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  • Some Aphorisms

    Unarmed, lacking exit, with four hours of electricity, one day of water, and five days of food. Who do you think is in control? Immigrant cities are excellent plantations for wage and tax slavery. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that they took the bait. There is a difference between a city (market) and an immigrant city […]

  • Politics is a Proxy for Violence

    Politics is a proxy for violence between men. A market for trades to avoid violence. Women have permission to use this proxy -within limits. But risking life and limb is not substitutable. They risk men, not themselves. So, women: be very careful what you do with that violence. Because men are very aware that the […]

  • Aphorisms

    An urban minority is not the same as a demographic or territorial minority. Outside of the urban favelas-in-training, it’s homogenous. Of course suburbans and rurals have higher sensitivity to costs imposed: the police vast commons that urbanites take for granted. There are many ways to sell yourself into slavery. Democracy, Marx, Keynes, and Multiculturalism are […]

  • Aphorism: Poison the Well

    If you poison the well they will not only stop coming they will leave.

  • Aphorism: Absolutes vs Preferences

    Nov 15, 2016 2:22pm Benefit and Loss are absolutes. Good and Evil are absolutes. Preference is relative. That we use the authoritarian terms good and evil to lie about our preferences is just another form of fraud.

  • Too Little Killing

    We didn’t kill enough politicians in the revolution to make them scared of the people. We need another Maidan. And this time, we need to bring a gallows. And maybe a few guillotines. And a bunch of old stumps and dull axes as backup.

  • Aphorism: Government, Like Children.

    Government, like children, should be seldom seen, and never heard. (medieval origin, old when first recorded.: Augustinian clergyman, circa 1450: “Hyt ys old Englysch sawe: A mayde schuld be seen, but not herd.”  “A young woman should be seen but not heard”.  19th century: “Children should be seldom seen, and never heard.”)

  • The West Discovered The Only Scalable Solution

    —“The Western peoples transferred, or rather limited, the universal drive to find and exploit high yield, low investment, low maintenance sources of energy from other people (“parasitism”) to immediately and personally moveable resources including your own body and everything it produces (“industry”). Turns out that’s the only scalable solution.”—Moritz Bierling

  • Aryanism As Self Defense

    And at present the Russians are the only white people remaining to remember our mission: to rule, to domesticate, for profit – if out of self defense if nothing else.

  • Aphorisms on Religion

    (November 17, 2016) No reason not to outlaw anything false: religion, pseudo-rationalism, pseudoscience. There’s no value in fraudulent products, services OR information. Assuming you teach Christianity as myth rather than history, by and large it’s compatible with natural law. But not judaism. And not Islam. We cannot control what nonsense you believe but we certainly […]

  • Early Holiday Thoughts

    Progressives make good Yule Logs if you soak them in enough kerosene.

  • Aphorism: Utility of Decidability

    Nov 18, 2016 7:50am Many methods of decidability are useful. The question is whether or not they are useful for self-and-other deception.

  • Which Argument Are You Making?

    Some arguments ask if statements are ‘possible’ or ‘impossible’. Some arguments ask if statements are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Some arguments ask if statements are true or false. Some arguments ask if statements are gains or losses. Some arguments ask if statements are exchanges or transfers Some arguments ask if statements are investments or frauds Some […]

  • Those Who Ruled

    With horse bronze and wheel, they began to raid. The Range of Territory They Could Domesticate. Take exclusive possession of. Transform into productive ends. Domesticate plant, animal, and man. Transform man and nature.

  • We’re Just Water Carriers. 😉

      Nov 18, 2016 8:05am The evolution of life is humorous if you consider most life forms either matter-bags in water, or water-bags on land and air. How far can I get from the water, and how big can I get if i can’t just absorb water from condensation?

  • Tribes are an indispensable expedient

    Nov 18, 2016 8:08am Eli Harman: —“If you disallow heuristics based on statistical data which is more readily available and less costly than individual information, you leave huge gains on the table. You will be beaten by people who seize them. Institutions, at least at the higher levels, can be composed of and by cognitive […]

  • Impossibility Isn’t A Problem for Libertarians.

    impossibility is not a problem for libertarians. it’s all a fantasy of wishful thinking – a prayer that a margin will someday be a norm.

  • March, April, May Quotes

    An empire with many nuclear weapons is economically, financially, diplomatically, and militarily vulnerable. Many small nation states aren’t vulnerable if armed with a few nuclear weapons, artillery, and militia. ( It certainly SEEMS like the entirety of the NATO/UN organizations are nothing more than welfare programs: desperate attempts for post-empire anglos to perpetuate by bureaucracy what […]

  • Warriors Grant Permission

    [I]f you aren’t willing to fight, then your opinion is irrelevant. Pacifism was merely a convenient pretense to provide women, intellectuals and priests with the illusion of equal political standing. It is just a pretense. Warriors grant them permission.