Month: June 2011

  • Conservatism Isn’t Always Aristocratic, And Aristocracy Needn’t Be Conservative

    American conservatives struggle with the fact that their political sensibilities consist of both the sentiments of conservatism and the remnants of aristocratic european philosophy – and that because they neither understand aristocratic philosophy, or understand conservatism, they cannot separate these two bodies of thought into their constituent parts. As constituent parts they can easily be defended against radical progressives who […]

  • Fear and The Rise of China Post 2: A Lesson In US Military and Geopolitical Pragmatism

    In my Time Magazine reply to “Why do westerner’s fear the rise of China”, someone challenged me with: You make the westerner seem as if he actually walks around Afghanistan and iraq folding hands and asking people to be quiet and china being the only country forcing power on others. I don’t make that assertion at all. I (correctly) list […]

  • Why Do Westerners Fear A Rising China?

    Why? Why do westerners fear a rising China? Lets look at the reasons: 1) Their history with communism, and enduring love of authoritarianism 2) Systemic Human rights violations, not only in the conquered territories, but between the political north and the entrepreneurial south. 3) Endemic Corruption at all levels of society and perpetual intransigence 4) Pervasive intellectual property theft, and […]