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  • Deflationary Government

    0) A militia consisting of shareholders who reciprocally and unconditionally, insure one another’s property-in-toto from the involuntary imposition of costs by both members and non. 1) A contract (constitution) between those shareholders for that reciprocal insurance, consisting of Rule of law, natural law, universal standing, universal applicability, absence of discretion through strict construction, with a […]

  • Definition: Law

    DEFINITION: LAW (‘inescapable’). 1 – Law: a statement of perpetual continuity (determinism), insured by the forces (organizations) of nature or man(polity, or government). 2 – Law (physical): a statement of perpetual continuity (determinism), discovered by a process of testing(prosecuting) an hypothesis against reality, 3 – Law (Natural): a statement of perpetual continuity (reciprocity) insured by […]

  • A Short Course In Natural Law

    Simple Version: The Position of Natural Law in the Hierarchy of Laws of the Universe. Physical Laws – the laws of the physical universe. Human Law – The limits of ability in Humans, Natural Law: Law of Cooperation, Informational (Testimonial) Law – Laws of Communication, Sentient Law – Laws of Intelligence (pattern recognition). WHAT DO […]

  • Natural Law

    If we define Moral Intuitions as the reactions we feel in response to our thoughts and actions and those of others. If we define Normative Morality as the reactions we feel given  for methods of decidability given some set of assumptions. If we define philosophy (positive and literary) as the search for methods of decidability within a […]

  • Western Ying vs Yang = Fiction vs Law

    (profoundly important) FICTION ( possibility – opportunity – productivity ) VS LAW ( decidability – limits – parasitism ) Of the following, which is fiction, which is law? A) Golden Rule : Do unto others as you would have done unto you. B) Silver Rule: Do not unto others as you would not have done […]

  • Natural Law, Sovereignty, and the Restoration

    Mar 02, 2017 9:42am NATURAL LAW, SOVEREIGNTY, AND THE RESTORATION NATURAL LAW Testimonialism: Epistemology and Truth (Testimony), and Propertarianism: Ethics and Natural Law (Cooperation), and Natural Common Law (a grammar), provide the means of producing contracts (Constitutions), that are ‘scientific’ – which in testimonialism means ‘truthful’, and not open to creative interpretation by the judiciary. […]

  • Definitions: Oath, Common Law, Testify, and Salic Law for Good Measure

    Mar 04, 2017 11:15am OATH (n.) Old English að “oath, judicial swearing, solemn appeal to deity in witness of truth or a promise,” from Proto-Germanic *aithaz (source also of Old Norse eiðr, Swedish ed, Old Saxon, Old Frisian eth, Middle Dutch eet, Dutch eed, German eid, Gothic aiþs “oath”), from PIE *oi-to- “an oath” (source […]

  • Natural Law, and the Grammar of Operational Language

    NATURAL LAW AND THE GRAMMAR OF OPERATIONALISM (propertarianism core)(important) Operationalism like any legal language, or programming language, is grammatically burdensome. It requires you to take your sentence structure to the next level of abstraction and exit the passive voice entirely, as well as all use of the verb to-be. So, as a language, it requires […]

  • Definition: Natural Law

    PROPOSED FINAL DEFINITION OF NATURAL LAW The One Law of Reciprocity. (Natural Law) Thou shalt not, by word, deed, absence of word or deed, impose or allow the the imposition of, costs upon the demonstrated interests of others (property-in-toto), either directly or indirectly, where those interests were obtained by settlement (conversion, or first use) or […]

  • Correcting Aristotle’s Categories of Philosophy

    The Law of Nature “Correcting Aristotle on Categories of Philosophy” Physical Laws (Transformation) – THE NECESSARY Physics: Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Sentience, Engineering, Mathematics Law of Man (properties of man) (Action) – THE POSSIBLE Acquisition, perception, memory, psychology, sociology Natural Law – Cooperation – THE GOOD Ethics, morality, law, economics Law of Testimony – THE TRUE […]

  • Law

    Nov 11, 2016 10:38pm Humans create commands, legislation, and regulations. Laws, both physical and natural (cooperation), we can only discover. We cannot any more create a law of cooperation (natural law) than we can a law of nature (physical laws). The only difference between physical laws and natural laws is that since we have memories, […]

  • Physical Laws, Natural Laws, Information Laws.

    LAWS OF NATURE, NATURAL LAW, AND LAWS OF INFORMATION 1) Laws of nature (physical laws) and 2) Natural laws (laws of cooperation), and 3) Truth (laws of information) consist of a spectrum dependent upon each other.

  • Natural Law Means A Simple Law.

    When arguing under natural law it is not so important that you master all the contracts (legislations) and processes (regulations). The reason being that legislations and regulations are always open to revision or refutation if they violate the One Law. So while many layers of contract and regulation may result in conformity to the One […]

  • Natural Law Isn’t Complicated

    Imagine you visit a totally alien island, and have no knowledge of manners, ethics, morals, traditions myths, rituals, laws, institutions, and metaphysical value judgments. History is replete with the difficulty of establishing communication, trust, cooperation, trade, and especially, non-conflict. But because of natural laws we can start from the lowest methods of communication: giving gifts, […]

  • Strictly Constructed Law And Contract

    It’s not that different from programming, which any reasonably intelligent lawyer that can program a bit will readily observe. The Structure of a Program or Contract ———————————————————— Purpose (Whereas these conditions exist) Return Value (and whereas we wish to produce these ends) Constants and Variables (definitions constructed) Objects (constructions from base types / “first principles”) […]

  • What Do We Meany by Natural Law?

    (with updates by Doolittle) A Little History of Natural Law – From The Good, to the Moral, to the Rational, to the Scientific. What is Law? Law, in its generic sense, is a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having binding legal force. That which must be obeyed and […]

  • Positive Philosophy And Negative Law

    Aug 25, 2016 2:46pm If you want to inspire, inform, and rally, i think that’s a domain of ‘MEANING”, whereas if I want to scrutinize your use of inspiration, information, and rallying that’s a question of ‘TRUTH’ as in DECIDABILITY (science). Since I think the jury is in, and that the past century was lost […]

  • The Law Of Nature Is The Law Of God.

    It is far harder to give moral men a license to kill than to avoid killing. But once possessed of that license and in the absence of fear of retaliation by his peers, and with the opportunity of accolades and status from his peers, the moral man is an unstoppable warrior. I have been endeavoring […]

  • Poetry and Rhyme As Institutions of Normative Law

    Aug 24, 2016 11:41am (interesting idea) There is a reason why we want to restore BOTH truthfulness AND Poetry with Rhyme: Just as our ancient ancestors chose our intellectual (druidic / historian) leadership by their abilities to remember, our more recent intellectual leadership was sorted out by their use of poetry and meter. So if […]

  • Repositioning Economics, Sociology, Philosophy and Law

    [S]o today I have discussed repositioning economics as social science, and social science as pseudoscience. And repositioning philosophy as positive aspirational literature of rationalist priests, and negative critical law, of empirical judges. This mirrors the epistemological method of creative free association to arrive at hypothesis, and criticism to test theories in the hope of discovering […]

  • Natural Law, Expanded by Doolittle

    (with updates by Doolittle) [N]atural Law – What is Law? Natural Law Natural Law is a broad and often misapplied term tossed around various schools of philosophy, science, history, theology, and law. Indeed, Immanuel Kant reminded us, ‘What is law?’ may be said to be about as embarrassing to the jurist as the well-know question […]

  • Idea: Contractualism (Liberty, Civic Society, Under Rule Of Law)

    (important) [W]hy do we associate Contractualism with Anarchism, where there is extraordinary demand for the state, instead of associating Contractualism with Nationalism where there is almost no demand for the state? Anarchism evolved in the middle east, in eastern european borderlands(owned but unregulated territories), and in western european ghettos(walled subcultures). Contractualism evolved with near kin […]

  • A Lesson In Natural Law

    FOR SALON: A LESSON IN NATURAL LAW As one of the principle philosophers of what liberals refer to as “reactionary fascism”…. … I’d like to add that the problem with both neo-liberalism and movement-conservatism has been the assumption that the other side would eventually ‘catch on’ rather than pursue their own interests. Liberal(socialist) strategy reflects […]

  • Definitions: Religion, Ideology, Philosophy, Law. Science

    Religion, Ideology, Philosophy, Law. Science A religion consists of a set of myths and rules the purpose of which is to resist outsiders, and to set limits on behavior or to be treated as an outsider and deprived of opportunity and insurance of the in-group. Hence most religions evolve with the weak, who have no […]

  • Justice vs Morality vs Law : Confusion Because of Ideal Types Rather Than Spectra

    JUSTICE VS MORALITY VS LAW? IT STUMPED SOCRATES, BUT SHOULDN’T – THE ERROR OF IDEAL TYPES OVER SPECTRA [T]he terms Justice, Morality and Law refer to spectrums, not states, and that is why the subject is confusing to people when it should not be. Natural Law (logically necessary), customary law (evolved), legislation (commands), and regulations […]