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  • What’s The Point Of Racialization Of Different Ethnic Groups?

    Power is available under democracy that is not available under constitutional monarchy.

  • Las diferencias entre familias, clanes, razas y tribus

    El Problema: La regresión constante de la calidad de los hombres por debajo de la media y las desviaciones estándar crean la necesidad para que existan presiones persistentes que mantengan una necesidad genética en los grupos humanos. Esto quiere decir que los grupos pueden perder calidad muy fácilmente en cualquier momento que permitan mezclarse entre sí o que haya un […]

  • Peter Boettke On The Reveal: Partisan Cheerleaders Not Social Critics

      —“Observation — journalists and other intellectuals freaking out over the outcome of the election reveal that they were never really “students” of society, or even “social critics”, but were instead partisan cheerleaders. Also, it appears that many are completely incapable of asking themselves whether it might be possible that the consensus of the progressive elite in public policy is […]

  • The Future Is A Choice: Choose to Rule

    THE FUTURE IS JUST A CHOICE. RETURN TO OUR MAJOR INDUSTRY: RULE. We could take a very different perspective: “They are our minorities. They are our Africans, our Jews, our Caribbeans, our Mestizos. We have paid a high price for them. Under the right circumstances they make excellent wage labor. All we must do is return to our ancient industry […]

  • The Evolution of Slaveries

    THE EVOLUTION OF SLAVERY Slavery exists wherever exit, and return to subsistence, is practically impossible. Slavery: violence slave Serfdom: land slave Employee: wage slave Consumer: credit slave Citizen: tax slave The only freedom is food, water, and shelter, self-sufficiency, with participation in the market purely voluntary. And only commissions on transactions payment for the commons. Yet all of us must […]

  • Comparative Religion: Group Strategies

    Nov 18, 2016 6:37am 1) Aryan Expansion of sovereignty, domestication, and invention.(E) 2) (Reformed) Christian expansion of duty, trust, and production.(E) 3) Jewish expansion of separatism, deceit, and parasitism.(E/D) 4) Marxist expansion of rebellion, pseudoscience, and parasitism.(D) 5) Islamic expansion of submission, ignorance, and predation. (D) (E: eugenic/domestication. D:dysgenic/un-domestication. E/D: internal eugenic and external dysgenic)

  • Love Doesn’t Require Debate

    We are supposed to love women and care for them. We are not supposed to debate with them over true or false. Only whether a want is possible for the two of us, or impossible for the two of us. Our education, commerce, and politics places too much emphasis on true or false or good or bad, and too little […]

  • Intelligence as a Heuristic

    Nov 18, 2016 7:34pm —“We can follow Pinker in the characterization of Intelligence itself as a heuristic of sorts devised by evolutionary processes. The cost of specialization in terms of individuation is simply too costly, so a general set of cognitive dispositions that can adapt is of greater benefit to the species in question.”—Skye Stewart

  • Kin, Class, Caste: Models And Functions

    Nov 19, 2016 11:50am KIN, CLASS, CASTE: MODELS AND FUNCTIONS Kinship System (oligarchy)(small nation states), Class System (informal institution – markets) or Caste System (formal institution – religion and laws), exist universally in all nations, states, and empires. Without exception. It’s arguable the entire world operates as a caste system with whites arguably the minority aristocracy, followed by east Asians, […]

  • Hierarchy of the Sentient Being

    HIERARCHY OF THE SENTIENT BEING – Sense: change state in reaction to changes in information state. – Movement: physical change in state in reaction to change information state. (automatic) – Perception: changes in state by sensations (memory and anticipation) – Sentience: identity : positive/negative rewards/punishments in reaction to changes in anticipated state of the organism (automatic) – Consciousness: perception of […]

  • Cultural Differences

    CURT AND MURRAY SELL ON CULTURAL DIFFERENCES —“The Chinese [primary method of decidability] is stability – [non-conflict]. Chinese history is tumultuous so everything must be done in the name of maintaining equilibrium and stability in the nation state(which is seen as a collective entity). The American [primary method of decidability] (until very recently) is reason – [negotiation]. Maintaining that people […]

  • Class Liberties

    So, as far as I know, you are always a slave as long as you are dependent upon other people’s efforts to survive. 1 – Undomesticated animal 2 – Slave (no rights) 3 – Serf (rights to some of the proceeds of labor) 4 – Employee/Freeman (rights to property, rights to the proceeds of labor, responsibility for contribution to commons) […]

  • An Objective Analysis Of Cultural Philosophies

    Ill give you the objective model instead: 1-utopians(plato)(hindus), The Utopian strategy is train men to be good,  so that no conflict need occur. 2-truth tellers (aristotle), The Aryan strategy is to resolve conflicts early and quickly so that they cannot be seized in a moment of weakness. 3-truth avoiders (sun tsu), Sun Tzu is the first philosopher of china. His […]

  • The Different Conflict Strategies of Different Cultures

    Sun Tzu is the first philosopher of china. His message is to avoid conflict by use of delay and deceive until you can seize an opportunity in your opponent’s moment of weakness. (strong but beset by many enemies) The Aryan strategy is to resolve conflicts early and quickly so that they cannot be seized in a moment of weakness. (strong […]

  • You Want Me To Say Something Both Offensive And True?

    You want me to say something offensive? Ok. How’s this: what’s a greater crime? The holocaust (the forcible deportation to of a gypsies, jews, and other non-conformists) or the inventions of the infantilizing lies of the Abrahamic religions and Cosmopolitan pseudoscience? (Boaz, Marx, Freud, Cantor, Mises, Adorno+Co, Rothbard/Rand, Straussian Neo-Conservatism, Feminism, Postmodernism, and “Political Correctness”?) What has caused more harm […]

  • Definitions of Relations

    EMPLOYEE Responsible for own provision of room and board and care from the product of one’s wages. FARMER Holds sufficient land and labor to produce goods not only for consumption but for sale in the market, as personal property. PEASANT Holds a small plot of land farmed by the family, for family consumption, as family property (this is an important […]

  • The Three Orders: Kin, Cult, State

    I would say that the Cathedral Complex (state, academy, media) are all engaged in customer seeking – an incrementalist form of rent seeking. They profit from the building of customers and rents. The interesting question not discussed is that because we humans make use of law, religion, and market, but we choose a dominant bias with which to employ them […]

  • Dunning Kruger Never Stops

  • Non-Conflationary West

    The west is deconflationary. We do not confuse methods of arguments, disciplines that make use of them, institutions that provide and manage them. We maintain a competition, and circumvent any monopoly: *power*. |— LIMITS ——- > UTILITY ——–> GOALS/IDEALS–> LIMITS: Law, legal jurisdiction – secular jurisdiction – a discovered science of dispute resolution. UTILITY: Trade – practical jurisdiction – a […]

  • Strategies – Not Steady States

    STRATEGIES NOT STEADY STATES Communism …. (lower class – short term – consumption – r-selection ) …. (mandatory consumption) …. (reproductive offense – distribution of assets ) …. (strength in numbers) Market Government …. (middle class – medium term – production) …. (mandatory exchange) …. (productive offense – market exchange of assets) …. (strength in adaptation/evolution) Fascism …. (upper class […]

  • Definition: Paedomorphic Evolution

    It’s called Paedomorphic Evolution: Genetic Pacification selecting for lower maturity – the “juvenile”. One of which is Gracilization: loss of bone mass. The ‘strange’ sexual interests of the Japanese (and the asians) and our men’s attraction to Asian women, is very likely due to the greater paedomorphism of the asians and the lower levels of testosterone. The east and the […]

  • Women and Men

    Women exist as our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends. In that capacity we are equal. But in politics and war women are as incapable as men are of conception and birth. And it is more likely that men will give birth than women will demonstrate capability in politics and war. Dependence upon female defense of communal capital is as […]

  • It’s not that the best must rule, it’s that the worst must not.

    Just as falsification tells us what may be true by that which we cannot make false; and proofs tell us what is not false but not what is true; and the law tells us now what we must do, but only what we must not do; and evolution tells us only what fails, not what succeeds, it is not important […]

  • Man Is Merely Rational

    Man is rational. He engages in predation when it suits him, parasitism when it is possible, cooperation when it is preferable, and flight when it is necessary. Thankfully, through organizing our efforts into myth, ritual, habit, norm, and law, we can raise the cost of predation and parasitism high enough so that man chooses cooperation or flight more often than […]

  • No, Capitalism Isn’t Enough

    –“trust isn’t necessary just capitalism”— Diego Anonymous Diego, Let me correct you a bit – largely by providing you with more precise language. Capitalism – private production of goods and services by the universal distribution of private property rights – has always existed to some degree – it must for trade to exist. But, cooperation at *scale* using institutions, that […]