Category: 3.3-Epistemology

  • Decreasing The Error, Bias, And Deceit, To Identify Cheaply Opportunities To Seize

    The political questions we face are very different if we seek to eliminate error, bias, and deceit, rather than if we seek to identify optimums by which to obtain discounts. People will seize the discounts no matter what. the problem is in decreasing the error, bias, and deceit, so that those opportunities are more readily […]

  • Epistemology is a Simple Thing (Really)

    (propertarianism) (core) Recipes describe actionable knowledge that we can use to transform state. Theories describe an Opportunity Field. There exists only one epistemological method for the discovery of recipes and theories: – Observation->perception, – Free association-> wayfinding, – Hypothesis->construction, – Theory->survival from criticism, – Law->survival in the market for criticism, – Habituation -> survival, – […]

  • Taleb vs Doolittle: Demanding Skin-in-the-Game vs Involuntary Warranty

    Nassim Taleb and I are working on the same problem, which we identified by similar means: designing models. He was inspired when he designed financial risk models, and I was inspired when I designed artificial intelligences for games in anticipation of the kind of warfare we are seeing emerge today. I work bottom up (operationally), […]

  • What Does The Word ‘Is’ Mean? (The “Copula”)

    ” I promise the subject exists as the experience of… “ The cat is black = “I promise if you look at the cat it will appear to reflect the color black to you, or anyone else that observes it.” WHY DO I CARE? WHY DO YOU CARE? If you cannot make your argument without […]

  • A Hierarchy of Argumentative Truth

    (very useful) (learning propertarianism) [S]o, just take the next ten arguments that you run into (not by me, I have enough work to do, demonstrate your cunning elsewhere) try to categorize which level of truth the individual is relying upon to make his or her arguments. Once you do this a few times it will […]

  • The Costs of Truth

    [T]RUTH, HONESTY, COSTS, JUSTIFICATION, CRITICISM COSTS OF TRUTH Hierarchy of Truths by internality to externality of costs.: 1) True enough to imagine a conceptual relationship 2) True enough for me to feel good about myself. 3) True enough for me to take actions that produce positive results. 4) True enough for me to not cause […]