2.1.The Declaration Speech #

The Declaration Speech

This speech announced our political program on July 4th 2020. The purpose of this speech is to draw emphasis to the rule of law, sovereignty, reciprocity, and testimony, in accordance with the laws of nature, as the foundation of western civilization.

Truth Is Enough


Kin!! … Countrymen!!… Christendom!! …
Lend me your ears!!



Truth is enough.
Truth before face, regardless of cost was enough to build our civilization.
And truth again enough to save it.
So it is time for truth regardless of cost.
Truth, with men, and for men, with the mettle to bear it.


The Natural Law is Nature and Nature’s God’s Law

Why are we here?!

This in my hand.
(holds up a fisted document – the law of reciprocity)
It is five thousand years old.
It is the record of our birth.

It is The Natural Law.
The natural law of self-determination and sovereignty, reciprocity, and testimony.
It is our law.
it is the law of the European peoples.
It is the traditional common law by which we constrain our actions and resolve our disputes.

This Law is not the work of man.
It is the work of nature and nature’s god.
And it is written by the hand of nature and natures god throughout the fabric of the universe – including every cell in our bodies.

European Discovery of the Law

Ths Law was discovered by Europeans – by accident.
And Europeans adapted to and applied it – like we discovered, adapted to, and applied the other laws of nature and nature’s god.

This law is not a plea, not a request, but a demand: it says is if we cooperate by sovereignty and reciprocity, for mutual gain, we advance the demands of nature and nature’s god.

Conversely, if we do not cooperate by sovereignty and reciprocity for mutual gain – we may kill, conquer, pillage, loot, enslave, enserf, tax farm, credit farm, domesticate, and if necessary depopulate as punishment for that crime.

All other peoples failed to discover, and adapt to, and apply, this natural law.

All other civilizations, before us and after us, stagnated, declined, or failed.
This law is why Europeans weren’t always first- but were always fastest.
We adapted to the law of nature and nature’s god.


The Birth of Tragedy

But it is a harsh law. Like most laws of nature and nature’s god. This law is not made for the comfort of man, but for the evolution of man into a servant of nature and nature’s god.

This law is not kindly to man. This law is man’s tragedy.

Acceptance of that tragedy caused Europeans to birth the art of the Tragedy, and Heroism and Excellence, Arts and Beauty, and Joy in Life, so that we might bear it.

And we taught our generations the tragedy of Achilles for the strong who must fight for it – and the tragedy of Jesus for the meek who must suffer under it.

And we struggled heroically and endlessly despite this tragedy – as others shrunk in horror from that tragedy – into harmony, escape, and denial – and eventual regularity, stagnation, and decline.

We Happy Few

Our American constitution, like mother England’s before us, creates a government of rule of law, by the natural law, that constrains our actions, constructs our commons, and that adjudicates our differences.

No other people upon this earth live under this law. Even mother England lives under the sovereignty of parliament, not sovereignty of law.

For no other people is The Natural law, and the natural law alone, sovereign. And no other people individually and collectively sovereign because of it.

Because All other peoples failed.
All others failed to remain sovereign.
Because all others failed to retain the arms, and the will to use them, and the militia of every able-bodied man that is necessary for the preservation of that law, against the endless river of usurpers whose arrogance and hubris, denies the laws of nature and natures God.

Sw we and we alone live by rule of law.
And all other people are ruled by men.
All but us.
We Americans.
We few. We happy Few

Our Fall

But we were weak. Or Naive. Or too patient. Or too full of Christian tolerance. Or too proud. Or too confident.
And the enemy within achieved with our destruction by depopulation – by propaganda, taxation, credit, and replacement immigration, what they could not achieve with ideas and achievements.
They achieved by destruction what they could not themselves make.

And in this present age, as in the ancient world, they once again destroy what they themselves cannot make. They destroy what they cannot achieve. They destroy what they fail to understand. They destroy what they fear to face – that they hate and destroy Europeans for their works of the law of nature and nature’s god.
They hate us as a proxy for hating god.


Rule of Law

Rule of Law No Longer Exists!

The Federal Government is demonstrably unwilling and unable to govern, to protect life and property, cultural arts and assets, provide equal protection under the laws, protect freedom of political discourse, or the most basic of civil order. 

If this Government Refuses To Rule, To Govern, to protect life, property, and commons;
If this government has abandoned us; Our Law, and Gods Law,
Then we have no choice but to declare this Government incompetent and dissolved, and to set about restoring our rule of law of natural law, our constitution under it, our rights within it, and those institutions to defend our life, property, and commons.
And to restore Rule of Law By the People For the People as our Declaration and Constitution, our ancestors, and nature and natures’ god Demand.

The enemy among us is master of the technique of undermining civilizations.
Russia fell by the same technique for the same reasons and many tens of millions died.
China fell by the same technique for the same reasons and millions died. Rome fell by the same technique at the same rate, for the same reasons, and a dark age of over a thousand years ensued – ad Billion Dead

Because men of conscience would not do what they must, regardless of cost.


Monuments say I own this land.
Castles Courts and Parliaments say I rule this land.
Temples and Churches say I rule these people.

Removing monuments says I conquered this land.
Occupying castles, parliaments, or courts, says I conquered this Government.
Building temples or destroying churches says I conquered these people.

If one comes upon a territory or its institutions or its people with conquest rather than accommodation, then one comes by way of war.
And the only response to war regardless of means is war.

Destroy our civilization once from within, destroy temples, our statues, our arts, our letters, our philosophers, our academies, our science, our technology, and bring about another dark age – and “shame on you”.

But destroy our civilization from within by the same means a second time – “then shame on us”. And we will not be shamed. And there are no laws in war.

The Calling

It’s time for all good men to come to the aid of their country, their people, their civilization, and mankind – and to save us from a false religion of lies, false promises, false possibilities, of the hatred of our people, our civilization, the laws of nature and natures God by which we live,

A false religion of lies, false promises, and false possibilities by which our enemies are inspired to destroy the treasury of our inheritance and our civilization’s achievements.

We must pay a price for those before us, and those not with us – by demand for correction. Correction by compromise, Correction by Exchange, or Correction by defeat.

And with that correction fortune willing, or by bloody civil war, if fortune is not, we must restore rule of law by natural law. Restore our sovereignty and reciprocity. Restore the self-determination of our people.
So that we may continue our discovery of, adaption to, and application of, the laws of nature and nature’s god —
… not only for us and ours, but for all our people, across all our nations, across our civilization, and by extension mankind.

But …. brothers, friends, kin, countrymen, and all of Christendom – we are lucky.
Now is a time of heroes.
A time where we forge our names into the iron history.
And many men, in every generation, young and old, envy us this opportunity.

So let us revel in our time!
For no cause is more just;
…. nor prosecution, restitution, and punishment more deserved.

The Solution

(raise declaration)

We birthed our nation against that violation of our law.

An following in the tradition of the founders, we have put before you:
1. An introduction that alone explains the majority of the reforms.
2. a Declaration of Reformation like the declaration before it.
3. A Preamble to a Reformed Constitution like the Preamble before it.
4. A set of Articles as amendments to our constitution – that are as yet unfinished – like the articles of the constitution before it.
5. A charter to our people to bring it about by peaceful settlement, or the fore by which we will bring it into being without a peaceful settlement.

It includes:
1. Repairing the six errors in our original constitution our founders took for granted.
2. Repairing two subsequent errors thereafter.
3. And the restoration of rule of law by the natural law.
4. And the institution of aformal logic of law, that provides for strict construction of law, so that our laws are no longer open to undermining through the ancient technique of sophistry and textual and scriptural interpretation.
5. Explicit reversal of the crimes against our people during the past century and a half.

1. A solution to the problem of our differing demands, so those of the egalitarian herds may have their local custom, and those of the hierarchical tribes their local custom.

2. The end of pervasive half-truth, disinformation, dishonesty, deceit, fraud, propaganda, in public speech to the public in matters public, by the restoration of testimony in public speech.

3. The greatest economic restructuring since the roman reforms.

4. And the end of the false promises baiting our people into harm by debt – not only for now and for our people, but for all people and all ages yet to come.

5. The greatest educational reform since the introduction of universal education.

6. The reorganization of our federal government so it is once again limited to adjudicated disputes between states, defense of the continent, and its finance commerce and trade.

7. And In progress, we have a thousand-page volume for explaining that law.

Together this is a scope of work equal to that of Locke, Smith, Hume, the federalist papers, the declaration, and the constitution, the bill of rights. And it is possible thanks to the shoulders of great men and women upon which we stand.

Our Demands

What do we demand in return?

Such that we may have this debate and seek to come to a compromise rather than the bloodiest, longest, most brutal civil war in human history, where tens of millions will certainly die:

  1. All Political Speech and Political Affiliation is Protected Speech, and Political Affiliation Protected class.
  2. The criminalization of all attempts at suppression of testimonial, truthful, reciprocal, empirical speech, and licensing of extrajudicial punishment to cease them.
  3. Immediate implementation of the rule of non-aggression – and the extension of standing one’s ground, and castle doctrine, and defense of the commons to the first demonstration of aggression.

No more lies. We will choose our destiny by Honest discourse or honest violence, but not by the restraint of violence in tolerance of lies.


So, one and all, we invite you to read, understand, and sign.
Or we shall al suffer the consequences if you do not.
Because under no conditions will the Enemy Left Within destroy this country as they have Russia and China, South America, or as they have in supernatural dress the great civilizations of the ancient world.

Because we are men.
We are men of the west.
We shall not repeat the mistake of the Romans.
And this time we shall do our duty – regardless of cost.

Revolution comes.

(Join us, we’re doing something)

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