17.Constitution: The People #

Constitution: The People

Article VIII

The People


The World has returned to historical norm, with Russians, Eastern Europeans, Indians, Chinese, and other nations set to follow. As such, herein we conform to world trends of defense against and reversal of, the World Cosmopolitan Project in its repetition of the Abrahamic project, to deprive people of sovereignty, self-determination, identity, and transcendence.



There exist only two human sexes: male and female, and they are genetically determined and the determination decidable independent of opinion or preference. There exist defects of birth. There exist defects of development. There exist defects of mind. There exist defects of choice. There exists choice of preference. But there exist only two sexes.

(Counsel: Instance of “No Right To Falsehood”.)


1. Human, Mankind, Man, and People shall refer to all humans of either sex.  Man, Men, Male, and Boy refer to the Male sex, and Woman, Women, Female, and Girl, shall refer to the Female sex. Whether the term Man or Men refers to both sexes or only the male sex shall be determined by context of use.

2. Use of “People” shall refer to all those under the protection of This Constitution regardless of rank.


1 – Humans demonstrate universal marital, social, residential, business, economic, political preferences for and loyalty to and benefits from family, kin, clan, tribe, ethnicity, and race, above and to the competitive disadvantage of others;

2 – Humans demonstrate adherence to religions that advance group strategy at the expense of and to the competitive disadvantage of others;

3 – Humans demonstrate adherence to political demands that advance their strategy at the expense of and to the competitive disadvantage of others;


1 – A Passport provides evidence the individual is under the protection of, and a recipient of the benefits of, the Law, The Court, The Federal State, The Federal Insurer of Last Resort, The Military, His Several State, and the People.

2 – The Insurer of Last Resort (Surety) shall issue Federal Passports. The states may issue their own passports. State passports permit only access to the issuing Several State and convey no rights or benefits from the Federal State.

3 – All those of at least Resident status shall be issued Passports at birth, and if failing, at any time thereafter, containing photos, thumbprint, full name, address of residence, ethnicity, haplogroups, place, and date of birth, religion, political attestation, and general occupation. And passport holders shall maintain current information.

4 – Ethnicity shall be determined by the first 10% in this Sequence: African > Oceanan (and Austronesian) > Amerindian (Siberians) > East Eurasian (East Asians)  > Southeast Eurasian (India) > Southwest Eurasian (Semitic) > Northwest Eurasian (Europeans); Followed by the Subclass of that Ethnicity; Followed by the Present Political name for that nationality.

-Regarding Refuge, Asylum, Migration, Immigration, Repatriation and Exit-.

1. None shall have the right of Refuge, Asylum, Migration, Visitation, Residency, or Immigration regardless of reason, without exception, whether by relation, birth, kinship, offspring, or marriage, and such Rights are specifically prohibited as involuntary impositions of costs upon the capital of the polity.

2. (zero tolerance – criminality) ( … ) (repatriation)

3. Ostracization

4. All People shall have the right of exit assuming they pay their debts or take the liability of their debts with them, at the cost of all benefits and titles.

-Regarding Immigration, Visitation, Residency, and Citizenship-


(earning via competency in individual self-support, family, business, polity,)


1. Visitation (Visitor). Visitation can be sought for the purpose of tourism, commerce, and the meeting of friends and family, by obtaining a Visitor Visa. Visas shall be granted upon request of a citizen. Visitation shall require an insurer who can and does take financial liability for food, clothing, shelter, expenses, and health, and criminal actions – and will forcibly return visitors at the end of their stay. Visitation shall provide protection of the courts. Visitation shall be separated from Residency.  Visitation shall be separated from Provisional and Residency.

2. Provisional, Provisionals, (Provisionary) shall provide Visitors with initial rights of employment. Provisionals require near-native conversational use of the language, successful completion of a course of not less than 90 days, and 120 hours of education in conformity to dress, manners, ethics, morals, laws, customs, traditions, institutions, and if extant, the Christian religion, warrantied by the provider of the course, and insurance of all those involved in providing the course.

2. Residency, Residents, (Resident) shall provide additional rights of redistribution of income at the age of maturity, and services of the state as the insurer of last resort.  Residency requires near-native use of the language of the polity, conformity to dress, manners, ethics, morals, laws, customs, traditions, institutions, and if extant, religion.  And Oath of Loyalty to this Constitution and its designs. Residency shall be separated from citizenship. Residency shall be inherited by blood.

4. MilitaryService(Rank or Soldier) Emergency Services, Hospitaliers, Residents shall be obligated to Military Service, shall Retain Rank as Title during and after completion of service, unless revoked for crimes.

5. Citizen, Citizens, Citizenship, (Citizen) requires residency and completion of military service. Citizenship shall provide the additional rights of marriage, public speech, ownership of property, rights of reproduction in exchange for the caretaking of the commons,  service on the jury, in the hospitaliers, the emergency services, the military service, and the militia. Citizenship shall be earned. Only Residents shall be granted Citizenship. Citizenship shall not be inherited or heritable. Citizenship cannot be revoked, abandoned, or otherwise lost for other than sedition or treason.

(Counsel: Everyone owns an interest in the commons and an obligation to maintain it).

6. Peer, Peerage, Sovereigns shall provide the additional right of suffrage. Only Citizens shall be granted the Peerage. Peerage is not inherited. Peerage cannot be revoked, abandoned or otherwise lost.  Citizens may obtain the peerage by fulfilling the requirements for marriage, three or more children, and ownership of real property, and continuous full-time employment of ten or more people who are not near relations.

Counsel: This hierarchy demonstrates the value of investment in the polity, and provides incentives to invest in the polity, and repeats the ancient division of demonstrated ability: barbarian(undomesticated), ‘slave’ (dependent), serf (partly independent), freeman (self-sustaining), citizen (responsible to the polity), and Peer (responsible for the polity), and monarchy (judge of last resort).

7. Governor, Governorship, shall be obtained by a grant of the governorship of a State. The title is retained for life unless revoked for crimes against the people. Governorship provides the right to participate in the Senate, and fulfill the functions therein for the duration of ones duty as Governor of a state. Peerage is required for the Governorship. The States may grant governors local titles in addition to the title of Governor.

And Conditionally;

-Regarding Provision of Titles-

8. Knight of Arms (Sir, Lady), shall provide right to title as reward for extraordinary lifetime contribution to the military; as well as citizenship worthy of imitation; and the laxity of these criteria shall not be abused by the fashions of the day.

9. Knight of Arts and Letters (Sir, Lady) shall provide right to title as reward for extraordinary lifetime contribution to the arts, letters, sciences; as well as citizenship worthy of imitation; and the laxity of these criteria shall not be abused by the fashions of the day.

10. Nobility (Sir, Lady) shall provide right to title as reward of status for successful production of four or more generations of intergenerational families, producing continuous rewards for the people by payment of taxes, contribution to commons or charity. Exemplary character in the service of the people.  This title shall endure and be inherited for three generations, and then expire unless continuing contributions are made; at such time the durability will be reset, and the cycle repeated.  Only peers may be granted the title of Nobility. These criteria shall not be abused by the fashions of the day. And “Stacking the Nobility” just as “Stacking the Court” shall be an act of sedition against the people.

-Regarding Standing-

  • Age Ten for Right to Work for Compensation.
  • Age Fourteen for Right to Apply for Service.
  • Age Eighteen for Right to Apply for Citizenship.
  • Age Thirty for Right to apply for Peerage.
  • Age Forty to apply for Nobility if offered.
  • Age Sixty to hold Office as Governor or Senator
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