The Love Of Heady Murder

[S]top thinking statists are well intentioned fools who can be persuaded by reason. There isn’t any evidence of it. The evidence is overwhelmingly the opposite. We know libertarians are moral specialists – morally blind to certain parts of the spectrum. And if you’re at least mildly praxeologically inclined it’s obvious that it’s not in the interests of statists, or the bottom third, to support meritocracy instead of expropriating the work of those who are most able and willing. It is no more foolish than exploiting the labor of peasants under agrarianism. So, appeals to reason, to construct a democratic majority, or in favor of systemic pacifism, are either the product of cognitive bias, moral blindness, ignorance of the data, an attempt to obtain liberty at a discount, or all of the above. The only source of liberty that ever could or can be, is the organized application of violence to demand it, by increasing the costs of appropriation beyond the rewards for it. Spilling blood is a beautiful thing. Violence is an art to be admired and practiced. Heady murder a splendid joy to be reveled. It is the brick and mortar of the fortress of liberty.