Category: 5.7.5 Reformation of the Fields

  • The Church Failed To Reform And The Sciences Didn’t Have Time To Complete Their Evolutionary Program

    I mean, another way to look at the 20th century is that in response to Darwin, Maxwell, Spencer, (a) the church failed to reform in response by stating that god and natural and physical laws were the same expression of his divinity, and (b) our intellectual class failed to synthesize operationalism as a means of […]

  • Definition: Philosopher (What Does A Philosopher Do?)

    What’s it mean to be a philosopher? What is this thing we call philosophy? We could say that it is a discipline by which we learn the craft of reasoning. So, many of us philosophize just as many of us repair machines, or do housework, or use mathematics. But using these tools is different from […]

  • What’s Wrong With Contemporary Capitalism?

    WHAT’S WRONG WITH CONTEMPORARY CAPITALISM WHEN NOT PAYING PEOPLE TO DO GOOD (PRODUCTION), WE HAVE TO PAY PEOPLE FOR NOT DOING BAD. (From elsewhere) Competition is necessary for INVENTION, including the inventions in productivity that reduce prices – and competition is necessary to eliminate rent seeking (parasitism). Property, Contract, Money, Prices, Profit, are necessary for […]