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  • Answer to: “But.. But .. European Colonialism!!!!”

    And not a single mention of centuries of colonialism, as just mayhap a contributing factor to European economic growth (a) compare colonies to non colonies and what is the difference in present condition? (b) there is a difference between perfect and best. Neither the indo european, the greek, roman, germanic, or atlantic expansion was perfect […]

  • What Is The Most Essential Economic Principle?

    RE: Economics Essentials Explained – Why Some Countries are Richer than Others Me: Waiting for EEE to state or avoid stating: (a) Traditions, Values, Norms, maximizing individual responsibility producing individual agency (b) natural law + common law that prohibit authority and force secularization, rationalization, and empiricism ( c) demographic composition – meaning the distribution of […]

  • Liberals try to force retraction of a truth on tepid gounds.

    ORIGINAL PAPER: MY COMMENT: I specialize in sex, class, cultural, and civilizational differences in strategy, institutions, argument and lying. The bit about lying in particular is an even more taboo subject that sex, class, and race differences in phenotype, personality and intelligence. And no I didn’t choose this specialization. I chose logic, economics, and […]

  • Yes, the Marxist Category includes Marxist Spectrum of Sophistries, Pseudosciences, and Frauds.

    Yes, it’s all “Marxism” where “Marxism” as we use it, refers to the reformation of abrahamic supernatural religions of false promise in excahgne for social construction of an oppression narrative, into marxist pseudoscientific religions of false promise in exchange for social construction of an oppression narrative. –“So-called “Cultural Marxism” is not Marxist. To Marx our […]

  • Jewish Differences

    This is an area I’ve done a great deal of work in, and while you’re on the right track, the answer is rather simple – more so than you’d imagine. Here’s a hint: a) Jewish exceptionalism (verbal, pictorial), b) work capacity. c) and jewish mental illness, d) and jewish anti-social behavior share a common origin: […]

  • Intersexual Relations: It’s not “malleable” it’s “adaptable”.

    RE: PEARL (ALL): I’d like to ‘correct’ or ‘reframe’ this discussion. 1) female empathizing and it’s exaggeration in puberty is so that she can extend her nervous system to manage a number of rug rats by pure intuition. 2) both sexes are maximally reciprocally adaptive to each other during their teens thru about 23 […]

  • Sex Differences in Intelligence Manifesting as European vs Ashkenazi Intelligence

    Females demonstrate superior verbal and picture IQ, and males demonstrate superior systematizing and spatial IQ. Jewish IQ is identical to Arab at 85. Ashkenazi IQ is an expression of admixture of female Europeans and male Jews. Their IQ distribution is as expected in hybrids. The sex difference in intelligence is manifest as sex differences genetics […]

  • . . .

    “Reminder: police in US consistently kill around 110 people during traffic stops each year (~10% of all police killings) Roughly one in three people killed by police each yr are fleeing, some fleeing from stops.” PREMISE: racism among police. Incorrect framing. Correct framing: Departments spend 80-90% of patrol time on revenue generation by accumulating fees […]

  • Women vs Men. No, We Aren’t Intimidated.

    [W]hy do women think we feel fear rather than annoyance or disappointment? The iron law of female projection. That’s why. Men’s minds are inconceivable to women. We aren’t afraid. We aren’t intimidated. If we discover that you don’t need us, that we don’t have value to you, that every choice and decision favors you, that […]

  • Can Races Fix Differences By Controlling their Reproduction?

    Yes. That’s Half True. The half that’s true, is that the primary difference between the races is the size of the underclass, because northward migration puts stress on underclass and underclass behavior. This means that imitating selective reproduction as the author of the above post suggests, should produce relative equality between the races – at […]

  • Testimony: Truth and Lying

    “Truth is the hard problem of both philosophy and science. And Religion is the hard problem of social science. Both were hare to solve largely because we so desperately want to find what isn’t there, and so habituated that preoccupation, that we did not know how to look at the questions without it presuming it […]

  • Response to Richard Hannia’s “Why is everything liberal?” (but isn’t)

    I understand RIchard’s attempt to exaggerate in order to make his point, in order to counter the exaggeration of Fukuyama in order to undermine his points. 1) Democracy is irrelevant, but rule of law that approximates natural law is not. We use democracy to limit as we use rule of law of natural law to […]

  • Loosing Natural Female Behavior – and The End Of Marriage

    COURTNEY (ALL) (Important); In Response to “The Rise Of Lonely, Single & Sexless Men” Another way of interpreting the present is that there is no ‘rise’ in lonely single men. Instead, there is a restoration of the long history of lonely single men seeking alliances, and social and economic and political organization with other men […]

  • Can Christianity Compete? No. Here is why, and how to fix it.

    —“Need we any more complex theory to understand our predicament from child mutilation to Russia getting curb-stomped than “Christianity can’t handle the New Religion”?– A Friend (Afterthought) Hmm… Would you mind if I clarify your argument a little bit? 1) Western civ has always been trifunctional, in that we preserve competeion between religion(feminine, familial), law […]

  • Timeline of P by James Krieger

    Folks might enjoy this no longer available timeline that was published on Facebook in July 2020: > Timeline of P by James Krieger> 2013 & Prior: Capitalism v3 – The Hard Problem of Ruling Heterogenous Polities> Roman- 2013 to 2014: Dissecting the various Enlightenments – The Hard Problem of Truth – Testimonialism> Butch- 2014 to […]

  • The Monarchy is as central to civilization as are houses of parliament and common law.

    The monarchy, as judge of last resort, under rule of law of the natural law, over a parliamentary government, is the optimum form of government ever invented by man. And that’s not an opinion, that’s the result of behavioral science, and the unification of the four sciences into the science of decidability. It turns out […]

  • Pedestrian Good video but misses the vast difference between old and most dense western europe built for CARTS, and new and sparse north america buit for CARS. It also ignores the few people who walk vs drive because of this density-difference. So the contradiction would be – why do we have people walking across streets […]

  • To Tom Woods (from earlier, copied from Disqus)

    Regarding:… The conversation degenerated. Here are answers to the not-big questions that were not answered. 😉 1) THE COMMON THREAD: The Marxists, Neo-Marxist(Frankfurt), Postmodernists, Feminists, HBD-Denialists, PC Woke sequence is a revolt against the Darwinian explanation for the success of western civilization’s long history of soft eugenics given the pervasive scarcity and limited availability of […]

  • Democracy is but a test of Concurrency, not a Right of Imposition under pretence of legitimacy.

    UNCOMFORTABLE QUESTION: 1) There is no evidence that democracy is a ‘good’. Instead, a constitution of rule of law of the concurrent(vote), common(court), natural law(science of cooperation), and transactional change to the law(originalism) under those constraints (natural law sovereignty) is a good – and voting is simply a necessity of determining concurrency. You will find […]

  • Movie Franchise Failures

    There are two Alien movies. Alien, and Aliens. The other alien movies are studio sh-t. And the Alien-Predator crossovers are sh-t. And unfortunately, the prequels are crossovers with the David the Android plot – which is why they’re sh-t. So what can be done? There are two David the Android Crossover movies in the Alien […]