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  • The Three Characters of Honest Debate

    Each of these characters represents one of the three axes of coercion.  Put yourself in the center of a triangle with each of them at a corner, and try to achieve a consensus.  This is the easiest way to understand the problem of political cooperation.  Coercion isn’t possible, only exchange. GHENGIS KHAN — THOMAS JEFFERSON — MOTHER THERESA —————————————————————————————— VIOLENCE………..EXCHANGE…………SUBSIDY […]

  • Translating Nietzsche Into Propertarian Language

    “Nietzche: Man is a tortured being trapped between god and beast” Doolittle: Man is a purely rational actor having to constantly choose between the short personal gratification at the expense of others and long term gratification through cooperation with others. With the optimum solution for both short and long term is to achieve personal perfection without causing retaliation by others […]