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  • Western Ying vs Yang = Fiction vs Law

    (profoundly important) FICTION ( possibility – opportunity – productivity ) VS LAW ( decidability – limits – parasitism ) Of the following, which is fiction, which is law? A) Golden Rule : Do unto others as you would have done unto you. B) Silver Rule: Do not unto others as you would not have done unto you. Fiction and Law […]

  • How Do We Communicate Ideas with Fiction but Not Falsehood?

    HOW DO WE COMMUNICATE IDEAS WITH FICTION BUT NOT FALSELY? William Butchman —“We have a universe of potentiality available to us. Is potential which has not yet been called into being ‘fiction’, is it ‘false’?”— Curt Doolittle No. We can state it falsely, but we cannot state that which we can envision is yet false. no. To respect natural law […]

  • The Operational Name of Infinity Is “Limit Supplied by Contextual Application” Because of Scale Independence.

      Defenders of infinity are simply saying that mathematical platonism is a useful mental shortcut to provide decidability for you in the absence of understanding, the way religion is a useful mental shortcut for decidability for others in the absence of understanding. Authority (decidability) in platonic mathematics and authority (decidability) in religion are provided by the same error: empty verbalisms. […]

  • The Dimensions of Reality: Mathematics As Science of Measurement – But Stated Badly

    Mar 22, 2017 11:08am I THINK THIS MIGHT BE HARD FOR YOU BUT …. (mathematics and truth) (very important) (hot gates pls read) The answer is quite simple: you just demonstrated proof of operational construction and named that series of actions. Reality consists of the following actionable and conceivable dimensions: 1 – point, (identity, or correspondence) 2 – line (unit, […]

  • Math is Taught as Fiction

    YES, MATHEMATICS IS TAUGHT AS FICTION: “LET US TEACH EVERYONE A VERY INTERESTING AND IMPORTANT LESSON VIA MR JOHN BLACK.” —“Mathematical fictionalism is more tenable than mathematical platonism.”—Melvin Davila Martinez “There are no such things as abstract objects? Prove it.” — John Black The verb ‘to-be’ = ‘exists’. (is, are, was, were, be, being, been) It is the most ‘irregular’ […]

  • Infinity, And The Fictional Justificationary Narratives Used In Mathematics

    infinite = **’unknown, because without context of correspondence we cannot determine limits’**, that’s all it means. Because that’s all it *can* mean and not argumentatively convert from mathematics to theology or fictional justification is perhaps a better term. The irony is that mathematicians seek precision in their statements and take pride in the precision of their language, but on this […]

  • Mathematics vs Cinema As Tools For Explaining The Universe

    ?”Cinema can still explain the whole world. Mathematicians think it’s math. I believe it’s cinema.” – Jean-Luc Godard Mathematics can explain only what we cannot sense. That is why we have mathematics: to compensate for our limited ability to perceive the universe. However, human concepts must at some point be reduced to those stimuli which we can experience. All language […]