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  • Deflationary Government

    0) A militia consisting of shareholders who reciprocally and unconditionally, insure one another’s property-in-toto from the involuntary imposition of costs by both members and non. 1) A contract (constitution) between those shareholders for that reciprocal insurance, consisting of Rule of law, natural law, universal standing, universal applicability, absence of discretion through strict construction, with a […]

  • How Do We Communicate Ideas with Fiction but Not Falsehood?

    HOW DO WE COMMUNICATE IDEAS WITH FICTION BUT NOT FALSELY? William Butchman —“We have a universe of potentiality available to us. Is potential which has not yet been called into being ‘fiction’, is it ‘false’?”— Curt Doolittle No. We can state it falsely, but we cannot state that which we can envision is yet false. […]

  • Propertarianism: Datatypes, Operations, Grammar, Syntax

    PROPERTARIANISM: DataTypes, Operations, Grammar, Syntax Think of Propertarianism as a programming language consisting of data types, operations, grammar, and syntax. if you can ‘write a program’ that ‘computes’ (is operationally constructable’) with those data types, operations, grammar, and syntax, then you can write a formal description of any phenomenon open to human experience in the […]

  • Deflationary Language in Ethics

    Mar 01, 2017 6:51pm James Augustus I suspect one of the factors contributing to deflationary language in ethics, law and science is that we needed a rational, empirical means of decidability in matters concerning rule, organization and extra-familial cooperation. (Note that legal realism, contractualism and truth telling (science and it’s precursors) coincided with conquest and […]

  • Tragedy Allows Us To Construct Truthful Myths

    by James Augustus HERE. BE AWED. AN IMPROVEMENT ON NIETZSCHE —“If we hold that the function of mythic art’s (story, play, movie, etc) is to provide commensurable decidability across the spectrum of classes, then I think that tragedy is the only theme that represents the full spectrum of human experience. Information can be transferred to […]

  • No, EPrime isn’t Enough. It’s Just a Good Start

    Mar 10, 2017 5:54pm NO, EPRIME ISN’T ENOUGH. BUT IT’S A GOOD START –“Is E prime *really* that great? I’ve spent a lot of time messing around with shorthand, concept maps, and a bunch of other tools in an effort to improve the quality of my thinking. Is it really as simple as eliminating certain […]

  • Series: Models of Decidability … And explanation of the importance of Series

    SERIES: MODELS OF DECIDABILITY (very important)(advanced) Michael Andrade teased me the other day for posting so many series, often without resolution. Why? Each series is an attempt at creating a proof. An attempt to create a set, series, sequence, spectrum, that increases the precision of every definition by its membership in that spectrum. I try […]

  • The Importance of Parentheticals, Series, and Axes

    WRITING IN PARENTHETICALS, SERIES, AND AXES (grammar) I learned the technique of writing with series(sequences) and parenthetic parallels(like this) from Karl Popper (Critical Rationalism). And it was his adoption and use of of series rather than sets that distinguished Popper from the Analytic school. I did not understand originally what was superior about his approach […]

  • Speaking in Operational Grammar is a Test of Agency

    SPEAKING IN OPERATIONAL GRAMMAR IS A TEST OF AGENCY It is very hard to migrate from thinking in terms of: 1 – meaning or experience to your self 2 – empathy for or meaning to others 3 – empathy with others intentions INTO 4 – nothing but objective statements of incentives, actors, actions, and consequences. […]

  • The Function of Propertarian Grammar

    THE FUNCTION OF PROPERTARIAN GRAMMAR by James Augustus With out factoring in IQ, most humans cannot (or struggle to) separate/deflate intuited self-interest (the elephant) from their perception (solipsism) —which is to say that the average human struggles to launder imaginary content from cognition and so they approach truthfulness as a function of rationalizing intuition. Those […]

  • Natural Law, and the Grammar of Operational Language

    NATURAL LAW AND THE GRAMMAR OF OPERATIONALISM (propertarianism core)(important) Operationalism like any legal language, or programming language, is grammatically burdensome. It requires you to take your sentence structure to the next level of abstraction and exit the passive voice entirely, as well as all use of the verb to-be. So, as a language, it requires […]

  • Strictly Constructed Law And Contract

    It’s not that different from programming, which any reasonably intelligent lawyer that can program a bit will readily observe. The Structure of a Program or Contract ———————————————————— Purpose (Whereas these conditions exist) Return Value (and whereas we wish to produce these ends) Constants and Variables (definitions constructed) Objects (constructions from base types / “first principles”) […]

  • The Secrets of Propertarian (Scientific) Analysis:

    [T]he Secrets of Propertarian (Scientific) Analysis: 1) For any concept you refer to, construct lines of three or more points demonstrating limits not states. This is the most subtle and difficult part of the method since we tend to think in ideal types that invoke a particular experience and not the range of conditions and […]

  • Operationalism: From Law Through Mathematics

    (cerebral)(interesting) [I] hope that this spectrum: law, economics, assists us in understanding the position of praxeology in the list of moral constraints that require operational and intuitionistic tests of propositions, prior to making truth claims. LAW: STRICT CONSTRUCTION Strict Construction is an abused term where the courts instead use the terms Textualism and Original Intent. […]

  • Failure To Use Operational Definitions In Economics, Politics and Law Is Criminal (Really)

    (Profound)(reposted)(worth repeating) [W]hile a failure to rely upon operational definitions in mathematics, logic and philosophy may only be immoral, and in science unethical – in economics, politics and law it is criminal. In Mathematics avoiding operationalism merely perpetuates an error; in logic and philosophy it is deceptive of both others and one’s self; in science […]

  • Yes We Need A New Mathematical Revolution On The Scale Of Calculus : The Unit Of Commensurability In That Mathematics, Is Property, And Its Grammar Is Morality

    The mathematical order of big data? Property. 1) Humans (life) is acquisitive. 2) Humans seek to acquire a limited number of categories of things. from experiences (feelings), to information, affection, mates, associates, and all manner of material things. 3) Human seek to avoid losses – more so than to acquire. especially life, children, kin, and […]