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  • The Answer To The Peterson Harris Debate

    UNSOLICITED OPINION – THE ANSWER TO THE PETERSON HARRIS DEBATE (philosophy)(science)(truth)(decidability)(western uniqueness) ABSTRACT The current debate between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris over the constitution of truth propositions and whether or not they can be used as a means of decidability between frames of reference has raised the most important issue of our time to a […]

  • A Sentence isn’t false. The Speaker States a Falsehood.

    (Bill Joslin – December 17 at 9:38pm) There is sooo much in this small conversation!: Curt Doolittle: A sentence does not speak. A speaker speaks a sentence. A sentence is not false. the speaker’s statement is false. Curt Doolittle: now you understand why we say ‘is true’ rather than “i promise” – to deceive. Moritz […]

  • The Market Demand For Falsehoods

    The pseudosciences, pseudorationalisms, and supernaturalisms are all permanently desirable by the human mind, for both incoming and outgoing functions: (a) we desire the discount on reasoning provided by false certainties, and (b) we desire the discount that the false certainty provides in negotiation.    

  • Truth Telling (Witness).

    [N]ow, let us say in scenario (a) you observe a traffic accident. In scenario (b) you are standing outside of a building and hear noises inside. In scenario (c) you report on a stress test you performed. In scenario (d) you propose a theory of the behavior of a set of gasses under pressure. In […]