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  • Everything You Need to Understand About Religion in Less Than 1500 Words.

    (important piece)(synthesis) Religion consist of a category of education we evolved for the purpose of training the intuition (emotions), such that we are less dependent upon reason, calculation, and computation, and can reduce our stress (effort) by limiting the demand for reason(calculation, computation) in a universe seemingly kaleidic (nearly random). So just as we have: […]

  • If Christianity is Dead, We Still Have a Problem. But At Least We Know Most of the Answer

    IF CHRISTIANITY IS DEAD, WE STILL HAVE A PROBLEM Christianity as we know it is dead. The rituals are not unique nor terribly effective compared to the alterative major religions. The myths and lessons are suitable to those living at subsistence levels. The priesthoods are populated by those who can console us from the forces […]

  • Why Our Religion Fails

    LANGUAGES, GRAMMAR, VOCABULARY, MEANING, KNOWLEDGE AND THE TECHNOLOGY OF TESTING MEANING (why our religion fails) It was a very long time ago, and that the levant was a very poor and backward ghetto of the empire, and that while we had roman rule, law, and commerce, and greek philosophy, reason, mathematics, the primitive people had […]

  • Why Does The Church Fail Europeans?

    THE CHURCH FAILED AND CONTINUES TO FAIL How can you advocate christianity as a market good (something that people want to believe), when it so clearly is failing to compete in the market? What do socialism and cultural marxism, and postmodernism sell that people prefer to buy over christianity? What does islam sell that people […]

  • Why Do We Need Religion: Alone-ness, and therefore Mindfulness

    WHY DO WE NEED RELIGION: ALONENESS: MINDFULNESS. As far as I know, aloneness, or what marx called disenfranchisement, or what I call distance from the pack, is where religion fills the hole in us. that’s level one: eliminating aloneness thru mindfulness. level two is a common mythos (strategy). level three is festival, holiday, ritual. (equality) […]

  • Why Cant We Speak Religion In The Language of Truth?

    If you cannot speak in the language of truth how do we know you do not lie, and how do we know you are capable of making a truth claim? To rationalize is to make excuses. To tell children’s stories is to rationalize by imitation rather than reason. To analogize in history is to offer […]

  • The Content of Religion – and the Failure of the Church

    Apr 13, 2017 1:53pm THE CONTENT OF RELIGION, AND THE FAILURE OF THE CHURCH Why did the church fail to reform? – anti-intellectualism. – superstition rather than myth. – peasant rather than middle class – agrarian rather than industrialism – suffering rather than heroism and possibility. – Semitic rather than European. Why did the church […]

  • Religion = Infantilization, Truth=Transcendence


  • Truth, Law of Information, Natural Law of Cooperation, Physical Law of the Universe

    (religion) (read it and weep) (advances on hume, damning of rawls) [O]ur brains are smaller than those of our distant ancestors. With the evolution of language we were able to learn more by shared calculation: in the form of thinking and reasoning than we could by our own observation, memory, and judgement. By communicating using […]