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  • Q:”What Is the Natural Law on The Restitution, Punishment, and Prevention of Repetition of The Crimes of The Left?”

    Q: “CURT, WHAT IS THE NATURAL LAW ON THE RESTITUTION, PUNISHMENT, AND PREVENTION OF REPETITION OF THE CRIMES OF THE LEFT?” Well, many of us have lost taste for the Guillotine, despite its use being warranted, but we can follow the ancient law and tradition of ostracization:… 1- Seize all Assets, and all Contingent and […]

  • Law is A Science. The Left is a Lie.

    LAW IS A SCIENCE, AND THE MARXIST, POMO, FEMINIST, WOKE SEQUENCE IS JUST A PSEUDOSCIENTIFIC FRAUD: DYSGENIC DEVOLUTIONARY PARASITISM. –“Modern American jurisprudential studies began when the dean of Harvard University Law School, Christopher Columbus Langdell, published the first modern law school casebook, SELECTION OF CASES ON THE LAW OF CONTRACTS, in 1871. Langdell’s casebook ushered […]

  • Q: “What Does ‘Propertarianism’ in Natural Law Refer To?”

    Q: “CURT: WHAT DOES PROPERTARIANISM IN NATURAL LAW REFER TO?” Propertarianism evolved from the observation that all human behavior, all ethics, morals, politics, and all of social science, could be reduced to statements of changes in the spectrum demonstrated interests (previously, the more narrow “property”), creating the same commensurability in social and behavioral science, as […]

  • Q: “Why do you keep using the term P-Law?”

    WHY I KEEP USING THE TERM “P-LAW” (P-Method, P-Logic, P-Science, P-Law, etc.) “P-Complete” from Wikipedia: “In computational complexity theory, a decision problem is P-complete (complete for the complexity class P) if it is in P and every problem in P can be reduced to it by an appropriate reduction.” Ergo: **All existence can be explained […]

  • Q: “Is P-Law Synonymous With Evolutionary Computation?”

    Q: “So it sounds like P-Law can be synonymous with Evolutionary Computation?” Bingo. Instead, P-Method to P-Law is the logic of evolutionary computation, because it is built from the ternary logic of evolutionary computation – and no other premises. It’s the logic of first principles and the only first principles. I’m not sure why it’s […]

  • Q: “What’s the unit of account in rendering demonstrated interests commensurable?”

    Q: “Curt: What is the unit of account according to which the spectrum of demonstrated interests is commensurable? Pricing these areas of dispute doesn’t seem to be an exact science.“ Great question. There are no utils nor prices in subjective value – just voluntary reciprocity or not. This is because time is the universal asset […]

  • Q: “What’s the logic of first principles of western civ?”

    Q: The logic of first principles is your culture? 🙂(tongue in cheek question) (western civ) Western civilization in a nutshell: 😉 And as you’ve noticed the desire for sovereignty and responsibility is limited in the human distribution with some of us preferring authority and subservience in lieu of responsibility despite that it deprives them of […]

  • The Natural Law of Decidabilty on The State of Physics

    THE NATURAL LAW OF DECIDABILTY ON THE STATE OF PHYSICS:1) Yes there is a classical explanation of quantum mechanics using fluid dynamics.2) Yes an ‘aether’ exists as the quantum background with fluidic properties.3) The variables aren’t hidden. They were deducible. They weren’t deduced because of a failure permute upon classical explanations in favor of continuing […]

  • The Monarchy Is as Important as Rule of Law

    THE MONARCHY IS AS IMPORTANT AS RULE OF LAWYes, I am an absolutely devoted monarchist. Not only because of my heritage, but because I have a deep understanding that the monarchy is as important an institution – especially in it’s english form – necessary for the preservation of our civilization and our natural, common, concurrent […]

  • People Want to Define the Work by What’s Important to Them

    Everyone wants to define The Work by what they find important in it. What’s important in the work is universal commensurable, value netural, decidability. The rest is application of that decidability to the scope of human knowledge and experience. The most present and urgent application is the resolution of the conflict stared by the second […]

  • CORE: “The Simple Logic of The Science of All Human Behavior”

    THE SIMPLE LOGIC OF THE SCIENCE OF ALL HUMAN BEHAVIOR Curt DoolittleThe Natural Law InstituteThe Science of Cooperation

  • Q: “Curt, Do You Believe in God?”

    Q: “CURT, DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?” I choose to believe in god. I talk to god all the time. I do not adhere to any given concept of god. I do not claim to understand anything about that god or make any claims about god. I do not need to. If you have faith […]

  • Everyone in The Institute Publicly Speaks for Himself

    –“Pretty much everyone in the Institute publicly speaks for himself rather than the Institute. And, it’s probably better for Curt’s image as, interestingly, he’s the least hard-right member, lol.”– Martin Stepan Yes. Because the institute produces a via negative logic of the natural law of decidability. That tells us what’s untestifiable, false, and reciprocal. It […]

  • Why we can’t win hearts and minds of the left.

    YOU CAN’T WIN HEARTS AND MINDS OF THE LEFT We can’t win hearts and minds when our group strategy is sovereignty, liberty, freedom, and opportunity by taking responsibility for the private and common – and the enemy is giving out promises of irresponsibility and dependency and freedom from market competition, from their status, from their […]

  • Use Our Terminology As Fits The Audience or Context

    TERMINOLOGYThere no conflict between the sets of terms we use in different contexts, whether the long form for ordinary language or the formal short form we take from the logic of computation for the sake of brevity. We can use both for The Natural Law Project. We also use the following terms to address the […]

  • Our Goal: “the Eradication of The Left – for All Time”

    THE ERADICATION OF THE LEFT – FOR ALL TIME Our goal is the total eradication of the left, or rather, the means by which the left lies and deceives, undermines, and engages in sedition and treason, by the institutional criminalization of their methods, and the use of the courts to treat all such sedition as […]

  • Q: “What’s The Best Way To Study Your Work?”

    –“Q: Curt, what is the best way I can study your work? Is there… for lack of a better term, a lesson plan?”– Most of the time, I tell people just to follow us because it’s a huge scope of work and gradual introduction is more effective than cramming. That said we recognize people want […]

  • Policy: Institute Decorum

    REMINDER FOR ALL: INSTITUTE DECORUM (we’ve added new people to the team) We develop and teach the natural law of decidability, testimony, reciprocity, and cooperation for the purpose of ending the current crisis made possible by industrial, technological, and medical modernity, the wealth that has resulted, in our decreased interdependence, increased alienation because of it, […]

  • Decidable Truth

    TRUTH. (NOTE: Do we have to redo this or is it already in ROI article?) It’s taken over 2500 years to solve the question of truth, and doing so required disambiguating it into it’s constituent parts: Decidability is a criterion used to evaluate whether a statement can be tested and resolved as true or false, […]

  • HumanBiodiversity Bibliography

    Someone recently said, “Assertions about the importance of HBD [human biodiversity] are rife on the internet among high-IQ bloggers.” We thus created the following bibliography to aid those interested in human biodiversity. The bibliography is eclectic and a work in progress. Its creators do not necessarily agree with all the ideas presented in the following […]