16 April

Deflationary Government

0) A militia consisting of shareholders who reciprocally and unconditionally, insure one another’s property-in-toto from the involuntary imposition of costs by both members and non. 1) A contract (constitution) between …

12 April

Definition: Law

DEFINITION: LAW (‘inescapable’). 1 – Law: a statement of perpetual continuity (determinism), insured by the forces (organizations) of nature or man(polity, or government). 2 – Law (physical): a statement of …

29 March

Natural Law

If we define Moral Intuitions as the reactions we feel in response to our thoughts and actions and those of others. If we define Normative Morality as the reactions we feel given …

27 November


Nov 11, 2016 10:38pm Humans create commands, legislation, and regulations. Laws, both physical and natural (cooperation), we can only discover. We cannot any more create a law of cooperation (natural …

01 October

Strictly Constructed Law And Contract

It’s not that different from programming, which any reasonably intelligent lawyer that can program a bit will readily observe. The Structure of a Program or Contract ———————————————————— Purpose (Whereas these …

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