as a replacement for analysis of and negotiation upon voluntary reciprocity and costs. Such that the freedom of speech that was possible under libel, slander, duel, and costly production of propaganda, has been unbound, and the population is saturated no longer by a priesthood of supernaturalism, but a “Commentariat” (media) that actively frames public opinion using the female method and appeal to sentiments (ignorance), and export of risk, rather than informing public opinion with the male method of facts, and full accounting of costs, and accounting of risks, such that we are accountable for our choices, and people are continuously trained for civil society.

(b) Unequal treatment of the sexes under the law and the restoration of intersexual conflict by the cumulative suppression of the male expression of superpredation in personal and political by dominance, threat, and violence by the deliberate licensing of the female expression of superpredation in interpersonal and social undermining and reputation destruction, thus eliminating the constraint on both sexes in order to prevent the usurpation of one by the other: the exchange of refraining from violence in exchange for refraining of undermining – which is one of the unique achievements of our civilization.

(c) The cumulative destruction of manners, ethics, and morals which train us to suppression of impulses and so that we may develop agency, so that we may respect the commons and each other, and limit ourselves to promises of truthful and reciprocal behavior, so that cooperativ and competitive markets between sexes, personalities, classes, creeds, and races can function for the benefit of all.

(d) The cumulative destruction of the bonds of the society by attempted at providing reward through consumption rather than the production of familial and civil commons. The removal of their choice by the expansion of taxation such that the gains of the entry of women into the workforce have been captured as redistributions to political, financial, and underclass rent-seekers; made worse by the failure to reform the monetary system that since the advent of fiat money consists only of digital record of shares in the economy used as a money substitute, and directly distributable to citizens (consumers) as dividends for wise political and economic choices, thus empowering the financial system to extract vast rents from the people without contribution to or risk in the production of goods services and information. There is no reason other than predation upon the people for distribution of liquidity, distribution of stimulus, through the financial system instead of directly to citizens and consumers for use in the reduction of debt, stimulation of demand, or stimulation of growth.

(e) The cumulative destruction of the purpose and utility of voting. The purpose of voting is to replace a government that has failed in its duties; or to deny or assent proposals by a government; or to select the priorities of investment in commons, given the scarcity of resources, from a set of common interests; and the purpose of markets is to cooperate on means despite different interests and ends. Parliaments can be constructed to remove and reform a government in which the people have lost confidence; to use veto or ascent of proposals by the government, to select the priority of investments in the commons by members for administration by the government, or to serve as a voluntary market between classes and polities for the shared investment in commons to be administrated by governments. But the purpose of voting is not to undermine the rule of law by natural law, or produce conditions or actions that violate the rule of law by natural law. Yet the state, in pursuit of increasing legitimacy for taxes, and in conspiracy of common interest with the cosmopolitan universalist movement, has created mob rule in order to justify the undermining of rule of law of natural law and the demand that political acts limit the people, the state and its organs to the resolution of differences by the engineering of voluntary cooperation between sexes, classes, races, and polities.

And Where; (Religion)

(f) The cumulative destruction of our political religion despite that Christian indoctrination provides the only known extension of Natural Law, uniquely defeating the problem of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, by the extension of kinship love to kith and countrymen, by framing heroic and virtuous, the tolerance for slights, providing insulation from the incentive for competition by consumption, and preventing vulnerability to virtue signal pressure, creating peace of mind (mindfulness), despite our vast differences exposed by adversarial markets in all walks of life, and as a consequence, producing the optimum high trust citizenry for participation in adversarial markets, and the gains that result.

(g) The failure to defend our religion of hearth and commons, whether heathen in recognition of our debts to nature, ancestors, or pagan debts to our strategy, our traditions, our archetypes and heroes that transmit our thousands of years of European civilization’s unique strategy, conveyed in the Matter of Greece and Rome, The Matter of France, The Matter of Germania, The Matter of Scandinavia, the Matter of Britain and Ireland, and The Matter of America.

(h) The failure to demarcate the definition of religion as any myth, regardless of whether supernatural, pseudoscientific, or sophistry by idealism, as any that consists in a false or unwarrantable promise, a false or unwarrantable debt, or false or unwarrantable history, that violates physical, natural, and evolutionary law, for the purpose of providing mindfulness.

(i) The failure to limit tolerance for religions that advance violation of sovereignty, self-determination, responsibility for display word and deed, rule of law, natural law, and truth-before-face, compatibility with natural and evolutionary laws, even if by their nature, incompatible with physical laws.

(j) The failure to defend against conquest, usurpation, and destruction by hostile religions that by design seek to deprive peoples of national sovereignty, self-determination, strategy, institutions, traditions, laws norms, culture; including evangelizing their seditions, the advertising by way of literature and symbols, the construction of monuments, the construction of edifices whose sole purpose like all monuments, is to claim control of territory, people, norms, and polity on behalf of those loyal to them.

(k) The de facto adoption by the State of a pseudoscientific religion, the academy and educational institutions evangelism of this pseudoscientific religion, the suppression of our traditional religions, myth, literature, philosophy, law, history, and science, and explicitly advocating for hostile religions for the express purpose of destroying our civilization, it’s religions, history, traditions, sovereignty and self-determination.

(l) The failure to provide education and indoctrination in our traditional scientific, philosophical, literary, mythological, as well as Christian theological religions so that the same behavioral adherence to physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, and our European traditions can be instilled regardless of the temperament and traits of the individual, regardless of the individual’s demand on the spectrum of analytic and rational to empathic and spiritual.

(m) The failure to end repetition of the Church’s crime of selling of indulgences for the forgiveness of sins by the Academy’s selling of diplomas as permission for entry into the workforce, of unwarrantable and unwarranted knowledge, with little to no evidence of success at producing any durable resulting skills, using the proceeds to finance their sedition by funding of pseudoscience, sophistry, fictionalisms, and non-degrees, in order to pay for the production distribution and environmental saturation of the informational commons with false promise, baiting into hazard, undermining our civilization by design – producing a state-licensed, state-financed, secular religion of sedition.

(n) The intentional failure to constraint libel, slander, false promise, baiting into hazard, unwarrantable claims, and sedition, providing the worst among us the incentive to profit from destructive, seditious, and treasonous speech, and use those profits to finance additional destructive, seditious speech, converting education academy, politics, media, advertising, and entertainment into a commercial network for the industrial mass production of lies.

And Where; (reproduction)

(a) The destruction of the institution of marriage; and the economic returns of two-parent households; destruction of the necessity of male and female training of children; the necessity of reciprocal and inter-generational care in old age; the production of mental illness, loneliness, and old age suicide on depression-era scales. The expansion of old-age poverty rather than its decrease. The consequential industrial use of anti-depressants at the top of the scale, marijuana, opioids, and alcohol to medicate the population to alleviate their suffering.

(b) The destruction of the family by the transformation of the purpose of policy as the intergenerational family, and the purpose policy as the intergenerational family as the nation, and fitness for civilization, to the institution of policy for the individual at the expense of family, nation and civilization.

(c) The end of investment in commons, the end of defense of commons, and the pillaging of commons by the interests of individuals, and enemies of our commons, against the interests of our families, whose limited income depends on commons for the high investment parenting of those able to produce maintain commons without their destruction.

(d) The destruction of male institutions of civil participation, education, entertainment civic function  – creating familial life, investment in commons, investment in civic life, and investment in families when they themselves are in lieu of family – leading to men who care nothing about the commons, the civil order, families whether theirs or others and who increasingly suicide when the only means of socialization – workforce participation – is beyond them.

(e) The production of the incentivize producing decline of reproduction sufficient for replacement population necessary to preserve the multitude of rents by members of the state and the underclass, resulting in the genetic destruction of the middle class by demographic conflict between the political and dependent class against the working, clerical, managerial, professional, and entrepreneurial classes: the high trust, self-sustaining classes, that make the rents and redistributions of the state possible.

(f) The genocide against these middle classes by one-to-one replacement with third world immigrants due to the policy of redistribution of reproduction from the middle to the underclasses, and redistribution of income from the middle to the political, bureaucratic, and financial classes.

And Where; (Economics)

(u) The concentration of wealth among Federal Rent-Seekers (DC), Financial Rent-Seekers (NY), and Media Rent-Seekers (LA), and now Technological Rent Seekers (SF/SEA); and the export of capital, technological advantage, educational advantage; and skilled labor advantage have deprived each state of producing – as did the German princedoms, and European states, and the states before federal monopoly – local hierarchies of excellence and competition in arts, sciences, engineering, technology, economics, and politics.

(v) The failure to preserve rule of law such that the demarcation and decidability between the just and moral markets that naturally emerge under law, from the unjust an immoral markets that emerge under that absence of rule of law we refer to as capitalism.

(w) The forcible payment of interest on fiat credit under credit expansion, and the irreciprocal privatization of the fruit of that commons, rather than the direct distribution of liquidity to the citizenry for which the commercial and financial and political sector must compete for liquidity.

(x) The destruction of intergenerational lending in favor of intergenerational redistribution, under the false promise of unlimited growth in productivity, and the vast transfer of debt to future generations, and the vast negative externalities that result from it, and the demand for immigration of people unfit for our civilization to obscure the crime, resulting again, in the genetic destruction of the laboring, working, and middle-classes in favor of the financial, political, academic, media, and entertainment classes who profit from selling off the destruction of the laboring, working, middle productive classes to hostiles.

(y) The abuse of the People by the use of pseudoscientific economics, accounting, financial device, and deception by political income statement measurement in the absence of political balance sheet measurement, where the balance sheet includes measurement of civilization, traditional, cultural, normative, social, and genetic capital – the most important of which is common interest, truth, reciprocity and trust, thus obscuring the unrecoverable loss of trillions of investment in our civilization for centuries.

(z) The transfer of the capital of the states to the federal government; The transfer of capital from the federal government to select cities. The deprivation of the remainder for the benefit of those cities. The surrender of those cities to the mob, decline, decay, and flight, and by this process of concentration, economic extraction, suppression of reproduction of our productive classes and redistribution to our unproductive classes, destroyed our continent of states, one city at a time, collapsing our civilization one city at a time.

(aa) The deprivation of equality of responsibility between borrower and lender in matters of debt. Failure to defend our people from Entrapment clauses, Punishment profits, planned obsolescence, advertising and marketing scams, pseudoscientific claims, and worst – encouragement of baiting into hazard in all walks of life.

(ab) The Failure to protect the lines of our food supplies, our medical supplies, our strategic industrial and technological supplies, our military supplies.

(ac) The Failure to defend our history, literature, arts and monuments for those who fought for the interests of their people, as we all must, from historical revisionism, thus repeating the destruction of the arts and letters of the ancient world by the same people for the same reason with the same false promise of freedom from physical, natural and evolutionary laws which Western man has uniquely discovered and adapted to and in doing so dragged an ungrateful mankind into modernity and his status as a domesticated animal.


The opportunity created for the people of our nation and states shall be so vast upon retention of funds, capacity of borrowing, and competition for norms, commons, production, and talent, because the reallocation of capital from State, Media, Financial, and the Academic sector such that each must serve local rather than imperial demands shall vastly reduce power distance, increase sovereignty and reciprocity, and create economic and cultural opportunity not seen since the discovery and conquest of the continents.

And Whereas;

(a) Having committed a long history of usurpations and crimes against our people, our ancestors, civilization, and by proxy mankind;
(b) Having engaged in sedition and treason to undermine our civilization for the profit of those hostile to the people, and goals beyond the interests of our people, and goals which would deprive the nations of mankind of self-determination;
(c) Having accumulated such demographic, social, economic, political distortions and asymmetries;
(d) Having accumulated so many rents by top and bottom against the middle that the state, bureaucratic, financial, media, academy, complex has neither the incentive, means, or ability to change; Nor do the people with the understanding of these harms have an institutional method of change;
(e) Having licensed and institutionalize gossip, reputation destruction, pseudoscience, falsehood, and false promises designed to destroy our people and our civilization;
(f) Having conducted a genocide against the middle in general, and the ethnically European in particular.
(g) Having reached the demographic conditions under which we must act now or lose the accumulated civilizational achievements of our ancestors, and our present efforts at preserving the Western order of civilization; and our desire that future generations benefit from the restoration of Truth, Duty, Reciprocity, Rule of Law, and Markets for association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, and polities that we call ‘liberty’;

And whereas

The Conspirators whether by design, common interest, or common ignorance, have demonstrated unfitness for our civilization, and have set about a war on our people, our civilization, and the methods and means of our achievements for ourselves and for mankind. And those unfit for our civilization may not rule us or our civilization, and as such we may separate and you may rule yourselves, or we will rule you for mutual benefit in our self-defense as we had in past, or if we must war, we will decimate and then rule you in offense for profit for your crimes against us, our ancestors, and mankind.

As such;

It is necessary to demand separation such that peoples with different distributions of different abilities and different demands can produce those private and common institutions they desire by the means appropriate to their abilities, intuitions, and preferences.

And Therefore;

Such a separation can be performed by Deliberate Organized devolution to the States, resulting in groups of politically, demographically, and economically allied States along well established ‘sub-national’ lines (“The American Nations”); And the closure of federal agencies, and the reallocation of those services and talent to the states, where they may once again compete in the market for demonstrating excellence. The result shall isolate those seeking to preserve and persist our civilization and our people from those that seek to destroy our civilization and our people.

Or if not by an organized separation, then by the bloodiest civil war in history that will make all other civil wars pale; and the winner’s imposition of dominance upon the remainder.

Such a war will include:

a) The loss of access to money and monetary transactions, federal and state benefit distributions, communication, power, heat, water, sanitation, and transport of goods and energy to urban centers.

b) And the inability of responders to safely repair those resources; the exhaustion of local first responders and their retreat into home and barracks.

c) The rapid expansion of panic hoarding, robbing, raiding, destruction, and fire; the explosion of race, class, political, and religious violence; and specific targeting of races and classes on one side, and media-state-academy on the other.

d) The use of the national guard to attempt to restore order; the attempt to use the military to restore order.

e) The collapse of the financial system, domestic and world trade, the dollar, the pricing system, and the consequent shortage of cash.

f) The third parties seizure of opportunity presently contained by the American military, economic, and political system for political territorial, financial, and military reorganization and expansion.

g) The seizure of American assets abroad by existing hostile parties.

h) And the de facto collapse of the federal government due to the combination of domestic and foreign self-interest.

Given that:

(a) The infrastructure is extremely fragile, the faith in the government, trust in the media haven’t been as low, and the inter-polity hostility as intense, since the civil war (war of northern aggression).

(b) Only three urban police forces are sufficient to retain order for any period of time.

(c) The total numbers of the guard, military, and police, already the subject of undermining and derision, lack incentives, both swear to the constitution, not its violations, are insufficient given the vast area of the country and its thousands of points of infrastructural weakness.

(d) The available male population to participate in sustained conflict is more than sufficient for any civil war in history, and overly sufficient for the present age.

(e) The available male population will repeat revolutionary war strategy and fourth-generation warfare tactics against which combined arms warfare is demonstrably incapable of suppressing or winning without even greater harm to the populations, delegitimization of the federal government, and the rapid transformation of the world balance of power.

(f) The degree to which both sides are armed, and the degree of inventory that can be captured and used, so large that the conflict will last long enough that a large portion of the men will prefer to preserve the conflict rather than end it. And the technological and industrial unrecoverability of the continent if the conflict lasts through the winter, given the impossibility of sufficient capacity to restore capacity.

(g) And most importantly:

(i) The demands we are making – the destruction of the industrialization of false promise, baiting into hazard, rent-seeking and deceit – are beneficial to the aims of both sides of the conflict at the extension of our shared oppressors.

(ii) The military, treasury, retirement and health benefits, are preserved.

(iii) The only reason to resist them is to dominate and conquer the opposition rather than separate and cooperate by trade, ameliorating our differences at the macro level, while serving our differences at the regional and local level.


Every other possibility ends in random chance. And the cost of that random chance will be millions of lives and trillions of dollars. Which in the long span of time, is a small price to pay for ending genocide, culture-cide, and civilization-cide by design repeating the fall of Rome and the prevention of its restoration by the same peoples by the same techniques in the same time frame.

Our goals are:

(a) The restoration of our sovereignty and our right to self-determination;

(b) The restoration of our ancestral civilizational strategy of competition and evolution by means of truth, duty, reciprocity, rule of law, markets of voluntary cooperation in all walks of life, and our ability to produce high trust civic commons and the returns therefrom in exchange for the cost of high investment parenting for the production of generations of investment in the commons;

(c) The cessation, reversal, and restitution for the attempt to genocide against our people, our nation, our race, our culture, our government, and our civilization;

(d) The cessation of the exploitation of the people for purposes of creating and preserving an empire and the state bureaucracy that is counter to the interests of the people;

(e) The redistribution of coercion, influence, commerce, rights of free association and dissociation, and rights of self-determination by the devolution of the federal government into an insurer of last resort, and the restoration of the sovereignty of and alliance of the states;

(f) The cessation of organization by the maximization of consumption at the expense of individual, family, nation, the joy of civic life, and the accumulated inheritances from the inventions, labors, and arts of our ancestors, and restoration of the construction of civic society’s emphasis on commons rather than consumption;

(g) The cessation, reversal, and restitution for the cumulative rent-seeking in all aspects of life;

(h) The extensions of involuntary warranty from goods and services to information and public speech;

(i) The incremental evolution of our laws such that we suppress and reverse the institutionalization of the arts of lying that produced the Abrahamic dark ages in the ancient world, and the horrors of communism, socialism, feminism, and postmodernism and their cults in the modern.

Whereas in every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. The Members of the State, The Organs of the State, The Courts, external agents, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to Rule, Govern, Administer, Judge, Teach, Preach, Conduct Commerce with, Speak, or reside amongst a free people.

Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our conquerors. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their Courts, Legislatures, and Organs of State to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our founding and their permission to rule in our stead. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which would inevitably interrupt our cooperation, connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.

We, therefore, the Representatives of the Just People of the United States, signed in hands, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of Our Nation and our People’s Nations, solemnly publish and declare;

The Corporation of United States of America and its assets preserved; this government be unmade, the government and all unnecessary institutions, laws, contracts, and debts, dissolved, these Amendments to the Constitution adopted, and that our rights and obligations under Natural Law of the European Peoples, Nature, and Nature’s God be restored, for us and our posterity.

That we are Absolved from all Allegiance to the Federal Government, its Officers, Members, Agents, Employees, Suppliers, and Contractors, and that all political connection between them and the People, is and ought to be totally dissolved; And that we form a new Government, of these United States, And assign it the full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which the Federal Government, and the Governments of Independent States within, and Sovereign People may of right do within The Natural Law. — And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

Our Warranty of These Words

All revolutions are suspect in prospect and deterministic in retrospect. But never has an empire been more fragile, nor could one fall more quickly. The people cannot retreat to the fields. They have no stores of food. A full quarter have no monetary reserves, and half only a few month’s worth. The food, gasoline, transport, power, water, gas, communications, emergency services, police, military, and financial sector have but days of reserves and weeks of tolerance. A few men in each city can overwhelm services. A few days of fear and the streets will be full of predators.

The world has turned hostile due to The State’s Ideological and Imperial Adventure, and meanwhile, patient powers long seeking revival and recompense wait for the opportunity to seize past glories, and we and Europe are held hostage at home, and surrounded by waves of barbarians of greater mobility and lethality than the bronze or iron age migrations – and just as lusty with envy, avarice, and aggression, and even more likely to cause a repeat of those dark ages.

No longer do we live in an era where many must march in the streets. No longer do we need more than but a fraction of one percent of the men commit themselves to heady murder. No longer must we seize leaders, institutions, fortresses, or armories. No longer does the Peace of Westphalia limit actors, whether foreign or domestic – and so, in absence of acceptance of these terms, what comes is a war of all against all, and a fall like no other in history.

So we pray you: take heed. Do not dismiss our entreaty. Our demands are right, just, possible, and in the interests of our peoples. And if requiring fails, we shall compel. And if we compel, the Horrors of the past shall wane feeble – and man, earth, heavens, and history will shake for it. For when all our ancestors before us, and all our descendants that have yet to be, demand our lives in their honor, we will not shirk our duty to them. And we will have no mercy in our execution in their and our defense.

Therefore, we submit this Reformation of the Constitution of the United States as the means of settling our differences by agreement rather than by the bloodiest civil war in human history – and one we cannot, and will not, lose.

( Signatures )

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