29 March

A Brief Introduction to Propertarianism

A Brief Introduction to Propertarianism (Propertarianism’s Core Concepts for Libertarians.) by Eli Harman Download PDF: PropertarianCoreConcepts  (english) Download PDF:  1???????-????????-??????-???????  (Arabic) Translation by Ahmed Reda What is Propertarianism? Propertarianism is a scientific, …

20 April

Deflationary Government

What is Necessary for a Deflationary (Truthful) Government 0) A militia consisting of shareholders who reciprocally and unconditionally, insure one another’s property-in-toto from the involuntary imposition of costs by both …

20 April

Our Digital Library

OUR DIGITAL LIBRARY – FOR YOU The Link to our (extensive) library is on our Reading List Page. https://naturallawinstitute.com/reading-list/ The Library is much larger than the reading list. If you …

24 March

Definition: Fictionalism

Mar 24, 2017 11:43am DEFINITION: FICTIONALISM (important for propertarian core) Fictionalism is the name of the judgement within philosophy, as to which statements that appear to be descriptions of the …

23 March

CORE: Acquisitionism – Restating Psychology

ACQUISITIONISM (draft) (worth repeating) A RESTATEMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY: PROPERTARIANISM’S THREE-FACTOR CAUSAL MODEL (core)(central concept)(necessary)(innovation) I. ASSETS (FACTS) P1) ASSETS: self/body, energy, relations, investment/opportunity P2) ABILITY: intellect/intellectual effort, emotional reserves/ability, physical …

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