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  • Thoughts 10 – Antifa Is Not Anti Fascist, it’s Anti Civilization

    CORRECT ANSWER: 1) Antifa is a pro-communist organization, with pro-Marxist, pro-communist, or pro anarchist designs. The question is why are Antifa Pro-Communist, Pro Marxist, Pro Anarchist in the first place? (We know the answer.) 2) Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Neo-Marxism, Postmodernism, Anti-Male Feminism, PC/Woke, anti-colonialism, anti-whiteness, white-replacement, white-genocide movements constitute an intentional, organized, TOTAL WAR against ALL institutions and markets of […]

  • Podcast: Pivot To Good Government

    Pivot To Good Government OVERVIEW EMPHASIS 1 – Emphasize policy (benefits) 2 – Emphasize Light Secession (decentralization of norms) 2 – Emphasize constitution (processes and procedures) 3 – Emphasize means of demand (actions to produce implementation.) MESSAGE: SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE -EVERYONE WINS 4 – Maintain “Something for Everyone, but no Monopoly” …. (a) Rights of exit, secession, voluntary disassociation for […]