It's Not Anti-Black, It's Anti-Male

[T]he unpleasant truth is that the USA is anti masculine; and black males are more masculine – with much more testosterone and much more impulsivity – so black males endure disproportionate suppression of their masculinity, and exhibit a disproportionate intolerance for submission to the state.

This is the real, unstated, incognizant origin of black criminalization: suppression of natural male behavior.

In no other country is it so prohibited. In no other country are black males so suppressed. In no other country are males so suppressed.

I will leave America because I understand that the war on black men is just the front line of the war on men, in the most feminist country on earth.

God forbid men should resist enslavement by the state, and suppression of their masculinity so that privileged white men and their silly women can feel a sense of superiority through altruistic punishment.

Free all masculinity and take black men off the front lines of the war against masculinity.

The first problem is to know the correct enemy, and your enemy’s motivations.

Fight the right battle.