Category: 1.1-Introduction (problem)

  • The West Discovered The Only Scalable Solution

    —“The Western peoples transferred, or rather limited, the universal drive to find and exploit high yield, low investment, low maintenance sources of energy from other people (“parasitism”) to immediately and personally moveable resources including your own body and everything it produces (“industry”). Turns out that’s the only scalable solution.”—Moritz Bierling

  • Lets Give Everyone A Precise Language And For The Discussion Of Religion.

    We have been misled to thinking that ‘religion’ requires superstition. But that idea is a product of the authoritarian dogma created by the church under Christianity. It’s simply not true. DECONFLATED, RELIGION CONSISTS OF: 1) Narrative: historical, mythical, supernatural 2) Metaphysical Judgments: (in many forms) 3) Group Evolutionary Strategy: (in many forms ) 4) Normative […]