Category: 5.1.2-Markets in Everything (and Market ‘fascism’)

  • Markets Preserve Asymmetry of Merit, and Remove Asymmetries of Non.

    Markets are simply the only means of preserving asymmetry and removing asymmetry of power and information. Courts are the only means of preserving asymmetry of warranty of performance. I don’t think markets are subordinate to hierarchy in any sense other than I think that they themselves prohibit hierarchy by permitting the meritocratic rise and fall of the classes by means […]

  • More on Market Fascism

    What’s the difference between MARKET FASCISM and the Status Quo? There are two differences: 1) Since markets regulated by natural law are the only POSSIBLE means of preserving sovereignty, and voluntary cooperation free of parasitism, then any attempt to perpetuate an alternative is an act of attempted fraud. So the difference is that under Market Fascism, there is no tolerance […]