The Construction of Political Orders

[H]ow we construct classical liberalism from Anarcho-Capitalism, and Anarcho-Capitalism from Nomocracy, and Nomocracy from Capitalism. You can’t do it any other way you know.

1. Capitalism (property rights) = Voluntary Organization of Production
2. Nomocracy (Rule of Law) = Organic Evolution of Law
3. Anarcho-… (anarchy) A Covenential Prohibition on Government.
…….. Removal of All Political Liberty.
4. Voluntary Contractual Covenants (Formation of a polity )
…….. Removal of Some Liberty on use of Property
5. Mandatory Contractual Covenants (Perpetuation of a Polity)
…….. Example: Removal of Liberty of Association and Disassociation
6. Mandatory Contractual Covenants for the Production of Commons (Government).
…….. Removal of Anarchic Prohibition in exchange for the construction of commons.


(Reminder: A Covenant is a Constitution without provision for government.)