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  • Why Is America So Complicated?

    —-”Why is America so complicated?”—-Because the experiment in middle-class rule, using the single law of reciprocity (natural law), with all legislation strictly constructed from that single law of reciprocity, and the darwinian and maxwellian revolution that explained it has been systematically undermined beginning with the civil war, exacerbated by excessive immigration in the 1920’s, and […]

  • Cultural Commentary on Americans

    Nov 17, 2016 3:17pm Americans are more friendly, humble, playful and optimistic at the cost of a general ignorance. Pub-Manners are a good protocol in small towns, Restaurant manners in cities and suburbs. We don’t really have a cafe culture outside of the coffee shops in the big cities. I love small town New England. […]

  • I Love Everyone, But We’re All Wrong

    I love Russians, Ukrainians, Estonians, Latvians, Poles, Georgians, and I probably love every christian soul on earth. What I don’t love is American neo-conservatism, Anglo-Scandianvian Pseudo-moral suicide, German Suicidal Counter-signaling, Eastern European disregard for the commons, and Russian predilection for dishonestyout of the fear of looking weak rather than honest confrontation and compromise . We […]

  • How Germans and Americans Differ

    AN EXPLANATION OF OUR DIFFERENCES There is a reason the stock market is in America, the bond market in the UK, manufacturing in Germany, and Military in Russia: risk – love of risk, pragmatic risk, fear of risk, and dread of risk. This risk perception is (as is true everywhere on earth) a reflection of […]

  • Who Will Contain American Barbarism? Not Quite: American Stupidity Maybe.

    [Q]UESTION: If we contain Russian barbarism, then who will contain American barbarism? ANSWER: Well that is not an honest statement right? It posits a false moral equivalency rather than the truth that each party is half-right. Moreover, it is easier to correct the half-right anglo island dweller political ideology, but very difficult to correct half-right […]