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  • Curt: Are You An Austrian? Well…Yes, But Let’s Clarify that a bit.

    CURT: ARE YOU AN AUSTRIAN? ( New Austrian School of Economics, Austrian Economics Rules ) I am Austrian in the sense that the Austrian program (Menger) sought to discover social science (Truth), the Chicago program sought to discover rule of law (bending truth), and the saltwater school sought to discover the limits of discretion (lying). I am Austrian in the […]

  • Q&A: Curt: What Do You Think Of Austrian Arguments Regarding Apriorism Vs Empiricism?

    (very very very important post) Well we can clarify what these terms CAN mean, by stating them analytically and operationally: Apriorism: Given parsimonious enough premises (assertions), one can form hypotheses via free association, abduction, induction, or loose deduction, and some of these hypotheses will be either impossible or extremely difficult to imagine can be false. Argument-to-apriorism relies upon cognitive testing […]

  • The End of Justificationary APriorism vs Critical Empiricism

    THE END OF APRIORISM VS EMPIRICISM (read it and weep) 😉 PROPOSITIONS 1) All domesticatable animals are domesticatable for five reasons. All undomesticatable animals are undomesticatable for any one of them. 2) All human personalities are highly functional for five or six reasons. All dysfunctional families are dysfunctional for any one of those six reasons. 3) All happy families are […]