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  • Economics of Abandoning Reason

    —“I am unwilling and/or unable to pay the cognitive cost of acquiring and producing a rational means of decidability, whereby I enumerate the existentially possible options available to me, the corresponding cost and yield (and therefor profit) of acting acting upon those options, and whereby I identify any externality (cost) that I may impose on man if I so chose […]

  • Via Negativa (Evolutionary Argument) in Historial Explanation

    by James Augustus My central argument is that Europe benefited by having an evolutionary environment that allowed for a high frequency of cultural, institutional and intellectual iterations, and that truth, sovereignty and natural law produce an existential advantage, so that what survived is what we call Western Civilization and its peoples. It is easy to look back at what survived […]

  • Deflationary Language in Ethics

    Mar 01, 2017 6:51pm James Augustus I suspect one of the factors contributing to deflationary language in ethics, law and science is that we needed a rational, empirical means of decidability in matters concerning rule, organization and extra-familial cooperation. (Note that legal realism, contractualism and truth telling (science and it’s precursors) coincided with conquest and colonization of non-kin groups. Myth […]

  • Tragedy Allows Us To Construct Truthful Myths

    by James Augustus HERE. BE AWED. AN IMPROVEMENT ON NIETZSCHE —“If we hold that the function of mythic art’s (story, play, movie, etc) is to provide commensurable decidability across the spectrum of classes, then I think that tragedy is the only theme that represents the full spectrum of human experience. Information can be transferred to slave, citizen, master and hero […]

  • The Function of Propertarian Grammar

    THE FUNCTION OF PROPERTARIAN GRAMMAR by James Augustus With out factoring in IQ, most humans cannot (or struggle to) separate/deflate intuited self-interest (the elephant) from their perception (solipsism) —which is to say that the average human struggles to launder imaginary content from cognition and so they approach truthfulness as a function of rationalizing intuition. Those with masculinized, autistic brains benefit […]