Category: Eli Harman

  • The Information Content of Violence

    by Eli Harman It’s an article of faith among many libertarians that violence, and particularly aggressive violence, is necessarily negative sum. Prices contain information and markets broker them (in a subjective utility maximising way.) Violence only short circuits that, disrupts markets, destroy price signals, and makes everyone worse off. But this is not correct. In the first place, market transactions […]

  • The Economics and Ethics of Violence

    by John Dow and Eli Harman  (eds: this is an example of how propertarian argument is done.) John Dow So essentially, the maximum possible taxation that we can levy without diminishing the incentive to voluntarily organise production, we should levy, so that we may construct the most powerful military possible and to maximize the likelihood of supremacy? Following on from […]

  • The Incentives of Leftist Parasites

    By Eli Harman Why are leftists and social justice warriors so immune to facts, logic, and arguments? It’s because social justice warriors are lying, parasitic, pieces of shit. The aim of lying about equality, is to force transfers and redistribution from the more equal, to the less, including the extension of trust, that will be abused, and the extension of […]