Part 1

The Natural Law of the European Peoples

The group evolutionary strategy of the European peoples has remained constant for thousands of years, through the bronze, iron, Mediterranean, continental, steel, naval colonial, and post-war, periods and our traditional law that reinforced that strategy remained constant independent of the various attempts at organizing rule.

In this section we codify for the first time, The Natural Law of the European Peoples in ratio-scientific form, not only to explain, and inform, but to prevent repetition of the dark ages past and present, and to provide for the European peoples that which others have codified: a logic and body of law beyond which none may tread by display word or deed – especially those in the military, state, government, treasury, and academy.

The European People

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1. The Europeans

The Law of the European People

The west never had a bible – just a canon; and that canon was written in multiple frames, including scientific, legal, philosophical, normative, literary, and theological.

Philosophy, theology, and tradition are just narratives that explain a group strategy in a grammar of wishes. Law is the evidence of what actually occurs, not what is wished for. Our Founding Fathers, through generations of the English civil wars, sought to reduce that canon to constitution. But they lacked the skill we developed in the 20th because of programming, the sciences, and the collapse of the philosophical program. They were successful despite those weaknesses as long as the heroic narrative of the revolution persisted, or what the founders said was dependent upon the moral teachings of the church.

The failure of the church to reform in the face of Darwin and the sciences, the replacement of the church with the academy, the capture of the academy by the immoral left, combined with Anti-whiteness, under the guise of privilege, colonialism, and slavery (not unique to whites at all) provided the means of undermining that narrative, and

So we must complete the greco-roman-germanic-anglo-american research program and produce that bible in the form of a constitution such that no narrative can undermine it, without causing our retaliation.

We need to create the white law – a rational, scientific, western competitor to Jewish law and Muslim sharia. A strict construction from our founding differences: sovereignty and reciprocity, truth and duty, judge and jury, heroism and excellence, family and commons, and the market for voluntary cooperation in all walks of life – that together produce the social-political and economic order most rapidly open to adaptation and innovation.

We need a constitution and a law closed to interpretation open to innovation, but beyond which no man, private, public, or foreign may tread.

Heroism and excellence, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth, and Duty, Judge and Jury, and markets in all aspects of life: association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, polities, and war.

That is the secret to western civilization. Sovereignty – and its consequences.

2. The Law of The European People

Our Achievements

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Our Failings

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Part 2

Mankind ( Descriptive )


1. Man

2. Mind and Consiousness

3. Sex Differences

4. Personality, Intelligence, Morality

6. Classes Differences

7. Species and Races



Man is the measure of all things to man. Meaning that man’s categories of cognition are determined by his brain structure and his brain structure is evolved and organized for humans to act at human scale.



All behavior is reducible to the incentive to acquire interests. We can enumerate those categories of interests we seek to acquire. we remember those things we have invested in as costs, and defend those costs. (our complex interests some of which are our possessions )

We provide a list of categories that explain the sum total of what people seek to acquire an ‘interest’ in.

Acquisition and Demonstrated Interest


Emotions Are Reactions to Changes in State of “capital”

Emotions are reactions to changes in state of “capital” that we either have, or might have: obtaining it, saving it, or holding options on past present and future utility of it. That utility can reduce our physical, intellectual, emotional, reproductive, or time costs. Our “values” influence us in the sense that the value we attribute to any given form of capital varies according to our gender, class, ability, condition, and inventory of existing capital.




AGENCY (will to power)

( … )



( … )


Cooperation (Ethics)


“Man Cooperates”

1 – Man must act cooperatively to disproportionately improve the acquisition of resources.
2 – Man must act to preserve and extend cooperation to preserve the disproportion­ate rewards of acquisition through cooperation.


We don’t start with morality. We start with needing an incentive not to engage in parasitism and predation which for the strong is the preferable state of affairs. The only incentive possible is reciprocity because of the long term gains of scale. Everyone else starts with the presumption that cooperation at any cost is a good. We start with the presumption that only reciprocity is a good. We are right and they are parasites.



Man is rational. He engages in predation when it suits him, parasitism when it is possible, cooperation when it is preferable, and flight when it is necessary.

Man is not good or bad, he is rational in his choice of cooperation, parasitism, or predation. We must provide him the incentive to choose cooperation. We must not pretend he does not need the incentive.

Thankfully, through organizing our efforts into myth, ritual, habit, norm, and law, we can raise the cost of predation and parasitism high enough so that man chooses cooperation or flight more often than parasitism or predation.

Our deprivation of his opportunity for parasitism and predation do not change the nature of man – because man is rational. We simply eliminate those less able to cooperate and produce, and provide disincentives to those that remain, thereby creating an imbalance of incentives and proclivity for cooperation and production.





( … )

1. Reciprocity 


Science absolutely positively can tell you the answer to ethics and morality.

Morality, including the moral instincts, consist in reciprocity within the limits of proportionality, where reciprocity consists of limiting our actions to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfer( trade, consumption, harm, destruction, loss) of demonstrated interests free of imposition of costs upon demonstrated interests of others by externality. That’s morality. It’s got to be or evolution (physics) wouldn’t tolerate our existence as a species.

There is no difference between physics (involuntary change), economics (productive cooperation), and morality (social cooperation), except we have memory so can invest in and borrow from one another across time (. All that varies is the level of immorality tolerated given the stage of development in the current military, political, and economic circumstances.

So yes, science has told us what manners, ethics, morals, consist of. They cannot tell you what those range of actions will be in three years any more than economics can tell you that, because what constitutes reciprocity within the limits of proportionality, varies with the structure of production of polities, commons, goods, services, and information.

So we absolutely positively know what the physical and natural laws consist of – because they’re the same – we can judge borrow from one another or invest in one another and punish one another for violating those investments and borrowings (thefts, parasitism, free riding), and we do so by moral intuition we call “altruistic punishment’ – the payment of high personal costs of punishment of others to preserve the high value of trust in cooperation (borrowing, investing) in one another, because of the impossible-to-replace returns on cooperation – wherever cooperation is reciprocal: productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary, transfers, and free of negative externality.

And good luck refuting that scientific claim – because you will not be able to without violating it. It’s a physical law of conscious, cooperative, species beyond which no conscious cooperative species can survive.

Evil < Immoral < Unethical < Amoral > Ethical > Moral > Good

2. Morality


( … )

Tolerance Forbearance


( … )


Production (Economics)

“Man Produces”


Our first resource is time. our development of action, sentience, intelligence, cooperation, division of labor, writing, narrative, numbers, money, accounting, reason, law and science serves to produce increasing returns on time. When we increase our numbers in physical space we decrease opportunity costs (time). When we increase incremental suppression of parasitism and free riding, we decrease transaction costs (time). trades, money, savings, store time – time to trade with others.




Intertemporal Division of Perception, Cognition, Knowledge, Labor, and Advocacy
Humans form a division of perception in that progressives and libertarians have specialist moral intuitions suited to their roles in the community, whereas conservatives give equal weight to the six moral dimensions of (care, fairness, liberty, loyalty, authority, purity). These differences on moral intuitions suit individuals to different roles in a polity:

      • “Conservatives” – Voluntary Organization of Cooperation.
      • “Libertarians” – Voluntary Organization of Production.
      • “Progressives” – Voluntary Organization of Reproduction.

Humans form a division of cognition in that we can classify people with different levels of ability, from those that learn by repetition, to those that learn by imitation, to those that learn by instruction, to those that learn by reading, to those that can model machines,to those that can synthesize ideas, to those that can model abstractions.

Humans form a division of knowledge with each containing local information about their inventories of property and specialist knowledge upon which others depend. As we depend more upon the memories and actions of third parties, trust becomes necessary for complex information networks to evolve between humans.

Humans form multiple divisions of labor, a reproductive division of labor between the genders in the production of new generations and a productive division of labor in the production of goods and services, as well as the production of commons.

Humans form a division of advocacy where conservatives advocate total constraint on consumption (saving), libertarians advocate meritocratic constraint on consumption (production), and progressives advocate consumption (nurture).


The Origin of Our Prosperity

“We are not wealthier than cavemen, we have merely made everything unimaginably cheaper by voluntarily cooperating in a vast division of perception, cognition, knowledge, advocacy, and labor, using institutions of calculation – all evolutions of language – and institutions that employ them, the most important of which is law and that law we call Tort.”

Division of Knowledge and Labor



Weights and Measures


Instrumentation, Information and Ignorance (and money)





(discount on the opportunity to inform, associate, produce…)

Signaling,   the conformative economy

Direction of Conformity

Manners, Ethics,  Morals, Traditions

Virtue Signaling Economy

Virtue Spirals

Competing Economies


(identity here)





“Man is Compatible not Equal”



Variation in Gender

Variation in Market Value to Others

Sexual, social, economic, political, military market value.


Information – Informational Market Value

Association – Social (Status) Market Value

Reproduction – Sexual Market Value

Cooperation – Cooperative market value

Production – Economic Market Value

Commons – Political Market Value

Polities – Coercive Market Value

Wars – Military Market Value


( …. )




(we sort as much as we organize – important, but not sufficiently explored concept – neighborhoods work etc.)

( …  )


( … ) (genetic sortition)



( … )



Each of the three classes, into which humans divide, specialize in one of the following three coercive technologies:

    • Moral Coercive Power – The use of “words and signals” in order to influence people to behave in a way by the threat of imposition of social costs (opportunity costs).
    • Economic Coercive Power – The use of “money and assets” in order to compel people to behave in a way by the promise of material rewards (good and services).
    • Physical Coercive Power – The use of “armies and weapons” in order to coerce people to behave in a way under the threat of physical violence (physical costs).

By combined use of the three weapons, a group can coerce quite effectively, the government can use all those weapons to keep control of its subjects, with most people being controlled by propaganda and lies (moral coercion), others being bought with a position in the bureaucracy (economic coercion) and the rest of the malcontents being suppressed by police force (physical coercion).

Intertemporal Division of Reproductive Perception Knowledge Labor and Advocacy: The difference between the feminine (short term), libertarian (medium term) and conservative (long term) moral biases constitutes an intertemporal division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, and advocacy.

The way we ‘calculate’ what is ‘good’ is through voluntary exchanges: cooperation. So the fact that we have different biases provides necessary and advantageous specializations, and our principal problem then is providing ‘markets’ by which we can cooperate and ‘calculate’ group needs through constant exchanges.

By choice of individual sovereignty, we limit ourselves to natural law. By the choice of natural law we limit ourselves to markets in everything. By limiting ourselves to markets in everything we produce markets for association, cooperation, mating and reproduction, production commerce and trade, the production of commons (government), and the production of polities (Armies and Territories and Rule).


For all intents and purposes, with wide individual variation, physical attractiveness (which yes, is a universal), fitness, IQ, and personality, serve as a rough indicator of class.

For all intents and purposes, intelligence serves as a personality trait – and perhaps the dominant personality trait.

For all intents and purposes, personality and physique require exercise in order to produce individual fitness. (This being the primary failure of the 20th century – personality training. )


Instead of one class hierarchy there are three. Societies are dominated by some arrangement of these three methods of coercion (Military and law, finance and commerce, priesthood and public intellectuals). Each fights for power, with the core of the population shifting under who best serves them, while at the same time protecting them from outside competition.

Within those classes we see genetic, social, and economic classes. Genetic roughly reflecting reproductive desirability. Social roughly reflecting manners, norms, and education, and economic/political reflecting achievements.




( …. ) division of civilizational labor


“Man Organizes”

The markets for organization:  normative, productive, social, political



Economic Orders


( … )




( … )





( … )

The Production of Commons

Civilization consists in the evolutionary institutional production of commons to defeat time at scale

( … )





Group Strategy


“Man Wars”

WAR ORDERS (Military Strategy)


. . .

. . .

Part 3

Limitation (Law)


In order to cooperate and expand cooperation, humans require incremental suppression of impositions of cost upon their demonstrated property as relationships move from local to global and become anonymous.

At first humans organize in order to partially suppress imposition of costs (criminal), namely violence, this results in innovations on parasitism that moves to theft and fraud (ethical), as those get suppressed, we have private property, but parasitism evolves towards deception and organized forms of parasitism (moral and conspiratorial).

(List of “discounts”:

As such one can judge the moral state of a polity by comparison with the list of all forms of free-riding and those which they actually suppress by their law.

By near total suppression of imposed costs and the absolute nuclear family, we force individuals into market cooperation instead of parasitism (which limits parasitism even within the family), this results in a highly eugenic (meritocratic) civilization which suppresses lower class reproduction.

In order to create incentives for the lower classes to abide by rule of law, they’re compensated with dividends obtained in exchange for forgone opportunities of parasitism and for the policing of the commons.







Humans defend commons into which they have invested resources, that follows from the definition of demonstrated property, as such, we can consider information as a commons and prohibit the “pollution” of that commons as we do with other commons such as rivers.

As such, a requirement of truthful speech (testimonialism) forms a new kind of warranty, just like warranties given to the quality of goods and services, we must now warrant any information we use in public discourse about matters of commons. This does not mean that we must prohibit conflationary and inspirational discourse in private, for pedagogical, aesthetic and hypothetical (meaningful) purposes.

Testimonialism stands as a warranty in matters of law (and contract), where the discovery of law must pass through all of the criticisms, for this reason we have both empiricism (as in the common law) and operationalism (strict construction).

While we protect the life, and property,  the contract of marriage, the physical commons (land, water, air, infrastructure), our institutional commons (govts, laws, even traditions), and even fine arts and monuments; and while we protect the market of products and the market for services, one thing we do not protect is the market for information. We can extend the demand for due diligence that we require in the markets for goods and services to the market for information. But that requires a test of truthful speech: a warranty of due diligence.

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Part 4

The Method

Knowledge (Epistemology)




1. Adversarialism 

The Method

1. The Method  


( … )

2. The Arguments


If you study math, programming, the physical sciences, economics, or law, you will notice the similarity, in that there are n-number of software design patterns at every level of complexity; n-number of physical laws at every level of complexity; there are n-number of economic ideas at every level of complexity; and n-number of properties of law at contract, jurisprudence, and state authority; and you learn the economic ideas by the association with the author, and the legal ideas by association with a case; the programming ideas by label, example or function, and the mathematic ideas at every increase in dimensions (shapes) by the most absurd archaic nonsense language humanly possible.

That there is a regular, obvious pattern to the available operations at every level of complexity, where a level is defined as the set of operations possible before a subsequent operation is possible. In other words, you can’t make a molecule without an element, or an element without an elementary particle, or an elementary particle without the elementary forces.

This is what The Grammars in Propertarianism explain.

This particular pattern will explain language to you in a way that will explain all languages to you whether that language is one we speak, or one consisting of operations possible in the physical, sentient, and social world.

3. The Grammars



We increase the precision of the term ‘true’ by asking whether a question is decidable, presumptively good as a general rule, personally preferable,  useful, possible, undecidable, or unknowable.

|Decidability| decidable < presumptively good as a general rule < personally preferable < useful < possible <undecidable, < or unknowable

4. Decidability



Testimony that provides decidability satisfies the demand for infallibility.


5. Testimony

Due Diligence

6. Due Diligence


7. Warranty

8. Liability

9. Restitution, Punishment, Prevention

Strict Construction

10. Algorithmic (Strict) Construction


( … )

. . .

. . .

Part 5

Application of the Natural Law

( … )

1. Government and Law

2. Government

3. Law

4. Norms

5. Marriage and Family

6. Education

7. Economics

8. Physical Science

9. Mathematics

10. Philosophy

11. The Pseudosciences

12. Religion

The Pursuit of Non-False Religion

Natural Law (P-Law) is compatible with religion. It’s that (a) Abrahamic religion is incompatible with testimonial truth; (b) testimonial truth is necessary to suppress de-civilization, destruction, and conquest by islam, judaism, and jewish marxism, postmodernism, feminism, and evolutionary science denialism – the purpose of which is to prevent continued transcendence of many into gods with european understanding of the language and words of the gods: math, science, the laws of nature, and the natural law of man; (c) nature thanks, ancestor thanks, civilizational-hero thanks, archetype thanks, the stoic method of virtue and mindfulness, and the epicurean philosophy, invented by europeans, constitute the only non-false religion we know of other than east asian ancestor worship, buddhist mindfulness, confucian wisdom, and ethnocentrism: self-love.

We cannot produce a body of law free of falsehood, and that restores unification of church and state, with a religion compatible with the physical, natural, and transcendent laws, that closes the door to another body of undermining with the Abrahamic, female method of destruction of civilization by false promise of unwarrantable freedom from laws of nature, natural law of man, and necessity of evolutionary transcendence of man, baiting into hazard, creating conflict between the elites, classes, genders, and generations, destroying the informational, institutional, civil, familial, commons upon which our high trust civilization depends – and profiting from the managed decline.

The only difficulty in this process is that christians resist the final reformation of their religion out of abrahamic deceit and into the imitation of Jesus – the invention of the feminine god of those who suffer – compatible with european civilization’s masculine gods, regardless of their names: Washington, Caesar, Jupiter, Dius, Zeus, Ziu, Tyr, Tiwaz, Dayus Pitar “sky father”; Alexander, Mercury, Thor; And the rest – “the gods of those who joy”.

A non-false religion consists in one that is not in conflict with Laws of Nature, Natural Law, or the Law of Transcendence – the continued evolution of man into omniscience, omnipotence, and immortality, written in the language of those laws – math, science, natural law – that teaches us debt to nature, our ancestors, their heroes, those laws, and adherence to those laws.

That is the perfect, non false, religion.

If there is a god or are gods, that is the only religion commensurable with the evidence of their writing, and their words – the laws of the nature universe, and of natural law of man, and of the law of transcendence, the evolution of man into gods.

(Religion is answered in Part 2 below.)

13. Aesthetics

( … )

. . .

. . .

Part 6

An Indictment: A Case for War

A prosecutorial indictment of enemies past and present, as the cause of the conflict. There is blame for the enemy and blame for ourselves. But regardless of blame, we must act for not only our people, our civilization, but to protect mankind from its only existential threat from within.

(~6000 words.)

1. The Conflict  

The Century of The Jewish Counter-Revolution Against Darwin and Darwinian Civilization

European Civilization’s Eugenic, Darwinian, Strategy
The European peoples have been able to evolve genetically, culturally, economically, technologically and scientifically faster than all other peoples in the ancient and modern worlds because of our traditions of:
… self determination, sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, excellence, heroism, rule of law and jury, and markets in all aspects of life;

… the market for suppression of parasitism we call the law, and the market for reciprocity in the production of goods, services, and information, evolve as rapidly as possible,

… advancing productive innovations in each other’s interests, and suppression innovations in parasitism against others interests, in exchange for softly suppresses the rates of reproduction of the underclasses,

… allowing us to divert proceeds from our production to the commons, and the higher returns for all from those commons, the most important of which are truth before face, trust, artistic, scientific, technological, economic adaptive and and innovative velocity, and the prosperity, joy, and peace of mind that results from it.

Western civilization is not the first, but it is the fastest, in the prehistoric, ancient, and modern worlds, sovereignty expands human ability most rapidly for the simple reason that market rule, limited by natural law. creates both the most incentive to innovate and change, and the least resistance to innovation and change, that are possible at any given moment.

The Restoration of European Civilization
I – The restoration of Aristotle, the restoration of writing, and the Re-separation of Germanic from Latin Civilization.
… 1. 1100-1300- The turn of islam to fundamentalism, the flight of islamic scholars, the return of Aristotle by muslim scholars, their translation into latin,
… 2. The European Re-Conquest of spain.
… 3. The Evolution of the Hansa and the completion under the Holy Roman Empire of the Rule of Law project, contractualism, individual sovereignty, mobile labor, capital concentration, the corporation.
… 3. The Ottoman conquest of Byzantium, fall of Constantinople, the muslim blockade, the search for alternate trade routes, the age of sail, the age of muslim piracy, the age of exploration, the age of colonization.

II – The First British Scientific Revolution 1600’s+
… 1. Newton 1660, Locke, Smith, Hume.
… 2. The defeat of the ottomans, and the final constraint of islam after a thousand years of raids, slaving, piracy, conquest and subjugation.

III – The Continental Secular Theological Counter-Revolution
… 1. The French Counter-Revolution Rousseau (1700’s)
… 2. The German Counter-Revolution Kant et al (1800’s)

IV – The Second Anglo-German Scientific Revolution 1830+
(Menger, Darwin, Spencer, Maxwell, Hilbert…)

1. The Jewish Pseudoscientific Counter- Revolution 1850
… The anglo enfranchisement of the jews
… (a) The Marxist and Jewish undermining of the HRE.
… (a) The Bolshevik overthrow of Russian civilization
… (b) The Communist Undermining of Germanic civilization
… (c) The Communist seizure of power in France.
… (d) The Communist, marxist, postmodernist, invasion and undermining of America.

V – The Anglo American Technological Revolution
(Turing, Edison-N, Telecom, Radio, Transistors, Computers,)
… (a) (Ongoing.)

The History of The Jewish Counter-Revolution
1. Marxism(1850+): To cast jewish condition as a universal condition. To undermine cooperation between the classes. To undermine white ascent into capital concentration.
2. Freudianism(90′-20’s): To undermine Darwin and Instincts
3. Boasianism(10-20’s): To undermine Darwin and integration
4. Cantor and Bohr: To undermine mathematical realism.
5. Neo-Marxism(50’s+): To undermine Darwinian Cultural Homogeneity.
(Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Erich Fromm, and Herbert Marcuse, Antonio Gramsci)
6. Feminism(60’s+): To undermine Darwin and the Family.
7. Postmodernism(70’s+): To undermine Darwin,Truth, Science, Reason.
8. HBD-Denialism(80’s+): To blatantly deny Darwin and Evolution
9. Identitarianism(90’s+): To undermine the Darwinian White Peoples

The Group Strategy of The Left: Defeat Darwin to Facilitate Separatism.
The entire ideology of the left is to resist integration, to preserve their parasitic group strategy, to preserve their female means of undermining, to deny the Darwinian revolution and the necessity of paternal, hierarchical, market meritocratic consumption and reproduction.

All political conflict is reducible to this question
The right practices markets in everything: darwinian evolution.
The ideological left denies evolutionary pressure exists.
The theological right only debates its cause.
This is why the right is ‘right’ even if for the wrong reason.

LEFT: Maternal, equalitarian, dysgenic devolutionary
RIGHT: Paternal, meritocratic, eugenic evolutionary.

Revolt. Separate. Continue to Speciate.
Return to our ancestral means of conquest, rule, and darwinian domestication of man by markets.

2. The Histories

3. Religion

This Con?ict that Undermines Our Civilization from Within.

Humans evolved at least three sets of faculties: the physical-sensory, the
intuitinistic-emotional, and the rational-intellectual. And we evolved ‘grammars’ (paradigms and logics) to express the experience of those faculties. Because those different experiences require different metrics(systems of measurement) and descriptions (analogies) of expression.

Scientific experience in scienti?c testimony, in expressions of empirical natural law (intellectual). Ordinary language for discourse for conduct of daily life (physical). And Mystical experience expressed in poetry, the development of mythical and religious structures that send one down a destination-less path into the ephemeral (intuitionistic-emotional).

The question is, must they be coherent compatible and commensurable even if they are expressed in different grammars: de?ationary-scienti?c vs in?ationary-poetic.

And my answer is yes.
There is no reason for con?ict.
And it is this con?ict that undermines our civlization from within.

We Know The Name of the Devil

Europeans speak in the language of the gods, written in the hand of the gods:
math, science, physical law, natural law, and testimony.

Christianity, Islam, Marxism, Postmodernism, Feminism, Libertarianism and Neoconservatism all bait us into hazard — so do Freudianism, Boasianism, Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness, and Human-Biodiversity-Denialism. They teach us to lie. To Deny the language of the gods, written in the hands of the gods, and our means of transcendence into gods: evolution.

If you are a devil what do you seek?
To prevent man’s transcendence into gods.
To deny evolution: the means by which we transcend into gods ourselves.

If you are a devil what language would you speak?
What does our foundational myth of the blacksmith and the devil tell us?
The devils bait you into hazard with false promise. False promise of life after death, false promise of freedom from the physical and natural laws and the demands of evolution that transcend man into gods.

We know the name of the devil.
His name was Abraham.
He was from Ur.

4. The Crimes

5. The Lies

Supporting Documents

A Judgement

( … )

1. Judgment

2. Sentencing

3. Enforcement: Threats, Charges, and Duties

4. Letters of Marque 

. . .

. . .

Part 7

The Introduction to the Reformation And Revolution

This constitution isn’t just a proposal. It is an offer of the terms of settlement prior to the escalation of hostilities in what will be the bloodiest civil war in human history with consequence that propagate across globe, and alter the course of human history, on a scale not seen since the fall of the roman empire – worse than the world wars.  And as such a proposition for settlement is incomplete and insufficient without the threat of the promise of consequences if mutually tolerable terms are not met.

  1. A Revolution: The Introduction

The Declaration of Reformation

The Declaration, mirroring the original Declaration of Independence states the case for reformation of all governments under the existing constitution; the crimes that this government has allowed against our people; the condition of the federal government as one of empire against the interests of the people; the vulnerability of the governments and the empire;  an appeal to accept this constitution on moral grounds; and the threat we make if any resists;

  1. The Declaration

The Reformation of the Constitution

The preamble provides an explanation of the human need for political organizations, the development of the european contractual model of political organization; the purpose of a constitution as a means of engineering and operating such organizations; the unequalled success of the constitutional model of engineering and operating polities; the failures of our constitution, our jurists, and our people to adapt to innovations in violations of the Natural Law of the European Peoples; how to correct those failures; The demands of the current condition of our peoples; Our available choices for the correction of the current conditions under that law; The choice we propose; and the amendments to the existing constitution to bring

  1. The Preamble

The Articles

  1. Article I – Man
  2. Article II – The Law
  3. Article III – Rights and Obligations
    Video: Articles I, II, III.
  4. Article IV – The Court
  5. Article V Section I – The State
  6. Article V Section II – The Military, Regiments, and Militia
  7. Article V Section III – The Treasury
  8. Article V Section IV – The Insurer of Last Resort
  9. Article VI – The Government of the State
  10. Article VII – The Governments of the Several States
  11. Article VIII – The People
  12. Article IX – The Economy
  13. Article X – The Commons
  14. Article XI – Commerce and Cooperation
  15. Article XII – Marriage, Family, Children
  16. Article XIII – Training: Religion, Fitness, Education, Training,
  17. Article XIV – The Territories, Monuments, Arts, and Letters
  18. Article XV – Articles of Devolution

The Restitutions Upon Necessity of Revolutionary and  Civil War

  1. Article XVI – Restitutions and Punishments

Single Page, and Printable View:

The Constitution in a Single Document


Introductory Videos by John Mark

  1. Reciprocity
  2. The Number One Job of Government
  3. The Constitution – Overview (coming soon… )
  4. Harnessing the Power of Western Civilization
  5. Future Geostrategic Conditions
  6. Civil War 2 – Who Will Win?
  7. Civil War 2 – What Come After?

Note: The hierarchy of legal terms (Article, Section etc) is as under:

a) Article
b) Section
c) Rules
d) Regulations.
e) Clause

The Course and Conduct of A Civil War

—“The purpose of our position on civil war is to remind both sides that the unthinkable is not only thinkable, but possible, if not probable – and that’s why we need to take positive action to resolve our differences. And that we recommend peaceful separation.”— John and Curt

  • Fourth Generation Warfare: End of European Domestication of War
  • Optimum Strategy
  • Strategic Options and Historical Precedents (raid, raid-siege)

( … )

An Appeal to the Civilizations of the World

  • Eastern Europe (links to …)
  • Russia
  • India
  • China
  • Africa

And to Western Peoples:

  • Americans
  • Europeans
  • Canadians
  • Australians and New Zealanders

. . .

. . .


—“Revolt, Separate, Specialize, Prosper, Speciate, and Transcend Animal Man.”—

How Do We Create a Reformation?

[S]tarting a revolution as an expression of frustration doesn’t necessarily bring change for the better. And some revolutions have far worse results than their original states: France and Russia in particular.

To implement change one has to have something to demand. And what one demands has to satisfy a lot of people‘s interests. Those demands have to be possible to put into operational processes that we call ‘institutions‘. They have to be possible to persist regardless of the beliefs of the participants. To persist they have to create the right incentives.

  1. So to create a revolution you need moral authority – something that people will willingly use violence to bring about. And as a moral imperative, and moral justification,  TRUTH IS ENOUGH. We are tired of lies, pseudoscience, and obscurant rational justifications. We are tired of our elites burning our civilization. The truth is enough. Unlike gossip, guilting and shaming. And unlike pseudo-science and propaganda, the truth is expensive.  Truth is the most powerful argumentative weapon ever developed. And Propertarianism teaches us how to demand truth and speak the truth.
  2. After moral authority, you need a political solution – a set of demands, and in sufficient detail that it is possible to discuss rationally and implement as formal institutions.
  3. Then you need a sufficient plan of transition that a revolution isn’t necessary, and people don‘t die by the millions to do it.
  4. Then you need a method of altering the status quo – not a plan – for nullification, secession, revolution, and civil war – and hope you can accomplish it with incremental nullification and secession … but willing to conduct a revolution or civil war if need be. And you pursue all of them at once.
  5. Then you need an ‘organization‘ – a group of people who act as the general staff that answers questions and propose ideas on how to implement, how to transition and how to raise the cost of the status quo so that the transition is preferable to the uncertainty and instability.
  6. Then you need a small number of people willing to die for their people, culture, and civilization, but who have a reasonable belief that their sacrifice is not in vain.

We live in the most fragile time in history. It no longer takes masses in the streets to bring about revolution. It takes a small number of people to increase the friction of daily life. It has never been easier to create a revolution. Our people just need a plan, moral authority, and something to demand.

To bring about a reformation or revolution one must provide it to them.

A Moral License. A Set of Demands. A Plan of Transition. A Means of altering the status quo. 

Therefore, we provide them all.


The Declaration of Reformation

“Moderation is no virtue in the protection of self determination by sovereignty, reciprocity, the markets that result, rule of law enforcing them; extremism in their defense is no vice. Those who seek power, whether for what they regard as good, or to rebel against the good they regard bad, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth, by violating the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, of the heavens, earth, and life itself.” – (The original was imprecise)

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the political institutions, treaties, laws, agreements, capital, and territorial commons which have united them, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect for the opinions of all mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all individuals, all families, and all peoples are created unequal in ability, potential, and circumstance; but that to cooperate in peace and prosperity despite our inequality we must voluntarily cooperate on shared means, even if on differing ends; and to create, encourage, and to preserve our cooperation, our actions must be limited by, and our disputes must be decided by, the equal application of the Natural Law of Self-Determination by Sovereignty and Reciprocity that requires productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary, exchange of demonstrated interests, free of the imposition of costs by externality, against the demonstrated interests of others.

And as such we must establish equal rights under the Natural Law of Reciprocity; and that among these rights is the right to Life, Body, Mind, Action and the Pursuit and Accumulation of Demonstrated Interests for the benefit of Self, Family, Clan, Tribe, Kin, Nation, and Civilization  And should we succeed, we all have the greatest opportunity to pursue individual, familial, and group happiness that is possible for mankind to achieve.

That to secure these rights, the institutions of Rule of Law under the Natural Law of Self Determination by Sovereignty and Reciprocity, Men organize States, Courts, Governments, and Polities, deriving their just powers from the consent of the Citizens within that Natural Law.

That upon Securing those rights by Constitution, Military, State, and Court, we seek to bring into being Governments, and to use those Governments, within those Rights, Court, State, Military, and Constitution, to collect and use some portion of the proceeds of our cooperation to produce our preferred Commons, serving our different demands for Commons, according to our different wants and needs, of our different people.

And that just as Market for association, cooperation, reproduction, we call Society satisfy our demands for cooperation, and Market for goods, services, and information satisfy our demands needs and wants for capitalizing, production, and consumption we call the Economy, the Market for Governments satisfy our demands, needs, and wants for capitalizing, production, or consumption we call the Commons.

And whenever the demand for society, economy, or polity comes to conflict given our individual and group differences, especially that which threatens civil war, we can and must under the natural law of self-determination by sovereignty and reciprocity preserve one another’s rights to self-determination by sovereignty and reciprocity by voluntarily disassociating and producing polities, economies, and societies anew.

And that whenever any State or Government becomes destructive of these ends: the natural law, our constitution of it, our rights under it, and our social, economic, and political wants and needs within them, it is the Right and Obligation of the People to alter or to abolish State or Government or both, and to institute new States and Governments, laying their foundation on the same principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to produce and preserve those rights and achieve those desired ends.

Prudence dictates that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly, all experience has shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to deprive them of their rights, it is their right, it is their duty, and it is the demand of Nature and Nature’s God, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their security, rights, and prosperity.

Such has been the patient sufferance of our Families, Clans, Tribes, and Nations; and such is now the necessity which impels them to alter their former Systems of Government.

The history of the present Federal Government, all its Branches and all its Bureaucracies, and its influencers and conspirators, domestic and foreign, is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object circumvention of Natural Law, the deprivation of our Sovereignty and Self Determination, and the subjugation of the different States and their peoples to an empire, by the subversion of the ancestral rights of the European Peoples, the British peoples, the American Peoples, and the Constitution upon which our States were found, and the terms by which our ancestors, and their present generations consent to be governed under it.

To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world:


Man’s perception of a kaleidic universe, and our endless need to defeat the dark forces of scarcity, time and ignorance, man must discover opportunities from the present availability of coincidences of resources, knowledge, and novelties, then school, flock, and swarm to exhaust them until we must again diverge and seek opportunities anew; producing regular cycles of expansion by momentum; developing temporarily sustainable networks of specialization and trade, followed by a sudden contraction of that momentum, then the desperate search for the discovery of new opportunities, and reorganization into temporarily sustainable networks of specialization and trade anew. The greater the field of opportunities, the smaller each, but the lower cost of reorganization as each fails. The greater any opportunity, the more school, flock, and swarm to it, the greater the cost of reorganization as it fails.

Governments like markets must adapt to circumstances for the same reasons: concentrating effort and resources under duress, concentrating effort and resources in innovation and markets under calm, and redistributing rewards in times of windfalls – but never limiting the State, its organs, economy, or people to dependence upon a future as optimistic, or more so than the present.

Amidst these vacillations, the virtue of the individual, the family, the polity, the state, or the civilization is determined less by the few wisdoms we demonstrate, than by the many follies that we avoid. The most common follies and failures of individual and business virtue are attempting to sustain household spending in the face of a sustained decline in income and income potential, the subsequent risky investment in new income opportunities. The most common failures of political virtue are the attempt to sustain the political network against an impossible exhaustion of the current cycle of available opportunities given the people, resources, technology, and knowledge at hand; the conversion of a domestic economy into an internationally dependent economy by military or financial expansion of control of trade, trade routes, and finance of those trade routes – that like any entrepreneurial adventure will run its course, and for which there is no possible substitution of revenues; the dilution of the population and its virtues which made its rise possible, from necessary pacification of conquered peoples converting from kinship state to commercial empire. The attempt to circumvent this declining opportunity and preserve the state’s clientele by political and military ventures the returns of which are limited; the expansion of debt necessary to do so; the sacrifice of domestic investment to do so; creating a repeating cycle that can only end in collapse and the impossibility of a recovery given the vast hierarchy of relations and incentives that must be reorganized for a far smaller set of opportunities.

But the worst failure of political virtue is the abandonment of rational and empirical government, the adoption of a pseudo-moral, ideological, pseudoscientific, or theological replacement for rational and empirical judgement in government, the subsequent delivery of the people to a self-interested, profiteering bureaucracy, and domestic and international financial interests, and the incremental development of a hierarchy of insidious lies to cover their collective false promises, that cause collapse of cooperation between the people from within – and where prior failings of virtue are but wishful thinking, this failing of virtue is a betrayal and insidious treason against them.

Thus we discover the face of our present crisis of Governance.

The Conflict of Our Age Repeats The Conflict of the Ages

Europeans and Europeans alone discovered, adapted to, and applied, the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of Nature, and Nature’s God – and first among those laws, the natural law of sovereignty, reciprocity, and truth in testimony, regardless of cost, to self, others or status quo.

With those discoveries, Our European ancestors created common law and jury, Rule of Law and Government under rule of law, reason, and science, technology and medicine, the balance of powers between war, law, and faith, and that discovery of our merits in the service of one another we call markets, at the cost of limiting the reproduction of those unfit – and with them domesticated ourselves, and sought to domesticate those we conquered.

And they transformed themselves and others by the heroism and tragedy of markets, competition, and war. Europeans and Europeans alone had discovered those laws and applied those laws: heroism in ourselves, and duty to one another, and joy in life, despite the tragedy of those laws – as our means of transcending them.

And we dragged mankind – far more so than all others combined – in the three great ages of history, out of superstition, ignorance, poverty, starvation, and disease, and into plenty such that it strains the fertility and fecundity of this earth that birthed us and we live upon.

But when we set upon the domestication of others, we found the tragedy of the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, was too much for less hardened men to bear. We found them unfit for the tragedy of the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, and the cost of constraining births, by demonstrating their fitness in the markets of the civilization we had built with them.

And this is the cause of the great conflict of history. That conflict between European and Sinic civilizations both organized to transcend man, and the people of the Middle East who are organized to stop, undermine, and reverse the transcendence of man, and those that cannot transcend of their own accord.

This is the uncomfortable truth of European and Sinic civilization: we profited from the domestication of ourselves, and others, and in doing so were the only peoples to transcend. Even then only Europeans could face the tragedy of those laws, and commit to bearing cost truth before face regardless of the cost to self others and harmony – from which rule of law science, medicine, and technology ascend. While only the Chinese discovered the means of incremental assimilation. The result was European velocity of innovation versus Sinic Patience for Assimilation – and this contrast was the result of differences in our security and numbers.

And our British Civilization of which we are inheritors, like the Indo-European expansion of the primacy of man; the Greek expansion of reason and Roman expansion of organization; the European expansion of the age of sail; and the British industrial, scientific and technological revolution of our age, each met with counter-revolution against the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, and against European man’s effort to transcend themselves, and profit from the transcendence of mankind by the application of those laws.

And it is this current cycle, this counter-revolution against the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, that brings about the present crisis and by our will, comes to a close.

The Present Injustices Against Our People

And Elites have;

(a) Decided that the World Cosmopolitan Project project of monopoly global government, finance, trade, and unlimited migration is more profitable for them and their world peers, than the national project for preserving and advancing the interests of our people, our Commons, our High Trust and our rights to life, sovereignty, reciprocity,  liberty, and the Pursuit and Accumulation of Demonstrated Interests for the benefit of Self, Family, Clan, Tribe, Kin, Nation, and Civilization.

(b) Have allied with enemy interests hostile to the interests of Our People and conspire with them to deprive us of our Self-Determination and Sovereignty in furtherance of this world project.

(c) Immigrated people hostile to European civilization, and our progress in self-domestication by the laws of nature and nature’s god, and willing or unfit to adapt to those laws.

(d) Ceased the successful program of integrating people into our civilization, allowing the enemy interests to spread amongst our young.

(e) Designed, funded, and developed a program to resist integration into, and to undermine European civilization and our American civilization, that frames our domestication of self and man, and our material salvation of man, by the discovery adaption to and application of natural and evolutionary laws.

(f) In doing so, rather than the colonization of others, by incrementally domesticating and advancing them, they have reversed the mission of colonization, by immigrating colonizing to undermine and destroy our civilization from within and reducing it to the same face before truth, family before polity, low trust, internally disharmonious, impoverished, social primitivism, absent any semblance of rule of law that the rest of the world suffers from.


(a) All must reciprocally grant the right of self-determination, and none may deny the right of self-determination, without abandoning one’s own right to self-determination, and incentivizing retaliation, restitution, and punishment.

(b) None may make the choice on behalf of others in civilization to abandon self-determination, without themselves abandoning choice of self-determination, and incentivizing retaliation, restitution, and punishment.

(c) None may make a choice to favor cult or corporation over kin without an act of genocide, culture-cide, civilization-cide for which the only recourse and restitution is retaliation by and of the same.

(d) None may take a political action for which restitution and restoration is not possible, without punishment for the crime.

(e) European’s capital advantage remaining is genetic, demographic, and cultural.

The legislature, the institutions of the state, and the courts have determined, through treason, sedition, conspiracy, indiscipline, incompetence, or ignorance:

(the failure to defend against the failed Project)

(a) That the elites domestic and foreign, compliant and hostile, may alter and choose a destiny against the will of the people; deprive them of sovereignty, deprive them of rule of law, subject them to corporate rather than kinship rule, and decimate them by policy, taxation, interest extraction, forced integration limiting them to residential debt to achieve separation, devaluing schooling such that it is meaningless, driving them to educational debt, the totality of debt depriving them of the affordability of offspring necessary for fulfillment, security, affection, and care; deprivation of commons necessary for high investment parenting in the production and preservation of commons, failure to suppress hostiles, immigration of unfit and hostile, leading to the present broken people, broken neighborhoods, broken cities, broken states, and broken civilization from which only financial interests, politicians, state bureaucrats, the academy, benefit – thus repeating the crimes of the church and aristocracy of the medieval age that the American experiment was designed to escape from, and by their actions demonstrating the present government even worse than the past – for either aristocracy nor state was so successful at the destruction of a people in so short a time, without warfare.

(b) That the social, economic, and political costs to elites of defending European, British, American civilization, the rule of law of natural law, the common law of natural law, the constitution of natural law, and the American constitutional innovation in an advanced civilization requiring a middle-class majority population, free of the burdens of parasitic elites in the state or church (academy) and the unfit that enable them, are inferior to the social, economic, and political gains, concentrated in the benefit of the unproductive state, finance, media, entertainment, and academy sectors, at the expense of the productive laboring, working, middle, and entrepreneurial sectors.

(b) That the costs to elites of the truth that conflicts between peoples of different degrees of domestication are resolvable only by separation and trade, given vastly different demands for norms, commons, institutions, and traditions.

(c) That the costs to elites of the truth that conflict between peoples of different races is determined their median level of domestication, representing the size of their classes; and that the preference for kin selection is inescapable, and that the sexual social and economic market value of different races is inescapable in proximity. And that because of these factors proximity creates hostility.

(d) That attempt at integration has come at the cost of reproductive decimation, by forcing the only possible means of separation by housing prices that reflect the race’s ability to compete in markets.

(e) That the cost to elites of the truth, that integration has failed, in all walks of life, and has resulted in the international loss of competitive ability and resulting economic prosperity

(f) That to obscure this series of failures, deceits, frauds, and conspiracies, and to continue to profit from the ‘managed decline’ or ‘systemic destruction’ of our civilizations and our people, that elites have used financial, economic, and legislative art and artifice to maintain consumption, the taxation, from that consumption, the interest on that consumption, and replacement immigration of those unfit for an advanced civilization, so they may maintain their predation upon our people – until it naturally collapses – rather than pay the cost of reorganizing that system for the benefit of the people who’s ancestors have brought this civilization into being and work to preserve it, and trusted elites with their interests.

By means of;

(a) The usurpation of the State, its organs, and the Court for the Cosmopolitan International project to deny self-determination to peoples just as Judaism, Christianity, Islam have sought to destroy and destroyed the right of self-determination of peoples since their inception;

(b) The Submission of our Sovereignty to predatory and hostile international institutions and agents, whose sole purpose is to undermine our civilization, our strategy, our rights to sovereignty, self-determination;

(c) The Submission of our Sovereignty to hostile foreign treaties, and treason by attempts to circumvent our rights, our constitution and our rule of law by doing so;

(d) The conversion of the inheritance of the British Empire into a world organ of deprivation of others of self-determination;

(e) The tolerance for the institutionalization of the fraud, sedition, and treason, given the original Constitutions failure to define its dependence upon immutable Natural Law, whose contents expressly require modification by transactions, by expressly articulated procedures, designed expressly to prevent the conversion of our Rule of Law by Natural Law wherein the Law is Sovereign, to usurp our Rule of Law into arbitrary rule by popular, legislative, administrative, or juridical sovereignty;

(f) The State, Academy, Financial Sector treatment of other States as customer and allies in the Cosmopolitan Project to deprive Peoples of their sovereignty and self determination; and treatment of the People as servants if not serfs or slaves of a State that acts against their interests – the function of a State is to provide continuous competitive advantage to the people, creating a world market for the betterment of man.

(g) Granting superior rights and privileges to refugees, illegal immigrants, invaders, and aliens than to our people, regardless of cost to the people and their fitness, of interest in persisting our civilization, thus continuing the Cosmopolitan Project to destroy our civilization.

(h) And in the words of our ancestors repeated ancestral crimes:  “He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless … Savages whose known rule of warfare is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions.” This warfare requires only immigration, violence, crime, dependence upon the productivity of others, and resistance integration into the long history European civilization, rule of law, and the laws of nature and nature’s god.

(i) And all compounded by the increasing incompetence of the state in the absence of military discipline, given the recent failures that have subjected our people to pestilence, violence, looting, murder.

And Where; (Military)

(a) Alienating us from our inalienable right and obligation to defend our sovereignty and self-determination by arms.

(b) Undermining our military culture, that is thousands of years old, the origin of citizenship, the origin of the equality of respect of our people regardless of rank in exchange for serving their duty; the origin of our testimony, our law, and the order of our civilization.

(c) Appointing generals accountable to political ends rather than the lives and well being of the men.

(d) Engaging in unnecessary frivolous wars after the end of communism and failing to engage wars of necessary violence and destruction against states and peoples and their agents who use violence against us.

(e) Causing risk, trauma, harm, and death to our warriors and soldiers by constraining their rules of engagement.

(d) Converting the military institutions to a job, education, and social redistribution program, rather than the institutional production of individual character, investment in, and care for the commons, and the discipline in war such that they are superior to all others.

(e) Demilitarization of the commons, the schools, the academy and the character and unity of those within, so that our people cannot readily organize in response to crisis.

(f) Clericalization and loss of military discipline in the emergency military, medical, disaster, economic, and monetary distribution system, so that our institutions cannot readily organize in response to crisis.

(g) Allocation of resources to congressional interest rather than military capability

(h) Failure to rapidly adapt equipment and strategy to the end of third generation warfare. Failure to adapt equipment to the completion of the European project of world modernization

(i) Failure to pay our military market wages sufficient to compete for talent with the private sector.

(j) Failing to care for our wounded soldiers in wars of adventure.

And Where; (Juridical Defense)

(a) The State, its Organs, and the Court systemically violate by intent and design our equality under the rule of natural law, under the pretext of oppression rather than institutional, cultural normative integration and conformity with physical natural and evolutionary laws, necessary to preserve and extend the benefits of our civilization for ourselves, those to come, and those given the false promise of its rewards without such integration and conformity.

(b) Our suffering from the imposition of the Fraud of Positive Law to undermine our rule of law. Our suffering from the priority of procedure over justice. Our suffering from arbitrary legislation by art and artifice. Our submission to judicial activism by art and artifice. The circumvention of the constitution by art and artifice. The deprivation of our right of adversarial competition before a jury. The deprivation of rights of juridical defense in matters of tax.

And; (Denied Rights)

(c) That we are denied the right of dissociation, and must not exclude from association, transit, proximity, employment, residency, goods, services, and information those whom we would otherwise choose to, thus depriving our people of the normative pressure and status incentive to adapt to our civilization, its strategy, its history, myths, traditions, values, norms, the constitutional innovation  thus the state and the courts have assisted in sedition against us;

(d) That we are denied the right to bar entry, bar the franchise, ostracize, suppress the costs of competition by, or refuse to subsidize the presence of, behavior, costs, or consequences of, individual, familial, social, economic, political, normative, traditional, religious, informational, demographic, and genetic competitors, who cannot because they lack the ability to compete in among self-sufficient, sovereign, reciprocal, truthful, high-trust, or will not because it is costly, integrate. Nor can we choose only to subsidize those who are able and willing;

(e) That the all classes are protected classes and granted special privileges, by the state, to be free of the costs of conformity – except ethnically European, Christian, heterosexuals who are prohibited from forcing integration by suppression ostracization, and non-subsidy;

(f) That any trait that influences behavior that is inherited rather than chosen (race, sex, creed or class) is granted special insulation from competition but these privileges do not extend to protection from exclusion by political affiliation, which is equally genetically determined; And despite that political affiliation is empirically an expression of race, sex, creed, and class; for the purpose of familial, social, economic, political, religious, and demographic competition;

(Constructing Institutional Malincentives)

(h) That the state and the court violate natural and evolutionary laws, and ignore all the accumulated domestic evidence, and all of history, for the profit of the State, Institutions, Finance, Media, Academy complex by providing them with customers outside the market for productive service of one another, despite the fact that when the market for association and dissociation is suppressed, that the only solution to accumulated conflict is political action; and if the market for political action fails to resolve the conflict; that the only remaining market is that of insurrection, revolution, and civil war;

(i) And despite that there exists only one spectrum in which a polity may evolve, and that there is not any other sequence by which prosperity is produced, and that the means by which such prosperity is produced, is the suppression of involuntary imposition of costs upon the demonstrated interests of others:

Weakly Ordered: Unable to concentrate capital in production: large poor caste and class countries, that create low trust, extensive differences, and demand for authoritarian resolution of those differences – or continuous decline of trust and economic velocity otherwise; (South American, Middle East, India)

Strongly Ordered: Able to concentrate capital in production: Majority empires that require authoritarian governments as a means of defending the core population from borderlands (or forcibly assimilating them); (Russia, China)

Legally Ordered: Able to concentrate capital in innovation: Small homogeneous countries that create high trust, limited differences, and such differences limited to priority, and as a consequence, demand for deliberative resolution of differences. (Anglo-Scandinavian countries, and pre-unification German countries (princedoms), and most remaining Slavic countries.

(j) That the right of free speech, licenses irreciprocal political speech and political speech that baits our people into hazard, licenses and encourages sedition or treason against that constitutional innovation, given the disintermediation of the people from the court in matters of the commons, the high cost of education and correction in the absence of that venue, versus the low cost of false promise, baiting into hazard by disinformation and deceit, under the industrialization of misinformation, disinformation, and deceit in exchange for social attention, commercial revenue, ideological followers and political clientele;

(k) And despite that the production of truth-telling regardless of consequence, high trust in personal and contractual relations, and the production of voluntary commons, resulting in a market for the voluntary production of commons we call participatory suffrage are the rarest and costly commons a people can create; and that they can only be created by a middle class as mediator between political and productive; and that only in homogeneous polities does this behavior emerge; and that the returns on commons whether private or public are higher than all individual returns possible; and that as such larger organizations and the returns on larger organizations are possible;

(l) And despite that at this point in history of man’s scientific, technological, and economic development; and despite the evidence that the greater the equality of opportunity made possible by greater economic productivity, the greater we demonstrate demand for divergence of our gender, class, race, creed, interests; And as such demand for different commons in support of our demands, against the interests of the state, financial system, media, academy, and the international cosmopolitan movement seeking to deprive nations of sovereignty and self-determination.

(m) And as such the state, the court, the institutions, the finance, academy, media, entertainment sectors, have – by treason, sedition, conspiracy of intent, conspiracy of common interests, conspiracy of common evasion of irresponsibility, indiscipline, incompetence, and ignorance – brought about this crisis, repeating the undermining of the Roman empire from within, advanced by the same people, by the same technique, consisting of a false promise of the nature of man, a false promise of the malleability of man, a false promise of endless growth and prosperity, the false promise of an alternative to rule of law limiting us to adversarial markets for voluntary cooperation in the service of others at the cost of suppressing the reproduction of the unfit; and the false history that man was oppressed rather than incrementally domesticated for participation in, survival in, and reproduction in a vast division of perception, valuation, cognition, knowledge, negotiation, labor, and exchange, by which the West exclusively, despite the Abrahamic dark ages, dragged man kicking and screaming against his will out of superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, hopelessness, child mortality, early death, in a nature all but hostile to human life, in a brief period of geological calm, a brief period of solar calm, a brief period of galactic calm by the discovery, use of, and adaptation to the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe – and thus demonizing Western civilization, and our observance of the will of God, as a proxy for God.

The enforcement of series of legislative and court rulings, the purpose of which has been forced association and integration to:

(a) Prevent the separation of the (royalist) south and its likely dominion over newly opened, equally agrarian, western territory from the northeast (protestant utopian separatist) industrial territory allied with the center Dutch financial trading (Rust Belt, Atlantic Port Belt); and the resulting loss of control over the continental expansion; loss of political balance between north and south in the federal government, and loss of income that would result in the northeast if the south and west exported goods for use in production elsewhere – such as Europe, given that the majority of tax revenues were produced by the import-export trade and paid by the south – thus rendering the south wealthier in political, economic and military power than the north.

(b) Forcing the introduction of undesirable ex-slaves, and immigrants into competition with the social, economic, political, demographic and religious orders, in order to obtain and maintain the desired political power to preserve the north’s income from the western expansion; despite the movement to, and success at, returning ex-slaves to Africa, and paying owners for the freedom of those slaves; and instead, paying the alternative cost of the war in lives, wealth, suffering, and civilization.

(c) Using these people as a political pawn, against their and our interests, first by the Utopian Protestants of the Northeast, Second by the Financial and Industrial influence of the Northeast, third by the attempt of women’s suffrage movement to grant slaves liberty as an initial proxy for women’s suffrage; and fourth by the sequence of communists, socialists, Marxists and postmodernists, combining the interests of the Jewish Socialist and Utopian Protestant movements, and at present by the last vestiges of the Cosmopolitan Universalist Project in the Democratic Party and their radical sponsors.

(d) Culminating in the destruction of the black communities and their emerging middle, political, and elite classes, by introduction of the Soviet relocation process that produced the urban slums that destroyed the great American cities; the purpose of which was to use the vulnerability of majoritarian democracy to demographically and politically undermine the American strategy of producing a ‘third way’ of middle-class meritocracy as a counter to church equality and state authority, and underclass burden.

Despite the evidence of the failure of integration in all walks of life, from friendships, to entertainment, to education, to the workforce, to neighborhoods, to politics, to political demands, because it is counter to the interests of man, for whom status is his principle measure, and status within his kin group the least costly and most rewarding, and because status is the result of sexual, social, economic and political market value between groups with vast differences in the distribution of talents, and vast differences in temperament as the result.

Culminating in:

(a) The intentional undermining of the American experiment in the third way, by the relaxation of immigration standards and the immigration of world lower and underclasses lacking a history of middle-class commercial traditions, habits, and morals; the dedication to telling the truth regardless of cost to self, dominance, competence, or political hierarchy; the absolute nuclear family; voluntary responsibility for property and commons; and the requirement for self-sufficiency before marriage and reproduction.

(b) The conversion of a nation of people for their interests into a corporate plantation for the farming of people by means of taxation, finance, interest, credit, and hyper-consumption to bait peoples into genocide in exchange for preserving their status, and redistributing the proceeds from their sacrifice to immigrants and clientele of the state, and the State,

(c) The destruction of the causes of the prosperity of the West: the rule of law, the voluntary civil society, the destruction of the family, the destruction of the narrative of Western ascent in the arts, sciences, engineering, law, economics, and politics, despite Western disadvantages in population and distance from the origin of cities and the center of continental trade, and lack of flood river valleys for irrigation, concentration of capital concentration, and the resulting utility of taxation.

(d) The destruction of the universal requirement for truthful speech regardless of cost, to self, status, competence and dominance hierarchy, and the unique European result of limiting the human mind to discovery of beneficial actions within the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws which is the origin of Western innovation, creativity, and prosperity for ourselves and for man.

(e) The transformation of the central government the purpose of which was defense, treasury, trade, and insurer of last resort between a federation of States, to a continental imperial government over those States; to a hemispheric empire to exclude Europeans (competitors); to a usurper of the British empire of banking, finance, trade, and war; to an international empire to preserve the postwar peace – producing an international empire that is funded by the continuous genetic, economic destruction of the middle classes, including their standard of living, way of life, and civilization.

(f) The destruction of the utility of the purpose of the House as a Jury by fostering the purchase of political influence in pursuit of privileges against interests hostile to the people. The Destruction of the purpose of the Senate as a Proxy serving as Council of the Governors of the States, thereby politicizing the union and subjecting the senate to the same malincentives as the house.

(g) The destruction of our Western educational system, a replacement of Western Heroic education and our story of the past 3500 years using truth, duty, reciprocity, and rule of law, and political humility of ‘risen man’ against the elements, with Semitic Victim education of ‘oppressed or fallen man’ in communism, socialism, democratic socialism; equality not just of opportunity, but of outcome; the myth of oppression of the underclasses, rather than incremental domestication of man as we had domesticated plants and animals; by the continuous culling of the predatory and parasitic, and upward redistribution of reproduction; a tradition that made Western (and Eastern) civilization possible in the ancient and modern worlds; And with the thousand year Semitic Dark Age our only period of stunted growth – just as Judaism accomplished nothing except mysticism and parasitism upon host peoples during those periods, and Islam accomplished nothing other than the conquest and destruction of the great civilizations of the ancient world; and the continuous genetic, cultural, and intellectual decline Islam caused, once the accumulated physical, genetic, and cultural assets of the great civilizations were exhausted;

(h) The creation and propagation of pseudosciences of Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychology of non-conformity rather than continuous expression of necessary instinctual demand for acquisition of that which advances one’s interests; Marxist history and economics, and the possibility of both communism and socialist government without the utility of market pricing and consequent incentives; and the postmodern replacement of the supernatural with the post-rational: that there is no truth, no reason, no science, only political force; and the intentional installation of these pseudosciences in our universities, secondary, and primary educational systems, and the funding of these pseudosciences by the state; and the demand for these pseudosciences by a population lacking ability and will to pursue science, technology, engineering, economics, and law;

(i) The destruction of the Informational Commons upon which our people depend for political decisions by the intentional, systemic obscuring of data, the use of propaganda, and the resulting manufacture of ignorance of the empirical evidence, of the false promise of the equality of man, the malleability of man, the end of selection pressures, the end of status-seeking to defeat it, the end of hyper-consumption to obtain it, and the end of scarcity by endless growth by which to achieve it, and the vast differences in group ability to compete for it, and the natural conflict that results from proximity of competitors under those cumulative deceits, by the attribution of the physical laws of the universe, the natural laws of cooperation, and the evolutionary laws of selection, to the design of European peoples who discovered and adapted to them, as willful oppression, rather than the failure of other groups to equally adapt to those laws, equally self-domesticate, and equally benefit from those laws.

(j) The institutionalization of educational deceit by the elimination of poetic memorizationgrammar, logic, argument, and rhetoric; the failure to add rule of law and contract; the failure to add economic history; and the failure to add accounting, banking, and basic economics to the curriculum for the sole purpose of obscuring the function of our world, thus licensing, promoting, and preserving the falsehoods of the pseudosciences of man.

And producing the cumulative production of lies and incentives to lie by:

(a) The lie that demographics don’t create a demand for norm, culture, tradition, economy, political order and law; 

(b) The lie that genders are equal in moral and cognitive biases, ability, and interests when they are opposites due to our evolution’s evolved roles in reproduction, and demonstrate preference for different interests; and that while we are similar in task performance and perception, we are dissimilar in interpersonal, social, economic, and political performance and perception and value.

(c) The lie that intelligence, industriousness, agency, and appearance are not the cause of our differences in outcome, and are the reason for the differences that we call ‘classes’, and that this difference is evolutionary selection in process.

(d) The lie that it is not in our interest to separate and produce commons suitable to the demands of the demographic.

(e) The lie that the optimum political order is not small and homogeneous, with the only value of political scale being i) warfare, and ii) debt capacity before crash, iii) coercion in trade negotiations, iv) scale of the network of political rents that can be extracted from the people against their will.

(f) The lie that the Pareto rule (stating that 50% of all value is performed by the top 10%, and 50% of all value of that 10% is produced by its 10%, and so on) is escapable; so that we are not only unequal but vastly unequal in value to one another; and that the defection of the top percentiles causes devastation to the remainder – everywhere and in every era it has occurred.

(g) The lie that scale and ‘diversity’ will result in anything other than the current and universal measurable decline in competitive ability and therefore standard of living and especially the quality and frequency of commons.

And Where;

(a) The cumulative destruction of the civil enforcement of truthful reciprocal treatment of one another by the ending of libel, slander, and the right of duel (for men to fight for impositions on reputation); and the licensing of ‘scolds’; the expansion of freedom of speech such that people are subject to harassment, and interference, and prosecution in the court of public opinion instead of by a jury of peers; the industrialization of the female competitive strategy using disapproval, shaming, ridicule, gossip, rallying, and reputation destruction by the media, as a replacement for analysis of and negotiation upon voluntary reciprocity and costs. Such that the freedom of speech that was possible under libel, slander, duel, and costly production of propaganda, has been unbound, and the population is saturated no longer by a priesthood of supernaturalism, but a “Commentariat” (media) that actively frames public opinion using the female method and appeal to sentiments (ignorance), and export of risk, rather than informing public opinion with the male method of facts, and full accounting of costs, and accounting of risks, such that we are accountable for our choices, and people are continuously trained for civil society.

(b) Unequal treatment of the sexes under the law and the restoration of intersexual conflict by the cumulative suppression of the male expression of superpredation in personal and political by dominance, threat, and violence by the deliberate licensing of the female expression of superpredation in interpersonal and social undermining and reputation destruction, thus eliminating the constraint on both sexes in order to prevent the usurpation of one by the other: the exchange of refraining from violence in exchange for refraining of undermining – which is one of the unique achievements of our civilization.

(c) The cumulative destruction of manners, ethics, and morals which train us to suppression of impulses and so that we may develop agency, so that we may respect the commons and each other, and limit ourselves to promises of truthful and reciprocal behavior, so that markets between sexes, personalities, classes, creeds, and races

(d) The cumulative destruction of the bonds of the society by attempted at providing reward through consumption rather than the production of familial and civil commons. The removal of their choice by the expansion of taxation such that the gains of the entry of women into the workforce have been captured as redistributions to political, financial, and underclass rent-seekers; made worse by the failure to reform the monetary system that since the advent of fiat money consists only of digital record of shares in the economy used as a money substitute, and directly distributable to citizens (consumers) as dividends for wise political and economic choices, thus empowering the financial system to extract vast rents from the people without contribution to or risk in the production of goods services and information. There is no reason other than predation upon the people for distribution of liquidity, distribution of stimulus, through the financial system instead of directly to citizens and consumers for use in the reduction of debt, stimulation of demand, or stimulation of growth.

(e) The cumulative destruction of the purpose and utility of voting. The purpose of voting is to replace a government that has failed in its duties; or to deny or assent proposals by a government; or to select the priorities of investment in commons, given the scarcity of resources, from a set of common interests; and the purpose of markets is to cooperate on means despite different interests and ends. Parliaments can be constructed to remove and reform a government in which the people have lost confidence; to use veto or ascent of proposals by the government, to select the priority of investments in the commons by members for administration by the government, or to serve as a voluntary market between classes and polities for the shared investment in commons to be administrated by governments. But the purpose of voting is not to undermine the rule of law by natural law, or produce conditions or actions that violate the rule of law by natural law. Yet the state, in pursuit of increasing legitimacy for taxes, and in conspiracy of common interest with the cosmopolitan universalist movement, has created mob rule in order to justify the undermining of rule of law of natural law and the demand that political acts limit the people, the state and its organs to the resolution of differences by the engineering of voluntary cooperation between sexes, classes, races, and polities.

And Where; (Religion)

(f) The cumulative destruction of our political religion despite that Christian indoctrination provides the only known extension of Natural Law, uniquely defeating the problem of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, by the extension of kinship love to kith and countrymen, by framing heroic and virtuous, the tolerance for slights, providing insulation from the incentive for competition by consumption, and preventing vulnerability to virtue signal pressure, creating peace of mind (mindfulness), despite our vast differences exposed by adversarial markets in all walks of life, and as a consequence, producing the optimum high trust citizenry for participation in adversarial markets, and the gains that result.

(g) The failure to defend our religion of hearth and commons, whether heathen in recognition of our debts to nature, ancestors, or pagan debts to our strategy, our traditions, our archetypes and heroes that transmit our thousands of years of European civilization’s unique strategy, conveyed in the Matter of Greece and Rome, The Matter of France, The Matter of Germania, The Matter of Scandinavia, the Matter of Britain and Ireland, and The Matter of America.

(h) The failure to demarcate the definition of religion as any myth, regardless of whether supernatural, pseudoscientific, or sophistry by idealism, as any that consists in a false or unwarrantable promise, a false or unwarrantable debt, or false or unwarrantable history, that violates physical, natural, and evolutionary law, for the purpose of providing mindfulness.

(i) The failure to limit tolerance for religions that advance violation of sovereignty, self-determination, responsibility for display word and deed, rule of law, natural law, and truth-before-face, compatibility with natural and evolutionary laws, even if by their nature, incompatible with physical laws.

(j) The failure to defend against conquest, usurpation, and destruction by hostile religions that by design seek to deprive peoples of national sovereignty, self-determination, strategy, institutions, traditions, laws norms, culture; including evangelizing their seditions, the advertising by way of literature and symbols, the construction of monuments, the construction of edifices whose sole purpose like all monuments, is to claim control of territory, people, norms, and polity on behalf of those loyal to them.

(k) The de facto adoption by the State of a pseudoscientific religion, the academy and educational institutions evangelism of this pseudoscientific religion, the suppression of our traditional religions, myth, literature, philosophy, law, history, and science, and explicitly advocating for hostile religions for the express purpose of destroying our civilization, it’s religions, history, traditions, sovereignty and self-determination.

(l) The failure to provide education and indoctrination in our traditional scientific, philosophical, literary, mythological, as well as Christian theological religions so that the same behavioral adherence to physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, and our European traditions can be instilled regardless of the temperament and traits of the individual, regardless of the individual’s demand on the spectrum of analytic and rational to empathic and spiritual.

(m) The failure to end repetition of the Church’s crime of selling of indulgences for the forgiveness of sins by the Academy’s selling of diplomas as permission for entry into the workforce, of unwarrantable and unwarranted knowledge, with little to no evidence of success at producing any durable resulting skills, using the proceeds to finance their sedition by funding of pseudoscience, sophistry, fictionalisms, and non-degrees, in order to pay for the production distribution and environmental saturation of the informational commons with false promise, baiting into hazard, undermining our civilization by design – producing a state-licensed, state-financed, secular religion of sedition.

(n) The intentional failure to constraint libel, slander, false promise, baiting into hazard, unwarrantable claims, and sedition, providing the worst among us the incentive to profit from destructive, seditious, and treasonous speech, and use those profits to finance additional destructive, seditious speech, converting education academy, politics, media, advertising, and entertainment into a commercial network for the industrial mass production of lies.

And Where; (reproduction)

(a) The destruction of the institution of marriage; and the economic returns of two-parent households; destruction of the necessity of male and female training of children; the necessity of reciprocal and inter-generational care in old age; the production of mental illness, loneliness, and old age suicide on depression-era scales. The expansion of old-age poverty rather than its decrease. The consequential industrial use of anti-depressants at the top of the scale, marijuana, opioids, and alcohol to medicate the population to alleviate their suffering.

(b) The destruction of the family by the transformation of the purpose of policy as the intergenerational family, and the purpose policy as the intergenerational family as the nation, and fitness for civilization. to the institution of policy for the individual at the expense of family,  nation and civilization,

(c) The end of investment in commons, the end of defense of commons, and the pillaging of commons by the interests of individuals, and enemies of our commons, against the interests of our families, whose limited income depends on commons for the high investment parenting of those able to produce maintain commons without their destruction.

(d) The destruction of male institutions of civil participation, education, entertainment civic function  – creating familial life, investment in commons, investment in civic life, and investment in families when they themselves are in lieu of family – leading to men who care nothing about the commons, the civil order, families whether theirs or others and who increasingly suicide when the only means of socialization – workforce participation – is beyond them.

(e) The production of the incentivize producing decline of reproduction sufficient for replacement population necessary to preserve the multitude of rents by members of the state and the underclass, resulting in the genetic destruction of the middle class by demographic conflict between the political and dependent class against the working, clerical, managerial, professional, and entrepreneurial classes: the high trust, self-sustaining classes, that make the rents and redistributions of the state possible.

(f) The genocide against these middle classes by one-to-one replacement with third world immigrants due to the policy of redistribution of reproduction from the middle to the underclasses, and redistribution of income from the middle to the political, bureaucratic, and financial classes.

And Where; (Economics)

(u) The concentration of wealth among Federal Rent-Seekers (DC), Financial Rent-Seekers (NY), and Media Rent-Seekers (LA), and now Technological Rent Seekers (SF/SEA); and the export of capital, technological advantage, educational advantage; and skilled labor advantage have deprived each state of producing – as did the German princedoms, and European states, and the states before federal monopoly – local hierarchies of excellence and competition in arts, sciences, engineering, technology, economics, and politics.

(v) The failure to preserve rule of law such that the demarcation and decidability between the just and moral markets that naturally emerge under law, from the unjust an immoral markets that emerge under that absence of rule of law we refer to as capitalism.

(w) The forcible payment of interest on fiat credit under credit expansion, and the irreciprocal privatization of the fruit of that commons, rather than the direct distribution of liquidity to the citizenry for which the commercial and financial and political sector must compete for liquidity.

(x) The destruction of intergenerational lending in favor of intergenerational redistribution, under the false promise of unlimited growth in productivity, and the vast transfer of debt to future generations, and the vast negative externalities that result from it, and the demand for immigration of people unfit for our civilization to obscure the crime, resulting again, in the genetic destruction of the laboring, working, and middle-classes in favor of the financial, political, academic, media, and entertainment classes who profit from selling off the destruction of the laboring, working, middle productive classes to hostiles.

(y) The abuse of the People by the use of pseudoscientific economics, accounting, financial device, and deception by political income statement measurement in the absence of political balance sheet measurement, where the balance sheet includes measurement of civilization, traditional, cultural, normative, social, and genetic capital – the most important of which is common interest, truth, reciprocity and trust, thus obscuring the unrecoverable loss of trillions of investment in our civilization for centuries.

(z) The transfer of the capital of the states to the federal government; The transfer of capital from the federal government to select cities. The deprivation of the remainder for the benefit of those cities. The surrender of those cities to the mob, decline, decay, and flight, and by this process of concentration, economic extraction, suppression of reproduction of our productive classes and redistribution to our unproductive classes, destroyed our continent of states, one city at a time, collapsing our civilization one city at a time.

(aa) The deprivation of equality of responsibility between borrower and lender in matters of debt. Failure to defend our people from Entrapment clauses, Punishment profits, planned obsolescence, advertising and marketing scams, pseudoscientific claims, and worst – encouragement of baiting into hazard in all walks of life.

(ab) The Failure to protect the lines of our food supplies, our medical supplies, our strategic industrial and technological supplies, our military supplies.

(ac) The Failure to defend our history, literature, arts and monuments for those who fought for the interests of their people, as we all must, from historical revisionism, thus repeating the destruction of the arts and letters of the ancient world by the same people for the same reason with the same false promise of freedom from physical, natural and evolutionary laws which Western man has uniquely discovered and adapted to and in doing so dragged an ungrateful mankind into modernity and his status as a domesticated animal.


The opportunity created for the people of our nation and states shall be so vast upon retention of funds, capacity of borrowing, and competition for norms, commons, production, and talent, because the reallocation of capital from State, Media, Financial, and the Academic sector such that each must serve local rather than imperial demands shall vastly reduce power distance, increase sovereignty and reciprocity, and create economic and cultural opportunity not seen since the discovery and conquest of the continents.

And Whereas;

(a) Having committed a long history of usurpations and crimes against our people, our ancestors, civilization, and by proxy mankind;
(b) Having engaged in sedition and treason to undermine our civilization for the profit of those hostile to the people, and goals beyond the interests of our people, and goals which would deprive the nations of mankind of self-determination;
(c) Having accumulated such demographic, social, economic, political distortions and asymmetries;
(d) Having accumulated so many rents by top and bottom against the middle that the state, bureaucratic, financial, media, academy, complex has neither the incentive, means, or ability to change; Nor do the people with the understanding of these harms have an institutional method of change;
(e) Having licensed and institutionalize gossip, reputation destruction, pseudoscience, falsehood, and false promises designed to destroy our people and our civilization;
(f) Having conducted a genocide against the middle in general, and the ethnically European in particular.
(g) Having reached the demographic conditions under which we must act now or lose the accumulated civilizational achievements of our ancestors, and our present efforts at preserving the Western order of civilization; and our desire that future generations benefit from the restoration of Truth, Duty, Reciprocity, Rule of Law, and Markets for association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, and polities that we call ‘liberty’;

And whereas

The Conspirators whether by design, common interest, or common ignorance, have demonstrated unfitness for our civilization, and have set about a war on our people, our civilization, and the methods and means of our achievements for ourselves and for mankind. And those unfit for our civilization may not rule us or our civilization, and as such we may separate and you may rule yourselves, or we will rule you for mutual benefit in our self-defense as we had in past, or if we must war, we will decimate and then rule you in offense for profit for your crimes against us, our ancestors, and mankind.

As such;

It is necessary to demand separation such that peoples with different distributions of different abilities and different demands can produce those private and common institutions they desire by the means appropriate to their abilities, intuitions, and preferences.

And Therefore;

Such a separation can be performed by Deliberate Organized devolution to the States, resulting in groups of politically, demographically, and economically allied States along well established ‘sub-national’ lines (“The American Nations”); And the closure of federal agencies, and the reallocation of those services and talent to the states, where they may once again compete in the market for demonstrating excellence. The result shall isolate those seeking to preserve and persist our civilization and our people from those that seek to destroy our civilization and our people.

Or if not by an organized separation, then by the bloodiest civil war in history that will make all other civil wars pale; and the winner’s imposition of dominance upon the remainder.

Such a war will include:

a) The loss of access to money and monetary transactions, federal and state benefit distributions, communication, power, heat, water, sanitation, and transport of goods and energy to urban centers.

b) And the inability of responders to safely repair those resources; the exhaustion of local first responders and their retreat into home and barracks.

c) The rapid expansion of panic hoarding, robbing, raiding, destruction, and fire; the explosion of race, class, political, and religious violence; and specific targeting of races and classes on one side, and media-state-academy on the other.

d) The use of the national guard to attempt to restore order; the attempt to use the military to restore order.

e) The collapse of the financial system, domestic and world trade, the dollar, the pricing system, and the consequent shortage of cash.

f) The third parties seizure of opportunity presently contained by the American military, economic, and political system for political territorial, financial, and military reorganization and expansion.

g) The seizure of American assets abroad by existing hostile parties.

h) And the de facto collapse of the federal government due to the combination of domestic and foreign self-interest.

Given that:

(a) The infrastructure is extremely fragile, the faith in the government, trust in the media haven’t been as low, and the inter-polity hostility as intense, since the civil war (war of northern aggression).

(b) Only three urban police forces are sufficient to retain order for any period of time.

(c) The total numbers of the guard, military, and police, already the subject of undermining and derision, lack incentives, both swear to the constitution, not its violations, are insufficient given the vast area of the country and its thousands of points of infrastructural weakness.

(d) The available male population to participate in sustained conflict is more than sufficient for any civil war in history, and overly sufficient for the present age.

(e) The available male population will repeat revolutionary war strategy and fourth-generation warfare tactics against which combined arms warfare is demonstrably incapable of suppressing or winning without even greater harm to the populations, delegitimization of the federal government, and the rapid transformation of the world balance of power.

(f) The degree to which both sides are armed, and the degree of inventory that can be captured and used, so large that the conflict will last long enough that a large portion of the men will prefer to preserve the conflict rather than end it. And the technological and industrial unrecoverability of the continent if the conflict lasts through the winter, given the impossibility of sufficient capacity to restore capacity.

(g) And most importantly:

(i) The demands we are making – the destruction of the industrialization of false promise, baiting into hazard, rent-seeking and deceit – are beneficial to the aims of both sides of the conflict at the extension of our shared oppressors.

(ii) The military, treasury, retirement and health benefits, are preserved.

(iii) The only reason to resist them is to dominate and conquer the opposition rather than separate and cooperate by trade, ameliorating our differences at the macro level, while serving our differences at the regional and local level.


Every other possibility ends in random chance. And the cost of that random chance will be millions of lives and trillions of dollars. Which in the long span of time, is a small price to pay for ending genocide, culture-cide, and civilization-cide by design repeating the fall of Rome and the prevention of its restoration by the same peoples by the same techniques in the same time frame.

Our goals are:

(a) The restoration of our sovereignty and our right to self-determination;

(b) The restoration of our ancestral civilizational strategy of competition and evolution by means of truth, duty, reciprocity, rule of law, markets of voluntary cooperation in all walks of life, and our ability to produce high trust civic commons and the returns therefrom in exchange for the cost of high investment parenting for the production of generations of investment in the commons;

(c) The cessation, reversal, and restitution for the attempt to genocide against our people, our nation, our race, our culture, our government, and our civilization;

(d) The cessation of the exploitation of the people for purposes of creating and preserving an empire and the state bureaucracy that is counter to the interests of the people;

(e) The redistribution of coercion, influence, commerce, rights of free association and dissociation, and rights of self-determination by the devolution of the federal government into an insurer of last resort, and the restoration of the sovereignty of and alliance of the states;

(f) The cessation of organization by the maximization of consumption at the expense of individual, family, nation, the joy of civic life, and the accumulated inheritances from the inventions, labors, and arts of our ancestors, and restoration of the construction of civic society’s emphasis on commons rather than consumption;

(g) The cessation, reversal, and restitution for the cumulative rent-seeking in all aspects of life;

(h) The extensions of involuntary warranty from goods and services to information and public speech;

(i) The incremental evolution of our laws such that we suppress and reverse the institutionalization of the arts of lying that produced the Abrahamic dark ages in the ancient world, and the horrors of communism, socialism, feminism, and postmodernism and their cults in the modern.

Whereas in every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. The Members of the State, The Organs of the State, The Courts, external agents, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to Rule, Govern, Administer, Judge, Teach, Preach, Conduct Commerce with, Speak, or reside amongst a free people.

Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our conquerors. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their Courts, Legislatures, and Organs of State to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our founding and their permission to rule in our stead. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which would inevitably interrupt our cooperation, connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.

We, therefore, the Representatives of the Just People of the United States, signed in hands, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of Our Nation and our People’s Nations, solemnly publish and declare;

The Corporation of United States of America and its assets preserved; this government be unmade, the government and all unnecessary institutions, laws, contracts, and debts, dissolved, these Amendments to the Constitution adopted, and that our rights and obligations under Natural Law of the European Peoples, Nature, and Nature’s God be restored, for us and our posterity.

That we are Absolved from all Allegiance to the Federal Government, its Officers, Members, Agents, Employees, Suppliers, and Contractors, and that all political connection between them and the People, is and ought to be totally dissolved; And that we form a new Government, of these United States, And assign it the full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which the Federal Government, and the Governments of Independent States within, and Sovereign People may of right do within The Natural Law. — And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

Our Warranty of These Words

All revolutions are suspect in prospect and deterministic in retrospect. But never has an empire been more fragile, nor could one fall more quickly. The people cannot retreat to the fields. They have no stores of food. A full quarter have no monetary reserves, and half only a few month’s worth. The food, gasoline, transport, power, water, gas, communications, emergency services, police, military, and financial sector have but days of reserves and weeks of tolerance. A few men in each city can overwhelm services. A few days of fear and the streets will be full of predators.

The world has turned hostile due to The State’s Ideological and Imperial Adventure, and meanwhile, patient powers long seeking revival and recompense wait for the opportunity to seize past glories, and we and Europe are held hostage at home, and surrounded by waves of barbarians of greater mobility and lethality than the bronze or iron age migrations – and just as lusty with envy, avarice, and aggression, and even more likely to cause a repeat of those dark ages.

No longer do we live in an era where many must march in the streets. No longer do we need more than but a fraction of one percent of the men commit themselves to heady murder. No longer must we seize leaders, institutions, fortresses, or armories. No longer does the Peace of Westphalia limit actors, whether foreign or domestic – and so, in absence of acceptance of these terms, what comes is a war of all against all, and a fall like no other in history.

So we pray you: take heed. Do not dismiss our entreaty. Our demands are right, just, possible, and in the interests of our peoples. And if requiring fails, we shall compel. And if we compel, the Horrors of the past shall wane feeble – and man, earth, heavens, and history will shake for it. For when all our ancestors before us, and all our descendants that have yet to be, demand our lives in their honor, we will not shirk our duty to them. And we will have no mercy in our execution in their and our defense.

Therefore, we submit this Reformation of the Constitution of the United States as the means of settling our differences by agreement rather than by the bloodiest civil war in human history – and one we cannot, and will not, lose.

( Signatures )

Constitution: The Preamble

The Preamble

On The Contract

A Constitution consists of a contract by which the members of a polity both bind one another to its terms, and insure one another from violations of its terms. And by presumption, a constitutional contract, is between all citizens for their shared behalf.

For Men to bring such institutions into existence by deliberate choice requires their sovereignty in fact against all present competitors. When Sovereign Men bring such institutions into being by Choice, they must of necessity produce a Contract consisting of processes, rights, and obligations – because a contract of processes, rights, and obligations is the only possible means of producing rules within the condition of Self Determination by Self Determined means, by exchange of insurance of sovereignty, reciprocity, and duty.

But in practice that contract for constitution of a polity exists by the consent of the men who are willing, able, and of sufficient numbers, to fight to preserve adherence to, and benefits from, its definitions, processes, rights, and obligations. And all others who do not fight are beneficiaries of the contract created by the men willing to use violence to prolong or to overturn the status quo in favor of an alternative order by fighting to replace those definitions, processes, rights, and obligations with other ones.

To provide incentives to produce and maintain all forms of capital across generations, a Constitution consists of a contract of indefinite duration. A contractual arrangement of indefinite duration is only valuable until a more preferable contractual arrangement arises, at which point it is in the individual familial, clan, national, monarchic, or imperial interest to exit the less preferable arrangement for the more preferable arrangement.

The minimum preferable arrangement under such a constitution is to produce sufficient returns from voluntary cooperation under its processes, rights, and obligations so that the choice to continue cooperation under those terms is preferable to terminating that contract and replacing it with one that provides superior returns.

The maximum possible arrangement under such a Constitution is to produce continuous transcendence of man into omniscience, omnipotence, and immortality, and the world, all worlds, and the universe into a garden paradise.

In the absence of reciprocity and proportionality, those men whose consent is necessary to preserve the Constitution, have no incentive to maintain processes, rights, and obligations but instead, they have the opposite incentive: free riding, parasitism, and predation.

The Weak favor parasitic equality. The Cunning favor parasitic inequality. The Strong favor predatory inequality. The Just favor market meritocracy. And the Caring insure one another against the vicissitudes of nature within the limits of surplus resources.

All men are born with a wealth of both care, production, and violence, that they may increase, maintain or lay fallow. It is this wealth of care, production, and violence that men use to produce agreements under which they can cooperate – or to be the victims of those who engage in free riding, parasitism, predation, and family-cide, genocide, culture-cide, and civilization-cide against them.

As such all men purchase the conditions of their existence by the means by which they spend their wealth of violence, production, and care.  And it is with violence, production, and care, that we produce, and enact this constitution.

. . .

The Origins of Our Civilization and Our Law

Western Civilization evolved on the Eurasian Plain and in the Forests of Europe, and on the shores of the Black, Baltic, North, and Mediterranean Seas. These people required land for farming, and grazing horses and cattle. Unlike the early river valley civilizations that could concentrate production by irrigation, to produce taxation and rule, in a limited geographic area, they depended upon a voluntary, contractual, militia of kin led by professional warriors who used technology and maneuver to their advantage despite their small numbers, limited wealth, limited productivity of land, and distance from the center of world trade, and bronze age knowledge.

The West had fertile lands and forests but no flood river valleys to concentrate production, concentrate people, and develop irrigation, infrastructure, and taxation. So while the ancient world could form armies by taxation, Western people had to form militias that relied on advanced (at the time) technology that required the collective investment of whole families to fund. These militias – whether cattle-raiders, horse riders, sea peoples, Vikings, pirates, or European explorers – organized entrepreneurial expeditions (raids) and did so voluntarily and contractually. There was no other means of organizing other than contract. This ancient entrepreneurial order that led to our law, our debate, our reason, and from there our science and technology. Western excellence is due to our law, which elsewhere in mankind is not contract, but command.

The consequence of this contractual social order led to the uniqueness of Western civilization’s institutionalization of voluntary contract:

Our universal militia, and our unity in heroism and tragedy – despite our differences in age, rank, and station; our common, natural law of tort under individual sovereignty and reciprocity, contract and duty, promise (oath) and warranty, truth in testimony regardless of cost to self image, status, or the hierarchy, in a competition before judge and jury of our peers, creating no option for survival other than competition in markets in all walks of life: association, cooperation, reproduction, production, organizations, commons, polities, and war, at the cost of limiting reproduction of the unproductive, such that surpluses from production can be directed to the creation and preservation of high cost, and high return, normative, cultural, institutional, physical, and genetic commons.

This is the optimum strategy for the defeat of Our Own frailties, Competing Groups, and Nature itself, and achieves the most rapid adaption of our laws, the most rapid adaption of our polities, the most rapid adaption of man, and the most rapid transcendence of man, while maintaining the optimum condition of man, by institutionalizing the development of Agency in man, in all forms of human capital. And no other people has done it, or demonstrably can, or even desires to do it.

And the consequence of this combination was the circumvention of monopolies and resulting parasitism and stagnation in all aspects of life producing law, reason, science, technology, medicine, and a greater adaptive velocity than the rest of mankind combined.

And the consequence of this civilization was to rapidly drag the rest of mankind, against its will, one counter-revolution at a time, out of ignorance, superstition, sophism, hard labor, poverty, hunger, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, pervasive violence, the vicissitudes of a nature in a universe uncaring if not hostile to all life other than the gods we imagine.

Western civilization specialized in competition, adaptation, and maneuver, and whether or not we were first, we have always been fastest.  Because, by accident, we discovered how to organize our civilization by the least deviation from the physical laws of nature, the natural of cooperation, and the evolutionary law of natural selection by adversarial competition in markets in everything.

In the face of this knowledge of Western exceptionalism in rate of evolution by adherence to those laws, we illuminate why every other civilization failed to discover, and adapt to, the physical, natural and evolutionary laws – and most died, others decayed, and even the few successful stagnated.

And worse, we discover why they resist the European discovery of physical, natural and evolutionary laws at every opportunity. It is random in the first place. We anchor upon our original strategy. It is expensive and difficult to do so. It is counterintuitive. And the rest of the species will do everything in its power to prevent it – which is what we observe in the attempts to undermine Western civilization in both the ancient and modern worlds.

And worst of all, by our analysis, we discover one of  The Great Filters that limit the development of advanced life in the universe: those who would be left behind, drag everyone into the same fate: decline.

The Origin of Our Constitutions

On Origins of The Terms of The Constitution of the United States

Once North Sea trade was reestablished, the Saxon commercial order constructed in Europe, and the Atlantic opened to the age of sail, the West was finally, by the age of Napoleon, able to return to Roman levels of institutional sophistication, and universal imposition of law.

The British achievement …. ( … )

The American achievement … (…)

( … (fragility), but like all liberal (naval, trading) orders … except once invaded by attractive and debilitating authoritarian monopoly falsehood. )

On The Failures

We did not understand ourselves. The mirror hides presumptions.

The Ancient World

( … )

The Medieval World

( … )

The Modern World

As students of the empirical revolution, the agrarian revolution, the commercial revolution, and the enlightenment, our founders architected and designed American civilization upon the natural law, common law, and rule of law. The experiment wasn’t in law or government, it was an experiment in the third way: one without the parasitism and corruption of the aristocracy, or the church, or burden of those of low character and ability.

They saw the federation of states as a continuation of the European civilization and in particular the British: an alliance of states under government, but this time, following ancient Greek advice: a middle class government – meaning people who produce – because only the middle class that produces has the same interests as the rest of the polity.

The Deficiencies of Previous Constitutions

The Initial Problems with the American Constitution

There were a set of six great errors in the original Constitution

  1. Unfortunately, the founders assumed those that followed would also have knowledge of natural law, and the common law, and didn’t include those specifications in the Constitution. They only specified the organization of government, and as an afterthought, some basic rights that they thought needed defending. So the foundation of Western civilization, of Anglo civilization, and of the American civilization as the natural law evolved under the common law and those natural rights under that natural law were never stated. This is why it has been possible to undermine natural law (rule of law), and to gradually impose positive law (rule by man), eroding our civilization from within.
  1. The common law did evolve prior to the development of mass media, and while it contained libel and slander, and fraud, they had no concept of the use of social construction to sell false promise of the impossible – freedom from physical, natural, and evolutionary laws – and therefore baiting people into hazard. They had no idea of the political scams that were possible, and despite Edward Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire being published, they could not envision that the Christian destruction of the ancient world could be repeated in pseudoscientific terms in the modern world.
  1. They also – although it was a subject of great debate – used free speech instead of free truthful speech because they didn’t know how to specify truthful speech as we do now. And they did not specifically prohibit seditious speech because they didn’t know how to write it into law as we do now.
  1. They also used freedom of religion rather than freedom of Christian religion, because they could not envision a world in which Darwin and the physical sciences had eviscerated the church’s ability to use false promise to bait people into the religion. And even if they did, they had no conception of mindfulness and how to use stoicism to replace it.
  1. They also failed to require judicial review PRIOR to ascent of legislation, and failed to provide the return of legislative undecidability to the congress, thereby putting the court in the position of legislating from the bench – which is how the left undermined the constitution.
  1. They failed perhaps most subtly, by not ‘persuading’ (even blackmailing) Washington (or one of the others) into taking the role of monarch – who, like present Elizabeth – is a judge of last resort, and limits the fashions of the government the way the senate was designed to limit the fashions of the population. This is the hardest fact to accept: that of prime ministers, presidents and monarchies, the optimum is monarchy, cabinet and parliament – and the presidency is the worst of all possible models. Whether Americans will tolerate a search for a monarch limited to the power of veto is an open question. The fact that the anti-monarchical propaganda is obviously false, and merely allows for alien people to conquer a nation and convert it to a corporation that can be exploited, is not obvious through the fog of enlightenment deceits.

The Subsequent Mistakes

  1. The founders failed to explain the British, Germanic, and early European systems as corporations, under which the monarchy (executive) was required to gain approval from the shareholders (investors, jury). And that the purpose of multi-house government (multiple juries), was to require agreement between, and to create a market for trades, between the classes – preventing any class from usurping the others, and thereby preserving markets in everything. So when Americans expanded the franchise to non-property owners and women, without creating additional houses, they indirectly destroyed the entire purpose of participatory government: the power to deny power that by its very existence forced a market between the classes, who must trade with one another to obtain what they wish.
  1. When the Darwinian revolution undermined the church and her traditional role of insurer of last resort, and the false promise of Marxism and socialism was spread during the upheaval of the industrial revolution, the state failed to maintain separation of powers and separation of revenues between the Coercive Powers of the State, and the Care of the Church, thereby exacerbating class conflict and effectively denying both sides minimum power distance in pursuit of their interests, setting up a conflict that had to take place in propaganda and deceit, rather than in political markets specifically designed to provide those with dissimilar interests to cooperate.

As such, Americans have survived seven Constitutions already:

1 – The British Constitution Consisting of the Common Law, Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, Act of Union, and the long history of its roots in German and Roman law, and the origins of that long tradition of oral transmission before they were written.
2 – The Articles of Confederation providing for an American government, once separated by war from the British Empire to escape payment for their defense.
3 – The first American Constitution providing sufficient defense and treasury.
4 – The Amendments to the Constitution upon completion of the American Civil War of Northern Aggression, to deprive the States of their Sovereignty and Self Determination as a means of the North obtaining control over them, their revenues, and the rewards of the western continental expansion.
5 – The Depression Era experiment with imitation of the Soviet Communists by ending self sufficiency, and intergenerational lending, and natural eugenics, to accommodate the over-expansion of prior generation of immigration of underclasses.
6 – The transition from overthrowing Western Civilization using world Communism to using World Cosmopolitanism using Jewish Communist repeat of the Soviet Relocation Programs, and Opening the Country to incompatible immigration using the Civil Rights moment, thereby reversing integration, homogeneity, the civil society, and the results of centuries of natural eugenics that made possible the high trust northern European civilization.
7 – The present era’s attempt of the state to use unregulated population replacement by immigration to achieve by dissolution what could not be achieved by reason and evidence, the Court’s assistance by devolution of decisions to the States that advance world Cosmopolitanism, and preserving decisions within the Court that advance world Cosmopolitanism to undermine States that do not.

In these Amendments herein, we produce the Second Declared Constitution, that restores the original design as yet another European continent of loosely federated Sovereign states, seeking self-determination, under the natural law of European Peoples, where such a federation is unified only for the purposes of defense, debt capacity, dispute resolution, and trade. And in these, our amendments, we have repaired the errors of the first constitution, as well as all those errors, frauds, and deceits that by art and artifice that have insulted it, our civilization and our people, since.

And we deny all others past, present and future the opportunity to use art and artifice to undermine, replace, conquer and exterminate our people, our sovereignty, our self-determination, our traditions, institutions, our law, and our unique group strategy that alone has risen us and mankind from a condition of beasts.  And we will deny any and all attempts by any and all peoples, to ever again seek to deprive us or others of sovereignty and self-determination by any other search for universalism, whether military, political, or religious.

The Modern World

The failure of the Constitutional Age has been caused by false promises: the false promise of endless growth, the false promise of the equality of man, the false promise of the malleability of man, the overestimation of man, the denial of our incremental eugenic domestication of man, the lack of rigor in the construction of those Constitutions, the pretense of benevolence by their creators and administrators, the malincentives that each of these frailties creates, and the natural tendencies of all organizations of all scales to maximize rents and exploit all opportunities to the point of failure at costs to human, institutional, and territorial capital, until unable to adapt to changes, innovations, or shocks, and lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the failure of state, court, law, and our people, to adapt to the industrialization of lying made possible by academy, state, bureaucracy, media, entertainment and commerce, and the expurgation of the military and militia and martial character, discipline, and order from our government.

On Correction of The Failures

There exists only one universal law of human cooperation. We call that law ‘Natural Law’. That natural law consists of: Reciprocity.

Reciprocity requires we limit our display word and deed to the  (a) productive, (b) fully informed, (c) warrantied, (d) voluntary transfer of (d) demonstrated interests, (e) free of imposition of costs by externality upon the demonstrated interests of others; where one can obtain a demonstrated interest only by bearing a cost (performing an improvement) for the purpose of obtaining an interest; and one can have no interest until one has born a cost to obtain such an interest.

Conversely, cooperation is not a limitless good. The only reason to cooperate is that it is more advantageous to do so than to separate and boycott, or to engage in parasitism and predation by conquest, murder, looting, pillaging, enslavement, enserfment, forced labor farming,  addiction-farming, sex-farming, tithe farming, tax farming, trade-farming, usury, interest farming, and information-farming, and continuous propaganda and deceits.

This One Natural Law of Reciprocity provides ethical, moral, and legal decidability in matters of conflict independent of opinion, preference, custom, or presumption of good – and is the reason international law is governed by reciprocity. It is the only rule that provides reciprocal (equal) incentive against retaliation for the imposition of costs upon one another. Law evolved, from the first record to the present, for the purpose of preserving the volume, velocity, and returns on cooperation, and preventing the opposite of cooperation: parasitism, predation, and retaliation cycles that throughout history have produced the deleterious effects of conflicts, feuds, and wars.

. . .

Organization by The Natural Law

Our Customary Law consists of the discovery and accumulation of applications of this One Law of Reciprocity that we call Tort law. We have given Legislation (command) and Regulation (prior constraint) the Force of Law by either the population (preservation of returns on cooperation) or the territorial rulers (returns from taxation), or both.

The function of Rule is to Decide. And rulers can decide The Negative: Disputes, The Positive: Directions, or Both Disputes and Directions.

The function of Rule by Discretion ….

The function of Rule Free of Discretion requires Rule of Law.  …..has been the preservation of cooperation by use of organized violence to suppress impositions of costs upon the investments of others. This is the role of insurer of last resort of Personal Interests.

Rights can only exist (a) by reciprocal exchange of the same obligation, and (b) when insured by a third party with sufficient organized violence to defend and enforce restitution for them. Otherwise, they are not rights but impositions that violate the One Law of Reciprocity by means of command. We create a market ‘demand’ for Rights, but those rights do not exist until we organize sufficient violence into rules and institutions to insure those rights: soldiery, police, sheriffs, judges, and the law.

Natural Rights consist of the application of the One Natural Law of Reciprocity to an enumerated list of Man’s Demonstrated Interests within the limits of the One Natural Law of Reciprocity.  By enumerating these rights we educate the population in the proper understanding, prevent misunderstanding, and limit interpretation, abuse, and fraud.

Human Rights consist of Ambitions that we desire from the Governments of States in order to tolerate their retention of a monopoly of control over a territory – or they may suffer replacement by others. They were written as a postwar attempt to constraint governments to improving their territory, people, and assets by market means, without imposition upon their neighbors. Such rights, likewise, do not exist, cannot exist. But serve merely as an ambition, in an era that has passed, and where immigration and religion have returned to weapons of civilizational warfare.

To preserve cooperation, reduce its frictions, risks, and conflicts among sovereign men despite our differences, we evolved a monopoly standard of language, logic, weight, and measure, a monopoly body of rules by which to adjudicate such conflicts (law, legislation, and regulation), a monopoly method of dispute resolution (courts), and monopoly on the application of violence (military, state, court, government, ) to enforce it.

To preserve cooperation by markets within those monopoly rules by which the market is created and maintained, Warriors exchange risk of life and limb for rights of life, death, plunder, and status; Priests exchange warranty of neutrality for rights of care, income, and status; Kings, Judges, Sheriffs, and Police exchange income and status for rights to resolve conflicts in matters of disputes under the law.

The function of Government has been the construction of commons and the extraordinary returns produced by commons, while insuring those commons from the privatization of commons, socialization of losses into the commons, by the organized use of violence. This is the role of the Insurer of Last Resort of the Commons.

The function of the State, with the advent of fiat currency consisting of shares in the State’s economy, has evolved to function as the insurer of last resort, of the assets of the State, against the Hazards of the vicissitudes of nature (disasters, tragedies, accidents, disability, health, old age, and even war).

The function of a Nation-State … (to preserve and prevent)

The function of a Corporate State or Empire… (or to conquer or violate)

Our American Constitution persisted the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, proto-Germanic (and possibly proto-Indo-European) law of sovereign men limited to acts of reciprocity, and licensed the government to act in their interests to preserve their sovereignty (the original text being ‘life, liberty, property’).

The Third Way (middle-class merit) … openly favors the middle ….  top and bottom against the middle, whereas all other options consist of the top and bottom against the middle.

At the time our Constitution of the United States was written, the techniques of formal operational logic and strict construction from first principles were not known. We are no longer so limited, and there is no reason any and every law cannot be constructed formally from the natural law of reciprocity, producing a complete, consistent, and easily falsifiable body of adjudicable law. There is no reason any and every act of legislation, and any and every act of regulation, cannot be so constructed. The principle difference under such formal construction is that the One Law, discovered application of the One Law, regulation to limit hazards of those actions not open to restitution, and contracts for the production of commons would be consistent, and as such the government could only issue contracts under the One Law, not edicts above that One Law.

10) The feminine instinct in political intuition tends toward herd behavior, and the male instinct towards the pack behavior. The Herd lies to mask what is merely theft – they rely on postmodernism (lying by sophistry), and they rely on Marxism (pseudoscience) as well as Freudian and Boasian pseudoscience, and denial of the findings of the sciences. So yes, the Herd (Equalitarians) lie, but the Packs (Meritocrats) cannot tell the truth, even though the truth is quite simple: the reason for the success of Western and Eastern civilizations, has been the upward redistribution of reproduction, and the use of manorialism, taxation, prosecution, and the vicissitudes of nature to limit the reproduction of the underclass until such point that surpluses are sufficient to continually increase the standard of living through continuous market competition and innovation. Man was not oppressed. The man self domesticated through the same process he used for plants and animals: breeding the best and culling the rest. This is the dirty secret of successful civilizations and the failure of the remaining civilizations.

14) Eugenic evolution is against the interests of the Herd.

14) Democracy creates a monopoly that is only sufficient for selection of priorities.  Markets are necessary for cooperation on means despite different ends.

17) Value of scale for insurance of last resort, harm of scale for diversity of commons.

15) And we are prosperous enough to go our separate ways.

16) And the big sort has already happened and will continue.

. . .

Our Choices

We are faced with four choices:

1 – the Settlement of the conflict,
2 – the Evolutionary Strategy to pursue,
3 – the Organization of the polity, and,
4 – the Governance of the polity.

These Choices Consist in:

1 – Regarding Settlement

1. The genocide of the European peoples and culture-cide of their civilization if the minority wins its attempt to create a monopoly.

2. A bloody civil war to prevent the genocide – the bloodiest in history – with an unknown outcome.

3. A reconquest of the territory and rule if the majority wins its attempt to restore monopoly.

4. A deliberate devolution into the states to allow for variation in political preferences between peoples.

2 – Regarding Evolutionary Strategy

( … )

3 – Regarding Organization


Means of Organization

Man can organize by Kin into Nations, by Corporation into States,  by Empire across nations and states, or by Cult Regardless of Nation or State and each is mutually exclusive.


Given the end of European competitive advantages in technology, literacy, education, institutions, and economics, leaving only genetic and cultural advantage;
Given the restoration of the historical world balance of powers between civilizations;
Given the vast impoverished peoples and poor government of them;
Given the condition of North America and South America;
Given the condition of the United States of America;
Given the smallness of our numbers;
Given the vulnerability of western, southern, and eastern Europe;
Given the Remains of the British Empire and our Common interests;
Given the decline in the value of population

Given the options for organizing a polity:

1. Private Domain (Fief, Kin): A Privately Held Territory.
2. Nation, National (Commons, Homogenous): A Commonly held territory between kin.
3. Nation-State (Corporation, Homogenous): Corporation with commonly held assets between kin.
4. State (Corporation, Heterogeneous): a corporation holding assets between heterogeneous peoples, with or without the right of territorial exit.
5. Confederation, Confederated (Alliance, Homogenous): An alliance of independent kin and culture states by treaty, with right of territorial exit.
6. Federation, Federated(Organization, Homogeneous): A hierarchy of Corporate-States or Nation-States with separation of powers between the states and the central government. With or without the right of territorial exit.
7. Empire, Imperial (Organization, Heterogeneous): A Hierarchy of heterogeneous states with separation of powers between the states and the central government, and no right of territorial exit.


None may decide for others without violating the one law reciprocity and settlement by violence and war.


Only an Empire is both possible in practice and truthful in expression.


This Constitution shall transform the United States into:

1. An Imperial State Corporation, holding the territorial assets of the United States and its Possessions, wherein exists no territorial right of exit from that Empire.

2. Ruled by Nomocracy, consisting exclusively of the functions of Insurer of Last Resort, limited to a Judiciary that resolves disputes between the states, and where such disputes are limited to physical property, transport and trade. The Military, The Treasury, and the Insurer.

3. With a Federation of CorporateStates and Nation-States, each producing the commons preferred by their People.

4. Where such States Form, Dissolve, and Confederate into Regions of common interest where not against the interests of others.

5. A devolution of nearly all powers of the Federal Government over social policy and norms to the Several States.


Restoring the United States to the Founder’s vision, reflecting the many ancestral States of Europe, from which the people benefited from State competition. And providing restitution of sovereignty to the peoples of those several states.

4 – Regarding Governance


1 – Obtain exclusive Benefit and Control of the State by the Extermination of Invaders and the Treasonous.

2 – Obtain exclusive Benefit and Control of the State by the Repatriation of Invaders and Extermination or Punishment of the Treasonous.

3 – Obtain exclusive Control and Shared Benefit of the State by Rule of Invaders and Punishment of the Treasonous.

4 – Risk shared Control and Shared Benefit of the State by Cooperation with Invaders and the Treasonous.

5 – Obtain no Control and Benefit of the State by Submission to Invaders and the Treasonous.


(control … )

Conversion of the conspiratorial cities into city-states,

Nationalization of The Federal State, Pre 65 population retains citizenship,
Post 65 population loses citizenship, and has temporary residency

. . .

The Act


( … )


The Constitution of the United States Shall be Amended as Follows:

Regarding the Articles:

Articles I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII are Repealed, and new provisions stated herein.

Regarding the Amendments:

    • Amendment I is repealed and its new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment II is repealed and its new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment III is repealed as redundant given provisions herein.
    • Amendment IV shall stand, but its provisions further clarified herein.
    • Amendment V shall stand, but its provisions further clarified herein.
    • Amendment VI shall stand, but its provisions further clarified herein.
    • Amendment VII shall stand, but its provisions further clarified herein.
    • Amendment VIII shall stand, but its provisions further clarified herein.
    • Amendment IX (Retained by the people) shall be repealed and its new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment X (Retained by the States) is repealed and its new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XI (Sovereign Immunity) is repealed and is new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XII (Presidency) is repealed and alternate provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XIII (Slavery) shall stand, with new provisions for artificial life and intelligence stated herein.
    • Amendment XIV (Reconstruction) is repealed with prejudice as an act of violence against the people, as unconstitutional, and all acts that descend from it repealed and nullified with prejudice.
    • Amendment XV (Voting) is repealed with prejudice, as an act of violence against the people, and all acts that descend from it repealed and nullified with prejudice.
    • Amendment XVI (Income Tax) is repealed and new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XVII (Senators) is repealed and new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XVIII (Prohibition) was repealed by the twenty-first, and shall remain repealed.
    • Amendment XIX (Sex) is repealed and new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XX (Dates) is repealed and new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XXI (Repeal) is repealed as redundant and no longer relevant.
    • Amendment XXII (President) is repealed as no longer relevant.
    • Amendment XXIII (DC) is repealed as no longer relevant.
    • Amendment XXIV (Poll Tax) is repealed as no longer relevant.
    • Amendment XXV (Presidential Succession) is repealed as no longer relevant.
    • Amendment XXVI (Voting Age) is repealed as no longer relevant.
    • Amendment XXVII (Compensation) is repealed as no longer relevant.


The Lex Europaei, The Declaration, and This Constitution and its Articles and Amendments shall constitute the Full Body of This Constitution for any and all purposes. And it exists in continuity as under the Common Law of England before it, as the Rights of Anglo Saxons before them, as of the Common Law of the Germanic Peoples before it, the Roman Law, and the Traditional Law of our Ancient Ancestors before all: The Law of Sovereign Men.


This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Officers, Judges or proxy thereof, shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or Laws of any of the Several States to the Contrary notwithstanding.


In any conflict with between prior Acts, including but not limited to Legislation, Regulation, Findings of Law, or Opinion, or any variation thereof, This Constitution shall be superior to and nullify any and all contrary acts, both in action, word and spirit.


This constitution, being of Natural Law, above that of the reason and will of Man, All People and such Artificial Constructions of Choice that serve human function, regardless of station, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution, and never advocate or act against it, upon pain of permanent death and destruction.


All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the previous Constitution of 1789, as under the Confederation before it.


This Constitution consists in a Treaty containing of the Terms of Settlement of the Second Civil War; the alternative to which is fratricide never before seen on this earth, and consequences that would create war, poverty, desolation the world over; and as such requires no ratification –  as those who would veto the Natural Law have no justification but the unethical, immoral, and evil – and as such are compelled.


This Constitution of The United States is hereby Ascended on this;

The _____ Day Of ___________ Of the Year _________.

Human Beings in A Few Paragraphs

The human brain grows in utero, biased in organization, either for the female Synthetic(conflationary) by hemispheric integration (side to side), short term (temporal), experiential(emotional), personal (empathic), preferable(experience) and dysgenic(quantity); or the male Analytic(disambiguating), by hemispheric isolation (back-to front) long term (intertemporal), analytical(intellectual), political (empirical), truth(action), and eugenic(quality) – with each of us resulting by genetic bias, to demonstrate some point on that distribution, between the Female Solipsistic-to-Psychotic and the Male Aspie-to-Autistic Extremes.

And because the brain is organized as it must be, to give attention to that which provides the most information, and because that which receives attention (novelty identification, rehearsal to integrate for recall, and reinforcement through recall), provides the associative-foundation for subsequent learning (framing), and as a consequence, the associative bias for subsequent learning.

As such we think, display, speak and act, within our genetic biases, including the preference for the most easily understood frame (Feminine empathic to Masculine analytic), the most easily understood means of expression (speech), the most easily understood means of advocacy(approval/disapproval-empathic/personal vs truth/falsehood-analytic/political), including our means of argument (approval/disapproval independent of truth/falsehood, vs truth/falsehood independent of approval/disapproval).

And while we currently (poorly) articulate intelligence plus five factors of personal (personality) bias: openness/novelty-consistency/familiarity, Extraversion-Introversion, Agreeableness-Disagreeablness, Conscientiousness(Organized)-Impulsivity(Disorganized), Neuroticism/Worry-Calm/Mindfulness, we all cluster around three common (stereotypical, archetypal) combinations: mother, ascendent male, and established male. Evidence in argumentative methods, educational degrees, occupational interests, and voting patterns.

And while we currently (rather well) articulate six factors of interpersonal(moral) biases, Care/Harm, Fairness/Cheating, Loyalty/Betrayal, Authority/Subversion, Sanctity/Degradation, and Liberty/Oppression, we all cluster around three common (stereotypical, archetypal) combinations: liberal(mother), libertarian(ascendant male), and conservative(established male). Evidence in consumer and voting patterns.

And our Success or Failure is dependent upon (a) our genetic conscientiousness, (b) our genetic intelligence, (c) our learned mindfulness, (b) the ability of our family to teach any or all of manners, ethics, morals, craftsmanship and artisanship, management of others, professionalism, entrepreneurship, finance, and politics,  finance a career or business,  (e) our masculine disagreeableness for discovering of truth regardless of consensus, our feminine agreeableness for discovery of  consensus,  and (e) the demographic distribution of the polity in relation to the available means of economic competition.

And our conflict strategies vary accordingly between feminine undermining and reputation destruction (‘ostracize/kill’), and male argument and hierarchy construction(‘discipline, correct’).

And our anti-social behavior varies accordingly between feminine social hostility by promiscuity, emotional terrorizing, social undermining, and male physical hostility by substance abuse, violence, crime.

While each of us appears impenetrable as an individual given the abilities and biases we possess, the memories we possess, and the context we live in, in the aggregate, all populations adhere to these evolutionary tendencies, with the principle variation between groups very few factors: (a) the degree of neoteny achieved,  (b) the bias in gender dimorphism achieved, (c) the verbal acuity achieved, (d) the demographic distribution of ability (class) and therefore (e) the strategy institutions,, traditions, norms, that are necessary for that degree of neoteny, verbal acuity, demographic distribution.

This is a summary of mankind, and there is very little if anything about mankind that cannot be understood by and explained by this knowledge.

( … )

Constitution: Natural Rights and Obligations

Article III

Natural Rights and Obligations

Under The Natural Law of Reciprocity


( … ) (only incentive)


The Natural Law consists in Sovereignty (via-positiva) and Reciprocity (via-negativa), in display, word and deed, including Reciprocity in Speech (truthful speech) regardless of cost to the Status (dominance, competence hierarchy), within the limits of Proportionality (in-group defection) within the limits of the utility of cooperation (out groups).

Reciprocity requires limiting our display, word, and deed to:
– Fully informed (truthful and complete);
– – Regardless of cost to the status, competence, or dominance hierarchy.
– Productive and;
– Voluntary transfer (or exchange, or imposition of costs upon);
– The Demonstrated interests of Others;
– Either directly or indirectly (by externality)
– Within the limit of possible due diligence;
– Within the limit of incentive for in-group defection;
– Within The Limit of the Utility of future out-group Cooperation;
– And liable and warrantied, within the limits of restitutability;
– Eliminating the incentive of retaliation and retaliation cycles,
– And imposition of costs upon the commons of trust by which all ingroup cooperate.

Reciprocity In Display, Word, and Deed

Regarding Truthful Speech;


Truth: “Testimony that Satisfies Demand for Infallibility”

Where Truth consists of the series:

    1. Tautological Truth: That testimony you give when promising the equality of two statements using different terms: A circular definition, a statement of equality or a statement of identity.
    2. Analytic Truth: The testimony you give promising the internal consistency of one or more statements used in the construction of a proof in an axiomatic(declarative) system. (a Logical Truth).
    3. Ideal Truth: That testimony (description) you would give, if your knowledge (information) was complete, your language was sufficient, stated without error, cleansed of bias, and absent deceit, within the scope of precision limited to the context of the question you wish to answer; and the promise that another possessed of the same knowledge (information), performing the same due diligence, having the same experiences, would provide the same testimony. (Ideal Truth = Perfect Parsimony.  The Completely disambiguated description constructed exclusively from first prinicples. We tend only to know reductio ideal truths.)
    4. Truthfulness: High Due Diligence: A Performative Truth: that testimony (description) you give if your knowledge (information) is incomplete, your language is insufficient, you have performed due diligence in the elimination of error, imaginary content, wishful thinking, bias, fictionalism, and deceit; within the scope of precision limited to the question you wish to answer; and which you warranty to be so; and the promise that another possessed of the knowledge, performing the same due diligence, having the same experiences, would provide the same testimony.
      1. Hypothesis (reasoning)
      2. Theory (empirical testing)
      3. Survival (surviveld empirical testing in the market)
    5. Reasonableness: Medium Due Diligence: that testimony (description) you give, as justification for your reporting of your belief, justification, preference, coice, or actions with full knowledge that knowledge is incomplete, your language is insufficient, but you have not performed due diligence in the elimination of error and bias, but which you warranty is free of deceit; within the scope of precision limited to the question you wish to answer; and the promise that another possess of the same knowledge (information), performing the same due diligence, having the same experiences, would provide the same testimony.
    6. Honesty: Low Due Diligence: that testimony (description) you give with full knowledge that knowledge is incomplete, your language is insufficient, but you have not performed due diligence in the elimination of error and bias, but which you warranty is free of deceit; within the scope of precision limited to the question you wish to answer; and the promise that another possess of the same knowledge (information), performing the same due diligence, having the same experiences, would provide the same testimony.


“We are trying to produce a market competition for maximization of infallibility in Display, Word, and Deed.”

    1. Truthful Speech Satisfies the Demand for Increasing Infallibility of Decidability for the context in question.


Demand for Decidability Consists In:

    1. In the REVERSE: a question (statement) is DECIDABLE if an algorithm (set of operations) exists within the limits of the system (rules, axioms, theories) that can produce a decision (choice). In other words, if information sufficient for the decision is present (ie: is decidable) within the system(ie: grammar) in the absence of appeal (default to) intuition.
    2. In the OBVERSE: Instead, we should determine if there is a means of choosing without the need for additional information supplied from outside the system (ie: not discretionary).

If DISCRETION, by appeal to (default to) intuition or preference, is necessary then the question is undecidable, and if discretion is unnecessary, a proposition is decidable. This separates reasoning (in the narrow sense) from calculation (in the wider sense) from computation (algorithm).

Given the Spectrum of Demand for Infallibility of Decidability (Who Context):


    1. Intelligible: (Observe) Decidable enough to imagine a conceptual relationship
    2. Reasonable: (Orient) Decidable enough for me to feel confident that my decision will satisfy my needs, and is not a waste of time, energy, resources.
    3. Actionable: (Decide)Decidable enough for me to take actions given time, effort, knowledge, resources.
  1. DURING (Action)

    1. Ethical and Moral: Decidable enough for me to not impose risk or costs upon the interests of others, or cause others to retaliate against me, if they have knowledge of and transparency into my actions.
    2. Normative: Decidable enough to resolve a conflict without subjective opinion among my fellow people with similar values.
    3. Judicial: Decidable enough to resolve a conflict without subjective opinion across different peoples with different knowledge, comprehension and values.
  2. AFTER (Next ‘Before’ condition)
    Informational (Public Speech)

    1. Scientific: Decidable regardless of all opinions or perspectives (True)
    2. Logical: Decidable out of physical or logical necessity
    3. Tautological: Decidedly identical in properties (referents) if not references (terms). So to borrow the one of many terms from Economics, we can see in this series (list) a market demand for increasingly infallible decidability.

Given the Human Faculties:

    1. Sense (stimuli)
      … … Perception (composition)
      … … … Association
    2. Logic Facility (constant relations)
      … … Imagination Facility (prediction)
      … … … Reason Facility (comparison, permutation)
    3. Grammar facility (statements)
      … … Paradigms (‘metaphysics’, ‘dimensions’, ‘episodes’)
      … … Vocabulary
      … … … Sounds
      … … … Signs (acts, actions)
      … … … Marks (records)
      … … … … accidental
      … … … … intentional
      … … … … … Mark
      … … … … … Symbol
      … … … … … … Glyph
      … … … … … Pictogram
      … … … … … Picture
      … … … … … Picture Series
      … … … … … Animation
    4. Communication Facility (“Language”)
      … Truths
      … … .Formal Science
      … … … Logics (deflationary Grammars)
      … … … Mathematics
      … … … Algorithms
      … … Physical Sciences
      … … … Physics
      … … … Chemistry
      … … … Biology
      … … … Sentience (Consciousness)
      … … Behavioral Sciences
      … … … Metaphysics (Language)
      … … … Psychology
      … … … Sociology
      … Disciplines (Applied)
      … … … Medicine (Repair and Maintenance)
      … … … Engineering (Transformation)
      … … … Accounting, Finance, Economics (Measurement)
      … … … Economics (Cooperation)
      … … … History (Categorization and Summation)
      … … … Law (Dispute Resolution)
      … Communication
      … … Testimony (warrantied by due diligence
      … … Rhetorics (argumentative, persuasive Grammars)
      … … Written (Formal) Language
      … … ORDINARY LANGUAGE (Informal, colloquial, and Idiomatic)
      … … Narrative (description)
      … Education
      … … Narrations (inflationary Grammars)
      … … Storytelling (loading, framing)
      … Deceits
      … … Fictionalism
      … … … Pseudoscience -> Magic
      … … … Idealism-> Surrealism, and
      … … … Supernaturalism->Occult
      … … Obscurantism (Obscuring, Overloading)
      … … … Misdirection (Deceit)
      … … … Propaganda
      … … … Disinformation
      … … … Social Construction
      … … Fraud (for gain)
      … … Harm (Evil, for harm regardless of gain)

Where Truthful Speech Consists of:

    1. Complete Sentences
    2. In promissory form
    3. In testimonial form
    4. In operational vocabulary (as actions)
    5. absent the verb to-be (is, are, was, were…)
    6. including all changes in state
    7. including all consequences of change in state
    8. from an observer’s point of view
    9. producing a series of testable transactions.

Where the Criteria for Truthful Speech Consists in:

Coherence Across the Dimensions Testifiable by Man, in The Series:

    1. Existential > The Physical Laws of the Universe
      … 1. Realism >
      … 2. Naturalism >
    2. Possible > The Formal Laws of the Universe
      … 7. Operational – Demonstrable Sequence >
      … 8. Empirical – Externally Correspondent >
      … 9. Logical – Categorically Consistent
    3. Rational > Behavioral (Natural) Laws of the Universe
      … 10. Rational Choice – Demonstrated Preference >
      … … 11. Incentives – Demonstrated Interest >
      … … … 12. Body, Mind, Memory, Effort, Time
      … … … 13. Mates, Offspring, Kin
      … … … 14. Status, Reputation, Kith
      … … … 15. Several Interests (in many forms)
      … … … 16. Common Interests (in many forms)
      … 17. Reciprocal >
      … … 18. Productive (reciprocal increase in capital)
      … … 19. Exhaustively Informed (due diligence gainst deceit)
      … … 20. Voluntary Transfer >
      … … 20. Free of Negative Externality >
      … 21. Organizable >
      … … 22. Power Distribution of Law >
      … … 23. Pareto Distribution of Assets >
      … … 24. Nash Distribution of Rewards >
    4. Survivable > Evolutionary Laws of the Universe 
      … 25. Prevents Regression to the Mean (loss of biological capital)
      … 25. Preserves Natural Selection (selection by merit)
      … 27. Increases Adaptivity (biological capital)
    5. Complete >
      … 26. Limits, Completeness, Full Accounting,
      … 27. Consistency, Coherence, Parsimony
    6. Competitive – in the market for theories
      … 29. Sufficient – Satisfies the Demand For Infallibility
      … 30. Parsimony – In competition with other testimonies
    7. Warrantable >
      … 32. (i)as having performed due diligence in the above dimensions;
      … 33. (ii)where due diligence is sufficient to satisfy the demand for infallibility;
      … 34. (iii)and where one entertains no risk that one cannot perform restitution for.

As a Defense Against the Series:

    1. Ignorance and Willful Ignorance;
    2. Error and failure of Due Diligence;
    3. Bias and Wishful Thinking;
    4. And the many Deceits of:
      … (a) Loading and Framing;
      … (b) Suggestion, Obscurantism, and
      … (c) Overloading, Propaganda and Social Construction
      … (d) Fictionalisms of
      … … i) Idealism -> Pseudorationalism, and
      … … ii) Magic -> Pseudoscience, and
      … … iii) Occult -> Supernaturalism;
      … (e) Sophistry
      … (f) and outright Fabrications (fictions).

In Defense or Advocacy Of:

Any transfer of demonstrated interests that is irreciprocal, as measured by the tests of:
… (a) productive
… (b) exhaustively informed and exhaustively accounted
… (c) voluntary transfer of demonstrated interests
… (d) free of externality of the same criteria
… (e) warrantied and within the limits of liability

Including but Not Limited To the Spectrum Of:

… (a) murder,
… (b) harm, damage, theft,
… (c) fraud, fraud by omission, fraud by indirection, baiting into hazard
… (d) free riding, socialization of losses, privatization of commons,
… (e) rent seeking, monopoly seeking, conspiracy, statism/corporatism,
… (f) conversion(religion/pseudoscience),
… (g) displacement(immigration/overbreeding),
… (h) conquest (war).

Where Demonstrated Interest Includes:

1. Existential (or Natural) Interests:


Existential (or Natural) Interests: Interests inherent in physical existence, self-determination, mindfulness, reproduction, and exit of and insulation from the commons.

Existential (or Natural) Interests include:

1. Self: 
Life, Body, Genes,
Mind, Attention, Memories,
Time, and Action, Stimulation,  Experience, Knowledge,

2. Privacy:
Sexual Preference and Activity
Letters and Records
Home (nest, rest)

3. Kin and Interpersonal (Relationship) Interests
Mates (access to sex/reproduction), and Marriage
Children (genetic reproduction)
Consanguineous Relations (family, kin, clan, tribal and national relations)

2. Cooperative Interests


( … )

 Interests Include:

4. Status and Class (reputation, honor)
Self-Image, Status, Reputation
Social, Sexual, Economic, Political, and Military Market Value

5. Sustainable Patterns of Association, Cooperation, Insurance, Reproduction,  Production, Distribution and Trade
Friends, Acquaintances, Neighbors,
Cooperative Relations, Commercial Relations,
Political Relations, and Military Relations.


Right, Obligation, Defense, and Inalienabiilty of participation in the markets for cooperation:

1. Association,

( … )

2. Cooperation,

( … )

3. Insurance,?????

( … )

4. Reproduction,

( … )

5. Investment, Entrepreneurship, Invention, Production, Distribution and Trade

( … )

6.  Commons

( … )

7. Polities

( … )

Obtained Interests


Obtained Interest: Interests that are obtained by bearing a cost of opportunity, time, effort, resources, to obtain that interest without imposing upon the previously born costs of others.

Obtained Interests Include:

6. Several (Personal) Interests
Personal property: “Things an individual has a Monopoly Of Control over the use of.”

7. Shareholder (Fractional) Interests
Shares in property: Recorded And Quantified Shareholder Property (claims for partial ownership)

8. Title Interests (Weights and Measures)
Trademarks and Brands (prohibitions on fraudulent transfers within a geography).

9. Artificial Interests (Privileges)
Letters of Marque, Patents, Copyrights, Grants of License.

10. Common Interests, or “Commons” (Community Property)

(i) Institutional Property: “Those objects into which we have invested our forgone opportunities, our efforts, or our material assets, in order to aggregate capital from multiple individuals for mutual gain.”

(ii) Informational commons: knowledge. Information.

(iii) Informal (Normative) Institutions: Our norms: habits, manners, ethics and morals. Informal institutional property is nearly impossible to quantify and price.  The costs are subjective and consist of forgone opportunities.

(iv) Formal (Physical) Commons: the territory, it’s waterways, parks, buildings, improvements and infrastructure.

(v) Formal (Procedural) Institutions: Our institutions: Religion, Education, Banking, Treasury, Government, Laws, Courts.

(vi) Monuments (art and artifacts).
Monuments claim territory, demonstrate wealth, and provide one of the longest most invariable normative and economic returns that any culture can construct as a demonstration of conspicuous production (wealth), and as such, conspicuous excellence. (hence why competing monuments represent an invasion. Temples, Churches, Museums, Sculptures being the most obvious examples of cultural claim or conquest. )

(vii) Common Opportunity Interests
When people come together in proximity, and suppress impositions of costs upon the interests of others through the incremental evolution of the law of reciprocity, they decrease the time and effort required to produce voluntary association, cooperation and exchange. As such polities decrease opportunity costs, and generate opportunities. These opportunities are un-homesteaded (opportunities) until invested in by individuals either by expenditure of time effort and resources, or by forgoing opportunities for consumption. As such the proximity of people and the institution of reciprocity under law produce a commons of opportunities that we seize (homestead) by competition. As such no one may claim interest in an opportunity without conducting and exchange by which to seize it.

(viii) (human capital)

11.  Common Future Interests

( .. ) (Self Determination within the limits of reciprocity, …)


The ( …. knowledge, epistemology … ) life cycle:
(a) observation (Experience)
(b) *Free association*
(c) test of reasonability
(d) *Hypothesis*
(e) Perform Due Diligence.
(f) *Theory*
(g) Survival in the market for application
(h) *Law*
(i) Survival in the market for refutation
(j) *Habituation into metaphysical assumptions*
(k) Falsification and reformation


Facts (theories of observations) vs Theories vs Laws ( … )


1 – No right to Untruthful or Ir-reciprocal speech in public to the public in matters public shall exist for any reason either directly or indirectly.

( Counsel: While we may not violate an individual’s right to his or her thoughts, we have the obligation to prevent harm by display word and deed that produces evidence of those thoughts in the commons, where demand for desirable falsehoods spreads among those with the least agency to resist them. )

2. And all Speech to the Public, in Public in matters Public by display, word, and deed, shall be involuntarily warrantied, as are all other goods, services, and information, to be free of untruthful speech and irreciprocity, directly or indirectly, or by accumulated consequence of externality.

3 – The Right to be free of, the obligation to refrain from, and the obligation to defend against untruthful and irreciprocal speech in  public to the public in matters public in display word and deed shall not be infringed; and to Obligation stop, demand restitution for, punish, and prevent repetition of untruthful and irreciprocal speech shall not be infringed.

4 – The Right to be free of, the Obligation to refrain from, and the Obligation to defend against, suppression of truthful and reciprocal public speech in public to the public in matters public, and to Obligation stop, demand restitution for, punish, and prevent repetition of suppression of such truthful and reciprocal speech shall not be infringed.

(Counsel: the technique of suppressing truthful and reciprocal speech shall be prohibited.)

5 – Specific Prohibitions:

1 – The right to be free of Defamation in by libel and slander shall not be infringed; and the obligation that one speak truthfully, and that the person, group, or organization committed a crime punishable under law, shall not be limited.

(a) The offended party need not demonstrate damage. The offending party need demonstrate the statements are not false, either in expression or implication.

(b) The practice of “Trial by Gossip” and “Trial By Media” shall be prohibited.

(Counsel: Having opened the Court to standing in matters of the commons, all disputes public and private can have recourse of action and voice). 

2 – The Right to be free of Sedition in entertainment, arts, and letters, shall include;

(a) fiction shall be labeled and structured as a fiction, and obviously so;
(b) dramatization of public figures directly or implied shall be prohibited;
(c) Attempts at creation of a false history (historical fictionalism) shall be prohibited;
(d) Framing of the un-heroic as heroic, immoral as moral, and unethical as ethical, shall be prohibited;
(e) Any attempt to  ( …. )

(Counsel: The Abrahamic practice of using the permissiveness of the arts and letters to harm the informational commons by the diminution of our ancestors and heroes shall be prohibited.)

3 – The Right to be free of sedition by criticism of European people, their history, their achievements, ….. their religion…. traditions…. Culture … the obligation to…

4 – The Specific Right to be free of The First and Second Jewish wars against European people and the restoration of the Islamic war against the world peoples by:

i) The First Semitic War of sedition by Judaism revolt against truth, reason, science, market meritocracy, and the natural transcendence of man out of ignorance and poverty, by the false promises to bait peoples in to hazard by use of the deceits of supernatural religions.

ii) The Second Semitic War of Sedition by Judaism’s revolt against truth, reason, science, market meritocracy, and the natural transcendence of man by the false promises to of freedom from physical, natural, and evolutionary laws; specifically the pseudosciences of Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychology, Marxist Economics and Sociology, Marxist-socialism’s economics and politics, Gramsci, Adorno, and Fromm’s culture, values, and aesthetics; the sophistry of Derrida, Foucault and ____’s attack on truth – the foundation of our civilization. Friedan’s undermining of marriage and family. Mises’, Rand’s, And Rothbard’s undermining of our Morality and Law. Trotsky, Sch—-,  and Kristol’s undermining of our political institutions. And the 100M world dead by their hands, and the irreversible damage to our civilization by their sedition.

iii) The Restoration and Continuation of the Islamic war on human civilization, and their 1400 year attack on Western civilization, and their destruction of all the great civilizations of the ancient world: north African, Egyptian, Levantine, Mesopotamian, Anatolian, Byzantine-Greek, old Europe-Balkans, the great civilization of Persia, and the foundations of Hindu Civilization in the the Indus river valleys. The one billion dead, the loss of great cultures, their arts, their letters, their knowledge, and worst of all, their genetics.

5 – The Right to be free of Sedition by competition against, or argument against, or criticism of the natural law, the law of the European peoples, and this constitution, and the Obligation to refrain from sedition, and Obligation to defend and prosecute sedition shall not be infringed.

6 – Specific Licenses:

(Christianity) (compatible with natural law) (extension of natural law)

Regarding Symbols

( … )

Regarding Privacy

( … )

Regarding Attention

( … )

Regarding Interference

1 – The Right of Transit in commercial and public spaces shall not be infringed. Therefore, the obligation to refrain from impediment or obstruction of ways, including doors, aisles, paths, roads and their likenesses in land, water, air, space  shall not be diminished.

Regarding Several Property Interests

( … )

Regarding Artificial Property Interests


The purpose of copyrighttrademarkbrandpatent, and natural patent is to prevent profit without contribution to research, development, and production – it is a prohibition on free riding.


1 – The purpose of Trademark is the production of a weight and measure, and all such marks shall constitute a weight and measure. As such the right of the people to register trademarks, and prohibit violations of those trademarks shall not be infringed.The purpose of the practice of “branding” using the full range of visible properties available to man, shall constitute a weight and measure.

2 – The purpose of Copyright is to prevent profit from the productivity of an author in the market for goods, services, and information. Copyright shall be reduced to the Creative Commons that disallows profiting from the distribution of works by others but permits copying for personal and non-commercial use. (Defund Entertainment through elimination of market subsidy via copyright, yet preserve rights of creators from profiting from their efforts without compensation. This shall not be construed beyond the original intent of this clause which is the free distribution of all creative works but the requirement to negotiate compensation from the use of such works for commercial purposes. In other words, a radio station may play music for free and a civic festival show a video for free, but the use of any works in acts of marketing, advertising, or branding, or reproduction for sale require negotiation with the creator.

3 – The purpose of Patents is to subsidize BASIC technological research and investment such that the rewards for basic research are substantive.Patents are not a vehicle depriving the market of innovations, or depriving the market of goods services or information, or creating rents, but for providing compensation and reward for investment in basic research.As such, the scope of patents shall be limited to basic research in materials and processes of physical transformation and construction, and in particular neither logical nor aesthetic patents shall be issued. They shall be protected under copyright and trademark.

4 – The purpose of Natural Patents is to provide compensation to individuals for the production of innovation whether by design or accident. A natural patent shall apply to the use of an individual’s genome or any other biological product for commercial use.

5 – The durability of copyright, trademark, brand, patent, and natural patents:

    • The durability of Copyright shall be the lifetime of the creators and living offspring at the time of production.
    • The durability of trademark shall be the continued production of the good, service, or information plus three years.
    • The durability of a brand shall be the continued production of the good plus three years.
    • The durability of a patent shall be the direct cost of investment times five, the duration of the production, distribution, and sale plus eighteen months.Patents may be sold, but only for the purpose of production. Patents may not be held either to deny the market, nor to farm the patent for dividends, nor to pursue profit for patent infringement independent of production.
    • The durability of a natural patent shall be the lifetime of the individual, his offspring whether living or yet to be.

Regarding Common Property Interests

1 – The right of Transit, including driving, on existing routes, shall not be infringed for any reason other than for the past imposition on risk of others by means of recklessness, impairment driving, or interference in other’s driving, whether by display, word, or deed.

2 – All laws regarding the use of private and common spaces and all within them shall enumerate which rights are granted and if unenumerated shall be deemed ‘Sacred’; meaning that one has none of the rights listed below, whatsoever.

Those rights shall be:

    • Sacred: no rights.
    • Transit – passage by walking through 3d space, without mechanical or other aid, limited to what you can carry, on existing paths.
    • Transport – passage of other than body and what you can carry without aid through space, on existing paths.
    • Wander – movement over outside of existing paths.
    • Loiter – Enumerated as ‘Rest’, Sleep, ‘Stay’
    • Congregation – of more than one person.
    • Observation – may observe others, or merely watch whereyou ‘re walking – this is to limit both people observing, image capture, and drone activity.
    • Recording – by any means.
    • Display – including dress, appearance, and behavior
    • Sound – other that whispers from one person to another
    • Approach – right of approaching others
    • Greeting – Acknowledgement of one another’s presence.
    • Speech (Word), and shall enumerate to include
    • …. …. …. “Acknowledgement“,
    • …. …. …. “Introduction“,
    • …. …. …. “Conversation“,
    • …. …. …. “Solicitation“, “Begging
    • …. …. …. “Promotion“,
    • …. …. …. “Listed Topics, Listed Prohibited Topics
    • Action –‘Movement’, ‘Touch’, ‘Play’
    • Usus – Use: setting up a stall, holding meeting.
    • Fructus – Fruits: (blackberries, wood, profits)
    • Emancipation – Emancipation: (sale, transfer)
    • Homestead – Homesteading: Convert an opportunity into property through bearing a cost of transformation.
    • Abusus – Abuse: (Consumption, harm or Destruction)

Regarding Informal Institutions

( … )

Regarding The Construction, Maintenance,  Preservation, and Epansion of Trust



Obligation to perform, right to recieve,

The Natural European ethic

Beauty in mastery in craftsmanship, elegance in design, virtues in meaning
Excellence demonstrated by achievement in adversarial competition
Heroism – direction of dominance, and suffering of burdens to the production of commons,
Capitalization – in leaving the world improved in capital progressing to an eden for having lived in it
Truth – Truth Before Face, Personal, Familial, competence, dominance hierarchy
Respect – a reward to be earned not a presumption to be granted
??? – Public Compliment and Accolade and Private Criticism.
??? – The treatment of members of the polity as customers in all markets of cooperation

The Christian European Ethic

The eradication of hatred from the human heart
The oath of non aggression against others
The extension of kinship love to all in the polity
The exhaustion of forgiveness before abandonment, ostracization or punishment.
The demand for personal act of material charity, and the prohibition on unearned or symbolic virtue signaling
The reward in calm mind, virtous heart, and confident soul by surrender of responsibility and absolution from failure, criticism or blame for having done so.

The Heathen Ethic

The Celebration of Debt to Universe, Nature, Ancestors, and Heroes, whose inheritance we enjoy.
The Sacredness of the Family, The Faith, The Law, and the People, whose contributions we enjoy
The Public Celebration of Joy, Private Suffering of Complaint, whose happiness we all enjoy

Regarding Freedom from (normative etc) Competition (cost)

( … )

Regarding Language of Speech 


( … ) (Differences in language : high precision, low context, the relation to truth and operational speech, the metaphysical content of languages, and the costs of frictions from competing other speech.)


1 – The language shall be English and exclusively English in all public speech, including display word and deed, with no accommodation, tolerance or exception.

( Counsel: whereas English is a precise legal and scientific language suitable for operational speech; and whereas the commonality of language reinforces a commonality and subtlety of meaning, and the associated premiums therefrom, no one has the right to impose costs on that commons we call language by competition. )

Regarding Manners, Ethics and morals (is this here or a separate page?)

( … )

Regarding Norms

( … ) (integration)  (the spectrum of religions)

Regarding Traditions

( … )


Regarding Formal Institutions

( … )

(  … ) This constitution

( … ) (is all govt here?)

Regarding Standards of Weights and Measures

( … )


-Regarding Association, Disassociation, Exit, and Secession-

1 – The right of the people to exit from any political order and its territory without cost or penalty shall not be infringed.

(Counsel: The right of association is meaningless without rights of disassociation (exclusion).  The right of disassociation for any reason whatsoever shall be restored, and no forcible interactions shall be imposed upon people. This ends the forced association of peoples against their will)

2. The right of the people to freedom of association, disassociation, and exit, for any reason, in matters private, commercial, and political shall not be infringed.  The people shall have the right to form gatherings, organizations, enterprises, neighborhoods, regions or realms by any criteria they choose without exception.

3. All members of any organization, whether Religious, Intellectual, Political, Civic, Commercial, or Criminal; and whether formal or informal, shall insure the display, word, and deed of all other members, and shall be be accountable for the display word and deed of all other members in actions of common interests.

(Counsel: The practice of fringe members of any organization to take criminal, unethical, and immoral actions that advance common interests while preserving the activities of the group unchanged, shall end.)

4. The right to be free of harassment shall not be infringed.  Therefore the right of Transit of the Commons shall be granted reciprocally, but no other rights shall exist between one person and another without consent, and all possible rights are prohibited when expressly rejected.  Therefore Stalking, Paparazzi, Protesting, Activism, Journalism, Recruiting, Preaching, Selling, and Begging alike are prohibited.

(Counsel: The courts give us all necessary means of resolution and the tolerance for harassment, particularly of public figures shall be terminated.)

5. The Right of Preservation of Attention, and to be free of Interruption shall not be infringed  (obligation not to interrupt draw attention)

-Regarding Borders and Territory-

1. Any aliens who attempt to enter the territory by any means other than those prescribed to Visitors shall be subject to extra-judicial punishment or execution without trial or appeal, by any of the people, at any time, at their sole discretion.

2. Any people, government, religion, or other organization unable to contain their people from continuous flight such that they pose border risks to the Territory shall have implicitly declared war, and shall lose rights of sovereignty, reciprocity, rule and governance, and any actions necessary to prevent such continued warfare shall be used to restore borders and order, including conquest, subjugation, and rule.

Regarding Organization

(  family, clan, tribe, religious, commercial political )

Prohibition on sedition, treason, undermining, by intention, by

everyone in the chain of responsibility end of indemnity


Regarding Defense of Interests, Rights, Obligations, and Inalienabilities

1 – The Right and Obligation to Keep, Bear, and Use Arms

i – The right and obligation of all citizens to keep, bear, and use, any and all arms individually preferred, functionally sufficient, or strategically necessary for personal, familial, common, commercial, civil, and military defense, at all times, without exception, shall not be infringed.

ii – The obligation of all able male citizens between 16 and 65 to keep and bear necessary and sufficient arms and ammunition, and to remain disciplined in their use, and fit to use them in defense of the people and their interests, whether by personal initiative, civic request, militial or military service shall not be infringed.

iii. The inalienability of the citizen’s right and obligation to keep arms, bear arms, and use arms, and obligation to remain fit for, perform service in, the citizen’s militia shall not be infringed.

iiii. Any and all attempts by display word or deed to alienate a citizen or citizens, or attempt at alienation by a citizen or citizens from the right and obligation to keep and bear those arms, remain fit for and perform services in the citizen’s militia, shall constitute an act of treason punishable by death.

2. The right to Stand One’s Ground shall not be infringed.  All men’s intentions shall be taken by their display word and deed, and all threats immediate and actionable.

3. The right of citizens to Castle in one’s Home shall not be infringed with the exceptions of murder, kidnapping, hostage-taking, imminent physical harm, explosives large enough to damage neighboring property, and other weapons of mass destruction.

( Counsel: Every Sovereign man is his own legislature, but as such, bears the consequences of his own legislation. )

4. The right to Defend Marriage from interference, and  Self, Spouse, Children, Kin, and one’s Private Property from harm and loss shall not be infringed.

(Counsel: Crimes of passion in the face of present evidence are warranted in defense of self, mates, and kin. )

5. The right to Demand Apology and Restitution  (duel) in defense of reputation and honor, to self, mate, family, kin, and nation; to engage hand to hand fighting if unsatisfied; to delay the restitution, or appeal to the People or the Court for satisfaction shall not be infringed.  The obligation to cease upon submission, to refrain from striking when down, and prohibit kicking of the head, shall be preserved; and the violation of this obligation shall be a crime of attempted murder, which may be adjudicated by Seconds immediately or at any time thereafter.

(Counsel: A duel ends upon submission. )

(a) Action by any third party or parties that interferes with a duel, other than to cease it, by causing distraction or harm, shall be a crime of attempted murder which may be adjudicated by Seconds immediately or at any time thereafter.

6 – The right to be free of ir-reciprocity or escalation in matters of defense and duel; and the right o be free of retaliation against proxies (feud), and obligation not to retaliate by proxies (feud), shall not be infringed.

( Counsel:  —“The Sovereign’s ready answer to ridicule, shaming, rallying, gossiping, scolding, fictionalism and deceit, is violence: the duel.”— )

Regarding Duty to the Defense of the Commons

7 – The Obligation To Defend and Demand Defense …

(every man a sheriff) (crime)

( Counsel: —“By the Statute of Winchester of 1285, 13 Edw. I cc. 1 and 4, it was provided that anyone, either a constable or a private citizen, who witnessed a crime shall make hue and cry, and that the hue and cry must be kept up against the fleeing criminal from town to town and from county to county, until the felon is apprehended and delivered to the sheriff.

All able-bodied men, upon hearing the shouts, were obliged to assist in the pursuit of the criminal, which makes it comparable to the posse comitatus.

Men who failed to join the posse “the whole hundred … shall be answerable” for the theft or robbery committed, in effect a form of collective punishment for failing to uphold the law. Those who raised a hue and cry falsely were themselves guilty of a crime.”— ) 

7.1 Obligation to surrender (crime)

( … )

8 – Obligation to Discipline and Demand Discipline   …(manners ethics and morals)

( … escalation of discipline: expression-display, private word, public word, public cry, public strike, public restraint … )

(counsel: Shall be delivered calmly as advisor, and shall not be means by which private frustrations are escalated to public catharsis. )

8.1 – Obligation to Accept Discipline …

( cease, acknowledge, calm, apologize, cease discipline )

Regarding Redress of Grievances 

( … )  (the failure, scale, necessity of actionabiity by actors), (access to courts of the commons – administrative courts)

Regarding Judicial (Juridical) Defense

1. Reciprocity of Juridical Defense under the law

2. Reciprocity of Due Process in Juridical Defense

3. Reciprocity of equality of application and treatment under the law

4. Reciprocity of equality of rights, obligations, defense(insurance), and inalienability under the law

5. Reciprocity of equality of freedom from the presumption of guilt, and all shall be presumed innocent.

6. Reciprocity of equality of freedom from retroactivity of acts of legislation, regulation, findings of the court, or command.

(Counsel: No Law, No Crime)

7. Reciprocity of equality of freedom from arbitrary accusation, arrest, detention, interrogation, prosecution, imposition, punishment harm or exile.

8. Reciprocity of freedom from torture and torturous display, word, and deed save for inescapable urgency of life and death in by hostage, treason, or war.

9. Reciprocity of sovereignty by adversarial trial before a Jury of peers of neutral disposition to the accused regarding all traits and aspects thereto; before a Judge of the Law; facing accusers; with urgency unbound by court resources, only by the preparedness of the defense for trial.

10. Reciprocity in right and obligation of Remedy by and restitution and the court obligated to provide the incentive to prevent repetition or imitation, by punishment, or other constraints within those limits provided by the legislature.



7. Reciprocity in Restitution, Punishment, and Prevention

( … )

Regarding Extra-Judicial Discipline, Cessation, Restitution, and Punishment

1. The right of Citizens to employ Extra Judicial Prevention, Cessation, Discipline, Punishment, Binding, and Detention when witness to Crimes of irreciprocal, and predatory violence against people, property, or commons.

(Counsel: Specifically restore ‘street justice’ when performed by that category Citizens (not the people), where our the purpose of the law is to prohibit abuses by the state, not limit the citizens, or the people via citizens, from their right and obligation of defense of persons and intersets private and common.)

2. The right of the people to Extra-judicial Capture, Detention, Binding, Prosecution and Punishment of perpetrators of repeated crimes of predation, with the presence and consent of no less than twenty five citizens, shall not be infringed.

(i) Whereas the court must prohibit itself and those before it from abuses of procedure and law, which leaves open the possibility of release of the guilty.  Therefore the right of the people to act when due process fails, shall not be infringed.

(Counsel: this produces the optimum incentives for all parties)

(ii) Whereas it is in the nature of the people to grant excessive sympathy, the right of the people to hanging of pedophiles and rapists, and to the whipping of scolds and shrills shall not be infringed.


2. (Sheriff, Deputy, and Militia)


Regarding Limitless Restitution, punishment, and prevention

( … ) our people shall be free of harm anywhere they tread.

If given entry into a domain, he shall be constrained under our laws, and no other, and he remains insured by our people, under our law,


Regarding Reformation (Judicial, Legislative, Political, Reform)


3 – Prohibition on Treason (in display word and deed)

(a) Whoever, owing allegiance to the people and this constitution thereof, assists in war by violence, immigration, conversion, information, or trade or any other means of harm against them or advances the interests of their competitors, giving them information, or aid or comfort within or without, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than one half of the median income; shall be reduced to Resident, shall be incapable of holding any office, or to engage in public speech.

(b) Whoever, owing allegiance to the people and this constitution thereof, and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to a officer of the military, or to a governor or to some judge or justice, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

4 – Rights and Obligations of Sedition

Except in restitution of the terms of this constitution, if two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the political institutions of the people, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.   Conversely, it is the right and obligation of the people, the militia, and the military, to restore this constitution by any and all means possible, save none.

5 – Rights and Obligation of Revolt

Except in restitution of the terms of this constitution, whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the institutions of this constitution, or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States. Conversely, it is the right and obligation of the people, the militia, and the military, to restore this constitution by any and all means possible, save none.



Reciprocity in Inalienation

( … )

Our People shall be Sovereign Individually and Collectively

Self Determination

Self Defense

Self Rule by Rule of Law

Self Government


Self Sufficiency

Self Development


(Treason to submit)

Rights and Obligations Under Legislative Contracts of The Commons

Rights and Obligations Under Military Command (catastrophe, emergency/catastrophe, and medical)

Rights and Obligations Under Monarchical Edict

. . .


Declaration of Intentions

Declaration of privileges


– ( … ) Media / movie inventory

Constitution: The Courts

Article IV

The Courts

“The Market for the Resolution of Differences”

The Courts

(composition of different juries, role of judges, selection of judges)

Regarding Purpose


The purpose of the Law is:

( … ) resolution of differences … decidability rather than subjectivity in matters of dispute.  to define a standard of restitution and punishment … to give license to the exercise of violence (force) to resolve such differences. to prohibit retaliation cycles.

The purpose of the Courts is:

(a) to limit display, word, and deed to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfers free of imposition of costs upon the demonstrated interests of others; and by doing so limit all to voluntary cooperation in markets for association, cooperation, production, reproduction, and production of commons;
(b) to discover and provide rules and guidelines for successful coexistence, cooperation, and persistence in a polity, using the markets for association, cooperation, production, reproduction, and production of commons;
(c) to resolve disputes by those rules,
(d) to force restitution for violation of those rules,
(e) to prevent further impositions by those who violate those rules,
(f) to extract the repeatedly uncivil who violate those rules from the society by exile, separation, and if necessary, execution.


Regarding Interpretation

( .. )

NOTE: COURT: Failure of interpretation is due to failure of measurement.

Regarding Incrementalism

( … )  The policy of Zero Tolerance.

Regarding Scope



The court shall limit of redress of others, itself, and the state and its organs, to the constraints of physical natural evolutionary laws.


Russia, Iran and China as States, and the Jewish and Muslim peoples as Cults, have ended the peace of Westphalia; and the State and its bureaucracy has evolved to treat Alien States as clients over the interests of the people; therefore the people shall be free to use all means personal, civil, judicial, informational, economic, and military to obtain restitution for crimes against them.


1. The Judicial power of the court shall be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against any individual, organization, or polity. The state shall no longer disintermediate the people from their means of correcting an offense, nor their means of restitution for offenses against their property.

2. The organs of defense, without limit, shall seek to perform such restitution at their discretion, including the restitution of the costs of their actions in such service from the offending party if foreign; and the militia, sheriffs, and police (if extant), if domestic.

The Right to Restitution under the Unlimited Letter of Marque, shall not be infringed.

Regarding Specialization (juridical)

( … )

Regarding Enforcement

…..The people, the sheriffs and their deputies, the police, the militia, the military

Regarding The Judges


1 – All Judges shall have successfully completed their military service in a Combat Warrior capacity.

Regarding Officers of The Court (Lawyer)


split duties, failure of ethics, not maximizing interests of society, shallow religious moralizing of institutions training lawyers.


divide the duty before the court, and the representation of the citizen…

The Barrister

The Lawyer

The Attorney

The Legal Secretary

Regarding the Sheriffs (court independent of govt)

( … )

1 – All sheriffs must have successfully completed their military service in a Combat Warrior capacity.

Regarding the Court

1 – The Court Shall Appoint or Remove Sufficient Judges to satisfy market demand for speedy resolution of matters before the court.

2 – All residents regardless of rank, shall have universal standing in matters of the commons, as well as standing in matters private, such that the citizenry may use the courts for the resolution of any dispute whatsoever – ending the disintermediation of the people from the Courts, by the State in matters of the commons.

(Counsel: The current disintermediation by the state and bureaucracy in matters of the commons shall be prohibited. Permits Individual and class action against organizations, corporations, bureaucracies, bureaucrats, and politicians for violation of the constitution, or the natural law it derives from.)

3 – Whereas insulation from suit has produced abusive ends, all protection from suit for any and all persons shall be prohibited, such that all persons shall be liable for all suits before the court, without exception.

    1. The courtroom shall be Sacred (without rights); and all present dressed, behaved, and spoken (display word and deed) as befitting the sacred; and enforced by all officers of the court, with little if any tolerance.

4 –  The right of the people to juridical defense shall not be infringed. The right of the people to use of their assets shall not be infringed without juridical defense, and the state, as a corporation, shall have no greater priority or merit than any other resident’s claim on an individual’s interests. No person shall be impoverished or interests harmed as a means of coercion while under juridical defense.

    1. The court shall not allow itself to be used to circumvent the legislative or regulatory process; demonstration of attempt implied or explicit to circumvent the legislative process shall be a substantive defense; Appeals shall demonstrate zero tolerance for circumvention of the legislative processes.
    2. A Person charged in any State, who shall flee from Justice, and be found in another State, shall on demand of the executive Authority of the State from which he fled, be extradited to the State having Jurisdiction of the Crime.

5 – The right of the people to be assumed innocent until proven guilty no matter how trivial the matter, shall not be infringed.

6 – The right of people to be free from entrapment, constructivist prosecution, and inflation of charges, shall not be infringed.

7 – Accidental self-incrimination in the reporting of another crime shall only be prosecuted for the crimes of predation, and leniency granted.

8 – The practice of prosecution for non-predatory and non-parasitic crime discovered in the process of investigation of others, shall be prohibited.

9 – The right of the people to be free of double jeopardy shall extend to prohibition on civil suit if cleared of criminal prosecution.

10 – The right of the people to speedy trial shall not be infringed; no individual arrested until the prosecutor prepared for trial; the court commanded to meet market demand for timely due process by increases in staff and facilities, rather than subjecting the people to interference in their daily lives.

(Counsel: the court is a commercial service like any other and shall meet demand, or if failing demand, capacity added by means of competitors.)

11 – The right to a trial by jury of one’s peers shall not be infringed; with twelve jurors the presumption, scaling up and down with the severity of the outcome of the matter before the court; but no less than six; Only Citizens, and Peers shall sit a jury; and shall be paid per hour according to their calculated daily income lost.

( Counsel: decrease the pool of jurors to those most able and invested; and compensate them such that they cease to avoid service.)


12 – The ancient right of Trial by Combat with Hand to Hand Weapons shall not be infringed;

(Counsel: Effectively, allows suicide.)

13 – The right of the people to require demonstration of means, motive, opportunity, and intent, shall not be infringed.

14 – The right of the people to confront all participants in the chain of evidence and argument shall not be infringed.

15 – The right of the people to be free of false accusation shall not be infringed, and triple restitution as per libel and slander, imposed.

16 – The right of the people to be free from confiscation without due process of law shall be restored and shall not be infringed; and the right of the harmed to sue for restitution upon the assets of those convicted of crime shall not be infringed.

17 – The right of nullification by jury shall not be infringed.

18 – Leniency and reward for truthful testimony in matters of self incrimination shall be required, and punishment for untruthful testimony in matters of self incrimination shall be required; no matter the crime; as insurance against producing incentive to deceive the people.

19 – Whereas frivolity and disproportionality have been endemic in the courts ;

(a) Judges shall be appointed in matters of Tort, and not elected.

(b) Separate specialized Courts shall be provided for, and Judges shall be specially trained in, or recruited from the fields of: Medicine; Legal Practice; Technological and Patent; Banking, Finance and Tax;  Separate courts shall be provided for: suits against the state and state actors; and family.

(c) The court may assess punitive measures for cases of irresponsible frivolity; in particular for grandstanding, and repeated abuses of the court’s time;

(d) The treasury shall finance the court proceedings but the loser shall pay unless the jury deems, and judge agrees, that proportionality due to proportional fault is more suitable in extreme cases.

And; Whereas the treasury shall finance proceedings;

(i) the court has the right to regulate expenditures by any party as it sees fit.

(ii) the practice of compensation of counsel (et al) dependent upon amount of restitution (damages) shall be prohibited, and all compensation limited to time,  materials and reasonable expenses as determined by the court.

1. Economic, Non-Economic and Punitive Damages shall be available to the court where;

1. Economic Damages shall be calculated by common actuarial means, inclusive of lost earnings, income, and benefits, plus any required cost of care if not covered by benefits.

2. Non Economic (or Hedonic) Damages shall be limited to the greater of the median price of similar primary residences, or the market value of the primary residence at the time of injury, whichever is greater; with the severity of the loss discounted therefrom; with attempts to inflate such values by any means whatsoever, resulting in a halving of those damages.

3. Punitive Damages

i) Punitive damages shall not be imposed unless a pattern of behavior has been established in multiple cases across time, and the behavior has not changed.

ii) Any punitive damages shall be imposed upon the board of directors, and principles, or executive management of the organization, and those in the chain of operations involved in the action, and the insurer – and not passed on to shareholders or customers, nor may claims be made against customers or shareholders.

iii) Such punitive damages shall be paid exclusively to the Treasury for the reduction of debt.

20 – The judge and jury shall be required to avoid ‘favoring the underdog‘, and instead judge the actions by people on the property of people the condition of people performing such actions. The court of appeals shall also do so.

21 – The right of judges and the jury to insulate the defendant from punishment for accidents in the absence of carelessness shall not be infringed.

22 – The right of judges to impose ‘creative‘ punishments the purpose of which is to train the individual to correct his behavior shall not be infringed.

23 – No man shall be punished because of his relative poverty for non-payment of juridical costs. In the choice between producing income, providing food clothing shelter, heat and air conditioning, and even self-medication by legal and illegal means, shall precede the duty of payment of fees.

(Counsel, end administrative punishment of laboring and under classes)

24 – The right to privacy in all court proceedings shall not be infringed.  No one shall have any right to access them other than the judge or the judge or his proxy by inheritance of the chair. As a consequence all divorce proceedings in particular, but all civic conflicts in general, shall require permission of the court.

25 – The right of bankruptcy and ‘starting over’ shall not be infringed, and as such all debts are vacatable, other than that restitution for which one is capable, and in those cases of crimes of predation or recklessness, prison time shall be substituted.  But none shall be prohibited from ‘starting over’.

26 – The right to be forgotten shall not be infringed. This includes any and all data anywhere upon the person other than the records of court proceedings. As a consequence all search data, social media, credit scores, and other information must be deleted within 48 contiguous hours of demand.

Restitution, Punishment, and Exile

  1. No one, no group, no institution may take action for which he, they, or all, may not perform restitution and correction in the case of ignorance, error, bias, wishful thinking, or deceit.
  • It is impossible to perfectly anticipate the future, despite due diligence.
  • It is impossible to pay for restitution of life involuntarily taken, except with life.
  • It is impossible to pay restitution for life accidentally taken with more than all reasonable due diligence one has the agency to make use of.
  • It is impossible to pay restitution for the infection of a genetic line except with the sterilization if possible, exit if possible, and extermination if not, of the infected members.
  • It is impossible to pay restitution for infection, harm, or destruction of norms, institutions, culture, and civilization, except with destruction of life, norms, culture, institutions, and civilization.
  1. Those individuals with three convictions for crimes of predation and felony shall be sentenced to separation for 25 years.
  2. All general Fees and Fines shall be specified and calculated in hours of work time in the median income: Median Income divided by 2080 such that they scale with the era, and need not be continuously adjusted.
  3. All restitution and fines (punishments) not specified herein, shall be at the discretion of the court, and sufficient to prohibit repeat of the behavior.
  4. The right of the people to impose: capital punishment by hanging, or exile (deportation, even of residents, citizens and peers);  or ostracization (isolation camps, work camps, or prisons); or territorial prohibitions of any sort; or physical punishment by lashing;  or restitutions, fines, and demands of service, shall not be infringed.
  5. The court and the people shall make full use of no less than:
  • Public Service
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Punishment
  • House Arrest and Sentence (bound to their homes).
  • Exile both temporary and permanent.
  • Exile to military and civil legion.
  • Ghettos: enclosed, self sustaining neighborhoods, villages, towns, or cities which serve to permanently separate the uncivil from the civil.
  • Work Camps: enclosed, self sustaining collections of barracks, farms, workshops, and territorial labor, under military discipline, and ‘re-education’ programs.
  • Working Prisons.
  • Solitary Confinement (isolation).
  • Execution
  1. Individuals may permanently self-incarcerate in Military and Civil Legions, Ghettos, Work Camps, and Working Prisons, at any time if they deem themselves unfit for civil (market) participation.  Ghettos may self govern within the limits established by policy and courts. And all attempts to make the forms of incarceration (separation) self sustaining shall be made.
  2. Incarcerated individuals have the right of separatism from non-kin. As such, groups shall be organized by race and by class if sufficient numbers.


The Acts

1 – The Ninth Circuit court of Appeals shall be divided into the Southern Coastal, Northern Coastal, and Western Interior courts along existing district lines.

Constitution: The State

Article V

Section I – The State

“The Market for the  Production of Sovereignty”

The State

The State exists as a corporation, organized by a contract we call a Constitution, under The Law, and administered by the Courts, serving as an intergenerational shareholder agreement, holding and serving the interests of the shareholders we call Citizens, and their dependents, their ancestors and descendants, and the People, where that agreement is insured by the Military, the Militia, the People, and the Courts, and ruled by professional jurists according to that constitution, and governed by the Shareholders, in the interests of the Shareholders and their Ancestors, Dependents, Descendents and the People.

The Purpose of the State

The purpose of the state is (a) to defend the people and their interests against depreciation, dilution, harm, and loss, (b) increase the intergenerational civilizational capital, (c) defend the future generations against the fashions of the people, (d) adapt to crisis, peace, and windfalls.

The Strategy and Purpose of The State


The State shall advance the group evolutionary strategy of the european people, on behalf of the european people; and incrementalism against, interference with, usurpation of the State and Violation of that Strategy constitutes sedition, treason or act of war against the european people.

(the second attempt to destroy european civilization)

(no act of monopoly)


1 – The State shall pursue the benefit of and the persistence of the European Peoples, European Civilization, European Group Strategy, and the Natural Law of the European People – and shall serve no other objective, ambition, or benefit – thereby Following the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Russian declarations of the same purpose.

3 – The State’s institutions, shareholders, and dependents, and all within its domain,  shall expressly and exclusively persist, defend, and enforce the European Group Evolutionary Strategy, it’s mythology, history, literature, aesthetics, arts, values, traditions, religions, institutions, investments, territories and all other assets of value to them.  And the State shall expressly prohibit and enforce the prohibition on any and all displays, words, and deeds, that resist full integration without exception.

4 – Any individual, family, group, or organization, who came here by any means, by intent, conspiracy of intent, conspiracy of common interest, or conspiracy of common incentive, to circumvent, ignore, resist or fail to integrate with, undermine, conspire against, to change, modify or to end the european group strategy, it’s mythology, history, literature, aesthetics, arts, values, traditions, religions institutions, investments, territories, and any other assets of value to them, has engaged in sedition, treason, and war of all against all, against the European people, and those individuals, families, groups, and organizations, members, associates, and supporters, shall be prosecuted with malice, without tolerance, and without forgiveness by military tribunal, without time limitation, and if guilty, their assets seized, their individual and collective passports and identities revoked, citizenship revoked, benefits revoked, their bodies indelibly marked, and forcibly repatriated to their country, region, or ethnicity of origin.

6 – The States shall expressly and exclusively seek scientific, technological, commercial, financial, trade, social, political, military, integration, and strategical cooperation with the States of the British Empire: England and Greater Britain, the United States, Anglo Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

5 – The State shall reciprocally defend these same interests of self-determination by all states, on behalf of any and all other peoples, and resist and if necessary, war against, those that try to deprive others of self-determination by self-determined means, not in violation of the natural law.

7 –  The State and all Several States within the State, shall limit language to English and exclusively English, in display word and deed, in all places private, commercial, common, and public and no accommodation for other languages shall be tolerated, and all violations aggressively prosecuted, and repeat violators visitation, passports, citizenship, benefits, revoked and shall be forcibly repatriated to country, region, or ethnicity of origin and prohibited return.

8 – The State Mythology consists of The Matter of the Greece and Rome: the Epic Cycle, The Matter of France: the Carolingian., the Matter of Germany, the Matter of Scandinavia, the Matter of England, the Matter of the Slavs, The Matter of the British Civil Wars, and American Revolutions, The Matter of the Postwar World War Scientific and Technological Fictions that Modernize of those myths, and any and all restorations therefrom.

9- The State Religions Consists Of the Historical Portfolio of European Religions, and exclusively the historical portfolio of european religions, that shall exclusively include:

      • That religion we shall call Heathenism, or religion of the hearth, celebrating our debt to nature, the seasons, spirits, animisms, and ancestors, and the primacy of nature’s and ancestor’s bounty upon which we depend.
      • Those descendants of our Indo European Religion we shall call Pagan, including the branches, and descendants of the west Indo European’s Sky God and their inheritors in The Mediterraneans, and the Atlantics, Nordics, Germanics, Baltics, and Slavics, celebrating our debt to nature, spirits, animisms, ancestors, heroes, and archetypes, in the celebration of life, and the primacy of man.
      • That set of religions we shall call Christian, including Church of the East, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, and many sub-sects, celebrating submission of man to the life, works, and memory of Jesus of Nazareth, and primacy of the God of the Semites, and an afterlife.
      • That religion we call Heroism , the debt to our military and political heroes, and the primacy of our and their heroism on behalf of our people.
      • That religion we shall call Constitutionalism, the debt to our people, our ancestors, our founders, and the primacy of our law in the preservation of our people.
      • That religion we shall call Aristotelianism or Science, our debt to their discovery of knowledge, and the primacy of truth in the advancement of our people.


Regarding Territories

(a thousand nations bloom here….)

Regarding The Organizations of the State


1 – monopoly on coercion ..  force market

2 – ( … To negotiate on behalf of the polity rather than allow fragmentation and defection … )

3 – ( … to maximize the credit capacity of the people … )


The State shall include the following and only the following organizations: (a) the Judge of Last Resort, (b) the Military, (c) The Treasury, and (d) the Surety:

Judge of Last Resort


discretion. excellence: monuments, arts, sciences


Hereditary (Monarchy)

Non-Hereditary (Monarchy)

The Council

The Courts,

The Military,

The military shall organize for total war, not for purely military war

The Treasury,

The Surety (Insurer of last resort),

The Government (The House of Governors)

All Organizations Must Organize For War and Conduct War Games

Apr 1, 2020, 2:36 PM –  the CDC, Homeland Security, and Disaster Relief Organization, and The Treasury are either creating war plans and holding war games or they are wasting our time and money.  Bureaucracies run by constant process rather than project deliverables, war plans, and shocks are organized to maximize rent seeking (employee returns) not civil returns.

Regarding the Judge of Last Resort


( … )


Interests of owner rather than rentier.

Defense against the usurpation of power

Defense against the fashions of the people


Monarch: Hereditary

Regent: Appointed


1. Above The Military
… 1. Head of the armed forces.
… 2. Power to Declaration of War

2 Above the law (technically she ‘is’ the law.)
… 1. No permission: including no license, no passport, no tax.
… 2. immunity from inquiry(including Information requests)
… 3. immunity from prosecution
… 4. immunity from liability
… 5. issue passports and pardons

3. Above Legislation
… 1. Issue Assent(veto) w/o no bill can be passed to form a law.
… 2. The Queen has the right to be consulted, to encourage, and to warn her ministers.
… 3. In times of “grave constitutional crisis”, the Queen has the power to VETO any ministerial advice/opinion.
… 4. No regulation of the monarchy may be bought before

3 – Above Government
… 1. Appointment (Confirmation) of Prime Minister (veto)
… 2. Appointment of (Confirmation of) Ministers (veto)
… 3. Opening and Dismissal of Parliament (Rescinded, we restore)
… 4. Appoint Lords

4 – Above The Church
… 1. supreme governor of the established Church of England.

5 – Above Status
… 1. Appoint Knights, Create knightly orders,
… 2. Bestow Honors.
… 3. Take Ownership of Chosen Excellence (She owns all the swans in the River Thames and Dolphins in the Sea.)

6 – Above the Civilization (Empire): Queen of the English Speaking Peoples
… 1. Queen of Britain
… 2. She’s also the Queen of Australia.
… 3. Apart from being the Head of State of UK and Australia, she’s also dominion to all these commonwealth realms:
Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu.

7. Above Finance
… 1. Ownership of the bank of England and the Treasury. or for that matter, the bank of our civilization..
… 2. Insurer of last resort.

1. The parliament should have been limited to contracts of the commons.

2. Revenue competition between the monarchy (military, arts), parliament (commons), and church (care) should have been preserved, and commingling of income prohibited.)

Regarding Organizations of The State


( … ) Need for professional, globally competitive, members of the state organizations


Requirement for Meritocracy

Individual Patronage and Clientelism

Explicit and Implicit Quid Pro Quo, Explicit and Implicit Priority of Interest

Group Patronage and Clientelism


Acts of Initiative and Regulation

No unrelated or indirectly related merging of initiatives.


( … )

Regarding …

4 U.S. Code CHAPTER 1—THE FLAG, Sections 1 through 9, shall stand, and Section 10 is repealed.

Regarding ….

All that part of the territory of the United States included within the present limits of the District of Columbia shall be the permanent seat of government of the United States.
(July 30, 1947, ch. 389, 61 Stat. 643.)

All offices attached to the seat of government shall be exercised in the District of Columbia, and not elsewhere, except as otherwise expressly provided by law.
(July 30, 1947, ch. 389, 61 Stat. 643.)

In case of the prevalence of a contagious or epidemic disease at the seat of government, the President may permit and direct the removal of any or all the public offices to such other place or places as he shall deem most safe and convenient for conducting the public business.
(July 30, 1947, ch. 389, 61 Stat. 643.)

The Acts


1. Whereas Those Cities and their principles that have acted against the people and the constitution to assist in the invasion of the continent, have by demonstrated action, seceded from the union against the interests of the people and shall be involuntarily converted to Territorial Possessions of the State under Military Rule until fully compliant with this Constitution, at which point converted to Free Cities in the European Tradition.

New York, Long Island-Newark, Jersey City,
Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim.
Dallas, Forth Worth, Arlington.
Miami, Ft.Lauderdale, West Palm Beach.
Chicago, Naperville, Elgin.
Washington, Arlington, Alexandria.
Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell.
Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale.
Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario.
San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward
Boston, Cambridge, Newton.
San Diego, Carlsbad.
Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise.
Philadelphia, Camden, Wilmington.
Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond.
Denver, Aurora, Lakewood.
San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara.
Orlando Kissimee Sanford
Austin, Round Walk

2. Whereas the state of California has violated the constitution more so than any other, the “Six Californias Initiative” shall be enacted immediately, with the state of california divided into six Several States:

1- Jefferson shall consist of fourteen counties: Butte, Colusa, Del Norte, Glenn, Humboldt, Lake, Lassen, Mendocino, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama, and Trinity.

2 – North California shall consist of thirteen counties: Amador, El Dorado, Marin, Napa, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sierra, Solano, Sonoma, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba.

3 – Silicon Valley shall consist of eight counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Monterey, San Benito, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz.

4 – Central California shall consist of Alpine, Calaveras, Fresno, Inyo, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Mono, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Tuolumne.

5 – West California shall consist of Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura.

6 – South California shall consist of five counties: Imperial, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego

3. Unless Accepted as Gift to the British Crown;

1. Whereas, Puerto Rico has been a detriment to American people and is a member of the catholic, Latin, Caribbean, South American civilization, Puerto Rico is involuntarily granted permanent irreversible independence; with the warning that foreign military presence will be considered an act of war.

2. The US Virgin Islands (Virgin Islands) is involuntarily granted permanent irreversible independence; with the warning that foreign military presence will be considered an act of war.

3. Guam is involuntarily granted permanent irreversible independence. With the warning that foreign military presence will be considered an act of war.

4. American Samoa (Samoa) is involuntarily granted permanent irreversible independence; with the warning that foreign military presence will be considered an act of war.

5. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is involuntarily granted permanent irreversible independence; with the warning that foreign military presence will be considered an act of war.

–End of Article VI–

Constitution: The Military

Article V

Section II – The Military




  • Restructure military for domestic defense, and long distance projection of force by automation; continue end expand dark sky weapons (space), continue projection of blue sky weapons, blue water navy – albeit without dependence upon fragile forms of ship;
  • Continue aggressive research and development; the ability to insert forces anywhere on earth quickly to protect citizens, organizations, and their assets and interests; and to punish acts of aggression against our people, territory, assets, trade routes, and allies – seek to cessation, punishment, prevention, and restitution, not, police, govern, or control.
  • Invest in, or obtain a controlling interest in, those organizations necessary for the production of the supply chain of weapons and components such that the military is no longer dependent on a fragile production system vulnerable to market variation.
  • Intelligence and state shall be added to the department of defense. And defense shall terminate all functions of those bureaucracies not central to military, intelligence, state, and trade-commerce.
  • The marines shall ascend to peerage with the other services. Space, cyber and human must be separated also unless the majority of members in those disciplines publicly disagree, and are free of coercion.
  • The officer or non-commissioned officer in the field, shall have full discretion in rules of engagement and freedom from prosecution, demotion, or other impediment, for its exercise. If this is not possible then men shall not be tasked with any related actions.
  • The light infantry recommendation shall be implemented, limiting men to 30 pounds of man-portable gear, and resources diverted to provision of troop transport, single man transport, automated transport, for the supply, and transport of men in the field and the soldiers in the field
  • The special forces in every branch shall be filled with every man possible without decreasing the standard of entry or performance, so that they may restore military ethic across the military services.
  • Combat military services and all deployed personnel shall be limited to heterosexual males, and all others mustered out at the end of the current term of contract. The ‘clintonification’ of the forces shall be reversed, and
  • The 20 years model shall be increased to 25 beginning with all new recruits.
  • All combat military pay schedules shall be ‘shifted upward by four’ grades so that e4 in 2019 is the current minimum thru such that service, is rewarding for all. highly skilled professionals such as aviators shall be paid competitive market.
  • All combat special forces as currently defined and operated shall be “shifted upward” an additional four grades, so that it remains a desirable position with reward for the risk.
  • Military presence, exercise, drill and practice shall be restored to all schools and vocational, professional, colleges, and universities, with zero tolerance for resistance, criticism or or complaint, thereby restoring military and military discipline to public forums.
  • Military presence at all ‘parades including memorial, political, and labor’ shall likewise.

The Military



1 – Those men of past and present military service shall constitute the full and exclusive body of shareholders in the State, with all others living within the state at their discretion. The citizenry remains shareholders of interest in their commons – and the fruits thereof – while the military shareholders remain interest in all assets of the State.

2 – The Military shall consist of the Standing Military Branches, The Regiments, the Militia, and those civilians engaged in the production of weapons munitions, and supplies.

3 – Each Branch of the Military shall separate Technological staff, from Support Soldiers, from Combat Warriors, by rank, insignia, and uniform, with Combat Warriors superior in decisions to all others.

4 – Military personnel shall consist exclusively of heterosexual males.

( Counsel: Pre-Clinton Military Discipline shall be restored and fitness discipline extended to all personnel of any age. )

5 – Combat Warriors and only Combat Warriors shall be paid no less than one times and no more than five times, the median income as derived from of all the states.

6 – Combat Warriors and only combat warriors shall receive military Pensions of one-third of their highest three year of pay in addition to all other pension benefits due all other citizens. All other state and military pensions and benefits will sunset with existing personnel.

( Counsel:  )

7 – Technical Military personnel shall consist of Citizens, who in time of conflict, can be immediately involuntarily conscripted and immediately discharged at the will of Command.

8 – The Regiments shall

9 – The Militia shall consist of all able-bodied men from fourteen to seventy. The Military shall train and equip the Militia such that they can continuously deny territorial occupation to all competitors for as long as a generation.

Restoration of The Regimental System on The Swiss Model.

Mandatory Physical Training, Physical Fitness.

Mandatory One Week of Service

Mandatory Emergency Readiness

Failure loss of all redistributions, loss of holding office, loss of redistributions, loss of rights of public speech, loss of right to property.

9 – The governors of the states may call up the Regiments and Militia for defense or other emergencies, within, across, or between states; The military may only override a governor to call all militia from all States for shared territorial defense.

10 – No government shall have influence over the constitution, operations, practices, procedures, rules or actions of the military; other than license to wars of offense.

11 – The practice of limiting the rules of engagement of the military such that members incur additional physical risk shall be prohibited. Whenever the military is put to combat in any form, their objective shall always and everywhere shall to execute the fastest, greatest, most disproportionate, most overwhelming violence, at the lowest risk to themselves regardless of consequence to life and property.

( Counsel:  The military is not a police force. It is a force for the punishment of imposition of costs against The People and their Interests, or the conquest and rule of territories in the People’s interests. The military must be the most feared both for the safety and utility of its members, and for the greatest dissuasion of enemies.)

12 – The Military and her members, like the Court and her members, of which the military is an extension, shall refrain from publicly speaking their opinions whether internally or externally, on matters military, judicial, political, or social. Save for reporting the facts as they understand them to the militia, regiments, and members, regarding their condition and mission, plans and consequences, and only within the limits of military policy.


1. The Military shall protect the State and each of the Several States against external and internal impositions of costs with the exception of internal revolt for the purpose of restoring adherence to this constitution.


  1. The peace of Westphalia was ended by Russia, Iran, and Islamists, and as such the military is free to conduct operations against not only state actors, but non-state actors, including but not limited to militias, religions, political movements, organized crime, business interests, public intellectuals, politicians, and individuals in furtherance of defense of the people and their interests from aggressors against them, without limit to technique or method.

The Acts


1 – The size of the Army’s Personnel shall be increased to three and one half million for the purpose of preservation of order during the period of transition with an emphasis on mature men capable of domestic policing and administration. This increase shall consist entirely from men of exclusively european descent. This cost shall be appropriated immediately from the treasury.

2 – All military personnel shall immediately receive increases in compensation such that they are paid equivalent to the take home pay of similarly employed people of similar age in private enterprise. Active military personnel are exempt from income taxation.

3 – Military taxation shall be separated from all other taxation, and apportioned to the states by income per capita regardless of state or possession.

4 – Remove military dependence upon electrical and data grids, and dependence on satellites for communications, navigation, and targeting. The military must be able to fight successfully with total loss of civilian infrastructure.

5 – Restructure military for domestic defense, and long-distance projection of force by automation; continued projection of extraterrestrial space force, blue sky air force,  blue water navy – albeit without dependence upon fragile forms of ship; and terrestrial army; continue aggressive research and development; the ability to insert forces anywhere on earth quickly to protect citizens and their assets and interests; and to punish acts of aggression against our people, territory, assets, trade routes, and allies.

6 – Invest in, or obtain a controlling interest in, those organizations necessary for the production of the supply chain of weapons and components such that the military is no longer dependent on a fragile production system vulnerable to market variation.

(REVERSE THIS FOR DEFENSIVE CONQUEST AND RULE: But acts of political construction and policing are prohibited.  Therefore seek to punish and obtain restitution, not, police, govern, or control. )

Regarding Treaties and Foreign Relations

1. Whereas members of the previous State have sought to circumvent the previous Constitution by treaty;

Therefore; no treaty nor its terms may circumvent any part of this constitution directly, indirectly, or by practical consequence. The practice of advocating, conspiring, or acting to circumvent this Constitution by means of Treaty shall be prohibited and offense prosecuted as an act of Treason.


United Nations

1. Whereas The United Nations has evolved into a hostile foreign power, and center of espionage against our people and our civilization;

Therefore it shall be removed from the territory, buildings demolished, funding terminated, and participation prohibited.

World Court

2. Whereas the World Court has evolved into a hostile power;

Therefore, all treaty, participation, and funding shall be terminated, and hostility to its actions and existence pursued.

Balance of Civilizational Powers

3. Whereas the natural law is the only rational means for the avoidance of war and conquest;

Therefore, the People shall always and everywhere seek to produce a balance of powers between the civilizations, so that man’s natural envy, and preference for parasitism over production, is prohibited from imposition of costs upon others.

8. Whereas our people have different distributions and needs, but we all must pay the cost of our own domestication without exporting that cost upon others;

Therefore, a continuous attempt to limit Africa to Africans, Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand to Europeans, India to Indians,  South America to the hispano-indians, the Levant to Semites, India to Indians, East Asia for the east asians;  and the same to all others not listed, shall be pursued with vigor and intolerance, and never abandoned.

Restoration of Kinship

1. Whereas Monarchy as a Judge of Last Resort, under Rule of Law, and in favor of Kinship(Nationalism), regardless of means of choosing and producing the private and common, are the optimum form of government for all peoples, attempts to restore Monarchies worldwide shall be pursued with vigor and intolerance and never abandoned. Conversely, attempts to replace theological, ideological, and universalist governments, shall be pursued with vigor and intolerance and never abandoned.

English Speaking Peoples

4. Whereas the People have common genetic and cultural assets that have produced demonstrably superior results for our people;

Therefore, a continuous attempt to restore the alliance (empire) of the English speaking peoples of Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and all others elsewhere, to a civilizational, cultural, military, and trade order, with the Monarchy as judge of last resort between our peoples, as defense against conquest by the globalist, south american, european, russian, islamic-jewish, east asian, civilizations shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

Greater Germania

5. Whereas the Anglo American Imperial effort to constrain Germanic civilization, its intellectual, cultural, scientific and technological achievements; its defense of its people; and its resistance to Russian and Communist expansion; was the cause of the great european civil wars; and whereas in retrospect the German people were justified in both wars; and whereas the the continued occupation of the european continent has both fostered dependence on our military and economy, and promoted her pursuit of internally harmful policies, culminating in demographic collapse;

Therefore the military shall withdraw from the european continent and foster europe’s restoration to self sufficiency.


7. Whereas the people of Mexico are unable to produce a sufficient political and economic order to prevent continuous flight, nor resist transit through their territory by those in flight, and therefore have produced an act of war against our people through immigration and demographic and cultural replacement.

Therefore the reciprocal right of the mexican people to self governance shall be denied, and unlimited warfare against them until they refrain.  The A wall against them shall be built; her people forcibly repatriated, or summarily executed under Extra Judicial enforcement; And if necessary, military rule imposed until their hostilities by immigration ended.

South America

8. Whereas south America requires a Core State to emerge as a world power independent of coercion and predation by others; and whereas Brazil has the only possibility of population, resources, and funding for fulfilling the demands of this function.

Therefore; all efforts to assist Brazil in developing into a strategically, militarily, economically, sustainable core state of south america that can hold the rest of its civilization accountable for their actions in relation to not only one another but the world – and shall never be abandoned.


6. Whereas all people of genetic and cultural heritage, particularly those under threat of conquest, shall be free to exercise their self determination;

Therefore, a continuous attempt to construct the intermarium in eastern europe consisting of any members of the set Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Former Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia against the folly of the Germanics, and the aggression of the Russians shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

Russian Empire

7. Whereas the Russian Attempt to restore orthodox civilization from conquest and oppression by the Turks and Muslims was thwarted by the Europeans;

Therefore a continuous attempt to assist Russia in the restoration orthodox civilization to old europe (the balkans); to the Bosporus including the retaking of Constantinople; to the Caucuses, and to hold Siberia, but prohibit her incursion into the Intermarium, Scandinavia, Germania, or China shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

Indian Empire

9. Whereas the origin of Indian Civilization was the indus river, and that the partition of india into Muslim, Hindu and Bangladeshi was a crime against her people, therefore a continuous effort to sterilize pakistan of islamism, regardless of human cost, shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

China and Tibet

9. Whereas Tibet has historically been a member of the chinese territorial sphere, and the Tibetan people consistently argue for some degree of autonomy, pragmatic assistance shall be provided China and Tibet within the limits of our tolerance for Chinese disregard for human life.

China and Russia

10. Whereas the Russian Empire has captured lands that China considered within her sphere of influence; and Whereas Russia has invested in, developed, and relocated people into those lands, we can take no position other than that this dispute, if one exists, may not be settled by military aggression by either parties, but must involve a beneficial exchange that does not leave Russia without her Eastern ports, thereby returning her to additional vulnerability.

West Africa

11. Whereas european colonialism undermined the development of the west african empires, and reduced them to a condition wherein they have difficulty resisting islamic invasion; Therefore a continuous attempt to exterminate islam from sub saharan africa shall be pursued with vigor, intolerance, and never abandoned.


9. Whereas Jews and Muslims have destroyed the great civilizations of the ancient world; Have brought about the Abrahamic Dark Ages; Have invented the world’s greatest deceits; have cause the world greatest murder; Have prosecuted crimes against the people of the west continuously; have conspired to reduce the west to yet another authoritarian monopoly doctrine whether Jewish and pseudoscientific and sophist, or muslim and supernatural; have failed to acknowledge the justness of their prosecutions and expulsions; have failed to reform, and failed to self-police their members; and because they place their law above the natural law; and because their law is irreciprocal and incommensurable with the natural law;


A continuous attempt to limit Judaism and Islam (ethnic semites as well as religious practitioners) to the middle east, to restore north african and persian civilizations, and to eliminate both Islam and Judaism from all other regions; and to assist other nations in their elimination from all other regions, shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

A continuous attempt to repair the damage of the european colonization of the Ottoman empire, by the formation of new nation (tribal) states, shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

All jews and muslims (both ethnic semites and religious practitioners) out side of the middle east shall be taxed an additional 30% of their income; prohibited from benefits; prohibited from enfranchisement; prohibited from public speech; prohibited from ownership of property; prohibited from the collection of income on rent and lease; prohibited from practice of law; prohibited from practice of borrowing and lending;  prohibited from business license; all religious buildings shall be seized, torn down, and land sold at auction; all arts and letters removed from sale or distribution; all symbolism and evidence of their existence removed from public spaces.

No islamic order shall be permitted nuclear weapons, biological weapons, or sentient weapons, and any that have them shall be defeated and weapons disposed of.

10. Whereas the jewish and muslim invasion of our civilization has been a threat for 1900 years, and the Chinese have managed to avoid that threat through isolation;

Therefore, the people shall build and maintain a fortress wall under Hadrian and China’s model to forever bar the barbarians; and kill all who cross it without exception. Europa shall be walled against her permanent enemies.

All those not ethnically (genetically) european, regardless of condition shall be repatriated either voluntarily or by force to their nations and civilizations of ancestry or origin, and any resistance to repatriation an act of war.

All Attempts shall be made to engage in treaty of cooperation with other nations to bring this condition into being.

International Relations

Unless Accepted as Gift to The British Crown;

1. Puerto Rico is Involuntarily Granted Permanent Irreversible Independence; with The Warning that Foreign Military Presence Will Be Considered an Act of War.
2. All Puerto Ricans and Their Descendants that Immigrated Since 1965 Shall Be Compensated for Their Assets and Forcibly Repatriated to Their Home Island.

Regarding Treaties and Foreign Relations


Members of The Previous State Have Sought to Circumvent the Previous Constitution by Treaty;


No treaty nor its terms may circumvent any part of our constitution directly, indirectly, or by practical consequence. The practice of advocating, conspiring, or acting to circumvent this constitution by means of Treaty shall be prohibited and offense prosecuted as an act of treason, for which the punishment shall be death.

United Nations

  1. Whereas the United Nations has Evolved Into a Hostile Foreign Power, and Center of Espionage Against Our People and Our Civilization;

Therefore It Shall Be Removed from The Territory, Buildings Demolished, Funding Terminated, and Participation Prohibited.

World Court

  1. Whereas the World Court has Evolved Into a Hostile Power;

Therefore, All Treaty, Participation, and Funding Shall Be Terminated, and Hostility to Its Actions and Existence Pursued.

Balance of Civilizational Powers

1. Whereas the Natural Law Is the Only Rational Means For the Avoidance of War and Conquest;

Therefore, the People Shall Always and Everywhere Seek to Produce a Balance of Powers between the Civilizations, so That Man’s Natural Envy, and Preference for Parasitism Overproduction, Is Prohibited from The Imposition of Costs upon Others.

2. Whereas Our People Have Different Distributions and Needs, but We All Must Pay the Cost of Our Own Domestication without Exporting that Cost upon Others;

Therefore, a Continuous Attempt to Limit Africa to Africans, Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand to Europeans, India to Indians,  South America to The Hispano-Indians, the Levant to Semites, India to Indians, East Asia for The East Asians;  and The Same to All Others Not Listed, Shall Be Pursued with Vigor and Intolerance, and Never Abandoned.

Restoration of Kinship and Monarchy

1. Whereas Monarchy as A Judge of Last Resort, Under Rule of Law, and In Favor of Kinship(nationalism), Regardless of Means of Choosing and Producing the Private and Common (government), Are the Optimum Form of Government for All Peoples, Attempts to Restore Monarchies Worldwide Shall Be Pursued with Vigor and Intolerance and Never Abandoned. Conversely, Attempts to Replace Theological, Ideological, and Universalist Governments Shall Be Pursued with Vigor and Intolerance and Never Abandoned.

English Speaking Peoples

1. Whereas the People Have Common Genetic and Cultural Assets that Have Produced Demonstrably Superior Results for Our People;

Therefore, a Continuous Attempt to Restore the Alliance (Empire) of The English Speaking Peoples of Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and All Others Elsewhere, to A Civilizational, Cultural, Military, and Trade Order, with The Monarchy as Judge of Last Resort Between Our Peoples, as Defense Against Conquest by The Globalist, South American, European, Russian, Islamic-Jewish, East Asian, Civilizations Shall Be Pursued with Vigor and Never Abandoned.

Greater Germania

1. Whereas the Anglo American Imperial Effort to Constrain Germanic Civilization, Its Intellectual, Cultural, Scientific and Technological Achievements; Its Defense of Its People; and Its Resistance to Russian and Communist Expansion; Was the Cause of The Great European Civil Wars; and Whereas in Retrospect the German People Were Justified in Both Wars; and Whereas the Continued Occupation of The European Continent Has Both Fostered Dependence on Our Military and Economy, and Promoted Her Pursuit of Internally Harmful Policies, Culminating in Demographic Collapse;

Therefore the Military Shall withdraw from The European Continent and Foster Europe’s Restoration to Self-Sufficiency.


Whereas the people of Mexico Are unable to produce a sufficient political and economic order to prevent continuous flight, nor resist transit through their territory by those in flight, and therefore have produced an act of war against our people through immigration and demographic and cultural replacement.

Therefore the reciprocal right of the Mexican people to self-governance shall be denied, and unlimited warfare against them until they refrain.  A wall against them shall be built; her people forcibly repatriated, or summarily executed under extra-judicial enforcement; and if necessary, military rule imposed until their hostilities by immigration ended.

South America

1 – Whereas south America requires a core state to emerge as a world power independent of coercion and predation by others; and whereas brazil has the only possibility of population, resources, and funding for fulfilling the demands of this function.

Therefore; all efforts to assist brazil in developing into a strategically, militarily, and economically sustainable core state of South America that can hold the rest of its civilization accountable for their actions in relation to not only one another but the world – and shall never be abandoned.

In twenty years we will begin holding Brazil and Her people accountable as the core state of South America in exchange for our advancement of her military, political, economic, and social assent.


1 – Whereas All People of Genetic and Cultural Heritage, Particularly Those Under Threat of Conquest, Shall Be Free to Exercise Their Self-Determination;

Therefore, a Continuous Attempt to Construct the Intermarium in Eastern Europe Consisting of Any Members of The Set Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Former Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia Against the Folly of The Germanics, and The Aggression of The Russians Shall Be Pursued with Vigor and Never Abandoned.

Russian Empire

1 – Whereas the Russian attempt to Restore orthodox civilization From conquest and oppression by the Turks and Muslims was thwarted by the Europeans;

Therefore a continuous attempt to assist Russia in the Restoration orthodox Civilization To old Europe (the Balkans); to the bosporus including the retaking of Constantinople; to the caucuses, and to hold Siberia, but prohibit her incursion into the Intermarium, Scandinavia, Germania, or china shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

Counsel: We beg the Russian people, who have no trust of themselves or others, to acknowledge their people historical crimes against Eastern Europe, as we have acknowledged our crimes against the Russian people – such that it is possible to restore trust between the orthodox peoples under reciprocity rather than intimidation, deceit, force, and fear. We have been wrong, you have been wrong, but for the sake of our peoples, and for the sake of mankind, we must be right together.

2 – Whereas we have succeeded in our prevention of the spread of the harms of communism, but been morally criminal in our abandonment of the Russian people in their time of need, and foolish to the point of evil in our failure to integrate the Russians into NATO, we shall make every effort, and an unceasing effort,  to create a circumpolar military and trade union granting the Russian people equal status to our own.

Counsel: We were wrong, morally, economically, politically, and strategically, not to immediately include Russia into NATO without question, and to immediately Assist Russia with an equivalent of the Marshall Plan – and this is a crime the Russian people should never forgive us for – but one we will beg their forgiveness as a reminder we must never make this error against our kin again. 

We beg the Russian people to provide us a second chance in creating a circumpolar civilization, uniting our secular, heathen, protestant, catholic, and orthodox peoples, so that we may unite the Russian population, resources and military expertise, Intermarium agrarian production, german technology, anglo, and naval markets, and protect our catholic kin.

3 – Whereas we understand the strategic importance to Russia, but we cannot agree with the involuntary re-integration of Ukraine –  at least west of the Dnipr.   But, we shall make every effort to facilitate a territorial trade in exchange for discounted energy products between Ukrainian state, the Ukrainian people, and the Russified people of the Don River Region while preventing territorial isolation (as Russians did to the Moldovans) of Ukraine from the Ports of the Black Sea.

Counsel: The Ukrainian People, Russia, or Europe must solve the problem of the new boyars in Ukraine as Russians have solved the problem of their own. If this problem is fixed, Ukraine will recover. 

Indian Empire

1 – Whereas the origin of Indian civilization was the Indus river, and that the partition of India into Muslim, Hindu, and Bangladeshi was a crime against her people, therefore a continuous effort to sterilize Hindustani civilization of Islamism,  Judaism, and if necessary Christianity, regardless of human cost, shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.


999.  (Taiwan not china)

China and Tibet

1 – Whereas Tibet Has historically been a member of the Chinese territorial sphere, and the Tibetan people consistently argue for some degree of autonomy, pragmatic assistance shall be provided china and Tibet within the limits of our tolerance for chinese disregard for human life.

China and Russia

1 – Whereas the Russian empire Has captured lands that China Considered within her sphere of influence; and whereas Russia has invested in, developed, and relocated people into those lands, we can take no position other than that this dispute, if one exists, may not be settled by military aggression by either party, but must involve a beneficial exchange that does not leave Russia without her eastern ports, thereby returning her to additional vulnerability.

West Africa

1 – Whereas european colonialism undermined the development of the West African empires, and reduced them to a condition wherein they have difficulty resisting Islamic invasion; therefore a continuous attempt to Exterminate Islam from sub Saharan Africa Shall be pursued with vigor, intolerance, and never abandoned.


  1. ( … )

The Semites

1. Whereas Jews and Muslims have Destroyed the great civilizations Of the ancient world; have brought about the Abrahamic dark ages; have invented the world’s greatest Deceits; Have cause the world greatest Murder; have prosecuted Crimes Against the people of the west continuously; have Conspired To reduce the west to yet another authoritarian monopoly doctrine whether Jewish and pseudoscientific and sophist, or Muslim and supernatural; have failed to acknowledge the justness of their prosecutions and expulsions; have failed to reform, and failed to self-police their members; and because they place their law Above The natural law; and because their law is Irreciprocal And incommensurable with the natural law;


1. A Continuous Attempt To limit Judaism and Islam (ethnic Semites as Well as Religious Practitioners) to The Middle East, to Restore North African and Persian Civilizations, and To Eliminate Both Islam and Judaism from All Other Regions; and To Assist Other Nations in Their Elimination from All Other Regions, Shall Be Pursued with Vigor and Never Abandoned.

A Continuous Attempt to Repair the Damage of The European Colonization of The Ottoman Empire, by The Formation of New Nation (tribal) States, Shall Be Pursued with Vigor and Never Abandoned.

All Jews and Muslims (both Ethnic Semites and Religious Practitioners) Outside of The Middle East Shall Be Taxed an Additional 30% of Their Income; Prohibited from Government Benefits; Prohibited from Office; Prohibited from Enfranchisement; Prohibited from Public Speech; Prohibited from Ownership of Property; Prohibited from The Collection of Income on Rent and Lease; Prohibited from Practice of Law; Prohibited from Practice of Borrowing and Lending;  Prohibited from Business License; All Religious Buildings Shall Be Seized, Torn Down, and Land Sold at Auction; All Arts and Letters Removed from Sale or Distribution; All Symbolism and Evidence of Their Existence Removed from Public Spaces.

No Islamic State Shall Be Permitted Nuclear Weapons, Biological Weapons, or Sentient Weapons, and Any that Have Them Shall Be Defeated and Weapons Disposed Of.


1. The Jewish and Muslim Invasion of Our Civilization Has Been a Threat for 1900 Years, and The Chinese Have Managed to Avoid that Threat Through Isolation;

Therefore, the People Shall Build and Maintain a Fortress Wall under Hadrian and China’s Model to Forever Bar the Barbarians; and Kill All Who Cross It without Exception. Europa Shall Be Walled Against Her Permanent Enemies. This Wall Shall Include the Bosphorus, the Caucuses,

All Those Not Ethnically (genetically) European, Regardless of Condition Shall Be Repatriated Either Voluntarily or By Force to Their Nations and Civilizations of Ancestry or Origin, and Any Resistance to Repatriation an Act of War.

All Attempts Shall Be Made to Engage in A Treaty of Cooperation with Other Nations to Bring This Condition Into Being.

Constitution: The Treasury

Article V
Section III – The Treasury

The Treasury


( … )



End all back tax liability and provide a fresh start. The function of the family as a going concern, without an increase in the burden on the people, is the primary purpose of enforcement. All courts shall adjudicate tax disputes as indifferent from any other debt.


Market Cost;

Tax by Opportunity Cost: Any tax on income directly or indirectly shall be apportioned by population density, with more dense higher, and less dense lower, in accordance with the decrease in opportunity costs as population density increases. The practice of penalizing those who are responsible for greater territorial commons per capita shall be prohibited.

Tax by Risk: Whereas Market Participation is more burdensome than Employment:

(a) In compensation for the self-sufficiency, overhead, physical risk, and accumulated physical harms, in the conduct of the trades, and so that such men may limit their physical working life before incapacity arrives, all taxes on income up to the median, generated by the men in the physical trades (construction) shall be added to their retirement and health accounts in addition to whatever provisions are provided by Redistributive Benefits.

(b) All sole proprietors, with income up to the one and a half times the median, shall receive a thirty percent discount on their income taxes as compensation for their risk and burden.

(c) All privately held corporations owned entirely by active principles who have encumbered their personal assets to obtain business credit shall receive a twenty percent discount on all taxes on income up to two and a half times the median income as compensation for their risk and burden.

Single Taxation on Income: Taxes or fees on Capital Gains from investment sources other than the sale of a primary residence shall be permitted, but all dividends from stock or equivalent shall be paid either by the individual receiving them, or the corporation issuing them, but not both.

(Suggestion to the Governors: It is always better to tax the individual (results) than the organization of production, and as such, all organization taxation should be eliminated, and organizations chared fees for public costs to infrastructure instead. Given the behavior of late 20th and 21st C corporation, eliminating taxes on received Dividends is preferable when possible – although discretion necessary given the variation in policy.)

2 – End employment taxation on the laboring classes.
3 – End taxation on sole proprietorship trade craftsmen and labor through double the individual median income.
4 – End all taxation on home use of data, electricity, and fuel for non-commercial purposes, and charge only by fees.
5 – Allow the use of paid taxes as an account without concern for rollover or loss.
6 – Restore the right of juridical defense in matters of taxation, as peerage to tort, in all courts, and prohibit all freezing of liquid assets.


1 – Post Offices shall transition to the inclusion of State “Banks” (credit offices).
2 – Nationalize Mastercard by purchasing a controlling interest, and issue one card to each citizen over the age of maturity, through banks, post offices.
2 – Bypass the financial sector when creating liquidity (monetary policy) by direct credit of citizen accounts.
3 – Provide 20% of median income (~12k) to all citizens of the age of majority, as direct quarterly distribution to said accounts.
3 – End consumer interest on capital purchases (appliances good for 10y+, Autos, Homes, Condos) for personal use.
4 – These accounts may not be promised, contracted, or attached in any way for any reason, whatsoever, by anyone including any creditor, directly or indirectly as they are for the purpose of ensuring the rest of the polity against the poverty of others.

Regarding Bankruptcy



6 – Bankruptcy shall clear all debts public and private without exception.

Regarding National Investment



1 – the Military Shall Determine Allocation Into Research in Physical Sciences
2 – the Insurer Shall Determine Allocation Into Research in The Biological Sciences.
3 – the Treasury Shall Determine Allocation of Research in The Economic Sciences.
4 – the Monarchy Shall Determine Allocation of Investment in The Arts and Letters.
5 – the Government Shall Determine Allocation of Investment Into Infrastructure.

    • Quadruple the Number Of, or Capacity of Existing Nuclear Reactors.
    • Construct a New Electrical and Data Grid.
    • Dump Money Into Electric Vehicles until Our Streets Are Quiet Again, and Robotic Cars Drive Us from Place to Place.

6 – the Market Shall Determine Investment Into Consumption: Goods, Services and Information

Research and Academic Publications



( … ) must be free if any public money involved anywhere in the chain.
( … ) data must be published
( … ) sample sizes of more than 1000 for general statements.
( … ) warranty and liability for all claims for everyone involved including institution liable
( … ) National Registry

Constitution: The Insurer of Last Resort

Article V

Section IV – The Insurer of Last Resort


( … )

1 – Tradesmen in the physical trades shall retire at full benefits ten years before non-tradesmen in non-physical trades.

Mandatory Work 



1 – No one shall receive benefits without work in the service of others.
2 – Work will be provisioned primarily to the maintenance and improvement of the commons – from cleaning to patrolling, to assisting in the orderliness of the people in the commons, to groundskeeping, gardening, to landscaping, and arboring, to improvement, maintenance and construction of the physical plant (buildings roads etc), until no public space exists that is not a victorian park – aesthetic capital construction.
3 – Work shall be found by online notification, and application. Teams can form, develop a reputation and bid for work by their reputation.
4 – Benefits can be lost by anti-social behavior either by not performing work, performing it consistently poorly, or annoyingly, or by creating conflict with coworkers.


1 – Title to Property:

– A multiple redundant database shall be created for the registry of titles to interests.

— End of Article V —

Constitution: The Government of the State

Article VII

The Government of The State

“The Market for the Production of Polities”

The Purpose of Government

1. Production of Commons
2. Insurer of Last Resort against the vicissitudes of nature
3. Treasury for the Facilitation of invention, investment, production distribution and trade.

The Purpose of Commons (Policy)

1. The objective of law is the behavior of the individual, but the objective of policy is success of the intergenerational family, and not the individual.
2. Production of Commons that Increase the Physical, Institutional, Informational, Behavioral, Genetic Capital.

The Hierarchy of Commons


(local, positive, normative and institutional, to universal negative and juridical., such that the federal, regional, state, local, neighborhood and village produce the commons suitable to their abilities and needs, and ameliorate their differences through access to markets and trade.


( … )

The Constitution of the Governments

Section I – The Federal Government


( … history … )

And given;

( … conditions … )


( … strategy … )

Rule of Law of Natural Law of Reciprocity


Imperial Government as Insurer of Last Resort

Several States


Regarding the Federal Government

1. The House of Representatives shall be disbanded and prohibited.

2. The Senate shall be disbanded, and reconstituted, consisting of the sitting governors of the states – one from each.

3. The “Governor” shall refer to the highest executive office in the Several State, but in capacity as Senator shall be addressed as “Governor” regardless of local title.

4. If elected, those governors may only be elected by citizens of fourth generation or more, possessed of residential property, and free of crime of predation.

5. New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.

5. The Senate may construct:

1. Voluntary Contracts: Between Signatory States. All Voluntary Contracts shall consist of a contract between the signatory states on behalf of the citizenry.

2. Treaty Contracts: Between All States. All Treaty contracts shall consist of a contract between all the states on behalf of the citizenry.

The Senate may construct treaty contracts, and voluntary contracts, but make no law. The making of Legislative Law is reserved for the states, and the Making of law reserved for the discovery of Findings of Law by the Court.

Regulations shall be submitted to the Senate as a Request for Voluntary Contract or Request for Treaty Contract.

6. Assent

1. All voluntary contracts between states shall ascend upon signature of the governors of the consenting states.

(Counsel: States can conduct negotiations and construct agreements that are enforceable by the Court.)

2. All Treaty Contracts shall require a supermajority vote, from sufficient states to also constitute a supermajority of territory and a supermajority of population.

3. All Legislative Contracts shall require survival of veto by the Supreme Court on terms of constitutionality, although the court may choose or not choose to comment or advise, and the courts action to veto or not carry no weight on future findings of law by the court.

4. Conditionally:

Whereas the people are prone to follies which time does not forgive;

If Monarchy exists under the constitution then the Monarchy may veto on any grounds no matter how arbitrary, at any time after passage, in defense of the polity from the fashions and follies of the day.

7. All Contracts between the States whether Voluntary or Legislation shall be limited to matters of  trade, taxation,  insurance, and defense, and may not address etiquette, manners, behavior, norm, custom, tradition, education, or function of the member states, as all such rights are reserved for the Several States and the Several States alone.

8. All Amendments to the constitution shall be likewise limited to and prohibited from, the same matters as all Legislation above; must survive approval from two thirds of the Several States, constituting two thirds of the territory, and two thirds of the population of the Empire.

9. All Contracts, including Legislation, shall sunset no later than one half of one average human lifetime from the date of passage; unless revised and renewed as new contract or legislation.

10. All states may and must compete for talent, research, development, production and trade. But no state or alliance of states shall seek to deprive other states of territory, population, trade, wealth, alliances, or relations other than by market competition.

11. The only purpose of the Government, shall consist of exclusively seek the preservation and improvement of the condition of the people of the States and no purpose external state shall be proposed, considered, or acted upon.

(Counsel: globalism, and other ideologies contrary to Strategy are prohibited.)

12. Prohibition on “Pooling and Laundering” into a common fund, over which there is discretionary use. All income shall be allocated to a function and when that function or paid for the fees or taxes shall be immediately terminated and the remainder refunded.

(Counsel: A prohibition on discretionary use of funds.)

13. All ideology shall be limited to activity within the Several States. No parties or the equivalent of parties may exist, participate in, seek or engage in influence of the Senate. Any attempt to organize the Senate for the purpose of any objective than purely empirical production of voluntary and involuntary contracts of legislation on matters limited by this constitution shall be an act of treason and punishable by death.

(Counsel: the matter of political orders is settled. The only opposition to voluntary reciprocal exchange is the justification of free riding, parasitism, and predation upon one group by another group. Therefore the only possible means of obtaining a desired end is not to argue for a fictional good at the expense of others, but to produce a trade that is mutually beneficial and voluntarily chosen. )

14. Any advocacy, or attempt, to circumvent the original intent, and spirit of this constitution shall constitute an act of treason punishable by death.

Regarding Monopoly Bureaucracy

( … )


1. All non-military government pensions shall be terminated as punishment for extractive parasitism upon the people.

2. The departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Labor, shall immediately be terminated, and any resistance punishable as act of treason against the people.

3. Intelligence and State shall be added to the Department of Defense. And defense shall terminate all functions of those bureaucracies not central to military, intelligence, state, and trade-commerce. The marines shall move to peerage with the other services.

Regarding Infrastructure

1. The prohibition on Rents shall not be diluted, and the rights of Transit and Transport shall not be infringed; and therefore no tolls, or fees, or taxes shall be charged for the passage of transport between or across states for the purpose of transit, defense or trade; except that passage of that which exposes the people to environmental risk and is closed to restitution, may be regulated as necessary to minimize harm.

2. Those Ways and Routes that exist at the time of ratification may be altered to limit congestion, and may be increased in number; but may not be diminished  or eliminated without act of Legislation by the Senate.  No state shall use constrain ways and routes to  exert influence over the actions of another state.  The Senate may act to improve any existing Way or Route by means of Legislation at its discretion.

3. All public buildings regardless of use shall be constructed as monuments from hand laid materials such as brick, stone, mortar, wood, iron, steel, brass, and plaster with prewar methods of construction; with pitched roofs; with ceilings no less than nine feet; and where all postwar techniques, including panel products shall be prohibited; with construction labor provided those with civic duty to work in exchange for benefits. The practice of producing disposable civic structures shall end. The practice of war, postwar and modern architecture of the bauhaus, communist, brutalist methods shall be prohibited.

( Counsel: The tendency of civil servants to seek discounts on the production commons as means of increasing their privatization of commons shall end.)


1 – Quadruple the number of, or capacity of existing nuclear reactors.

2 – Construct a new electric and data grid, eliminating the existing fragility and subsequent cascading of failure.

3 – Continue extraordinary investment into electric vehicles until our streets are quiet again, and robotic cars drive us from place to place.

4 – Public transportation creates opportunity for disease transmission and exposure to crime. All efforts shall be made to provide clean isolated spaces for each individual, maximum air filtration, and zero tolerance for anything other than civic behavior: clean, dressed for the commons, quiet, and still.  Ill citizens shall avoid public transport, wear masks, and gloves. The citizenry shall police this behavior, and if necessary civil enforcement shall be allocated to do so.

5 – All carriers whether solid (such as wire or fiber) or container( such as pipe) shall be placed underground to limit the visual noise and territorial hazard of poles and other structures, except where distance prohibits due to capacitance effects. Except for long distance and high voltage lines, all suburban, urban lines shall be underground.

Regarding Work

1. Any work that can be done domestically shall be done domestically, with the sole provision of unbridgeable differences in technical competency; and differences local prices of labor shall be ameliorated in trade policy. Those industries that require capital investment to produce local returns shall be. The practice of exporting skill and knowledge in exchange for discounted pricing on consumer goods shall be ended.

Regarding Calendars

(a) The Year

(b) Holidays

The state shall recognize pre-Christian Heathen and Pagan Traditional, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant holidays as well as secular days of remembrance, but no other. The communist holidays are prohibited, as are those of other religions or customs.

Spring Day (Imbolc), February 1
Lady Day (Spring Equinox). ~March 20th
Easter (Ostara), Good Friday, Saturday, Sunday. (W)
May Day (Beltane): May 1
Memorial Day Weekend: Last Monday in May. (W)
Midsummer (Summer Solstice), June 21
Aphelion, Independence Day Weekend, July 4 (W)
Harvest Day (Lammas, Lunasa), August 1
Labor Day Weekend: First Monday in September. (W)
Fall Solstice , September 21 (1)
Halloween (Samhain), October 31, and November 1st (2)
Thanksgiving Feast Weekend, Third Thursday in November and the following Friday. (W)
St Nicholas Day, December 15th
Winter Solstice Day, December 21st
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day, and , New Year: January 1,  Perihelion January 2.
Yule: December 24 Noon, to January 5.
Orthodox Christmas, January 7,8.

Constitution: The Government of the Several States


The Government of the Several States, Possessions and Territories

“The Market for Production of Commons”


The Purpose of Governments is the creation, maintenance, and preservation of the disproportionate returns on the production of Commons free from privatization of those commons, free riding upon those commons, and and socialization of losses into those commons;

All peoples differ in distribution, ability, wants, and needs, and require the political, economic, social, and interpersonal incentives, information, services, and goods, to serve themselves, their kin, friends, and fellows.

As such while The Law remains constant across all life, the means of production of commons and the choice of commons, and the processes, rules, norms, and signals used in the construction, maintenance, and preservation of those commons, differs between individuals and groups.


This Constitution provides a means by which groups may produced commons, processes, rules, norms and signals best suited to their interests, by providing a choice of means of governance that prohibit corruption, parasitism, fraud, and deceit in the production of commons.

Conversely, this constitution provides a means by which people may choose their interests poorly – and therefore pay the consequences of that poor choice

And Whereas;

Governments, like all Organizations, universally evolve to maximize Rent Seeking (Parasitism) and Fragility rather than the optimum production of returns on Commons, or sufficient reserves and flexibility that they can survive and adapt to socks.


This Constitution eliminates  and shall eliminate, Parasitism, bureaucracies, politicians, political parties and limits political discourse to the voluntary production of commons of benefit to the local polity;

(Counsel: by removing politicians and political parties, and false, irreciprocal, and unwarrantable speech from the political discourse, we are left with a wide range of choices of government, from the least to the most participatory, and from the most corporate to the most kinship.  In this Article, the Several States may choose that method of government free of political corruption, but suitable to their demographics and interests.)

And Whereas;

People, as an organization will as readily use their political order to seek privatization of others commons, or to free ride upon others commons, or to socialize losses into others commons; as they will upon one another;


This constitution eliminates and shall eliminate, predation, parasitism, and harm by one polity, upon the commons of another polity.

And Whereas;

(….) challenge of our age


And this Constitution reverses and shall reverse the ability of Cities and non-cities to force policies that they favor upon one another;

And Therefore;

We Ascend the following Requirements, Rights, Obligations, Prohibitions and Warnings:



1. A Territory shall consist of areas under control of the State, whether or not the State possesses the territory that area occupies.

2. A Territory shall be formed or dissolved by the State by whatever means the State decides.

3. Territories shall include but not be limited to Embassies, Offices, Military Bases, Protectorates, Private Territory Unders State Protection. Trade Routes. Waters. Airspace. Terrestrial Underground, Terrestrial Underwater, and Extra-terrestrial Routes, Ways, Spaces, objects, territories, resources, and undergrounds.


1. A Possession shall differ from a Territory in that (a) a Possession contains a population, (b) that the People of the Possession may organize a government to produce commons, (c) the State shall limit the production of those commons, (d) the State shall appoint Governors, Judges, Sheriffs, The Regiment or Regiments, and all other roles responsibilities and functions within that Possession, to regulate and insure the conformity of that Possession with the Law and this Constitution.

2. A Possession shall have no influence upon the State or its holdings, whether Information, Political, Military, or Strategic.

3. A Possession shall be formed by not less than fifty-thousand people in a contiguous territory. A possession may form a Several State upon meeting and warranting the criteria for Several States.

Several States

1. The purpose of a Several State is to provide for its People those commons most suitable or desirable to those people, and no other purpose whatsoever external to that Several State and its people.

2. A Several State shall be formed by not less than five hundred thousand People in a contiguous territory.

( Counsel: One my not ‘block’ a voluntary transaction for gain. If such an attempt is made the individual shall be compensated at market value plus twenty percent, and the territory appropriated and transferred.  This is defense against violation of reciprocity by interference in production for personal gain, rather than contribution to production for personal gain.)

3. For the purpose of sovereign administration, Several States shall divide into Cities, and Counties. Cities shall divide into Districts, Districts into Neighborhoods, and Neighborhoods into Homes. Counties shall divide into Shires, and Shires into townsvillages, and homes.

City States

1. Any City with population greater than five hundred thousand people with at least five hundred people per square mile shall involuntarily Ascend to a Several State, and submit a constitution to the State (the court), or shall be involuntarily converted to a Possession and have a constitution imposed upon it by the State (Court). Any city which devolves from such condition may dissolve in an organized manner by submission to and acceptance by, a plan by the State (Court).

(Counsel: As in all things, Nor shall any art or artifice be used to circumvent this charge.)

( Counsel: Cities may no longer impose will upon those with lower population density. Cities may not)


1. A Region shall be formed by a treaty between three or more contiguous Several States, and shall be formed by and within the same criteria as the Several States.

(Counsel: Permits regional governments for the organized production of mutually beneficial economic policy.)


1. A City shall be formed by of not less than ten thousand people of at least five hundred people per square mile. Must conduct business by a mayor, a city council, and pay for its own Justices, Sheriffs, Police and Emergency Services.

(Counsel: Limits Cities to minimum population density.)


1. A City, County, Town, and Shire shall be divided into districts of common interest, each consisting of not less than ten thousand people, over which the citizens determine district policy.


1. A District shall be divided into neighborhoods of common interest, each consisting of not less than one hundred people in contiguous space, over which the citizens determine neighborhood policy.

(Counsel: Cities and City States shall divide into districts, shall divide into neighborhoods, shall divide into homes.)

Counties and Shires

1. A County shall be formed from not less than twenty five square miles of contiguous territory, regardless of population, or density, by the citizens residing within it; with those few counties under that size at the time of this writing, grandfathered. A County shall conduct business by a County Council and pay for its own Sheriffs, and Emergency Services.


1. A town shall be formed by and consist of, not less than ten thousand people. Shall conduct business by a mayor, a town council and pay for its own Sheriffs, and Emergency Services.


1. A village shall be formed by and consist of, not less than one thousand people, residing in a contiguous space, who shall select at least one secretary whether paid or not, and shall select and must pay for at least one Sheriff.


1. As of the writing of this Constitution, there is no land open to homesteading on this planet. However, in the event the possibility exists, to homestead property, one shall (a) improve it for permanent habitation by the construction of a home that will survive for one hundred years, (b) fence the territory, (c) improve it for permanent production of goods, services, or information, (d) do so for a period of not less than three years, during which no other may lay claim.

2. Under no conditions shall a ‘squatter’ hold rights for any reason or any duration, without exception.

(Counsel: Squatting is theft.)


1. Under no conditions shall ‘migrants’, ‘vagrants’, ‘tinkers’, ‘gypsies’ be permitted movement or stay. Instead such people shall be relocated to wilderness camps, and their means of transport destroyed, thereby prohibiting their further movement.

( Counsel: Vagrancy is theft, and export of hazard and risk. )


1. All Citizens of all territories have the right to self determination in the production of those commons best suited to their interests, that do not impose costs upon the demonstrated interests of others.

(a) Any territory of any State any scale, may SecedeTransfer, or Ascend, if in the chosen interests of the people of that territory should they fully conform to this constitution.
(b) Any territory of any State may secede, and transfer between states, or ascend to Several Statehood if in the chosen intersets of the people of that territory should they fully conform to this constitution.
(c) Any territory of that today called Canada may join these states if in the chosen intersets of the people of that territory should they fully conform to this constitution.
(d) Any territory of that today called Mexico may join these states if in the interests of the people of that territory, should they fully conform to this constitution.


1. Constitutions and Amendments. 

1. Each of the Several States shall construct a and Propose a Constitution for self government, according to requirements and demands of The Law set forth in this Constitution. The Court shall approve or reject these Constitutions within one hundred and twenty days, with or without comment. Should a Several State fail to produce a constitution that passes Juridical Assent within a period of six months, then the Military Shall Take Possession, thereby converting the State to a Possession, establish martial law; and a constitution shall be provided to that Possession by the Court within ninety days, and a government imposed for a period of three years; after which the polity may resume self governance as a Several State.

( Counsel: Enforces strict construction of constitutions, gives opportunity for reformation, and Eliminates the “Quebec Strategy”)

2. Any of the Several States may Propose an Amendment to this Constitution, where such an amendment alters Practice and Policy not Declaration and Claim; and then submit it to Supreme the Court. It shall Ascend upon approval (a) by three fourths of the states, (b) by over three fourths of the population, (c) populating three fourths of the territory, (d) the Supreme Court, (d) the military, and if extant, (e) the Monarchy.

2. Acts

1. The Several States shall produce Acts in the form of Contracts of the Commons, by whatever means they choose; where the scope of such acts is limited to their territorial jurisdiction; but such acts shall be constructed according to demands of The Law set forth in this Constitution  and where where not in contradiction, conflict, or conflation, or confusion with this constitution, whether in whole, in part, or in definition.

( Counsel: (a) The term “legislation”, being a lie is prohibited. Governments produce Acts. The law is the law and only the law is law. (b) this clause maintains separation between Law and Mythology, Propaganda, or Positioning. )

2. No Act shall Ascend without Assent by the Court. The Court shall Assent if and only if the Act is constructed according to demands of The Law set forth in this Constitution and where where not in contradiction, conflict, or conflation, or confusion with this constitution, whether in whole, in part, or in definition. Otherwise the court shall Dissent and thereby Veto the Act, prohibiting it in whole, in part, and in definition. The Court shall determine the means and methods by which it reviews, Ascends or Dissent and Veto Acts.

3. Acts constraining or licensing Public behaviors in display, word, and deed shall be determined by the smallest, most local, governmental body extant, and no higher government shall interfere save limiting the export of costs of lesser limitations on display, word, and deed into other polities with greater limitations on display word and deed.

(Counsel: Norms shall be determined locally and greater discipline prioritized over less discipline.)

3. The Production of Acts

1. The States and their Subdivisions may form Governments for the Production of Acts (Contracts of the Commons) by any combination of the following means:


1. Monarchical (Hereditary, Familial, European Model)

1. A Monarch shall be elected or appointed from a member of the military from a family demonstrating no less than six generations of military service in a combat capacity, and of exclusively European descent, and exclusively European religion.

2. The Monarchy shall be inherited by the eldest male of exclusively european descent, and exclusively European religion, heir having performed military service, who voluntarily accepts the duty.

3. If necessary, a Regent of the Monarchical Family’s choosing shall be appointed until an Heir comes of age.

4. The Monarchy shall be subsidized or paid for by the Polity at no less than twenty times the median income of the polity.

4. The Monarch shall appoint a Professional Executive who serves at the Monarchy’s discretion. (See Professional Executive below).

5. The Monarchy shall call upon a Jury of the People, randomly selected from the Citizenry, and apportioned by productive Class; Gender; Family, Business, Industry; and Region, wherein each class is named a ‘House’; and serving at the will of the monarchyto choose whether to Approve or Veto each of the Propositions advanced by the Executive;

6. As such, all Acts shall ascend, only upon survival of veto by The Houses of the Citizens, the Executive, The Courts, and the Monarch or his Regent.

7. Conversely, any Act may be overturned by the courts, in whole or in part either prior or post Assent.

( Counsel: A National (Kinship) Militia, Administered by A Monarchy, Under Rule of Law, with Houses for the Classes, each of which Assents or Dissents from Propositions of the Monarchy or its Ministers, is the best form of government Possible because it has the best incentives possible, by providing the least malincentives possible. The principle innovation that is necessary is the Court of the Natural Law, which provides a market for dismissal of impositions by governments.)

And Necessarily;

2. Professional Executive ( Corporate, Chinese Model )

1. An Executive may be Elected, Appointed, and Removed by whatever means, for whatever duration embodied in the constitution of the Several State, as long as their is a means of removal in the case of failure as defense against the need for insurrection to correct an executive failure. In all cases, an executive can be removed by the Court, and the Military, as a last resort.

2. The Executive shall be a Citizen, exclusively heterosexually male, of no less than sixty years of age, having fulfilled his military service, and having served for no less than twenty years as a Primary Executive in the Court, Military, or Industry.

(Counsel: the limitation on political careerism is by design)

3. The Executive shall Advance Propositions, in form of Contracts of the Commons, by Filing with the Court, and obtaining Assent.  All acts not vetoed by the Court Ascend.

4. The Executive shall Appoint a Cabinet of Ministers for the administration of the Several State.

5. Ministers shall hire and fire individuals and organizations as necessary to perform the Minister’s functions.

And Optionally;

3Aristocratic (Kinship model)

1. A Titled Family of the hierarchy of Duke, Count, or Baron shall be elected or appointed from a family of exceptional performance, consistency, privacy, stoicism, and demonstrating no less than six generations of military service, and of exclusively European descent, and exclusively European religion.

2. The Title shall be inherited by the any heir of exclusively european descent, and exclusively European religion, having performed military service, who voluntarily accepts the duty.

3. If necessary, a Regent of the Titled Family’s choosing shall be appointed until an Heir comes of age.

4. The purpose of these Titled families is to raise and train intergenerational families for the sole purpose of successful administration of the territory over which they have responsibility.

5. A Family may lose Title and Office by action of the Court for criminal malfeasance in Governance of the territory – and when exclusively of malfeasance and not of natural error.

6. Titled families shall be subsidized by or paid for by the Polity at no less than four times the median income of the polity, such that their means of status and income is successful service of the polity.

(Counsel: Propaganda of the past centuries being merely that, the evidence is clearly in favor of intergenerational, titled, families when they are subject to the negative market of the courts, rather than the negative market of elections. There is no better form of government.)


4. Juried (Old English Model)

1. An Executive shall Advance Propositions, in form of Contracts of the Commons, by Filing with the Court, obtaining Assent. Then promoting their Propositions.

2. The Executive shall call upon a Jury of the People, randomly selected from the Citizenry, and apportioned by Class; Gender; Family, Business, Industry; and Region wherein each class is named a ‘House’; to Approve or Dissent each of the Propositions advanced by the Executive.

3. If the Executive submits and Approves, the Court Approves and all houses Approve, then Proposition shall Ascend.


5. Market Between Classes ( Market  )

1. Citizens shall be divided into Classes and Genders, that represent ‘Houses‘ of common interest.  Revenues shall be apportioned equally to each house.

2. Any Citizen or Citizens shall Advance Propositions, in form of Contracts of the Commons, consisting of exchanges between the Classes, by Filing with the Court; obtaining Assent from the Court; Then promoting their Propositions.

3. If a Proposition receives both (a) sufficient funding and (b) survives Veto from all houses, shall Ascend.


6. Direct (Democratic – Majoritarian – Populist )

1. Any Citizen or Citizens shall Advance Propositions, in form of Contracts of the Commons, by Filing with the Court, obtaining Assent. Then promoting their Propositions.

And Then;
2. At a scheduled time, at a scheduled interval, Voters may Choose from those Advanced Contracts of the Commons:

by Direct Democracy (Majoritarianism):
a) Vote by Family (equality between families consisting of man woman and children.) or;
b) Vote by Individual (equality by individual) or;
Winner takes all;

by Economic Democracy (Auction):
c) Vote By Proportional Contribution (By current monetary contribution to revenues),  or;
d) Vote by Equal Distribution (By current equidistribution of revenues).
The Auction continues until all funds are allocated, with ‘rolling over’ to the next cycle permitted.

( Counsel:  Opinion: It is possible that this is the best means of funding the production of commons, because it puts the greatest pressure for performance on the production of commons, and allows gradual funding by the people as they see fit. Conversely it is suitable only for polities of development that they are capable of informed making informed decisions. If they are not capable of making informed decisions, then no form of democracy is suitable for them.)

2. If Voting exists, then Voting shall be voluntary.

(Counsel: Mandatory voting is prohibited.)

3. If Voting exists, then no vote, no matter by what method, shall be proxied directly or indirectly, other than to one’s husband or wife, father or mother, or son or daughter; And no art or artifice shall circumvent this intent.

4. The formation of a government by representatives (politicians) shall be prohibited.

5. Political Parties and Organizations shall be prohibited regardless of means of construction or purpose or intent.

6. The Debts from all Acts shall be distributed to the Treasury Accounts of all Citizens by either equal or proportional means; settled by income as it is repaid; and inescapable.)

(Counsel: The practice of running up debt then fleeing a territory shall be prohibited.  The practice of maintaining the ignorance of the individual’s relative cost or value to others shall be prohibited. )

2. Language

1. All public speech in all forms, including display, word ,and deed, in every and all venues, shall be be limited exclusively to the English Language, with no exceptions, no grandfathering, and zero tolerance.

(Counsel: prevention of separation by language)

3. Passports.


A Passport provides evidence of Insurance of a the unique identity of a human, animal, life form, artificial intelligence, or object, by an insurer of last resort (State), and evidence of the liability for defense of the insured, and warranty of others from harm by the Insured.  And all that descends from such liability and warranty.


1. Each of the Several States shall issue Passports of the Several States for their Citizens and only their citizens.

2. The State and Only the State shall issue Imperial Passports for functionaries of the State.

3. Imperial Passports shall be issued in addition to a Passports of the Several States. Imperial Passports shall be used exclusive for State Operations and purposes. Several State Passports shall be used for all other Personal travel and personal purposes.

(Counsel: Preservation of State Sovereignty over commerce, culture, and residency.)

4. The Military shall show zero tolerance for harms those Insured under Imperial or Several State Passports, and shall immediately and relentlessly severely punish or terminate all actors and the families of such actors for three generations, and the organizations and members of those organizations, which direct those actors, in retaliation for any such harms.  Conversely, the Insured shall be returned to jurisdiction, prosecuted for any such crime under our law.  But if an complaint is not a crime under The Law, it is not a crime, and it may not be prosecuted, either in the foreign state or in the Empire.

4. Containment

1. Any polity of any scale shall lose its sovereignty, be forcibly converted to a Territory, and have a new constitution imposed upon it, if it cannot contain the export of Costs to other polities. Thes Costs shall include but not be limited to: containing the population, pollution or any other matter, light, sound, vibration, conflict, crime, goods, services, information, and disinformation.

5. Rent (Fee,Taxes) 

1. State Revenues. The State shall own all time and space under its control (jurisdiction). The state shall generate revenue by Renting time and space under its control (jurisdiction). The State shall charge rent to any and all under its control (Jurisdiction). The amount of this rent shall be fifteen percent of gross domestic product of each Several State, Possession, or Territory; and Thirty Percent in Time of War. These funds shall be appropriated incrementally and daily from the Treasury.

2. Several State Revenues. In addition to State Rent, the Several States and Possessions and all forms of government therein, shall design, charge, collect, and use additional revenues as they see fit, within the limits of the Law and within this Constitution.

6. Money and Money Substitutes

1. (foreign exchange in foreign currency) ( … )

7. Debt

( … )

8. Bankruptcy

1. All citizens have the right to Personal and Corporate Bankruptcy. All Political organizations whether state, city, county, township, village, the right to political bankruptcy.  But the Citizens do not have a right to escape political bankruptcy. As such upon the bankruptcy of a political order, the debts shall be allocated pro rata to the Citizens, and inescapable.

(Counsel: To prevent populations, bureaucracies, and politicians from running up debts and escaping them. There shall be no ‘starting over’ from political financial crime. )

Public Services.


The tendency of monopoly bureaucracy is self interest, limited effort, the illusion of self import, due to insulation from competition, and ever increasing accumulation of rents, all at the expense of the people;


1. All public services shall be delegated to private contractors, such that bureaucracies are eliminated, and the ‘favor economy’ of bureaucrats and politicians is deprived of opportunity.

2. All public services shall remain open for business from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, so that the public need not refrain from working in order to obtain services or comply with regulations.

3. All public services shall staff such that the maximum waiting time for any resident or citizen is twenty minutes.  All individuals appearing and waiting for service must be clean, dressed appropriately, quiet, still, and if ill, wearing face and hand coverings.

4. All public service employees shall be accountable for the truthfulness of their speech and the right of the people to compel truthful speech shall not be infringed. Right of accurate speech shall not be infringed, and the people compensated for any inaccurate speech.

5. Personal transportation taxes and fees shall be terminated and the people’s freedom from imposition of costs upon their transportation shall be ended. Meaning all drivers license and car registration fees will be prohibited except payment for the original. Citizens shall be responsible for keeping their licenses in good condition, photograph or to pay for a replacement.

6. Personal no-fault insurance shall be required for drivers of vehicles open to harm.

7. Driver’s licenses shall be granted by the insurer for life until the age of 65 at which we require fitness tests by the insurer every two years to continue driving; and must have the photo (if required) renewed every ten years so that they are identifiable.

(a) Drivers licenses are not a valid form of id. Only residency identification for each class of attainment.

8. At birth, or upon request any time thereafter, all Residents shall be given a durable passport, a residency identification; benefit accounts, and instrument of access to those accounts.

Regarding The Police  (government rather than courts) (see sheriffs under court)

(civil responsibility for most policing, police as emergency services)


Irreversible or Unrestitutable

1. ( … )


1.  ( … )

Inactionable and Unenforceable 

1. All Acts shall be actionable, enforceable, paid for, and constrain the few who commit violations not the many who do not.

Ceremony, Posturing, Signaling (Symbolism)

1. All Acts shall not consist of Ceremonial, Posturing or Virtue Signaling, but shall be limited to actionable changes in condition of affairs.

Defamation (Speech)

1. Defamation of the State or the Several States and their Acts shall be prohibited.

(Counsel: One and all can use the courts to overturn the false, improper, and irreciprocal. One has no right to poison the well.)

Undermining (Action)

1. Undermining of the State or the Several States and their Acts shall be prohibited.

(Counsel: One and all can use the courts to overturn the false, improper, and irreciprocal. One has no right to undermine them.)

Conspiracy (Conspiracy)

1. No Several State nor its People shall conspire with any other party, Imperial or foreign, to deny opportunity to any other Several State, and in particular, to conspire to terms of exclusivity, nor form a Cartel, nor a Monopoly, nor any semblance thereof.

(Counsel: If a Several State cannot compete by price and quality it cannot compete, and must reform such that it is able to complete by price and quality.)


1. The Regions, Several States, or their Divisions shall not form, hold, or assist Military or Paramilitary forces, nor bear military nor paramilitary arms, except those delegated to the regiments, the militia, and the Citizenry by the State.

2. The Several States shall not organize, hold, assist, or support, any political, religious, ideological, or informational forces, organizations, movements, or individuals external to their borders.

(Counsel: Deny Several States Interference, Expansion, Conflict, Conquest, limiting them to social and economic activities on behalf of their people.)


1. Several States may form Treaties limited to commerce and trade. Treaties with the Military, Political, Religious, or Ideological content are specifically prohibited.

(Counsel: “Mind your own business”. The production of commons is different from production of power; And the Several States are prohibited from the production and projection of power of coercion by any means.)


( Counsel: Choosing one’s form of government, means also choosing the consequence of one’s choices. Choosing poorly can result in a suit before the Court whereby the judiciary authorizes the military to punish not only those who govern, but those who chose them to govern. One’s right to state formation and preservation is limited to the internal observance of the Law and externalization of harm to others or other Territories. )

— End of Article VII —

Constitution: The People

Article VIII

The People


The World has returned to historical norm, with Russians, Eastern Europeans, Indians, Chinese, and other nations set to follow. As such, herein we conform to world trends of defense against and reversal of, the World Cosmopolitan Project in its repetition of the Abrahamic project, to deprive people of sovereignty, self-determination, identity, and transcendence.



There exist only two human sexes: male and female, and they are genetically determined and the determination decidable independent of opinion or preference. There exist defects of birth. There exist defects of development. There exist defects of mind. There exist defects of choice. There exists choice of preference. But there exist only two sexes.

(Counsel: Instance of “No Right To Falsehood”.)


1. Human, Mankind, Man, and People shall refer to all humans of either sex.  Man, Men, Male, and Boy refer to the Male sex, and Woman, Women, Female, and Girl, shall refer to the Female sex. Whether the term Man or Men refers to both sexes or only the male sex shall be determined by context of use.

2. Use of “People” shall refer to all those under the protection of This Constitution regardless of rank.


1 – Humans demonstrate universal marital, social, residential, business, economic, political preferences for and loyalty to and benefits from family, kin, clan, tribe, ethnicity, and race, above and to the competitive disadvantage of others;

2 – Humans demonstrate adherence to religions that advance group strategy at the expense of and to the competitive disadvantage of others;

3 – Humans demonstrate adherence to political demands that advance their strategy at the expense of and to the competitive disadvantage of others;


1 – A Passport provides evidence the individual is under the protection of, and a recipient of the benefits of, the Law, The Court, The Federal State, The Federal Insurer of Last Resort, The Military, His Several State, and the People.

2 – The Insurer of Last Resort (Surety) shall issue Federal Passports. The states may issue their own passports. State passports permit only access to the issuing Several State and convey no rights or benefits from the Federal State.

3 – All those of at least Resident status shall be issued Passports at birth, and if failing, at any time thereafter, containing photos, thumbprint, full name, address of residence, ethnicity, haplogroups, place, and date of birth, religion, political attestation, and general occupation. And passport holders shall maintain current information.

4 – Ethnicity shall be determined by the first 10% in this Sequence: African > Oceanan (and Austronesian) > Amerindian (Siberians) > East Eurasian (East Asians)  > Southeast Eurasian (India) > Southwest Eurasian (Semitic) > Northwest Eurasian (Europeans); Followed by the Subclass of that Ethnicity; Followed by the Present Political name for that nationality.

-Regarding Refuge, Asylum, Migration, Immigration, Repatriation and Exit-.

1. None shall have the right of Refuge, Asylum, Migration, Visitation, Residency, or Immigration regardless of reason, without exception, whether by relation, birth, kinship, offspring, or marriage, and such Rights are specifically prohibited as involuntary impositions of costs upon the capital of the polity.

2. (zero tolerance – criminality) ( … ) (repatriation)

3. Ostracization

4. All People shall have the right of exit assuming they pay their debts or take the liability of their debts with them, at the cost of all benefits and titles.

-Regarding Immigration, Visitation, Residency, and Citizenship-


(earning via competency in individual self-support, family, business, polity,)


1. Visitation (Visitor). Visitation can be sought for the purpose of tourism, commerce, and the meeting of friends and family, by obtaining a Visitor Visa. Visas shall be granted upon request of a citizen. Visitation shall require an insurer who can and does take financial liability for food, clothing, shelter, expenses, and health, and criminal actions – and will forcibly return visitors at the end of their stay. Visitation shall provide protection of the courts. Visitation shall be separated from Residency.  Visitation shall be separated from Provisional and Residency.

2. Provisional, Provisionals, (Provisionary) shall provide Visitors with initial rights of employment. Provisionals require near-native conversational use of the language, successful completion of a course of not less than 90 days, and 120 hours of education in conformity to dress, manners, ethics, morals, laws, customs, traditions, institutions, and if extant, the Christian religion, warrantied by the provider of the course, and insurance of all those involved in providing the course.

2. Residency, Residents, (Resident) shall provide additional rights of redistribution of income at the age of maturity, and services of the state as the insurer of last resort.  Residency requires near-native use of the language of the polity, conformity to dress, manners, ethics, morals, laws, customs, traditions, institutions, and if extant, religion.  And Oath of Loyalty to this Constitution and its designs. Residency shall be separated from citizenship. Residency shall be inherited by blood.

4. MilitaryService(Rank or Soldier) Emergency Services, Hospitaliers, Residents shall be obligated to Military Service, shall Retain Rank as Title during and after completion of service, unless revoked for crimes.

5. Citizen, Citizens, Citizenship, (Citizen) requires residency and completion of military service. Citizenship shall provide the additional rights of marriage, public speech, ownership of property, rights of reproduction in exchange for the caretaking of the commons,  service on the jury, in the hospitaliers, the emergency services, the military service, and the militia. Citizenship shall be earned. Only Residents shall be granted Citizenship. Citizenship shall not be inherited or heritable. Citizenship cannot be revoked, abandoned, or otherwise lost for other than sedition or treason.

(Counsel: Everyone owns an interest in the commons and an obligation to maintain it).

6. Peer, Peerage, Sovereigns shall provide the additional right of suffrage. Only Citizens shall be granted the Peerage. Peerage is not inherited. Peerage cannot be revoked, abandoned or otherwise lost.  Citizens may obtain the peerage by fulfilling the requirements for marriage, three or more children, and ownership of real property, and continuous full-time employment of ten or more people who are not near relations.

Counsel: This hierarchy demonstrates the value of investment in the polity, and provides incentives to invest in the polity, and repeats the ancient division of demonstrated ability: barbarian(undomesticated), ‘slave’ (dependent), serf (partly independent), freeman (self-sustaining), citizen (responsible to the polity), and Peer (responsible for the polity), and monarchy (judge of last resort).

7. Governor, Governorship, shall be obtained by a grant of the governorship of a State. The title is retained for life unless revoked for crimes against the people. Governorship provides the right to participate in the Senate, and fulfill the functions therein for the duration of ones duty as Governor of a state. Peerage is required for the Governorship. The States may grant governors local titles in addition to the title of Governor.

And Conditionally;

-Regarding Provision of Titles-

8. Knight of Arms (Sir, Lady), shall provide right to title as reward for extraordinary lifetime contribution to the military; as well as citizenship worthy of imitation; and the laxity of these criteria shall not be abused by the fashions of the day.

9. Knight of Arts and Letters (Sir, Lady) shall provide right to title as reward for extraordinary lifetime contribution to the arts, letters, sciences; as well as citizenship worthy of imitation; and the laxity of these criteria shall not be abused by the fashions of the day.

10. Nobility (Sir, Lady) shall provide right to title as reward of status for successful production of four or more generations of intergenerational families, producing continuous rewards for the people by payment of taxes, contribution to commons or charity. Exemplary character in the service of the people.  This title shall endure and be inherited for three generations, and then expire unless continuing contributions are made; at such time the durability will be reset, and the cycle repeated.  Only peers may be granted the title of Nobility. These criteria shall not be abused by the fashions of the day. And “Stacking the Nobility” just as “Stacking the Court” shall be an act of sedition against the people.

-Regarding Standing-

  • Age Ten for Right to Work for Compensation.
  • Age Fourteen for Right to Apply for Service.
  • Age Eighteen for Right to Apply for Citizenship.
  • Age Thirty for Right to apply for Peerage.
  • Age Forty to apply for Nobility if offered.
  • Age Sixty to hold Office as Governor or Senator

Constitution: The Economy

Article IX

The Economy

“The Market for the Production of Goods, Services, and Information”


Regarding Time


2. All Human Life, including both action and inaction consumes Time.
3. By expenditure of Time, Effort, and Resources, humans seek to produce sufficient returns on actions in Time that they survive, prosper, and reproduce.
4. Man can sympathize with the intentions of others.
5. And by cooperating man reduces the Time expended in the production of his wants and needs thereby accumulating Interests.
4. To choose to Cooperate, Man requires a coincidence of wants with Others.
5. To choose whether or not to Cooperate from the options to cooperate available, Man chooses by greatest reward, with the least effort, shortest time, lowest risk, greatest certainty.
6. And because he must always bear costs, or act to gain returns, or conserve to limit his costs to speculate on future opportunities, therefore all costs are opportunity costs between the action or inaction chosen, and that not taken.
7. By cooperating in a division of labor, humans increase their productivity in time further – disproportionately greater than any individual effort.
5. Because of that increase in productivity of Time, we can produce surpluses beyond what we can consume.
6. By the acts of either consuming that production, or exchanging for other goods, services, and information, we determine whether our expenditure of time, resources and effort was wasted, unproductive, mere subsistence, or productive.
7. Whether productive surplus, subsistence, or unproductive waste, is determined by the actions of the consumer’s factual action (buyer) not the producer’s theory or costs (seller).

Wealth is Control of Calories Stored as Time, that may be put to use to encourage others to put their time to your preferred use over the alternative.

We are compensated by the scarcity of our abilities, resources, time, trust, and loyalty.

Consequence is Pareto hierarchy.

1. The only resource we are born with is time: three minutes without air, three days without water, three weeks without food, and three months without shelter.
2. By cooperation in a division of labor we save time.
3. To Cooperate, Man requires a coincidence of wants to choose whether to cooperate
4. … (and if so, to choose among the options to cooperate. )
5. … (All costs are opportunity costs)
6. A division of labor is so disproportionately productive that no other human action can compensate for it.
7. Because of that increase in productivity, we can produce surpluses beyond what we can consume.
8. These surpluses store time saved by the process of cooperation in a division of labor.

9. But we only know we have saved time if others will trade something with us for it. Until then we have consumed and possibly wasted time.

10. When people voluntarily trade, they only do so if they have more after doing so than they did before.

11. Ergo, all value is created during exchange, at which time, time is saved.
12 – And All value consists of saved time.
7 – All goods obtained in trade therefore save time, and demonstrate a creation of value or they would not have been traded.
8 – Any goods obtained by trade therefore serve as a store of value (no matter how small).9 – Money (commodity money) not only stores value but is in universal demand for the simple reason that it is in universal demand.
10 – Money reduces the cost of opportunities to discover a coincidence of wants, because it is both light, divisible, commensurable, and because of the formation of prices ‘production is calculable’, and as a consequence ‘plannable’. And risks can be taken to produce for the market.

some people are not capable of production: whether young, old, infirmed, or unable, or incompetent.

Poverty didn’t evolve, wealth and money evolved.
Poverty is merely a relative assessment of one’s ability to consume.
Hence why indigenous peoples commit suicide in droves once aware of their
Prosperity (wealth) evolved from the division of labor.
Money of some kind (commodities) is necessary to remove frictions to the coincidence of wants in a division of labor.
Prices are necessary to allow planning, complex production of multi-part products and services, credit, and debt.
Non-Commodity Money is necessary to reduce frictions to the coincidence of wants, that limits the expansion of trade.

The Red Queen of Prosperity and the creation of differences.

Disequilibration and correction

(Counsel: “Our only asset is time. We are not wealthier than cavemen. We have simply made all goods, services, and information cheaper, through the division of knowledge and labor using the information system we call money and prices to provide us incentive and sufficient knowledge to choose which opportunities to act on in real time. This is the most important lesson of economics. All understanding of wealth exists in this one paragraph.”)

Regarding The Economy


The Economy refers to the results of human cooperation in the production of goods, services, and information, using time, effort and resources.

The Discipline of Economics consists in the study of demonstrated human behavior in the pursuit of the means of creating, maintaining, and improving returns on time, effort, and resources.

The discipline of Microeconomics consists of the study the behaviour of individuals and organizations, and the making decisions regarding the allocation of scarce resources and the interactions among these individuals and organizations.

The Discipline of Macroeconomics consists in the study of the aggregate performance of economic networks of specialization (“sectors”); the interaction between those sectors, and the consequences of the economy as a whole: the consequences of microeconomic action.

The discipline of Political Economy consists in the study of demonstrated human behavior, for the purpose of making informed choices, whether personal, familial, organizational, or political, given that the information, causes, and consequences necessary for determining those choices, is beyond individual and organizational perception, by the discovery of categories, means of measurement, and general rules of cooperation, and the norms, traditions, procedures, rules, laws and institutions, that are necessary for establishment, preservation, and improvement of the returns on cooperation; and for doing so across a spectrum of favorable to unfavorable conditions.

The Discipline of Economic Policy consists in the study of the means by which the Government, as producer of commons, can use contract, capital, credit, to begin, maintain, or bring to closure, those goods, services, and information that cannot be voluntarily organized by existing incentives extant in the economy independent of government action.

We can seek … to produce information that is purely descriptive (rule of law), a means of improving the institutions  (infrastructure) improving insurance, a means of improving production (investment), a means of producing human capital, and a means of deception (consumption).

We can seek a full accounting or we can engage in the fraud of cherry picking.

Spectrum of Action


Just as we exhibit a spectrum of decidability in jurisprudence, we exhibit a spectrum of decidability in economic policy.

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Creation of Economies

Trade has always existed.  Marketplaces require concentration of opportunity,  and Commercial Markets require production on Speculation, Money, Prices, Property, Contract, and Standards of Weights and Measure. Economies require military, political, financial, and

Economies are created by the use of tradition, norm, law, and force, to incremental suppression of means of parasitism leaving subsistence production and productive cooperation in the markets as the only means of survival.

Predatory,  Parasitic, Command, property, entrepreneurship

The Centralizatoin of people to produce opportunty

The centralization of government to suppress local rents and concentrate capital.

The Law and The Economies

(limit people to markets of voluntary exchange )

The Organization of The Economies

Power to law law, pareto to assets, and nash to people

Measuement of Economies (capital, balance sheet), income statement.

The Spectrum of Economies


There exist no steady-state economic, political military, and environmental conditions upon which man can depend for consistency. Therefore both his…. political and economic organizations may depend upon a steady state.


No it just means that the working and middle class and upper middle class market of voluntarily organized production does not account for the various commons produced by the people who make possible the voluntary organization of production (the market) by NOT engaging in criminal, unethical, immoral, and conspiratorial actions – and paying a high cost of doing so. Nor does the middle class market account for the vast extractions performed by the upper and elite class market which appears almost entirely extractive, and of trivial if any value. The working and laboring classes and the underclass contribute mostly by consuming (creating demand), policing each other, policing the commons, and serving in various hazardous capacities. But this is costly for them. And if they have access to consumption but not access to production then the market is ‘failing’ to pay them for what the market needs of them: behaving in the interest of the market. The same is true for the upper and elite classes most of whom benefit from tax revenues of questionable if not negative value, and the financial classes who benefit from our archaic liquidity distribution system in which they actually provide zero if not negative value.(really).

SO that may be a lot to grasp. But the classical liberal economic system – as well as the keynesian and new keynesian, fails to account for externalities paid for by the underclasses, and rents privatized by the upper classes.

The point is not so much that we need markets, but that by cherry picking what we measure, we legitimize the positive externalities of the middle class market, but fail to compensate the lower class market, and unjustly compensate the upper class market.

So it’s not a matter of different law. It’s a matter of insufficiently accounting for the very different inputs and outputs of the different classes.


(possible economies)


( … error of mono-economy … same as error of monopoly house of government … )

Regarding Weights and Measures;


Regarding Money


( … )


measurability and decidability in govt


1. Fiat Currency consists of shares in the future productivity of the economy, owned by the citizenry;

2. Monetary rents are violations of reciprocity (under conditions…)


1. right to physical currency

1. No Right to appreciation of currency, can exist.

2. Only profits from the investment in increases in productivity, production, distribution, and trade.

3. Only the Treasury may issue Credit Money, and all issued loans or any facsimile thereof, shall do so only under 100% reserve.

Regarding the Treasury

( … )

Regarding Accounting

( … )

Regarding Taxation


( … )

(taxes are returns on successful production of the markets for cooperation)

(fees are to pay a debt incurred in the production of commons)

(burdens are to dissuade consumption or behavior)

(all produce demand for currency)


1. No taxes, fees, regulations or other encumbrances shall be imposed upon the transfer of assets between members of a family by one generation in any direction. Inheritance taxes in all their forms shall be prohibited. The right to families to accumulate and transfer wealth in all its forms between generations shall not be infringed.

2. Any tax on income directly or indirectly shall be apportioned by population density, with more dense higher, and less dense lower, in accordance with the decrease in opportunity costs as population density increases. The practice of penalizing those who are responsible for greater territorial commons per capita shall be prohibited.

3. Whereas Market Participation is more burdensome than Employment:

(a) In compensation for the self sufficiency, overhead, physical risk, and accumulated physical harms, in the conduct of the trades, and so that such men may limit their physical working life before incapacity arrives, all taxes on income up to the median, generated by the men in the physical trades (construction) shall be added to their retirement and health accounts in addition to whatever provisions are provided by Redistributive Benefits.

(b) All sole proprietors, with income up to the one and a half times the median, shall receive a twenty percent discount on their income taxes as compensation for their risk and burden.

(c) All privately held corporations owned entirely by active principles who have encumbered their personal assets to obtain business credit, shall receive a twenty percent discount on all taxes on income up to two and a half times the median income as compensation for their risk and burden.

4. Taxes or fees on Capital Gains from investment sources other than the sale of a primary residence shall be permitted, but all dividends from stock or equivalent shall be paid either by the individual receiving them, or the corporation issuing them, but not both.

(Suggestion to the Governors: Given the behavior of late 20th and 21st C corporation, eliminating taxes on received Dividends is preferable when possible – although discretion necessary given variation in policy.)

The Acts

Regarding Taxation


( … )


1 – End employment taxation on the laboring classes.

2 – End taxation on sole proprietorships of craftsmen and laborers up to the median income.

3 – End consumer interest on capital purchases (appliances good for 10y+, Homes, Condos) for personal use.

4 – End all taxation on home use of data, electricity, and fuel for non-commercial purposes.

5 – End coercive collective bargaining – restore the market for labor, right to work universally.

6 – End all back tax liability and provide a fresh start.

7 – Allow use of paid taxes as an account without concern for rollover or loss.

Regarding Redistribution


(Dividends, and the incentive to limit the bureaucracy because of dividends)


1 – Nationalize Mastercard by purchasing a controlling interest, and issue one card to each citizen over the age of maturity.

2 – Bypass the financial sector when creating liquidity (monetary policy) by direct credit of citizen accounts.

3 – Provide 20% of median income (~12k in current dollars) to all citizens of age of majority, as direct quarterly distribution to said accounts.

4 – These accounts many not be promised or attached in any way for any reason, whatsoever, by any creditor, directly or indirectly as they are for the purpose of insuring the rest of the polity against the poverty of others.

Regarding Mandatory Savings 


( … )


1 – All income deposited in such accounts up to a total of five times the median income shall be tax free.

2 – After the retirement account is five times the median income, deposits are no longer necessary.

Regarding Mandatory Work


( … )


1 –  No one shall receive Redistributive Benefits without work.

2 – Redistributive Benefits can be lost (denied and permanently denied) by anti-social behavior either by not performing work, performing it consistently poorly, or annoying or creating conflict with coworkers.


1 – Work shall be provisioned primarily to the maintenance and  improvement of the commons – from cleaning, to patrolling, to assisting in the orderliness of the people in the commons, to groundskeeping, to maintenance and construction of the physical plant (buildings roads etc).

2 – The people shall find work via technological notification, and application.

Regarding Charity



The purpose of charity is to provide a market for voluntary insurers of last resort, for that which markets for Private and Common(Public) goods, services, and information, cannot or do not satisfy.


  1. Charity shall include and be limited to:

Advancement of Condition by Relief of the poor and the distressed.
Advancement of Cooperation by Relief of community tension, deterioration and juvenile delinquency.
Advancement of the Physical Commons by Construction or maintenance of public territories, monuments, buildings, or works
Advancement of Health Research and Care
Advancement of the Physical Sciences.
Advancement of Education.
Advancement of the Fine Arts.

2. Charity shall exclude Advancement and advocacy of Commercial, Political or Religious interests.

(Counsel: The three means of coercion may not hide under the pretense of charity.)

3. Corporations may not engage in charitable contributions.

( Counsel: The practice of transferring shareholder assets for non market activity shall be prohibited.)

3. Charity consists and only consists of voluntary transfers; including organizations of volunteers and the collection and concentration of voluntary contributions. If anyone is compensated for volunteer work it is not a charity but a business and shall be treated as such, and as such shall be treated with suspicion.

4. All charities that collect donations, in whatever form by whatever means, and by whatever label, must transfer 90% of donations directly to recipients, and may not involve intermediary or disintermediating individuals or groups.  Every single individual in the chain of money regardless of station shall be liable for adherence to this rule.

(Counsel: most charities, even the best, are largely scams.)

Regarding Domestic Production (practical Autarky)

1. Any work that can be done domestically shall be done domestically, with the sole provision of unbridgeable differences in technical competency.  Differences in local prices of labor shall be ameliorated in trade policy. Those industries that require capital investment to produce local returns shall be. the practice of exporting skill and knowledge in exchange for discounted pricing on consumer goods shall be ended.

(note: “Yes i am completely aware of these consequences, and i am also completely aware of how successful the french have been with many of the policies i am recommending here and their success at near economic autarky, and conversely how unsuccessful americans and australians have been”.)

Constitution: The Commons

Article X

The Commons

The Purpose of Commons

Regarding Zoning

(cities for families)

( parks and green space )

( aesthetic construction ) ( spec built homes) (design build prohibition) (design for use) (design by room), ( insurance on restoration to natural state ),

Public Behavior

( … ) prohibition on aggressive, stalking,. hunting for opportunty for crime


Regarding the Commons

1 – Public transportation creates opportunity for disease transmission and exposure to crime. Restore “classes” given the dress and condition of passengers.  All efforts shall be made to provide clean Isolated spaces For each individual, maximum air filtration, and zero tolerance for anything other than flawless civic behavior: clean, dressed for the commons, quiet, and still.  Ill citizens shall avoid public transport, wear masks, and gloves. The citizenry shall police this behavior, and if necessary civil enforcement shall be allocated to do so.

2 – All carriers whether solid (such as wire or fiber) or container( such as pipe) shall be placed Underground To limit the visual noise and territorial hazard of poles and other structures, except where distance prohibits due to capacitance effects. Except for long-distance and high voltage lines, all suburban, urban lines shall be underground.

3 – All “outdoor” commercial advertising, including billboards, mobile billboards, transit advertising, banners, posters, ( …. )

Constitution: Commerce and Cooperation

Article XI

Commerce and Cooperation

Regarding The Corporation


Not a substitute for a person, that was merely an artifice for applying the common law.  The purpose of a corporation is to encourage risk by distributing investment and ownership, not dependent upon individual or family. ( … ) end shareholder as owner myth end asymmetric liquidity limited liability equality, with the only difference being allocation of decidability.

sovereignty limits liability beyond the individual. sovereignty limits liability beyond the organization. we do prosecute some collective punishment. we need more of them. P restores some collective punishment to organizations.

Regarding Collective Action

5 – End coercive collective bargaining – restore the market for labor, right to work universally.

Regarding Commerce and Consumer Protection

Whereas; ( … ) Therefore;

1. All consumer credit shall be issued by the treasury according to actuarial statistics and all debt regulated by the treasury, thereby depriving organizations of profiting from the moral hazard of credit issuance, debt exposure, and exacerbation of the business cycle.

(a) “Financial Advisors” that have passed the ‘Series Seven’ or equivalent tests may act as personal bankers, accountants, tax representatives, and counselors for the people, and shall carry insurance against malfeasance, by personal warranty of the credit capacity of individual customers.

(Counsel:  Lending shall be Professionalized as we have Medicine, Law, Investment, and Accounting, and therefore direct individual liability for credit capacity of individual people, and to eliminate the industrialization of consumer banking at risk to the commons. Note that it is clear that it is not possible to honestly price collateral, and that risk is continuously transferred to the commons by originators of loans. As such, just as loss of license for doctors, lawyers, cpa’s and series seven holders has proven a sufficient threat to insure relative adherence to rules, regulations, and law – particularly when third party insurance is required.)

2. Originator of loans (credit) of any kind may not transfer such loans, or responsibility for administering and servicing those loans, although they may sell interests (revenue interest, including fractional interests) in those loans or sets of loans, and therefore retain liability for those loans, the management of those loans, and the testimony given in production and management of those loans of those loans.

3. The Court shall operate under the presumption of “Lender Beware“, and that unless the court finds incentive to defraud, that a lender bears the majority of the responsibility for issuing credit to individuals who then through impulse, circumstance, or emergency are incapable of paying without a cascade of further disruptions.

(a) The court’s first is to maintain a going concern whether it be individual, family, organization, or state, regardless of the interests of the lender.

(b) Debt Collection may not be assigned or sold and shall be carried by the issuer and no proxy by art or artifice shall be permitted.

(c) The Court shall only consider claims of any creditor in light of all other creditors whether others place claims before the court or not; The practice of the court granting priority to the claims of any creditor brought before the court without consideration of all other creditors shall cease.

( Note: The first come first serve method by which the court imposes judgements disproportionately rewards one creditor at the expense of all others, and causes cascade effects on the entirety of creditors as well as the individuals capacity to repay them.)

(d) All claims are limited to the original amount of the debt, free of interest, fees, or penalties.

(e) The court’s concern shall be whether the individual has misrepresented his financial condition, is diverting income to entertainment or self medication rather than to debts, or demonstrates abandonment of ordinary efforts to obtain income; all of which are acts of fraud. Or whether the individual has misjudged his debt capacity, or has experienced a shock to or loss of income which are merely accidents, over which the lender did not exercise sufficient risk estimation; in which case resources necessary for the production of income may not be repossessed – including but not limited to vehicles, equipment, devices, and tools.

3. All assets and collateral shall be assessed at urgent liquidation value under conditions of insolvency, as this is the only measure of the market value of resold goods.

4. Reputation

Criminal, credit, informational…. means of measurement.

(a) (b) Social and Search – right to be forgotten.

Regarding Accountability;

5. Any individual is fully accountable for his speech on behalf of the organization, and every individual speaking to customers must be bonded (insured) for truthful speech.  All customers have the right to record all such conversations, as long as they record the entirety, such that context is provided.

(Counsel: This will drive up the customer service cost and quality and is necessary for the suppression of organizational deception in the market.)

6. Any individual in the chain of operations is accountable to the customer for his actions, and if any crime is committed at any point is liable for that crime. And all such individuals must be bonded (insured).

(Counsel: No immunity from organizational direction, incentive, policy, protocol or method.)

7. Any individual with responsibility for interaction with a customer or potential customer with whom they are conducting or have conducted any form of business:

(a) Must have full capability and authority to resolve the problem or conflict.

(b) Must speak with native levels of language, pronunciation, diction, and comprehension.

(Counsel: defense of consumer time; expansion of support labor force; denial of discounted immigrant or overseas labor relies on the frustration of consumers to limit commercial and governmental accountability.)

Regarding Sufficiency;

8. All goods shall conform to the “right of repair“, in that they shall be constructed such that repair is possible by third parties.

(Counsel: This will increase the cost of goods in exchange for the durability of goods).

9. All goods shall carry a warranty of repair of no less than four years and all repairs shall be performed and returned within 14 days.  All machinery and appliances shall carry a warranty of repair of no less than ten years, and all repairs shall be performed within 14 days.

(Counsel: push competitive regression to the bottom out of the market, and end disposability of goods.)

10. Regarding software and its equivalent:

(a) All software or its equivalent that is no longer maintained, supported, or sold, shall be immediately released under creative commons.

(b) All software or it’s equivalent shall consist of a limited license in perpetuity on the use of the product as intended; and the practice of issuing licenses that expire shall be prohibited. In the case of hosted software, while new data may not be created access to use of existing data and functionality shall not be diminished.

(Counsel: Protections do not extend to the deprivation of product to market, or the force of coercive upgrades. This is extends the right to repair from hardware to software. )

11. The creators of information have ownership of that information and their right to that information, and their limits on use of that information shall not be infringed. Data may not be destroyed, only sequestered, and must be available for immediate retrieval at the consumer’s discretion.

Regarding Liability (Tort Reform)


Restitution, but prevent profiting


Need only prove loss.
In the case of prior to age of choice, compensation to the parent for accumuated costs.

Restitution Only, Compensatory loss past present and future. No “Rewards”. 
Restitution Capped at twenty times the local median income.
No multiple collections (either court or insurance etc)
If negligence then Punitive Damages decided by the judge at his discretion, but they go to the insurer of last resort.
Loser Pays, Including lawyers are not compensated as punishment for taking it.
No speculative lawyering (no commissions 5%, time and materials only).
Court may dismiss with prejudice doubling fines.
If dismissed with prejudice (its frivolous) it’s a strike against the lawyer, lawyers lose license after three strikes. (This effectively criminalizes filing frivolous lawsuits)
(The two tier judicial system means they must find a barrister.)

And Specifically;

Police (Law Enforcement)



Medical Care (Actors)

Medical Supply (materials)

Other Commercial

Good Samaritans


Regarding Practices;

12. Prohibited Tactics:

1. The tactics of Churning Customers, Hazard Contract; Forcible Bundling, Entrapment Clauses, and Punishment Fees shall be prohibited, and a fine of one quarter of the median income per action shall be imposed.

2. Solicitation by Mail, Phone, Data, Email, Text, Shall be prohibited, and a fine of one quarter of the median income per contact shall be imposed.

3. The practice of promoting discounts on undiscounted goods, services, and information shall be prohibited, and a fine of one quarter of the median income per product, good or service shall be imposed.

4. The practice of haggling on market goods, services, and information, shall be prohibited; any good shall be priced, and that price accepted or not by either party, but not altered by request. A fine of one thousand times the highest price of the good shall be charged for each item.

5. The practice of ‘gouging’ shall be prohibited. It is a violation of reciprocity to profit from civil emergency. The fine shall be one thousand times the price charged for each item.

6. The practice of billing or invoicing a customer ( …  not established debt )

7. The practice of producing false bills, invoices, or simili thereof shall deprive one of all Benefits, and subject the offender to a separation or exile at the court’s discretion.

8. The practice of the most limited theft of identity shall deprive one of all Benefits, and subject the offender to a form of separation or exile at the court’s discretion.

13. One may claim debt for loss of an interest itself but not loss of opportunity. As such, lost opportunity for interest on loans paid early, loss of lease and rental income, shall not be considered loss by the court, only loss of opportunity.

Regarding the Media


( … )


1. Any platform that does not require user fees of at least the median income, divided by two thousand and eighty (2080) times eight (8), per year, shall be considered a commons, may not censor speech, and must provide perfect reciprocity, particularly in the debate between those who advocate equality and proportionality at the cost of reciprocity and those who advocate reciprocity  and proportionality at the cost of equality. This means that threats of crimes of predation are irreciprocal. Conspiracies to commit crimes of predation are irreciprocal.  But debates between the strategies are not irreciprocal.  The courts shall maintain that the only natural law of cooperation is reciprocity, but that it is rational for the dependent to argue for certain redistributions in exchange for consideration, which will in general consist of behavioral constraints.

2. All user-created data remains the eternal unexceptional non transferable, non assignable, property of the user. No information generated by the user, may be destroyed, or inaccessible to the user.

3. All territorial promotion, marketing, advertising other than appropriate signage for a physical, commercial, location shall be prohibited. (end billboards etc). The practice of using public spaces and transport shall be prohibited. The right of the people to be free of commercial noise shall not be infringed. (No longer necessary given digital information availability).

4. Interruption advertising and promotion is prohibited

5. Advertising and promotion of user undecidable goods is prohibited.

6. Miscegenation, homosexuality, Pedophilia,  in entertainment, media, advertising, marketing, and promotion is prohibited.

Regarding Charity


The purpose of charity is to provide a market for voluntary insurers of last resort, for that which markets for Private and Common(Public) goods, services, and information, cannot or do not satisfy.


  1. Charity shall include and be limited to:

Advancement of Condition by Relief of the poor and the distressed.
Advancement of Cooperation by Relief of community tension, deterioration and juvenile delinquency.
Advancement of the Physical Commons by Construction or maintenance of public territories, monuments, buildings, or works
Advancement of Health Research and Care
Advancement of the Physical Sciences.
Advancement of Education.
Advancement of the Fine Arts.

  1. Charity shall exclude Advancement and advocacy of Commercial, Political or Religious interests.

(Counsel: The three means of coercion may not hide under the pretense of charity.)

  1. Corporations, may not engage in charitable contributions. Only individuals may engage in charitable contributions.

( Counsel: The practice of transferring shareholder assets for non-market activity shall be prohibited.)

  1. Charity consists and only consists of voluntary transfers; including organizations of volunteers and the collection and concentration of voluntary contributions. If anyone is compensated for volunteer work it is not a charity but a business and shall be treated as such, and as such shall be treated with suspicion.
  2. All charities that collect donations, in whatever form by whatever means, and by whatever label, must transfer 90% of donations directly to recipients, and may not involve intermediary or disintermediating individuals or groups.  Every single individual in the chain of money regardless of station shall be liable for adherence to this requirement for non-parasitism.

(Counsel: most charities, even the best, are largely scams.)

Constitution: Mating, Marriage, Family

Article XII

Relations, Mating, Marriage, Family, and Children

“The Market for Reproduction of Generations”

Regarding Interpersonal Relations;

( … )

Regarding Marriage and Children


1. A marriage consists of, and shall consist of, a contract between a man and a woman; for the purpose of reciprocal friendship, affection, sex, care; economic discounts from a shared household; the production of generations of offspring; and insurance against the vicissitudes of time and nature;

2. The polity insures, and shall insure, these marriages by priority in commons, and insurance from non-interference, in exchange for prevention of the moral hazards of single parenthood, orphans, and generations with various fears and traumas, and who may be untrained in the disciplines, habits, norms, laws, traditions of the polity – all of which impose involuntary and indirect costs upon others.

3. The contract of marriage consists of, and shall consist of, a durable, reciprocal, power of attorney to act in one another’s stead, and to deprive other familial relations from exercise of their natural durable powers of attorney in the absence of that power under marriage, or of assignment to others in the absence of marriage, in all matters other than that of one’s Will upon one’s loss of reason by Life-Support or Death.


  1. The Contract shall exist upon verbal acceptance, of a written record of consent, and the exchange of rings, as display of contract. An agreement on the conduct of the marriage and the use of assets, and the distribution of the assets shall be created and added to the marriage documents before, during, or after the verbal agreement. And the state shall enforce this agreement.
  2. The corporation shall cease to exist upon the termination of that reciprocal power of attorney we call Marriage, as does any other corporation without interference from the state, except in those subjects of dispute.
  3. All other interests shall be transferred to the owning party, as  is the case with all property, according to his or her monetary or physical expenditure to obtain them.
  4. Interference in the marriage of others that results in its termination shall create a liability for damages incurred.

Regarding Children

1. ( … ) Relationship between child and parent

1. The children shall remain the wards of the mother until age of consent, unless she voluntarily chooses otherwise of her own free will, and the father accepts.

2. The male children may choose to transfer ward to the mother or father at or after the age of twelve – although such transfer may be rejected by the receiving parent.



1. Restoration of The Family

1 – Paternity tests

Man invests into his mate and her offspring under the presumption that it is his progeny and demonstrates mate guarding to ensure that it is.
A woman holds a monopoly on information on who the father is and demonstrates willingness to deceive in order to obtain material support.
Removing the asymmetry of information is possible with the use of paternity test.
Involuntary paternity test shall be provided within five days of birth in all cases where identity of the alleged father is provided.

2 – End all Child Support and Alimony as destructive to men, family, and society.

3 – End all community property in marriage, and restore inviolability of prenuptial agreements.

4 – Restore Fault in divorce, and Restore liability for interference in marriages.

5 – Provide government paid parental leave at 70% of income over 20% of median income, for up to six months. and 50% for one year. But, no guarantee of same or similar position on return.

6 – Provide tax discount for each dependent child through the age of sixteen.

7 – Provide vouchers for ten hours of child care per work day for the number of hours worked.

2. Restoration of Family Inheritance:

No taxes, fees, regulations or other encumbrances shall be imposed upon the transfer of assets between members of a family by one generation in any direction. Inheritance taxes in all their forms shall be prohibited. The right to families to accumulate and transfer wealth in all its forms between generations shall not be infringed.

3. Restoration of Intergenerational Financing

( children contribute to parent, not to the general fund as  you go , family, clan, foundations)

4. Research on Artificial Wombs

( … )

5. Research on Genetic Improvements 

( … )

( … )

Constitution: The Territories, Monuments, Arts, and Letters

Article XIV

The Territories Monuments, Arts, and Letters

“The Market for Production of Monuments”


Regarding ___________;

Constitution: Rules of Devolution

Article XV

Rules of Devolution

( the process of devolution from central to distributed states)

Private: Constitution: Restitutions

Declaration of

Restitutions and Punishments

The Threat

Restitutions Upon Necessity of Revolutionary and Civil War
A proposition for settlement is incomplete and insufficient without the threat of the promise of extraordinary consequences if mutually acceptable terms are not met. As such we present and extreme example of an extreme outcome – the re-nationalization of  the continent.

This proposal provides a mutually beneficial resolution of our differences. However, in the event we must fight a violent civil war, should our more aggressive members achieve victory, this is an example of their likely demands.

  1. Restitutions and Punishments in the Event We Must War

In the event of the rejection of the offer of peaceful settlement,  according to this set of constitutional reforms, resulting in physical conflict, the following restitutions and punishments shall be pursued and enacted.

On Restitutions


This set of restitutions and punishments reverses the undermining of the constitution, state, institutions, procedures, personnel of the American constitution, the American experiment, and the persistence of the european civilization on this continent, by postwar Jewish intellectuals, activists, and those who funded them using the baiting of women, immigrants, and underclasses, and ignorant into hazard, under the false promises freedom from physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, by the Marxist, neo-Marxist,  Postmodernist, feminist, pseudoscientific movements in their intentional, systematic attempt to undermine western civilization from within by abusing our democracy, our laws, our courts, our rights, and or western Christian charity, and tolerance.

The result is restoration by ethno-nationalization of the instruments of state and government by the european peoples who conquered founded and constructed this continent. So that other peoples have permission to remain and benefit, but may not undermine the european group strategy, institutions, and traditions.


Regarding the Judiciary

1 – The Judiciary shall consist exclusively of heterosexual males of Exclusively European descent and exclusively of european religion. Administrative staff may consist of females of exclusively european descent and exclusively european religion.

2 – Sheriffs Shall consist exclusively of heterosexual males of Exclusively European descent and exclusively of european religion. Administrative staff may consist of males or females of exclusively european descent and exclusively european religion.

3 – The Police shall consist of exclusively heterosexual males of Exclusively European Descent and exclusively of european religion. Administrative staff may consist of males or females of exclusively european descent and exclusively european religion.

Regarding the Military

1 – Combat Warriors shall consist of exclusively of heterosexual males of exclusively european descent, and of exclusively european religion.

( Counsel: Perpetual Compensation for Displacement )

Regarding the Governors

1 – Governors of the States and Possessions shall consist exclusively of heterosexual males of exclusively european descent and of exclusively european religion.

Regarding Officers, and Staff of the Institutions of the State

1 – Officers, Staff of the Institutions of the State shall consist exclusively of heterosexual males of exclusively european descent and of exclusively european religion.

Regarding Service to the State and the States

1 – Provision of goods and services to the State or the States shall be provided consist of exclusively of heterosexual males and females of exclusively european descent.

Regarding The Population

1 – The provisions of the 1921 and 1954 Immigration acts are restored and shall be achieved by a combination of Compensated Repatriation, Involuntary Repatriation, Ostracization from all walks of life, Imprisonment, Capital Punishment, and Sterilization.

The African population shall decrease to 15%.
The Hispanic population shall decrease to 5%,
The Muslim population shall decrease to 0%.
The Jewish population shall decrease to .001%.

On Punishments

Regarding Invaders 

1 – Failure To Assist: For all citizens, residents, applications, or illegals arriving or born after the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act’s effective date of June 30, 1968, not of exclusively european descent, and of exclusively european religion except those who have served in the military and their immediate children, Citizenship is Revoked, Social Security Benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment, Welfare, Food Stamps, Aid of and Benefit any kind is terminated, for all immigrants, including their children; and they shall be given residence permits and temporary passports good for one year. After one year they will be imprisoned until deported.

Regarding the Failure to Integrate

Participants in the Effort to Undermine by Relocation 

Participation in, Support of, Advocacy of, Treasonous or Seditious Organizations

1 – All signatories of the Hart-Cellar Act, all advocates of the bill, all promotors of the bill, all supporters of the policy, all those organizations supporting immigration of invaders by any means, shall also lose their citizenship, benefits and shall have 30 days to exit the united states before imprisonment and seizure of all property for Treason, or summary execution.

On Traitors

(resist and die)

(Soros, SPLC, etc),

(Immigrant Cities)

Any and all democratic leadership, the democratic party, democratic office holders, regardless of rank or station, from following cities, at any point in the past thirty years, that has participated in failure to enforce immigration regulations as a war against our people; all lawyers who assisted them; all clerks who assisted them; in display word or deed, shall be publicly hung by the neck until dead, their property seized by those who do so as reward, else the cities will be reduced to ashes along with everyone in them.

( … )

3 – Regarding The Church


(only history)


5 –  On Marxists, Pseudoscientists, Postmodernists



6 – On the Academy, State, Media, Entertainment Complex.

7 – On the Jews and the Muslims



“The Involuntary Warranty”  (every jew every muslim shall insure the rest against the actions of every jew and every muslim.)

“The Great Silence”

– No Transmission of character sets

1 – On The Jews;



2 -On The Muslims;



8 – On The Mexicans

8 – On the Chinese 

Prohibited from visitation, from work, from academy, from government contract, from the manufacture of electronic equipment.

4 –  On the French


(More to come)

Constitution: Letter of Marque


Letters of Marque

The Purpose ____