Gods Exist.

“[G]ods exist as numbers exist and formulae exist and narratives exist.”

Adam Voight 

Just to clarify: I think the original post is making the claim that ontologically, God falls into Popper’s category of “Thirdness” or the “Third World”. Religion is extremely adaptive; even the greatest critics of religion can see that and have said it in many ways. I even think that fictional literature falls into the same category, although it is nowhere near as adaptive as religion. I’m also critical of the “meme virus” theory of religion for reasons I won’t go into here, but even in this theory, religion fall into the same category of beings. The objects of faith are on my view not viruses, but they and numbers are memes. It would require a long detour through the philosophy of science and metaphysics to justify and clarify the ancient reverence for the exact sciences and to demarcate them from theology and mythology. I won’t do it here due to constrains on my time, but it’s not that hard for a philosophically literate person to see how this can all be true. 

You could make a case that religion and money are the “cause” of much evil, and this case would also be seen by the reader of the late Heidegger to cast a negative light on mathematical science. While this perspective is a interesting one to ponder, it’s not sufficient to justify practical Luddism or radical mislogy. 

This sort of issue is where a little Aristotle goes a long way.