11.Constitution: The Treasury #

Constitution: The Treasury

Article V
Section III – The Treasury

The Treasury


( … )



End all back tax liability and provide a fresh start. The function of the family as a going concern, without an increase in the burden on the people, is the primary purpose of enforcement. All courts shall adjudicate tax disputes as indifferent from any other debt.


Market Cost;

Tax by Opportunity Cost: Any tax on income directly or indirectly shall be apportioned by population density, with more dense higher, and less dense lower, in accordance with the decrease in opportunity costs as population density increases. The practice of penalizing those who are responsible for greater territorial commons per capita shall be prohibited.

Tax by Risk: Whereas Market Participation is more burdensome than Employment:

(a) In compensation for the self-sufficiency, overhead, physical risk, and accumulated physical harms, in the conduct of the trades, and so that such men may limit their physical working life before incapacity arrives, all taxes on income up to the median, generated by the men in the physical trades (construction) shall be added to their retirement and health accounts in addition to whatever provisions are provided by Redistributive Benefits.

(b) All sole proprietors, with income up to the one and a half times the median, shall receive a thirty percent discount on their income taxes as compensation for their risk and burden.

(c) All privately held corporations owned entirely by active principles who have encumbered their personal assets to obtain business credit shall receive a twenty percent discount on all taxes on income up to two and a half times the median income as compensation for their risk and burden.

Single Taxation on Income: Taxes or fees on Capital Gains from investment sources other than the sale of a primary residence shall be permitted, but all dividends from stock or equivalent shall be paid either by the individual receiving them, or the corporation issuing them, but not both.

(Suggestion to the Governors: It is always better to tax the individual (results) than the organization of production, and as such, all organization taxation should be eliminated, and organizations chared fees for public costs to infrastructure instead. Given the behavior of late 20th and 21st C corporation, eliminating taxes on received Dividends is preferable when possible – although discretion necessary given the variation in policy.)

2 – End employment taxation on the laboring classes.
3 – End taxation on sole proprietorship trade craftsmen and labor through double the individual median income.
4 – End all taxation on home use of data, electricity, and fuel for non-commercial purposes, and charge only by fees.
5 – Allow the use of paid taxes as an account without concern for rollover or loss.
6 – Restore the right of juridical defense in matters of taxation, as peerage to tort, in all courts, and prohibit all freezing of liquid assets.


1 – Post Offices shall transition to the inclusion of State “Banks” (credit offices).
2 – Nationalize Mastercard by purchasing a controlling interest, and issue one card to each citizen over the age of maturity, through banks, post offices.
2 – Bypass the financial sector when creating liquidity (monetary policy) by direct credit of citizen accounts.
3 – Provide 20% of median income (~12k) to all citizens of the age of majority, as direct quarterly distribution to said accounts.
3 – End consumer interest on capital purchases (appliances good for 10y+, Autos, Homes, Condos) for personal use.
4 – These accounts may not be promised, contracted, or attached in any way for any reason, whatsoever, by anyone including any creditor, directly or indirectly as they are for the purpose of ensuring the rest of the polity against the poverty of others.

Regarding Bankruptcy



6 – Bankruptcy shall clear all debts public and private without exception.

Regarding National Investment



1 – the Military Shall Determine Allocation Into Research in Physical Sciences
2 – the Insurer Shall Determine Allocation Into Research in The Biological Sciences.
3 – the Treasury Shall Determine Allocation of Research in The Economic Sciences.
4 – the Monarchy Shall Determine Allocation of Investment in The Arts and Letters.
5 – the Government Shall Determine Allocation of Investment Into Infrastructure.

    • Quadruple the Number Of, or Capacity of Existing Nuclear Reactors.
    • Construct a New Electrical and Data Grid.
    • Dump Money Into Electric Vehicles until Our Streets Are Quiet Again, and Robotic Cars Drive Us from Place to Place.

6 – the Market Shall Determine Investment Into Consumption: Goods, Services and Information

Research and Academic Publications



( … ) must be free if any public money involved anywhere in the chain.
( … ) data must be published
( … ) sample sizes of more than 1000 for general statements.
( … ) warranty and liability for all claims for everyone involved including institution liable
( … ) National Registry

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