1.Introduction To The Declaration of Reformation #

Introduction To
The Declaration of Reformation

“The Declaration of Reformation of the United States and The Terms of Settlement of The Second American Civil War, by Amendments to Constitution”

The Introduction

When in the course of human events, a People suffer under the manipulations, predations, and conquest, inflicted upon them by institutions and elites, both domestic and foreign; when the diversity of our peoples, abilities, regions, cultures, and religions, are set to conflict for the benefit of these institutions at the cost of our futures, commons, identity, and well being; when as the result of our present wealth and technology, we no longer need to compromise on our desired familial, social, political, and strategic means and ends; then the People, in their defense, are compelled by common wisdom to present a plan for the cessation of their subjugation, victimization, conquest, and extermination, in pursuit of a reformation, at the expense of those institutions and elites, both domestic and foreign, that perpetuate these harms upon them. And if the proposition fails, to war in our defense by every means possible to succeed.

This Declaration, The Charges, and The Amendments to the Constitution aren’t just a proposal, but an offer of the terms of settlement prior to the escalation of hostilities in what will constitute the bloodiest civil war in human history – the consequences of which will propagate across the globe, alter the course of human history, and on a scale not seen since the fall of the Roman empire.

This Site Includes:

  1. This Page: The Introduction: to explain the documents.
  2. The Simple Explanation of Our MovementThe Short List of Reforms for Normal People
  3. The Major Reforms explained – not all. Just the major ones.
  4. The Declaration of Reformation vs Declaration of Independence
  5. The Charges to Our People
  6. The Preamble To the Restored Constitution of the United States
  7. The Articles (Amendments) to the Constitution of the United States (Please see links below, or use the “Hamburger Menu” in the upper right corner to view them.)
  8. The Signature Page – So you can sign the Declaration of Reformation

Please note: Due to the combination of the Covid Epidemic and Domestic Terrorism by Antifa and BLM, causing acceleration of our civil war, we have had to launch our initiative early. And so these documents are in progress, need editing, and the Articles haven’t been converted to formal prose. We are working as hard as we can to bring them to completion in professional form.


A Solution For Everyone – Left, Center, and Right

The Enemies Among Us have sought to pit Left against Right in a battle for supremacy through the defeat of the other. But Left and Right agree on the abuses under which our people suffer, agree on the majority of the solutions, and disagree only on the local lifestyle we find joy and comfort within.

We live in an age where our cognitive, emotional, moral, and resulting social and political differences, no longer need compromise with one another. Contrary to the predictions of the commentariat, for biological reasons we have diverged by desire to pursue our preferences and then in our demands, and continue to do so, as the agrarian age and its similarity of interests falls further and further behind.

To the surprise of many if not most, those preferences are not our choice. They are our most forceful intuitions, resulting from competition between generations of our biological inheritances, producing a People with a spectrum of demand for individual care versus political concern, empathy versus competitive survivability, and consumption vs production, and novelty vs predictability, greater tolerance vs greater disgust, greater devotion versus greater loyalty, by which we vary on the spectrum between the equality of the herd at the cost of egalitarian dysgenics, and the hierarchy of the pack at the cost of market meritocratic eugenic suppression of the reproduction of the unfit, and produce personality and moral clusters of female and consuming strategy, the ascendant male and producing strategy, and the established male and capitalizing strategy, we call left, libertarian, and right. And as a consequence we vary greatly in our tolerance for familial, sexual, social, economic, and political orders, resulting in demand for homogenous kin high trust, high opportunity cost, high commons orders, and high investment parenting for participation in the commons, vs heterogeneous corporate, lower trust, lower opportunity cost, higher consumption orders, and low investment parenting for participation in the commons.

We have already demonstrated those preferences by “The Big Sort” and continue to do so. But our current political order prevents us from combining the shared Military, Trade, Economic, and Insurance benefits of our scale, with the satisfaction of our separate preferences in social, political, and the aesthetic.

Successes and Failures

The European civilizational project succeeded. We once again dragged mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance, poverty, starvation, and disease. But the European global project failed. Where we had previously united the peoples of the world by sea, air, and information, and distributed each of our agrarian, financial, economic, industrial, technological, and information revolutions, we have fully exploited our differences in resources and labor to the point that lower prices come at the cost of internal equality – creating disharmony. And the people want no more of it.

And worse, the Jewish Pseudoscientific Cosmopolitan Project failed spectacularly – with just as much damage as their Monotheistic Cosmopolitan projects in the ancient world, whose design is to deprive people of sovereignty, identity, evidentiary truth, and self-determination. The Cosmopolitan methodology of social construction by false promise, baiting into hazard, and environmental saturation (“gossiping”) in the ancient world required but an ignorant population, the written word, and imperial road and trade networks. In the modern world, social construction of deceits by false promise, baiting into hazard, and environmental saturation was possible by taking an advantage of the industrial and technological revolutions, an elite willing to exploit those false promises, and plausible deniability of freedom of speech, under cover of prior prosecutions for specialization in the organized crimes of false promise, baiting into hazard, unwarrantable promise, plausible deniability of responsibility, and the frailty of a legal system granting each of us the sovereignty to err – thus creating an opportunity for group specialization in organized crimes against social, moral, religious, legal, and political norms by which high trust polities operate: the profit from destruction of the institutional commons. At least until the evidence is undeniable (like today) and the population revolts.

So the false promise of the European project failed, false promise of the Jewish Cosmopolitan, Marxist, Postmodern, Feminist, science-denialist, and suppression of truthful speech, failed. The American integration project failed. The Indian tolerance project has failed. The British, French, and German Tolerance projects have failed. And the Canadians are just reaching sufficient numbers to repeat those failures. Given that these are reproductions of the Soviet Bolshevik relocation projects to undermine east European countries, and advance central Asian countries, it should not surprise us that relocation programs failed. Given that the collapse of all civilizations in history, and the start of all dark ages in history are due to migrations that overwhelm social orders, these failures were deterministic, not surprising. Along similar lines, the South American project has failed despite reproductive integration producing castes. The South African project failed tragically resulting in daily slaughters. The East Asian states, Russia, Eastern Europe, recently India, and now the Anglo and European Countries return to historical norm. Together these failures constitute the most well-documented failure of a political project in social science history.

We were not only historically nationalizing, but speciating, more by demographic distribution and institution, but speciating none the less – and the world returns to historical norm out of self and mutual interest. And this diversity by trade and homogeneity in commons is not a disadvantage. Just the opposite. It’s as advantageous as the failed projects have been harmful.

The European Group Strategy

Europeans, if not only northern Europeans, were successful in the production of rule of law, high trust social orders, high investment commons, delayed marriage and self-sufficiency by manorialism, resulting high investment parenting for producing those commons; the corporation as an extension of investment in the commons; the trifunctional indoctrination into mindfulness in piety by faith, cooperation in commerce and commons by law applicable to all, and investment in the nation by military participation, granting anyone who served status, and evolution of the modern state, and suppression of corruption, out of this military order, investment in commons, and nation. No other people developed trust at this level save perhaps the Japanese – who jealously guarded their homogeneous, cultural, and civilizational advantages, and reap the returns of the absence of present European conflicts.

The Left Isn’t Wrong

So the left’s rebellion is as rational as the right’s resistance: it is cruel to ask people unable to compete in as advanced a civilizational order as the European and especially American, placing so heavy demands on its people in exchange for its disproportionate returns, when the European project is untenable for them, identifies them as unfit for it, demonstrates their unfitness by their status, and whose solution is to suppress their reproduction, or drive them into slums or crime, and subsequent punishment. And likewise, the Left Elite is entirely rational to empathize with and place greater value on these people than our civilization permits. So they concentrate all the resources in a few perilous cities, for the benefit of the financial sector and political sector alone, creating one Johannesburg, favela, slum, and failed city at a time, in futile effort to reverse the inevitable consequences of their instincts – and despite the status and virtue signaling they can obtain even in the face of the futility of it.

The Right Isn’t Wrong Either

The right has a simple project, and that is to ask people to live within their means. To reproduce only when they can afford to. To produce family-first commons that continuously train generations for agency, piety, for everyone a customer, with everyone invested, and aggressive defense of those investments by every single citizen, to persist high-trust, high-investment commons that they all obtain the results from rather than compete for. And to insure those that conform because Europeans’ competitive advantage is just that – our ability to compete by the production of commons that no others can equal. And the vast consequences for all for having done so. Rising the tide, and all boats.

And this is why the right cannot tolerate the left: they make it impossible to produce high trust commons for the generation of high trust generations, by high investment parenting, and high investment citizenry, and high investment defense. The rest of the world is too selfish, familial, clannish, and yes, racist, to do so.

The Conflict is Rational

So the Left demonizes the European people in order to demonize the civilization that makes their existence possible but in which they cannot compete for status by constructive means, and they bring about the destruction of the modern world – because they are unfit for it.

And the right – saturated in historical analogy, sentimental philosophical sophistry, moralizing, religious prose, failed to articulate its group strategy and reasons for its success: sovereignty, reciprocity rule of law and the markets that result reflect physical, natural, and evolutionary laws. And the reason is obvious: While it’s compatible with Aristocracy, and it’s practical in a balance of power between Aristocracy and Church, it’s incompatible with the false promise of universal democracy. And worse, Darwin’s indirect explanation of European group strategy is untenable to the devoted Christians – despite the success of the prewar eugenics movements. So the right had no means of rational and scientific defense with which to counter the pseudoscience and sophistry of the left’s conversion of the Abrahamic cosmopolitan supernatural project, to the Abrahamic cosmopolitan pseudoscientific project – a change in costume not in plot.

And as such, through pseudoscience, sophistry, the production of ignorance, propaganda, false promise, baiting into hazard, with unwarrantable, irreversible consequences, with claims of oppression rather than conformity to the laws of the universe; with false promise of the nature of man; with false promise of the malleability of man; with false promise of endless growth, and the end of scarcity; the left repeats the destruction of the great civilizations of the ancient world by social construction, bringing about the next dark age.

And no words will dissuade them, because it is not reason but instinct, not knowledge but faith, that drive them against the laws of the universe, and to shake their fists at Europeans as the proxy for the universe’s god, whose laws Europeans discovered, adapted to, and live by – dragging an ungrateful mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, disease, and suffering as consequence.

As such we can seek to destroy one another, or we can grant each other the right of self-determination, and trade by sovereignty and reciprocity where we find fit.

A Simple Solution

So the solution is rather simple for the people, and rather painful for the political, financial, and commentariat classes that abuse our people: restore the Constitution’s original design of a strategic federation of independent states, restore the American project, its repetition of the British project, and its repetition of the eleven hundred years of the continental European project, and devolve the federal government to the states, and devolve the states into additional states as suits local demand, and sort ourselves to produce private and common as we prefer.

How Do We Produce a Reformation?

To implement a successful change, one has to have something to demand. And what one demands has to satisfy many people‘s interests, if not those of the elites. Those demands have to be possible to be operationalized as what we call ‘institutions and processes and procedures‘. They have to be able to persist regardless of the beliefs of the participants. And to persist they have to produce sufficient incentives to adhere to and disincentives to vary from them.

So to create a revolution you need moral authority – something that people will willingly use violence to bring about. And a moral imperative, and moral justification.

With moral authority, you need a political solution – a set of demands in sufficient detail that make it possible to be discussed rationally and implemented as formal institutions.

Next, you need a sufficient plan of transition such that a violent revolution isn’t necessary, and people needn’t die by the millions to bring it about.

Then you need a method of altering the status quo – not a plan – for nullification, secession, revolution, and civil war – and hope you can accomplish it with incremental nullification and secession, but be willing to conduct a revolution or civil war if need be. And you pursue all of them at once.

Then you need an ‘organization‘ – a group of people who act as the general staff that answers questions and propose ideas on how to implement, how to transition, and how to raise the cost of the status quo so that the transition is preferable to the uncertainty, instability, and risk in the present and future.

Then you need a small number of people willing to die for their people, culture, and civilization, but who have a reasonable belief that their sacrifice will not be in vain.

We live in the most fragile time in history. It no longer takes masses in the streets to bring about a revolution. It takes a small number of people to increase the frictions of daily life.

To bring about a reformation or revolution one must provide it to them: A Moral License. A Set of Demands. A Plan of Transition. A Means of altering the status quo. 

We Deliver All Herein.

Significant Reforms

The number of reforms is too long to list, and the consequences to vast to explain in an introduction. There are, however, a few most significant reforms, designed to restore harmony and civility to our peoples.

The Process of Reformation

1 – Announcement of Event to Motivated Parties
2 – Launch at Public Signing Event on July 4, 2020 in Richmond Virginia
3 – Constitutional Congress of Thought Leaders. (Coming Soon)
4 – Rally a Mass of People
5 – Deliver Our Demands.

The Speech

The Speech provides historical context for the Rule of Law, by Natural Law in the prose of the Founders. We delivered this speech on July 4th 2020.

The Declaration of Reformation

The Declaration, mirroring the original Declaration of Independence, states the case for reformation of all governments under the existing Constitution; the crimes that this government has allowed against our people; the condition of the federal government as one of empire against the interests of the people; the vulnerability of the governments and the empire; an appeal to accept this Constitution on moral, rational and empirical grounds; and the threats we make in the face of any resistance.

The Charges to Our People

The Threats, Charges, and Duties document states demands for immediate action by all members of the military, public, and private sector, refrain from interference in the settlement of our differences, or to immediately cease harms to our people.

The Reformation of the Constitution

The preamble provides an explanation of the human need for political organizations, the development of the European contractual model of political organization; the purpose of a constitution as a means of engineering and operating such organizations; the unequaled success of the constitutional model of engineering and operating polities; the failures of our constitution, our jurists, and our people to adapt to innovations in violations of the Natural Law of the European Peoples; how to correct those failures; the demands of the current condition of our peoples; our available choices for the correction of the current conditions under that law; the choice we propose; and the amendments to the existing constitution to bring about the reformation.

The Articles of Reformation

The following articles consist of an amendment to the Constitution that preserves the state as a going concern but restores our rights; restores the Constitution’s intent as a repetition of the several states of Europe; devolves the government to the states, and reforms the economy, and reorganizes the government for the challenges of the present century now that the world has adopted Western institutions, science, technology and thought, eliminating our civilization’s advantage in other than genetics, demographics and norms.

Article I consists of extensive definitions of man, and man’s actions, so that we deprive any and all of the possibility to construct false promises of freedom from the evidence of the nature of man, the malleability of man or the physical, natural and evolutionary laws that constrain man by deceit, art, and artifice, whether by speech, command, regulation, legislation or treaty or any semblance thereof, the demand that we limit ourselves to truthful reciprocal exchanges is preserved regardless of circumstance.

Article II consists of definitions of the law, how it is to be constructed, jurisprudence, rights, obligations, so that we deprive any and all the possibility to construct coercions of our people by that which is not law but deceit.

Article III consists of definitions of Rights, Obligations, and Inalienations, of Reciprocity by Display, Word, Deed, and their limits in the commons, under military command in war, and under the command of the judge of last resort in time of crisis.

The greatest restorations of our rights are in this section, and the most notable are those that extend fraud to false promise and baiting into hazard, and the end of the industrialization of lying by the State, Academy, Finance, Commerce, Media, Entertainment, Businesses, that result from this. When speaking in public to the public of matters public, one is effectively testifying in court, and warrantying that he tells the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, and performs due diligence against the misinterpretation of his words. The primary innovation in our law is the criteria for demarcation between testifiable, true, reciprocal, and warrantable speech from its opposite, and the end to the industrialization of deception of our people. Along with the restoration of libel and slander requiring only falsehood or its implication, rather than demonstrated harm, this should, over time, complete the collapse of the media opinion and gossip business, and foster the return of trustworthy news and commentary by our best and brightest. The degree with which the population is saturated with falsehoods, false promises, and deceits is second to none in history, save perhaps the selling of indulgences by the church.

Note that the Articles on Man, the Law, and Rights and Obligations Precede the Court, the State, And the Government. Why? Because despite our preoccupations, the law is more important than the state or its institutions. And the American Constitution presumed the common law and its traditions composed a government of that common law, and then added rights as an afterthought, leaving an opportunity for those of malicious or naïve intent to destroy the premises upon which our rule of law is dependent.

Article IV consists of the purpose of the court; definitions of and rules of operation of the courts; the addition of universal standing in matters of the commons; loser pays; the role of barrister to end dual interests of the lawyers; minor court reforms to protect against abuses of the people by the court, in particular privacy and the requirement to meet market demand for speedy trial.

Article V defines the State, its Purpose, its Assets, its Institutions, and Acts of Reform, and the role of Judge of Last Resort if the office should be created. This article is intended to make clear the separation of the corporation of the State, its assets and its institutions as separate from the Government of men that administers them.

Article VI primarily directs the military to reorganize and restructure for Total War; to divorce from the World Cosmopolitan Project to deprive our people of sovereignty and self-determination; to restore the alliance of the Anglosphere; to pursue the sovereignty and self-determination of all Nations; to combine state, intelligence, military, domestic natural emergency, domestic medical emergency, strategic production, strategic research, interior energy, communication, and transport, and restore the universal participation of able-bodied men and women for responsible participation in those emergencies, so that the government’s failures of the past decades, having demilitarized our society, are never repeated. In addition, it deprives the government of influence over rules of engagement such that the first purpose of our officers is the success of the men – thus constraining their use to that which is necessary.

Article VII   ( … )

Article VII definancializes the polity in the most significant and revolutionary reform since the Roman era. It creates a national registry of titles. It nationalizes the Federal Reserve, all Pension Programs, all Consumer Credit, and the Visa-Mastercard Network; converts them to zero interest; creates Treasury accounts for all citizens; maintains money supply and monetary velocity by direct distribution to the citizenry; and creates health and retirement accounts for all citizens in the Singapore model; and produces a strategic investment division, operating more like the courts; a professional license like that of the law, for access to using it for investment; causing the financial sector to compete with the people and the state for capital; which forever ends the rent-seeking by the financial sector that has destroyed our economy, our families, our rates of reproduction, and will, when combined with the other reforms herein, make possible a single income family for those that desire it, and end the baiting into hazard and debt collection industries forever as well a solve at least somewhat the question of providing even the lowest income, with a minimum income stream, banking services, and access to credit.

Part of our objective here is to force the financial sector, military, retirement, and sovereign investment into longer production cycles with greater potential returns, and to end financial parasitism upon the middle class.

(Note that we have not yet added the content on the clearing of monetary differences between the economies of the states.)

(Note that one of the provisions is a prohibition on Pooling and Laundering that prohibits the government from access to these funds or pooling them in any fashion.)

Article VIII groups the functions of Insurer of Last Resort, for disasters, healthcare, retirement, and unemployment, and combines collected revenue for investment by the treasury, with specific accounts for each individual, including gains and losses. This creates the world’s largest sovereignty wealth fund.

Article IX defines the purpose and role of the federal government as a Senate consisting of the sitting Governors of the Several States, their limited powers – in particular the conversion of majority rule to contracts of the commons – in other words, contracts (or treaties) between the States, thus ending federal legislation. A prime minister instead of a president. A cabinet under the prime minister. The requirement for a contract for the prime minister prior to his appointment that binds him. The requirement for approvals of the governors by the insurer, treasury, military, and court.

One interesting note is that the sitting officers in government must all consist of married men or women with at least three children, and who have fulfilled their military service, such that we prevent the present behaviors of European leaders.

Article X defines the purpose of a state, procedures for formation, policy, bankruptcy, and dissolution; grants the right of secession and establishment of a new state with no less than 300K people. And lists a set of permissible organizations of state government. This should satisfy the wants of every group to experiment with their preferred government, policy, and economy (and to pay the price or gain the returns of their choice).

Article XI defines the path to citizenship and the accumulated rights therein. The principle purpose in this section is to end the immigration and migration question given that the single most common reason for the collapse of civilizations is the dilution of the founding population and the search for political status and power by the invaders.

Article XII defines economies, explains the failure of monolithic economies and the necessity for a hierarchy of means of organizing the population for production of goods, services, information, and commons; by explanation prevent past abuses of the public’s ignorance; includes the third most significant reforms to public, especially consumer protections, and the repatriation of strategic research development and production in all fields.

Article XIII defines the Commons, their purpose, their priority for the family, the limits on their use, and the intolerance of their abuses. The purpose of this rigid specification is to allow localities to grant license, but that license is not presumed by the people. And by doing so we restore the ‘sacredness’ of the commons and the beauty of our public places.

Article XIV advances three Consumer initiatives; it vastly increases consumer protections, particularly against misleading practices and those that bait them into hazard; it imposes right to repair, minimum longevity of use, mandatory warranty; limited patent protections on ‘accessories’; prohibition on preventing products from the market; and public grant of rights when products are removed from the market; to drive cheap quality and imported goods out of the marketplace and restore local production and manufacturing driving America back into the high-quality consumer good market by using our own market. In combination with the nationalization of consumer credit, the end of consumer interest, the increase in durability of goods, the nationalization of pensions, and healthcare we should see the revitalization of competitiveness without expansion of debt.

Article XV restores the priority of the family and removes the malincentives that have destroyed millions of lives. It ends community property, restores fault divorce, restores liability for interference in a marriage, ends alimony and child support (by parents, although permissible by states), pays back living fathers (or mothers) with increased retirement payments; requires paternity tests. It provides daycare funding. Provides subsidy for children of educated women. Adds Training in Marriage, family, and household management to educational curriculum once again.

Article XVI should be split because of its scope; it radically reforms the education system noted for its repeated systemic failures no matter how many resources we throw at it. It restores fitness. It focuses more on socialization, more on workforce participation, more on adversarialism in simulations, punishes the academy for its abuses of our people; and makes the best education in the world available to almost all citizens for a trivial cost; Religion is the hard problem of social science but we have ended the suppression of Christianity and established minimum criteria for the tolerance for hostile religions that are religions in name only.

Article XVII defines the arts, their purpose, and proscribes the arts the special protections for the arts such that the cosmopolitan program to undermine our arts cannot be repeated.

Article XVIII describes the process by which the functions of the government shall devolve from the federal government to the states, city-states, and newly defined states.

Single Page, and Printable View:

The Constitution in a Single Document (Broken)

“The Institute”

The Natural Law Institute performs the research and development of the strict construction in operational prose of the natural law of reciprocity, and the explanation of the European civilizational project.

“The Book”

This Constitution is one of the outputs of the NLI Project. The link below will render the book in its current state at over 1000 unedited pages. The book is structured as a prosecution of the current age and is an in depth study of the strictly constructed natural law of reciprocity.


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