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  • Hierarchy of Knowledge – Two Views of Same Conclusion

    THE NEW HIERARCHY OF KNOWLEDGE 0) Physics (Existence) 1) … Time, Man, Action (old Metaphysics – Limits) 2) … … Acquisitionism (old Psychology) 3) … … … Testimony (old Epistemology) – “Science”) 4) … … … … Ethics (old Sociology) 5) … … … … … Production (Old economics) 6) … … … … … […]

  • Peterson is a Only a Third (Meaning via literature). The Rest is Doolittle (Law), and Taleb (Measurement)

    William Butchman (et all), Peterson’s claim is where he’s going wrong:  trying to justify his priors. Yes, we can imagine and experience the world consisting of various combinations of objects, properties, relations, transformations, and values. Yes we can develop our own mental models out of those arrangements (philosophies). Yes we can seek or create an […]

  • Peterson New War’s Problem, Last War’s Strategy

    CRITICISM: PETERSON: FIGHTING THE LAST WAR, WITH A WEAPON THAT HARMS US AS MUCH AS IT HELPS. (NET/NET (TL;DR): The narrative requires intention, authority, and indoctrination in an effort to create behavioral goods, but natural law, like the good of markets, requires only dispute resolution, caused by self interests, from which all ‘goods’ emerge – […]

  • Philosophy (Moral Literature) Is Not Much Help

    I AM NOT SURE PHILOSOPHY (LITERATURE) IS MUCH HELP (from elsewhere) It’s one thing to suspect, another thing to do. Reading is hard. Arithmetic is harder is harder than reading. Accounting is harder than arithmetic. Programming is harder than accounting Natural Law is harder than programming. If you look at the people who have been […]

  • The Error Of The Ancients: War is Fine But Economics Beneath Them

    THE ERROR OF THE ANCIENTS: TALKING BIZ WAS “OH, SO, BOURGEOISE” Aside from the conquest of the west by byzantine mysticism, the central problem of western philosophy was thinking and ruling classes avoidance of the centrality of economics. We get philosophy to circumvent the traditional law. And we get science to circumvent the traditional church. […]

  • Why Do Rationalists Avoid Testing via the Empirical, Operational, and Reciprocity?

    (Curt Doolittle December 18 at 9:24pm) 1) if we CAN fully expand a sentence, before we test it for internal consistency, and we do not do so, then why? In other words, what is the informational content between an unexpanded sentence, and an expanded sentence? And why would we fail to expand a sentence that can […]

  • Correcting Aristotle’s Categories of Philosophy

    The Law of Nature “Correcting Aristotle on Categories of Philosophy” Physical Laws (Transformation) – THE NECESSARY Physics: Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Sentience, Engineering, Mathematics Law of Man (properties of man) (Action) – THE POSSIBLE Acquisition, perception, memory, psychology, sociology Natural Law – Cooperation – THE GOOD Ethics, morality, law, economics Law of Testimony – THE TRUE […]

  • The Intellectual Catastrophe Of Specialization And The Cure For It In Education

    Outside of the top 5% in all disciplines: – Physicists are often ridiculous because either they don’t understand their own subject, or because they lack the philosophical training to know the difference between general rules of the discipline (dogma) and the epistemological necessity that these general rules provide a shortcut for. – Economists are often […]

  • There Is Only One ‘Philosophy’ If We Speak The Truth. The Rest Is Ignorance, Error, Bias And Lies

    (very important for anyone interested in philosophy) *(How should we teach Philosophy? Let me tell you.)* One can teach philosophy as historical LITERATURE(Errors, Lies and Failures). Or one can teach philosophy as the evolution of TRUTH TELLING (science). If you want to teach the history of TRUTH then you teach western philosophy – at least […]

  • The End of Justificationary APriorism vs Critical Empiricism

    THE END OF APRIORISM VS EMPIRICISM (read it and weep) 😉 PROPOSITIONS 1) All domesticatable animals are domesticatable for five reasons. All undomesticatable animals are undomesticatable for any one of them. 2) All human personalities are highly functional for five or six reasons. All dysfunctional families are dysfunctional for any one of those six reasons. […]