Category: 1.7-The Solution (Promise)

  • Cambiando el Status Quo

    ¿De qué manera ha sido deshonesta la civilización occidental? Nuestra civilización no está libre de pecado. Ninguna civilización realmente entiende sus estrategias grupales de evolución. Pero nosotros podemos hacer el intento de comprender la nuestra. Cuando los arios combinaron el bronce, la rueda y el caballo, lograron cubrir grandes distancias con velocidad. Se arriesgaron, y […]

  • Is The Problem Really Democracy? Here Is Your Answer.

    The problem is not DEMOCRACY (the choice of leadership) but the combination of: 1) DISCRETIONARY RULE, where leaders can legislate (issue commands) anything that the public will allow them to, rather than RULE OF LAW, under NATURAL LAW, where (like our trial-run original constitution) they can only construct otherwise legal contracts between members of the […]

  • A Declaration Of War Against The Frauds

    (this ought to get me in trouble) (important piece) Don’t dis on black or other impulsive peoples, we have white trash too. Blacks just haven’t organized to cull their herd as much as we have. They didn’t have winters. The entire warm zone of the planet consists not of failed states but of people who […]

  • Can We Complete The Germanic Project? Finally?

    CAN WE COMPLETE THE GERMANIC PROJECT? FINALLY? —“We will complete the system of German Idealism.”—Z.A. Corbett i used to be against it, but now i see that we need both law, literature, and poetry. and that my work merely is the science underneath the literature and poetry. And that we require the entire corpus of […]

  • You Want Me To Say Something Both Offensive And True?

    You want me to say something offensive? Ok. How’s this: what’s a greater crime? The holocaust (the forcible deportation to of a gypsies, jews, and other non-conformists) or the inventions of the infantilizing lies of the Abrahamic religions and Cosmopolitan pseudoscience? (Boaz, Marx, Freud, Cantor, Mises, Adorno+Co, Rothbard/Rand, Straussian Neo-Conservatism, Feminism, Postmodernism, and “Political Correctness”?) […]

  • What To Do About The Infantilized Generation?

    So what do we do with a generation that has no productive market value, was intentionally infantilized, and has nothing to offer but virtue signalling by giving away via the political process what they did nothing to obtain?

  • Even Testimonialism Will Not Herald The End Of History

    In lower trust countries people justify their various forms of lying just as we high trust people justify the externalities caused by our combination of linguistic conveniences, methodological habits, variations in morality and ethics, and of course political correctness That does not mean that just as we live considerably better than all these lower trust […]

  • The Next Great Leap

    Sep 17, 2016 5:54pm ( edited by William L. Benge ) THE NEXT GREAT LEAP 🙂 “The next great leap in human civilization is not technology. it’s morality and law: truth telling. It will be as great a leap as science has been.” THE BAD AND THE UGLY — BUT NOT THE GOOD “And likewise […]

  • Everyone Must Atone for Their Sins If They Are To Reform

    [I] don’t have mercy on any enlightenment group. We were all wrong. My job is to solve it. Our job – together – is to fix it. High trust societies are much more vulnerable to moral suggestion. And the history of deceit is something that we must blame Jews for; just as a history of ignorance […]

  • How Would Our Lives Change Under Truthfulness?

    (note that this is a Socratic Dialog and Edward is playing devil’s advocate in order to force me to articulate the ideas. I dont want to miscast his intentions. 🙂 ) [Q]UESTION: How would our lives change if pseudoscience were prohibited from the commons? Give the government the power to define and prohibit pseudoscience. Rushton […]

  • Aristocratic Egalitarianism: The Unique Culture Of The North Sea Peoples

    [I] hope to convince you that the argument that follows is very close to the final word on the American experiment, if not the Anglo experiment, and that nullification first, secession second, and civil war third, are the only alternatives to extinction of the unique high trust society of the Northern Europeans. STATEMENTS a) Our […]