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  • Peter Boettke On The Reveal: Partisan Cheerleaders Not Social Critics

      —“Observation — journalists and other intellectuals freaking out over the outcome of the election reveal that they were never really “students” of society, or even “social critics”, but were instead partisan cheerleaders. Also, it appears that many are completely incapable of asking themselves whether it might be possible that the consensus of the progressive […]

  • The Evolution of Slaveries

    THE EVOLUTION OF SLAVERY Slavery exists wherever exit, and return to subsistence, is practically impossible. Slavery: violence slave Serfdom: land slave Employee: wage slave Consumer: credit slave Citizen: tax slave The only freedom is food, water, and shelter, self-sufficiency, with participation in the market purely voluntary. And only commissions on transactions payment for the commons. […]

  • Kin, Class, Caste: Models And Functions

    Nov 19, 2016 11:50am KIN, CLASS, CASTE: MODELS AND FUNCTIONS Kinship System (oligarchy)(small nation states), Class System (informal institution – markets) or Caste System (formal institution – religion and laws), exist universally in all nations, states, and empires. Without exception. It’s arguable the entire world operates as a caste system with whites arguably the minority […]

  • The Three Orders: Kin, Cult, State

    I would say that the Cathedral Complex (state, academy, media) are all engaged in customer seeking – an incrementalist form of rent seeking. They profit from the building of customers and rents. The interesting question not discussed is that because we humans make use of law, religion, and market, but we choose a dominant bias […]

  • Non-Conflationary West

    The west is deconflationary. We do not confuse methods of arguments, disciplines that make use of them, institutions that provide and manage them. We maintain a competition, and circumvent any monopoly: *power*. |— LIMITS ——- > UTILITY ——–> GOALS/IDEALS–> LIMITS: Law, legal jurisdiction – secular jurisdiction – a discovered science of dispute resolution. UTILITY: Trade […]

  • Strategies – Not Steady States

    STRATEGIES NOT STEADY STATES Communism …. (lower class – short term – consumption – r-selection ) …. (mandatory consumption) …. (reproductive offense – distribution of assets ) …. (strength in numbers) Market Government …. (middle class – medium term – production) …. (mandatory exchange) …. (productive offense – market exchange of assets) …. (strength in […]

  • He Was Wrong: War Is Not An Extension Of Politics

      Clausewitz was pretty much wrong about everything. War is not an extension of politics. Politics is a means by which we limit war. It is not politics that is the basis of human interaction, but the ever present rational choice between war, conflict, boycott, cooperation, insurance, and kin-sacrifice. Political organizations exist to defend the […]