• The Evolution of Slaveries

    THE EVOLUTION OF SLAVERY Slavery exists wherever exit, and return to subsistence, is practically impossible. Slavery: violence slave Serfdom: land slave Employee: wage slave Consumer: credit slave Citizen: tax slave The only freedom is food, water, and shelter, self-sufficiency, with participation in the market purely voluntary. And only commissions on transactions payment for the commons. Yet all of us must […]

  • Deconflating Slavery

    DECONFLATING THE PEJORATIVE: ‘SLAVERY’ My criticism is of chattel slavery, and this is an other example of the problem of conflation and ideal types instead of spectra. – Hard Labor Slavery (‘the mines’ etc – throw them away.) – Chattel Slavery (involuntary, labor, parasitism) – Punishment Slavery (prisoners) – Debt Slavery (Bonded [restitution]) – Civic Slavery (The Military [non-substitutable payment]) […]