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Constitution: The Military – Research

(Constitution – The Military – Research)

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The purpose of Military Research is to maintain and expand the People’s competitive advantage in science, technology, medicine, and biological, research, and strategic, military, industrial, commercial, applications of the findings of that research, and that the priority and funding of such research is free from academic, political, commercial and other non-strategic influences.


Regarding Research;

1. All Development programs shall be assigned to one and only one decider of last resort, for the duration of the program, who shall be free of bureaucratic and political pressure to deviate from producing the optimum solution for the assigned mission. The decision maker may be removed if he fails, but may not be otherwise coerced by other interests or factions.

(Note: The Russian model of military research and development is far superior to the american.)

2. No reason is required to expand human knowledge, only demonstrated marginal (subjectively non-trivial) improvement in the field of inquiry.

(Note: i) The practice of requiring medical, or justification shall be prohibited. ii) Instead marginal difference in the field shall be required in order to prevent duplicative work, obvious work, trivial work, which is commonly used by lesser organizations to justify employment in work of limited or negative value.)

3. All research, support, administration, and supply of research, must be conducted by natural born citizens, of natural born parents, and pass security clearances.

4. All Research results, any patents, licenses, rights or gains therefrom, funded by the people shall remain the property of The People, with commercial returns, if there are any, allocated to the individual researchers, of no less than twenty percent and distributed according to pre-negotiated terms by the members.

5. The results and data from all research shall be free, electronically, to the public, unless constrained by the military from doing so for strategic reasons, and at the military’s sole discretion.

The Acts


The informational commons has been systematically polluted with false and misleading information by researchers, the academy, the academic press, and the popular press;


1) No study or survey on humans of less than one thousand people may state a conclusion or prediction, nor may anyone claim a conclusion or prediction based upon one or more.



The competition for research funds requires specific priorities and prohibitions. And the academy.

Specific Priorities shall include:


0) The reason for and solution to pervasive female mental illness.

1) The Artificial Womb to limit in utero defect, and separate intergenerational reproduction from dependence upon females carrying pregnancies.

2) Genetic Engineering of humans free of defects and possessed of superior abilities. All prohibitions on experimentation shall be lifted, with researchers responsible for discovering a means of limiting sentience, awareness, and consciousness of condition or fate.

3) Minimization of Aging and The Eradication of Cancer.


4) A monetary technology that is traceable. An accounting technology that is traceable.


4) Storage of energy (‘battery’) with density greater than that of gasoline.

5) Artificial General Intelligence, with adversarial method of production moral constraints on thought, action, and outcome.

6) Fully Autonomous Weapons Systems, and Fully Autonomous Manufacturing

Astronomy (Space)

7) Reformation of mathematical physics and the solution to the remaining fundamental problems of physics.

8) Post-combustion propulsion capable of interstellar travel.

9) Continuation of the NASA research program and exploration of the universe.

10) Continuous pursuit of expanding settlement to new worlds.

Specific Prohibitions;

1) Prohibition on funding of Language, Psychology, Sociology, Politics, History,  Literature, Philosophy, Education, Religion, Arts, Archaeology, Anthropology, Nutrition or Diet, or any research that’s dependent upon self-reporting of information or subjective interpretation of information.

(Note: Ending research subsidy into pseudoscience and ‘studies’)

2) Undergraduate, and Graduate Student research;

(Ending: research subsidy into shoddy student work that pollutes the informational commons)

3) Redundant research.

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