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  • Common Shareholders Are Not Demonstrably Owners

    COMMON SHAREHOLDERS ARE NOT OWNERS OF ORGANIZATIONS Ownership: control. Ownership (control) of WHAT? Ownership denies others use, consumption, transfer, and fruits. So what ownership do shares actually convey? RESIDUAL FRUITS. Shareholdership in practice provides a limited ownership to residual capital.

  • Realities of IQ in Business

    (No jimmy, not everyone can join the upper middle class) People above 140 come up with new concepts. People above 130 come up with new business ideas. People above 120 exploit niches in markets with existing ideas. People above 110 work harder than others are willing to at capturing marginal opportunities at lower profit, that […]

  • Business Terminology, Scale.

    ESTABLISHMENT (small/craft) An establishment is a single physical location where business is conducted or where services or industrial operations are performed. FIRM (regional/industry): A firm is a business organization consisting of one or more domestic establishments in the same state and industry under common ownership or control. ENTERPRISE(National/Federation) An enterprise is a business organization consisting […]

  • A Collection of My Posts on Consulting Business, Sociology of Technology, Programming, and Artificial Intelligence

    MY POSTS ON THE CONSULTING BUSINESS, PROGRAMMING, AND AI =====CONSULTING / CONTRACTING BUSINESS ====== Sunday, January 17, 2016 at 9:45am UTC+02 CONSULTING COMPANY HIERARCHY VERTICAL AXIS: Y 6) Strategy Work. ( Presentations on Financial, Operational,Market Goals – ie: empirical analysis and planning – big players) 5) Consulting work ( Presentations on initiatives: usually consensus building […]

  • Executive Roles and Character (biz)

    [W]e are all suited for different roles. I prefer partnerships rather than hierarchies. And this is how I usually operate. SALES (PRESIDENT/CEO) – I like Sales and Revenue jobs – but it’s hard to control relationships upon which sales depend. One needs to be more intuitive and ‘likeable’, gather and distribute information, rather than creative. […]

  • Project Management In A Nutshell

    – Make a list of stuff that needs to get done. – Use that list to make a shorter list of what you can act on today that will get something done, or get the information needed to get it done, or get the information or resources to someone else needed to get something done. […]

  • How To Keep Books For Management First Rather Than For Government First.

    You cannot get a CPA to keep good books no matter what you do. Best advice is to hire an MBA as your CFO. Then strong director or CPA to work for him. CPA’s worry about compliance first and business second, and MBA’s about information for the business first, and compliance as a sunk cost. […]

  • An Environmental Software Company?

    In May, one of my business partners asked me to rescue a bit of software development that was a joint venture between a prominent politician’s environmental activism foundation, a very large software company, and one of our smaller businesses. It took me until July to weed through two years of chaos and deception to understand […]